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Turn Beer Bottles into Glasses, MAN VS. PIN #8

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Ever wanted to turn those old beer bottles of yours into Drinking Glasses. Yeah...so did I. Subscribe: http://www.bit.ly/12rVBFV Email ThreadBanger! We love to see pictures of your projects or get suggestions for show ideas! [email protected] Intro Music By: Kevin Macleod www.Incompetech.com Title: Shiney Tech 2 Additional Music: Jingle Punks & Epidemic Sound Find us else where on the World Wide Webs: http://www.facebook.com/threadbanger http://www.twitter.com/threadbanger http://threadbanger.tumblr.com Instagram @corinneleigh
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Text Comments (4768)
Guadalupe Gonzalez (10 days ago)
I set on Fire a old furniter of wood hahaha good Old days
Rabbit Way (13 days ago)
Definition of insanity: repeating the same action expecting a different result
Vlogging_ reborns (1 month ago)
I once burned my backstabbing friends headband lol
Angie Scott (1 month ago)
Do a cheeseburger inside of French fries or something else that Hellthy Junkfood has stuffed inside something else
Hi Hi hi (2 months ago)
A human.
Illuminati Confirmed (2 months ago)
“Let’s get safe and use some gloves” lmfao
Emily Armstrong (3 months ago)
The most thing I loved watching burn was a football jersey my ex gave to me
A. Lynn Douglas (3 months ago)
Chrystal Jones (3 months ago)
I lit myself on fire
Zorros Reales (3 months ago)
Or to ur kidneys😀
angel santos (3 months ago)
I set my homework on fire
Atalanta Olbrechts (3 months ago)
My mums dressing gown, it was an accident and I bought her a new one
Felix Crombie (3 months ago)
Damn I didn't realise I've been watching this shit for 5 years
virginia gardner (4 months ago)
my brother . . . . . . ummmmm . . . . . . . oppps
Kayley Newton (4 months ago)
The coolest thing I've ever burned is my old school supplies a couple weeks ago
Aubrey Dawson (5 months ago)
Forgive me for my stupidity but was the blood real?
Ella Capella (5 months ago)
I burned my homework and it felt amazing
This Is Me Now! (6 months ago)
I’m here for the blood
infinity dev (6 months ago)
The cooolest thing I set on fire is my hand
Blurry Face (7 months ago)
Human bodies
Gacha Meh (7 months ago)
Do a BBQ bacon meatball!
Random Rose (7 months ago)
My friend’s cat’s tail got lit on fire. We had a candle burning and her cat bumped into it. Her cat is a Persian cat so only his tail fur was singed. He recovered fine with some burnt tail fur
Føam Køfi (7 months ago)
Rob. Are you drunk?
Crazy Fun (8 months ago)
I burned my mother it's was gonna watching her burn
Telly Tubby (8 months ago)
LAnimations (8 months ago)
my chinese bookn
Karina bear303 (8 months ago)
Do another reverse episode
Insanity _Attacks (9 months ago)
Rip Robs liver
The life Of lily may (9 months ago)
Coolest thing I saw burn were newspapers (blue flame ) , leaves after shooting ( like a bb gun or something) some tins and riding on my go cart
Abbi Mortiboys (9 months ago)
A house.
Lillybug (9 months ago)
Coolest thing I ever set on fire me Ex boyfriend notes to me
tonyflamingo (9 months ago)
Most intresting thing I ever set on fire was my exs hoodie so satisfying
Takashi Shirogane (9 months ago)
My brother. I lit my brother on fire
kyricwild123 (10 months ago)
when he started to stop caring doing a start to finish marathon lol
Kimberly Hobbs (10 months ago)
Can you try to make different types of robots
Jonathan Pacheco (11 months ago)
Re do
Rebekka Rutz (11 months ago)
My house 🏠 😂
To answer your question- my dignity
Derpy Pigeon (11 months ago)
You are supposed to set in the bottle in the ice cold water.
Ashawna Briscoe (11 months ago)
This is like years late but I set my bathtub on fire and filmed it....it freaked my brother out it was hilarious
Wildan (11 months ago)
Katze Gwyr (11 months ago)
I set spaghetti on fire once, that was pretty cool
Chloe Floros (11 months ago)
Zii Lewis (11 months ago)
I once set part of a park on fire. . . oops
Denise Foxman (11 months ago)
Dead grass
the meli monster (11 months ago)
VampuricWerewolf (11 months ago)
My hand! My sister didn't want a perfume anymore so I douced my hand and lit her up! It was pretty awesome
Jessica Cobain (11 months ago)
Purfume. But I burned myself, my carpet and almost my house down.
hannah maree (1 year ago)
this episode is when rob stopped caring about these pins 😂❤️
Chloe mai Dunn (1 year ago)
I bured all of my school work iver the summer
Olivia Pope (1 year ago)
Put it in the bowl of ice water
Tia Bierlein (1 year ago)
make a giant fucking oreo
Princess Caty (1 year ago)
It's funny because Corrine does it years later😂
Princess Caty (1 year ago)
And after a retry, can do it
Benjamin Flores (1 year ago)
1:51 his face!!!
