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Final Fantasy XV: Costlemark Tower Secrets (Sword of the Tall)

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Unlock secret entrance to Sword of the Tall by solving the puzzle hidden inside the Costlemark Tower dungeon. When you reach the bottommost level of the dungeon, the corners of the room floor contains four triggers on downward elevators. Each of these triggers normally leads to a boss room with lots of Red Giants and other monsters. However, one random path inside of elevator maze one will contain a secret trigger that leads to the entrance to a Jabberwock dragon (Level 58). Killing this dragon reveals the Sword of the Tall that was stolen from the Tomb of the Tall nearby Costlemark Tower. Video shows step by step instruction on: 1) Location of Costlemark Tower dungeon 2) Location of Puzzle Room inside the dungeon 3) How to reach the Boss Room from the Puzzle Room 4) How to reach the Dragon Room from the Puzzle Room 5) How to get the Royal Arm: Sword of the Tall 6) Location of secret vault door for End Game Gameplay walkthrough on PS4 Pro version of FFXV (Final Fantasy 15).
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George Gonzales (1 month ago)
Just use the magitek armor and youll beat this dungeon easily
no commentary (1 month ago)
no commentary (1 month ago)
6:05 im now standing there n there is no x proceed button wtf ! the game forced me to go to the right to the oher door wich therevis x proceed button
Garden Fever (1 month ago)
Sweet thank you 🙏 ruff dungeon.
NGArodTAku (2 months ago)
Can someone confirm? You can get to the "Dragon Room" in one try? No trip to "Boss Room"? Is the randomness of the triggers stop once you clear the dungeon?
NGArodTAku (2 months ago)
To continue my inquiry I have cleared the dungeon with only having 2 trips to the boss room, of course with the help of the you tube videos. On my second and third trip here for the hunts I was able to get to the dragon room by using the trigger with the 4 columns and there followed steps to reach an area with the circle indentation.
Cody cockerill288 (2 months ago)
i just got this weapon today thx for help
MrZRACER (3 months ago)
thanks to this vid and that circle thing, I got it on the 2nd try. only had to go to the giant boss room once.
Johan Funes (3 months ago)
I went to the dungeon and killed the red boss then I returned to the entrance and save. Will the dungeon be clear and be able to go to the second boss when I load it
Pussy Wagon (3 months ago)
No. If you go back, they will be there.
Sauce (4 months ago)
Actually Its easy as f if u use the ring of lucii and just kill everything I used this dungeon to get to lvl 60
Harley Quinn (4 months ago)
After defeating one red giant from corner #4, I can't proceed through the other corners😡
None of your business (5 months ago)
I spammed the Ring Of Lucii for this dungeon
Kufra Dan (5 months ago)
I couldnt find the red circle and stuck inside the dungeon
Kufra Dan (5 months ago)
I need help immedietly
Việt Anh Phạm (5 months ago)
lacuna astra (7 months ago)
Thanks this was really helpfull,but where did you get that outfit for noctis? It looks awesome
Pussy Wagon (3 months ago)
Complete the game's story
Phantom Anna (7 months ago)
I already defeated the first two bosses, but i can't seem to proceed to the third 'boss'. I exited dubgeon every time i went further into dungeon then saved progress, but the last part to get to last boss is not appearing... do I have to defeat all these guys in a row without saving or what??
scarlett Blood (7 months ago)
the ring of lucii is a good helper on this dungeon, especially on the tight corners, it helped me on the 3 red giants and the other freaking mob monster in that area!!! this is the longest and the most frustrating dungeon .... took me 1-2hrs to complete.
