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The Lettered Cottage: Layla's Cottage Style Kitchen

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See more at: http://www.thedesignnetwork.com In this season's final episode, lifestyle blogger Layla Palmer gives her builder-selected kitchen a personalized, cottage-style makeover. Follow Layla’s DIY mission to brighten this space up and give it a farmhouse-fresh feel. Want more tips, home tours and fabulous shows? Visit The Design Network to view our full series and newest content! Go to: http://www.thedesignnetwork.com
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Angela Berni (27 days ago)
Thank God she didn't start off with ..." Hi guys" !!! As 99.9 percent of these video's do. It's a great turn off to non Americans.
J Segal (28 days ago)
So pretty, except I hate the corbels and I don't like the mirror. I'd paint the corbels to match the island. I do like the secretary cab. Nice touch.
Cheryl Rheault (1 month ago)
Just perfect, i love it!
celeriacmarcus (2 months ago)
It was better before. I don't see any particular features that can be called "cottage". The fridge, the fixture are modern.
Debbie Young (2 months ago)
I fell in love with your kitchen backsplash! Can you please tell me where I can find it?
John Amador (2 months ago)
white cabinets just above the stove with no range hood to protect them would surely be my worst nightmare with all the cooking I have to do everyday lol.
anna etters (2 months ago)
Looks nice, but if a family with small children lives there, they'll be sorry with all the white because all the handprints will show. I made the same mistake and before a year was up I had handprints and smudges all over the place. I was constantly telling my poor children "don't touch this" and "don't touch that" until I sounded like a broken record! I felt so guilty when I overheard my 3 small children playing with their little kitchen. My 5-year-old daughter was supposed to be "the mother" and her 3-year-old sister, I suppose was "the baby", when I noticed she kept repeating "no sweetie, don't touch that". After I became curious as to what her sister was not supposed to be touching (after all, it was her kitchen too), I asked her "Betsy, why are you telling Margie that she can't touch? Santa brought this for all 3 of you to share." She looked at me and said, "I dunno, it's what you tell me all the time". I painted my kitchen soon thereafter, in colors that hid the fingerprints and grime that children all seem to leave. I have no idea why, children cannot enter a room without touching walls, entrances or doorways, they can't seem to walk down a hall or the steps without sliding their hands on walls. I have grandchildren now, and our beautiful wooden walls are natural, and they can touch to their heart's content.
Valdete Possani (2 months ago)
Lindo lindo
Dyan Blank (2 months ago)
I like before , sorry
Phyllis Douglas (2 months ago)
Terri Speer (2 months ago)
Lori Korstanje (2 months ago)
Love it
Emily Marion-Walker (2 months ago)
WHY DID YOU PAINT THE CABINETS?! The yellow was so cute!!!!
Gus (2 months ago)
Good morning I just wanted to thank you so much for replying so quickly. I love your vlogs. Still looking for them👎 Y'all have a blessed day!!!🤓
The Design Network (2 months ago)
Thanks! You too, Gus!
Gus (3 months ago)
To the design network I texted you a while back. I would like to know what websight the rolling pin knobs are from? Thanks
The Design Network (2 months ago)
Hi Gus! We checked Layla's blog and it looks like she received the same question there. Here's a link to her answer and comments: https://theletteredcottage.net/cottage-style-kitchen-update/rolling-pin-drawer-pulls/. Hope this is helpful!
torta torte (3 months ago)
The old kitchen was more stylish than a plain boring White, very common countertop and kitchen color. Why does every body change to white? I don’t get it.
J H (3 months ago)
This is exactly why we are NOT spending a lot of money on granite in our kitchen update. Faux granite lookalike courtesy of Mr. Formica will do just as well for us. Because it’s just going to get ripped out when something “new” comes along someday. 😂
herewegokids7 (3 months ago)
That thing happens to my hair all thw time lol
Bookie (3 months ago)
grey gray grey so much gray
Julie Slone (3 months ago)
I guess I'm not understanding the farmhouse looking all white! I was raised on a farm as was my folks and their folks. Love going to gmas house. None of our farmhouses where white like these. We had lots of colors like red and yellow.And lots of wood. I really love the looks of both your kitchen but I have a different view of farm house and cottage. Our cottages were just a smaller version of the big house . Enjoy!!
Kate White (3 months ago)
Such annoying music but good job on the kitchen.
Sharon Arrendale (3 months ago)
I love your new kitchen! Gorgeous and welcoming.
Angela Leachman (4 months ago)
Love love love that backsplash😍....so glad you replaced all those “YELLOW/GOLDY” colors.....definitely not Farmhouse.👏👏👏
Gus (4 months ago)
I've been looking for the rolling pin pulls. Can you give me the web site you bought them from. Gorgeous!!!! I love your style 👍🤓💕
chelle patino (4 months ago)
Really pretty. Not a fan of all white quartz but definitely looks better. You find the cutest little accessories
Delina Youngs (4 months ago)
Nice ! Both kitchens were beautiful and i feel the designer must of had money to burn.