My homework
kaitlyn lee (1 year ago)
its not fucking sand paper its abrasive paper
Rhymes With Grug 31 (1 year ago)
The coolest thing I watched burn was a whole couch
Jumpski Random Stuff (1 year ago)
Stop bleeping it out
Kaitlyn Watkins (1 year ago)
Best thing I burned...hmm cor-homework
LpsUndead Pro (1 year ago)
A butterfly I threw into a fire during a small satanic ritual with my friend. 🙃
haven edwards (1 year ago)
My friend Anthony
I set my hand on fire once
Eloise Lolz501 (1 year ago)
My brothers teddy bear
Miranda L. (1 year ago)
was rewatching to see where everything went to hell, I found it!
Kailey Culotta (1 year ago)
deez nuts
ThisIsAName (1 year ago)
A house.
Zoey Azarraga (1 year ago)
do the tortilla hat
girls pretty (1 year ago)
HAHA! Here's the real Rob peeking out, Rob truly starting to break.
River Kiely (1 year ago)
Do diy mochi ice cream
Sarah Meyer (1 year ago)
"I'll be ahh.. I'll be the talk of the town" New: "20 Innocents bleed to death at party held by Rob Czar survivors say it was the glasses he was serving that had caused this incident such a sad way to die"
Tiffany Brown (1 year ago)
Do edible gummy bear slime !!!! http://pin.it/qrSM-2q
mysterious kitty8 (1 year ago)
😂😂😂😂wtf man
Gabrielle Salfus (1 year ago)
By brother lit a tampon on fire (boys will be boys) and it actually looked really cool
Gacha Maze (1 year ago)
Coolest thing I have burned is my school supplies AND I BURMED ALL OF IT IN A BONFIRE!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😈😈😈
B l u e (1 year ago)
who's watching in 2017 :)
Alina Moses (1 year ago)
the coolest thing i've burned is a little kids plastic play house in a fire pit on a hill. The plastic became lava and i burned a 20 foot long path in my yard awsome
Katie Cat (1 year ago)
I always love burning my old school books as a little end of the year celebration for me
Murffin (1 year ago)
The best thing I've seen burn is my self esteem
Lizzy H. (1 year ago)
Toy car wall art!!
Booboo Beauty (1 year ago)
He uses gloves for nail varnish remover but he doesn't when he has a lighter near him
Miley Yueill (1 year ago)
Ur were supposed to put the yarn/String on the nail polish removerr
death the girl (1 year ago)
the coolest thing i burned was a bible
Lauren Anderson (1 year ago)
Coolest thing I've seen burn?... Alexander's letters #hamiltonreference
Plant Mom (1 year ago)
Isaiah hatake (1 year ago)
the best thing I lit on fire was fuck8ng bayblades bro fucking bayblades let it rip on fire
Ali Grace (1 year ago)
jolly rancher vodka. its pretty easy.
why tho (1 year ago)
the coolest thing I've seen burn was a Barbie doll head, which after it was mostly black we put it on a stick and its still on my wall to this day (day as 7/12/2017)
Maddie Shelton1214 (1 year ago)
My brother
finn is here (1 year ago)
TheMadQueen (1 year ago)
Coolest thing ive watched burn? A person.............................. it isnt that weird i work in a crematory lol
erica torpey (1 year ago)
I lit my own hand on fire once and instead of putting it out I watched it burn for a minute
ItzShanaynayBitch (1 year ago)
Everything from the school year before
Nanook Agresti (1 year ago)
love the ending lmfao
Sanina Uloho (1 year ago)
My hand
Hail Hydra (1 year ago)
the coolest thing I lit on fire was my house lol jk
MACKENZIE UMANA (1 year ago)
Rob do ice cream shot glasses
Linde Hermans (1 year ago)
literally cracking open a cold one
Kaden (1 year ago)
I watched my hand burn for a good fifteen seconds then people screamed because I wasn't reacting. Don't ask how I set myself on fire, longstory short it was a suiside attempt (I am fine now, I have been doing therapy for the past year)
KedaonWoW (1 year ago)
My house

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