Abam Alarcon (7 months ago)
OMG!!!! I get the sword of tall here in like 3 times battle in boss and the fourth one is the dragon . Then i accept a quest hunt , and i was literaly here in like 3 hours trying to find that dragon!!! Then i ended up leaving the dungeon its realy pissing me off until i found out the pattern 😤😧😧😧😧😧
TheMindofaGenius1 (7 months ago)
wooooh!! thank god i decided to check out a guide for this dungeon before going in again!! the first time was HELL and i was so hesitant to attempt it again! but i have to to get the sword and all so, THANK YOU for that carved circle thing tip!! i would've gotten stuck in there for another 2-3hrs 0_0
edepot (7 months ago)
Give thanks by subscribing! Glad it helped you out
INSPIRED red (8 months ago)
How cN i get the sheild??
MelonSapphire (9 months ago)
Guys..you needn’t have to wait long hours for nighttime or take a nighttime hunt quests for that..There’s a camp near costlemark tower,just press the camp and choose ‘wait until nightfall’😶
MelonSapphire (9 months ago)
Lvl 80 with Ring Lucii equipped Lucky! 🍀...I only had to defeat 1 red giant with slimes in the first cube.. When i reached the second cube, thought i was going to find 2 red giants,instead i encountered two ‘proceed’ cubes :leading downfloor, and leading sidefloor.(chose the sidefloor) Thankfully, i followed the path onward until i reached the ‘circle mark cube’ with ‘dead end cube’..Pushed the circle mark cube,and yay!! ^^ ......... It led me to Jabberwock..I was ready to try fighting the 3 giants and naga,but oh well
Mikhaila Raibead (8 months ago)
F this dungeon. I made it to the boss 2x and the game booted me out. I hate that there is no 'save' for this.
KillBurnBeEvil (9 months ago)
sooo..... there was a circle mark..... =]
Eric Murphy (9 months ago)
edepot (9 months ago)
Give thanks by subscribing!
haho hihi (10 months ago)
So i am lvl 55 at chapter 8 i did the fight with red giants 4-5 times already and i cant find the right way to the stupid secret room :D any help or suggestion? No circle mark :(
haho hihi (10 months ago)
1-2 tries and i did it finally lol
i went straight to the costle tower without verifying tomb of the tall was robbed, got sword of the tall 1st try lol
Alexis Fernandes (1 year ago)
I won the final boss on 2nd try :)
Michael (1 year ago)
I cant get into the 4th battle
RealWorld Gaming (1 year ago)
When I first walked into the dungeon the moment the doors opened I fell through the game design and landed right on top of the Innermost sanctum but when I did the boss died instantly and all i had to do was retrieve the sword at the end of the cutscenes I was on the floor for when the game is about to say game over and I just used a Phoenix Down and got right back up
Pussy Wagon (3 months ago)
Me too. I fell straight into the final boss room. Lol the dragon was giving me the side eye 👁‍🗨
Robert Fierce (1 year ago)
Lies xD if you fall through u get teleported at the entrance you don't die
Andrew Johnson (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for doing this! Showing to follow the circles
MNSprime21 (1 year ago)
Out of curiosity: I finished my first play through of the game. Then I made a new file but transferred all my achievements (including the outfits, royal arms, and level). Can I still get the sword of the tall in this new play through from the transfers I had?
I got on the one with the four pillars and that’s the only one that says proceed help
SAMIR _UMP45 (1 year ago)
Thank you ❤
Zerus Zephuros (1 year ago)
I just got the sword from Jabberwock and didn't know that there's a tomb for it lolololol
David Santos (1 year ago)
Found the circle. Warp striked an enemy and got trapped in a glitch room. Lovely..
Triplof (1 year ago)
i was in this dungeon and them i found a door that was locked do you know how do i open this door?
Triplof (1 year ago)
edepot (1 year ago)
Getting the key is in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GqOt51bO_Y
ello q (1 year ago)
Fefe509 if it's the big circular door, you can only unlock it after finishing the game and getting the dungeon keys from someone at the hunter hq (Ezma, I think). I haven't finished but I read about it. It'll open all the similar looking doors in other dungeons. They are meant to be harder post-game dungeons.
