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Millikan Girl's Water Polo Underwater - The Game No One Sees

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Underwater footage of the water polo games no one sees - Millikan Girl's Highlights from underwater
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Text Comments (27)
boy girl and a dad (1 year ago)
This is like watching a 1976 Atari video game......and if this is something that you never see in polo how the hell am I watching it?
bckkc (1 year ago)
blurry crap
Capt Eric Bergeron (2 years ago)
Enjoyed this video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.
alex (3 years ago)
some pretty tough scissor bumpers (and or carpet munchers). If not, hit me up. I'll take you for lunch. If you finish your bacon club, I'll take you for dinner.
Robert (3 years ago)
+Rug Ratz IT has been like this for a long time. there are refs that are under the pool that call out the fouls. When i use to play we use to get messed up from others that cut toenails to points to cut and there is a lot of dirty fighting in the water that people do not see.
Rug Ratz (3 years ago)
since when would they allow underwater camera filming in women's water polo?
Stephanie Hartman (5 years ago)
Haha love the title!!!!! :p
edwin huffle (6 years ago)
This video was a firm realization that I need to go to bed
DustoHizzo (6 years ago)
TrollzR Uz (6 years ago)
Laddie You Just made my day That who so funny with The whole Nemo Thing Tysm Iv Just subscribed:)
Ashot Mitoyants (6 years ago)
Wtf did I just watch
Digvijay Singh (6 years ago)
the game no one sees lolz XD
brassierieerre (6 years ago)
Ugliest. Suits. Ever.
hnyl888 (6 years ago)
I wonder if there's mixed competition.... man vs women, or mixed team vs mixed team~ haha
bandiit420 (1 year ago)
They did in my high school when I played 20 yrs ago.
crysjumar1 (6 years ago)
I could watch an hour of this stuff......more, more, more.
victoria tiffany (6 years ago)
oh my god i love waterpolo!But i kinda always knee some girl in the back or croch!
Izzy Simovic (8 years ago)
thumbs up for nemo!
WaterpoloKimm (8 years ago)
@Julimonx hahaha so did we what school do u play for?
WaterpoloKimm (8 years ago)
Hahahahahahahahahaha so did we they sucked and talked a lot of crap we beat them to 2-15
Julimonx (8 years ago)
@WaterpoloKimm we beat samohi just last week mwahahhaha
WaterpoloKimm (8 years ago)
Yeah fuck samoh they suck!
curt11596 (8 years ago)
thats poly to lmao. GO BEACH!!!
bas dijk (8 years ago)
you can bite when ever you want just bring body parts back to the owner after the game
Nicole Henson (8 years ago)
good video....but when we played you guys we dominated...
hermione12 (9 years ago)
i played against them in one of the summer tournaments... they lost :P
GamePlayer547 (10 years ago)
That stuff is vicious :) You girls ever do any women's wrestling?? :)

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