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VICTORIA'S SECRET PINK HAUL + Where To Get Sold Out Victoria's Secret ♥

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Hello YouTube ❤️ This a haul video from one of my fav stores (Victoria's Secret). -The Music at the beginning has been REMOVED due to copyright so excuse the silent awkwardness 😂😂 -Excuse my voice in this video, I am sick Links: https://www.victoriassecret.com/ https://www.mercari.com/ Invite Code for $2 off of your first purchase on Mercari: JNQEHQ Social Media: Facebook: Lahni Iree Instagram: @lahni_iree Snapchat: @japanese.doll Business Inquiries: [email protected] Keywords: Victoria's Secret, Haul, Pink, Panties, Boyshorts, Autumn, Lookbook, cute, giveaway, sexy, dog logo, begonia, new, 2016, Where to get, Mercari, sold out, dupes, love pink, ombré hair, aliexpress, victoria's secret, victoria's secret fashion show, victoria's secret 2016, victoria's secret show, victoria's secret haul, victoria's secret fashion show 2015, victoria's secret workout, victoria's secret makeup, victoria's secret fashion show paris, victoria's secret hair, victoria's secret fashion show 2016, victoria's secret angels, victoria's secret auditions, a victoria's secret model's diet, victoria's secret behind the scenes, victoria's secret black friday haul, victoria's secret body, victoria's secret curls, victoria's secret christmas, victoria's secret employee
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Gorilla Entertainment (1 year ago)
Do a try-on beautiful 🤞
Hannah • (1 year ago)
So pretty!
nice video...see my youtube channel and tell me what you think is best video ? https://www.youtube.com/user/AbdullAvx1
ShaniqueJay (2 years ago)
Loved This Video , those things you got are super cute & lit , Just Subscribed
Alyssa Rose (2 years ago)
Love your channel!! I subscribed and make videos too! :)

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