Arubaro333 (1 year ago)
I can't go through the one that has the 2 pillars of stone. after defeating the red giant
edepot (1 year ago)
Order is randomized. Main thing you have to worry about is the circle mark
Arubaro333 (1 year ago)
thank you. I knew I wasn't done with this place. seeing that it still active on my quest menu
Kriss Hietala (1 year ago)
Best dungeon in game. I don't know what you don't like in it. The design, the monsters, the difficulty, the puzzle, awesome detailed machinery and lift to dragon. Also home to the no-item dungeon. If you fail the puzzle you get punished with boss room. If you mess up again you get tossed into that room again and this time with more, stronger mobs. That will teach you to think twice before choosing your path when you have 2 options :)
AJ_PR 123 (2 months ago)
The pitioss is the best easily
TheMindofaGenius1 (7 months ago)
awesome analysis! =D
scnix (1 year ago)
A quick tip before entering this dungeon. Go to the rich man beach restaurant (Cape Quay?) and eat the crab looking dish that nullifies all magic. Them bombs won't even make a dent to your team. I did this when I was about lvl50 and cleared it. As for the 3 red giants and them naga thingies, I encountered them once and just casted quint-thundaga 3 times. They fell pretty fast after that.
Kou (11 months ago)
Raul Diaz It's the secret dungeon after you got the key from Ezma. Post-game dungeons.
Raul Diaz (11 months ago)
Any idea what the door is that it's locked inside the dungeon?
Deadzio (11 months ago)
how he manage to explore world with final mission ?? i couldnt do it ??
skyebeen (1 year ago)
scnix too bad I didn't read this before..
provpaw2 (1 year ago)
i didnt even notice the circle.1st time i though this dungeon is bugged becos i didnt finish 4 place in 1 go(i passed 3 get out of dungeon get back redo all 4 again).yeeah but atleast i figure this out myself. feeling nice :D
Ardox17 (1 year ago)
Okay so, when looking for the "circular path" how do you avoid getting to the boss room? I was looking for it and somehow wounded up back facing 4 red giants a million flans and that gorgon thing, 2 TIMES. Come on! I ended up dying and loosing all my exp
Joseph O'Halloran (1 year ago)
edepot so is it possible to be on the fourth path and only find the circular path then or can you find the circular path on your first try? Or will you find the circle always the second time like in this video?
edepot (1 year ago)
Save before you go in the dungeon. As shown in the video, you may need to go into some paths that do not have the round circle. So what you need to do is do all of the possible ones until you see one that has a round circle and go that route. If you see the circle and don't go that route, you get harder and harder bosses as you need to repeat going inside those entrances looking for the round circle. If it gets too hard reload your save and hope you get the round circle asap.
ZakTheGreatestGamer (1 year ago)
ede why did you use arminger on 2 flans rather than a couple hundred thunderbombs witch almost killed you and killed ignis?
ZakTheGreatestGamer (1 year ago)
Yeah ok also I have done almost all the dungeons (2nd Doors) and I have almost the same weapons as you so I get you the only times I use arminger is just when some red giant is getting on my nerves or a second door dungeon boss.Now I get why you did that
edepot (1 year ago)
I use the Arminger when it shows up. But you are right, it would be better strategy to wait for a powerful enemy to use on. But at this stage of the game, I have almost all the good stuff so the Arminger is bonus, not really required.
nathanisbauce (1 year ago)
spent 4 hours, finally figured it out then got game over in the room right before the sword, y'know the one filled with 4 bombs that spam hit you then all explode at once. (:
edepot (1 year ago)
What sword?
FrostyFroakie64 (1 year ago)
30:39 "That's it, I've come up with a new recipe!"
MizDove (2 years ago)
Thank you! Very helpful and led to successful dungeon.
William Long (2 years ago)
Hated this place... Sitting there waiting for stone blocks to slide around and constantly getting ambushed by monsters.. It just drags out the time it takes to actually make it through this crappy place.
