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Why Do Men Have Nipples ? Reasonable Biological Explanation | fedUP Chronicles

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Hey there..... So, this video covers quite an interesting previously untouched topic...why do men have nipples...?? so basically...all humans including women as well as men have nipples because nipples are actually part of the basic human body design and these are already formed by 6-7 th week of Gestation or say, embryonic development, which is actually even before...determination of your gender as a result of X and Y chromosomes. so it doesn't matter if you are a male or a female...you are going to have those two little nipples on your chest. now in case of females in later period of gestation these nipples get pits which are joined to the lactiferous duct responsible for milking, this takes place even in males to some extent. so males could have actually fed their breast milk as well..... so now..let's talk a bit about the functions of these male nipples...honestly they don't serve any serious part. but due to presence of extensive networks of nerves they can be stimulated and thus often are considered to be secondary sex characteristic and can lead to sexual arousal when stimulated. and this, in case of males is even more intense. so sexual pleasure is one firm reason for the presence of nipples in males.....sounds gross...right..?? Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more fed up stuffs like this... have a nice day... Source of information- books and internet. video clip- Game Of Thrones, HBO Network ( where the man cuts the nipple off ) Music- copyright free musics from YouTube studio. #malenipples #fedupchronicles
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fedUP chronicles (3 months ago)
LOOKS like you just don't remember that you have NIPPLES ?
Subhadeep Das (3 months ago)
Voice kar?

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