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Steel Panther " 17 Girls in a Row"+" Gloryhole" Rock City, Nottingham 23-1-18

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Steel Panther " 17 Girls in a Row"+" Gloryhole" Rock City, Nottingham 23-1-18 (The stage gets filled with girls)
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Jay Costa (9 days ago)
7:53 the mandatory Stan Lee cameo
b0redd (4 months ago)
The desperation dripping from the girl in the grey singlet. Almost as thick as the STDs up there.
All-England-R-We (5 months ago)
Just reminds me of the 80's - Love it
Daniel Haze (6 months ago)
Christ, timestamps needed
z zz (6 months ago)
thats what i call bullshit music. and all those british degenerated bitches with a mobile in their hand. very sad
having fun (7 months ago)
they got all the hookers on stage
bgdrum (8 months ago)
too many fucking selfies.
AndyLGR (9 months ago)
Who is singing at 7:10? Sounds like they've got a backing tape running with a lead vocal.
DimeBag (2 months ago)
Morten Loof There’s a lot wrong with that. Then it’s just kinda like modern rap.
Morten Loof (6 months ago)
They have always used backing tracks :) Nothing wrong with that. It just makes the music sound better :)
AndyLGR (9 months ago)
I think backing vocals and keyboards have always been noticeable as being a backing track, but to hear a lead vocal backing track running is very disappointing.
Adam Correia (9 months ago)
I'm pretty sure they also trigger the drums to samples based off the albums. You can hear them misfire in some of the bigger festival performances from 2017 and 2015.
Adam Correia (9 months ago)
It hasn't seemed to obvious in the past, but this tour and last year's, I've noticed they are running backing tracks.
toyah nunn (9 months ago)
I was the girl who got on stage first thanks for the video been looking for one haha so nervous x
Ray SrW (1 month ago)
Ohh...Toyota right
xxbigshootergaming (3 months ago)
U are sexy
having fun (7 months ago)
did you have sex with the band?

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