Jimmy Rusly (2 years ago)
Thanks... helpfull
Christian Escobar (2 years ago)
Who allowed this terrible dungeon design? You follow "Proceed" signs for hours and still end up empty handed unless you follow the circular stone path. Very infuriating and unfair to the player. Terrible way to wrap up the FFXV last few achievements with this bitter taste in my mouth.
bsharpmajorscale (11 months ago)
Christian Escobar At least it's not Pitioss
Steve Owens (1 year ago)
Christian Escobar lol this game did that to me a couple times. Looking back tho, it's a great dungeon!
bunta kondo (2 years ago)
This dungeon you have to listen to your buddies to determine where you go, if you get all the sequences right you get to start at the closest pillar to the boss.
Roland III (1 year ago)
Bunta Kondo what do you mean?
Diana Del (2 years ago)
I was fighting red giant then was outside the dungeon what's up with that
roy orellano (1 year ago)
It seems you accidentally stepped on that circle platform.You will be automatically teleported if you did.
Diana Del (2 years ago)
I was in the dungeon I think the boss room and was toss out of the dungeon completely that's what I meant. Is there a time limit thing in the boss room?
edepot (2 years ago)
During nighttime, Iron Giants and Red Giants regularly spawn close to you if you are not near any towns. The Red Giants inside the Costlemark Tower dungeon are not unique, but they are the bosses in the boss room.
Ikkey (2 years ago)
at the beginning, you can hear the trailer music for MGSV 2015.
shachar4 (2 years ago)
How did you sword warp outside a battle?
Steve Owens (1 year ago)
shachar4 you just hit triangle while running, you can't warp to a specific place, just a few feet in front of you. It's different then battle warping.
GODSPEED MALAYA (1 year ago)
edepot yahh how you did it? can u tell me? very very need ur help
shachar4 (2 years ago)
ya i know but you warped outside a battle
edepot (2 years ago)
Triangle button
RythmicComa280 (2 years ago)
It's funny because I accidentally did this without realising my first time. I laughed at my friend's when they told me about the four giants. I laughed a lot
Paul Caceres (1 month ago)
Same 😂😂
Tokoyisus :v (3 months ago)
Me to xd
Damian johhny stok (2 years ago)
this level was so anoying
Laurent S (2 years ago)
Dude i amazed at your videos, how you can find it all? I mean i knew you from MGS V PP videos where u can find a small hidden detail. Just how you found it all?You're amazing. Keep it up. P.s i still remember someone call u insane(in bad way) thay you knew everything in mgs v pp its funny XD for me how u reply him XD
mekel 90 (2 years ago)
for what I understand here. It is a decreasing order pattern for the columns.
edepot (2 years ago)
Well, in this video it starts at 3 columns then ends at 2 columns. Never went to 1 column platform. Trust me, its RANDOM. Even what platform you can enter is random.
mekel 90 (2 years ago)
Not sure about that. But for what I encountered in that god damn tower, (First play through and NG+), all ended in the north western part of the map (both royal arm quest and hunt, where the circle marking is located). The difference is where to start. If the the proceed marker appeared in the in the floor with four pillar then the pattern I take is 4 3 2 1 (will fight two red giants then Jabberwock). But if it starts with with three pillars, then 3 2 1 pattern then aim to proceed to the north western part of the map (will only fight one red giant and where the circle marking is located). I haven't encountered a proceed marking that starts with the two pillars or one pillar.
edepot (2 years ago)
It is pretty random. Final location of dragon room was different in the two walkthroughs shown in video.
dethkruzer (2 years ago)
Easily the worst dungeon in the entire game. Who thought forcing the player to fight three red giants and a rajanaga at the same time was a good idea? A single red giant is enough of a headache alone.
yooem 26 (6 months ago)
I know the only way I was aboul to win was because I just spammed the rings power till they were all died
Destropher san (1 year ago)
Agreed. Not only that, because I never knew that the triggers were not a "do all to unlock boss room" type of challenge, I went into that stupid room 4 times, which meant I fought the 3 red giants and the Naragani twice. Thank Square for freaking summons man, Ramuh saved my ass so many times.