Farmhouse at Meadowhill (5 months ago)
Aibee (5 months ago)
What was wrong with that original design? Wasteful
Today's Hike (5 months ago)
oh geezz....another "make it all white" video. hope this trend passes soon.
Donna K Kasper (5 months ago)
Love that you took out the microwave over the stove. We don’t have one there either. I opted for a nice hood with tons of bright light.
Luann Kelly Combs (6 months ago)
I kind of liked the warm buttery colors of the before kitchen. Hmmmm. I'm not sure I would have changed all of it.
Bettylou (6 months ago)
I like it a lot but it is really small with almost no counter space I hope you have a very large pantry for storage.
Annette Thomas (6 months ago)
so sad to destroy the beautiful kitchen from before
Jane Saavedra (6 months ago)
Where did you get the backsplash tile? I like it!
Patti R (7 months ago)
I liked it much better before.
Karen Pierce (7 months ago)
This is my least favorite makeover I've ever seen! It actually looked better prior to the makeover
merry chase (7 months ago)
You've done a fine redecorating job. That beastly yellow-tan was awful. The new blue-green is pretty without being sissy. You now have a family kitchen, not a commercial kitchen.
Anna Wnuk (8 months ago)
Did you prime before painting the cabinets - if not, in time the paint will start chipping. I have to agree with others comments - looked better before.
levi d (8 months ago)
Ann Bartholomew (8 months ago)
So...what kind of paint did you paint the cabinets with? Did you seal them after painting?
Sharalee Insley (8 months ago)
Lisa Schreiber (8 months ago)
LOVE that backsplash
Michael (8 months ago)
I love it!
ELENA ISUPOVA (8 months ago)
No stove exhaust fan in the open space kitchen?
Cindy Gaudet (8 months ago)
If new why didn’t you get it done the way you wanted.? And btw, I love the finished room!
jgarno100 (9 months ago)
What material did you use for the white counter tops?
Elizabeth M (9 months ago)
Why do all new decorating ideas have to be white cabinets and gray walls. Every kitchen looks The same now.The original color was great.
Saturday's Child (9 months ago)
Like the before better than the after. Why is everyone doing the same thing everyone else is and acting like they just re-invented the wheel?!
Gienne Farcais (9 months ago)
Love the style of the corbels but they look very out of place left natural. If they were painted to match the cabinets, they wouldn't be such an eyesore.
Susan Hamilton (9 months ago)
Really wasteful. I hope the things taken out will be used somewhere else. Very pretty result although the corbels are kind of large.
irma figueroa figueroa (9 months ago)
Wao!! 💕🤩
AJ Baldwin (9 months ago)
First time I've ever seen someone remove granite to install, what was that, laminate. wood, or ?.
Dolores Bryant (9 months ago)
Why wouldn't you paint before tiling and putting in the countertops?
Tamara Weber (10 months ago)
Love what you've done, its light bright and fresh. The back splash is so Daisy like with your antique desk perfection.
Nubia Bernal (10 months ago)
wow so beautiful!
Jose Ferrer (11 months ago)
Susan (11 months ago)
This is beautiful, would you mind sharing the name of your back splash & also the name of the paint you used on your island? Thank you so much, great job!
geewilliams306 (11 months ago)
Where did you find your wooden cobels from
debora mitchell (11 months ago)
Oh, This is so beautiful. Tfs.
Candy Kelly (11 months ago)
I love the new look but I would have kept the microwave. I hope you donated the old stuff.
idaslpdhr (1 year ago)
I would have stripped out the old stuff then painted and then finished the backslash and counter tops
blawlor100 (1 year ago)
These design shows make cabinet painting seem doable, however it is a horrendous, time consuming task. Better to have a Company that specializes come in and take care of it!
PattyAnn.net (1 year ago)
Interesting. Colors along with counters, etc. come into fad and fade out over time. You can always tell the age of a house by its color scheme and decor. Might as well wait for a few decades for todays style to come back around so you don't have to change a thing!! :)
KidCity Lynnwood (1 year ago)
LOVE the korbels
Jane Bonter (1 year ago)
Beautiful ❤️my new kitchen inspiration!
Jane Bonter (1 year ago)
Was that granite that you took out?
Jeanette Kniebusch (1 year ago)
You could easily put 3 chsirs there w outv3rd corbil.
Paulette Rocha (1 year ago)
Wow it’s so gorgeous!!! I’m in Pike Road Al as well, I’ve been here for about 6 and a half years I have my own house cleaning services and see many beautiful homes out here!!