Melyssa Layrensia (1 year ago)
dethkruzer ic. i was actually didnt know how to enter the dungeon in the first place, and to avoid any spoilers i didnt look for help from gamefaqs. so i pretty much become overleveled i guess, i finished the dungeon at lvl 70. still working my way to lvl 120 now
dethkruzer (1 year ago)
Melyssa Layrensia That might work if I had done this post-game, sicne that's the only way to use the ring of lucii to run through this place. But I didn't do that, I completed the initial dungeon and the killed the Jabberwock before I completed Altissia.
Melyssa Layrensia (1 year ago)
dethkruzer what? i love this dungeon, fighting 3 iron giants and 2 naga is easy, just use ring of the lucii to kill most of them. and rake up a lot of experience points. actually i feel this dungeon isnt that bad because i finished it after pitios dungeon, so...
Tim Davis (2 years ago)
how u get past level 99
Kevin F (2 years ago)
It patched automatically on my PS4
Diana Del (2 years ago)
where do I get the patch to download it, I got all the add-ons. Don't see where the patch is, I'm playing the PS 4 is it available for this console please give directions on how to get it. Thanks and your videos are great help especially doing the rainbow frogs would have never found them without your video.
Nehes (2 years ago)
Tim Davis In the newest patch they made it possible to get to lv 120
SHADE PROTOCOL (2 years ago)
Download the newest patch which increases the level cap to 120 and train up your characters as usual.
Karla Templo (2 years ago)
Tim Davis update
SUNRISEdePro (2 years ago)
noob and mission hunter this boss
John Smith (2 years ago)
Edepot for ur videos about the reverse language u should look into Aztec language and all those long lost languages
John Smith (2 years ago)
I'll look into it forsure!
edepot (2 years ago)
Did you sub the other "edepot gaming" channel? There are few true Aztecs left so maybe you can get a language professor to confirm or deny it.
Spielix (2 years ago)
how could you summon? i am trying summon every time. i am pressing the buttom l2 . i am Holding and still doesn't work...
Kevin F (2 years ago)
Oh and btw edepot, when you're attacking those lightning ball guys, go for the one with the dark crown first if possible. If you kill him fast enough, others won't spawn.
Kevin F (2 years ago)
Until I saw this video I thought that it was impossible to summon in a dungeon.
EXIA112 (2 years ago)
Spielix hold down L2 and pull the left anolog stick to the left until the astral shows up
Spielix (2 years ago)
edepot THX dude. i summoned a god only 2 times... and it was in the Main story
edepot (2 years ago)
The possibility for summon is determined by the game, not you. But if the summon option comes, go to a safe spot and hold down the L2 button. Keep holding until the Astral appears. Note that if you are hit by monsters, the summon won't happen even if you kept the button pressed. So you have to find a spot safe from attacks until the summon happens.
Oldřich Šiller (2 years ago)
zwill crosblades ? If you dont have finnish main story? HOW ?
Celise (2 years ago)
He has beaten the game then reloaded the last save file (which will take you back to the present time before entering the gate to fight Ifrit) then just travel past to Lucis.
Nehes (2 years ago)
Oldřich Šiller well, judging by outfit Noctis is wearing he did finished the main story and this is New Game +
Oldřich Šiller (2 years ago)
edepot yea, but you neee to beat game, but in this video u have main quest the crue of insomnia, and its chapter 14 ot not?
edepot (2 years ago)
Look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiarH0V-oF8
Fernando Aguilar C. (2 years ago)
first! in deed, my first time first.. 'o_O
Platinum Knuckles (2 years ago)
Fernando Aguilar C. Congrats man

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