Linh Luu (1 year ago)
I like the before too. Doesn't everyone know this farmhouse chic is just a fad & will go outta style like hot pants.
Why didn't u put in a farm style sink??!
havfaith S. (1 year ago)
How wasteful to trash that stone countertop. Not ECO.
Katherine McChesney (2 months ago)
tHEY MAY NOT HAVE TRASHED IT MORON. They could have sold it. A screw your Eco. You people are a boil on the back sides.
Hallstrom Home (1 year ago)
Love your style!! so glad to find you
Cathy Montano (1 year ago)
One of the cutest kitchens yet
patricia mogg (1 year ago)
omg that was hard to watch. you just dismantled my dream kitchen
Just beautiful!!! Thank you.
Harkaman Limbu Subba (1 year ago)
Hi Layla how r u .... nice idea for kitchen and and and u r very beauty full and sexyyyyyyy..........
Linda Martin (1 year ago)
I like the before.
Thornback (1 year ago)
I LOVE what you did there, everything's just perfect (except for the 3 industrial lights)
SilverCharmbracelet (1 year ago)
I would not say this is farmhouse style at all. The before was actually nicer. Still a good job though.
Ruth Thomson (1 year ago)
yes sireee I like this ....lovely and light bright...Good work...so fresh.
Chani P (1 year ago)
The BEFORE is not cute lol wth is wrong with people’s aesthetic sense.
Suzanne Ubick (6 months ago)
Tastes differ. Doubtless a lot of what you like would be aesthetically displeasing to a lot of people. You're not the golden arbiter who gets to dictate what anybody but yourself should like.
ozzie (1 year ago)
Chani P the tile and counter even clashed
satan cat (1 year ago)
I agree
Carolyn Berlin (1 year ago)
Beautiful! Spoon art, where?
Wendy's House (1 year ago)
🙋Thank you for some tips ,luv your kitchen ,little tip for you use zinsser white shellac primer ,promise you it s fantastic stuff .😀
Chlexie L. (1 year ago)
Beautiful!! So light and airy. Love that you kept the cabinets, just painted them white- new countertops so much nicer. Because the removal of the old stone was done so carefully I'm sure someone else can make some use of it. Stone countertops are really hard to design around because they're so taste specific. Love what you chose 100% better!!!! Great job!!
jbug watson (1 year ago)
What grey oak t did you use please and thankyou
Gwen Vann (1 year ago)
It looks absolutely beautiful!
Ghoskull War (1 year ago)
Love your style, love your smile.....
Renie Handler (1 year ago)
Aughhhh.....JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
Crowned Glorious (1 year ago)
sorry about the comment...so many like minded kitchens...feels like one of many rather than one of a kind. I for one would like to see function plus fabulous on a budget. Is that even possible these days? Love that you are adopting a little sweetie. May God richly bless you on your motherhood journey.
Crowned Glorious (1 year ago)
gray and white...how original...not... looks like every other trendy gray and white kitchen on you tube today. I really do not see the cottage style here?
Donna K Kasper (5 months ago)
Gee, it’s her kitchen, and it shows others the possibilities of changing things. Doesn’t have to be your style...why so negative?
Tammie Currie (11 months ago)
I love it! Hated the before colors!
Prepper Angel (1 year ago)
It's nice but rather boring. I'm with you on this one. It doesn't look like a cottage at all. More like a hospital white kitchenette.
Missy Sharon (1 year ago)
loved the after look!
Patches Neshell (1 year ago)
Love it. Great tips, TY
Sandy Lunden (1 year ago)
I love what you did with your kitchen, it's so clean, pretty and fresh. Your one of my favs to watch, keepem coming :)
what kind of paint on kitchen cabinets?
Diane Vessels (1 year ago)
I like the before and the after. Just different looks but both are nice.
Julie Berry (2 years ago)
Why wouldn't you paint the cabinets first when there were no countertops and backsplash?
MusicaErika (2 years ago)
I love the colour of the island, could you let me know what colour is it?
jon m (2 years ago)
oh my god i am so sick of people bitching about how it's unaffordable thats why you watch different channels there are plenty of diy channels to watch stop complaining.
Jacqueline Cawthorne (2 years ago)
Beautiful. Although the kitchen looked nice before, it is now brighter and and sleeker. Love it!
hallnoats4ever (2 years ago)
Jacqueline Cawthorne do u think that fridge looks to big for the space
Pam Thomas (2 years ago)
I own two beautiful cottages in the lake district and eden valley, uk, and I totally understand the remodelling.  It is bright, contemporary with a traditional twist.  I love the colours scheme.  The kitchen before, although lovely to some tastes, was dated.  It is possible to give a contemporary feel to what should be traditional!  Good job

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