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10 Best Selling Handbags brands - 2017

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Carrying the best handbag: provides extra beauty- Every women of this world desires that when they go out they carry the best hand bag in the crowd. The handbag must be very fashionable and stylish also. It is difficult to choose the best trendy hand bags among so many different variety of bags and brands. Different brand introduce different variety of designer bags. So here is; List of top 10 Best Selling in Handbags brands in the world in 2017, most popular handbag brands. 10 Best Selling Handbags brands - 2017 --------------------------------------- CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO WATCH "10 BEST SELLING HANDBAGS BRANDS - 2017 (UPDATED) https://youtu.be/lnd3XY70WQY
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AEGIS LUXURY (6 days ago)
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Kimo Elmasry (1 month ago)
فيديو طويل اوى ووحش
Mouni Mouninnette (1 month ago)
DID YOU SEE MY BAG ?? Only ARMYS will understand 😎😎😎
stylish fashion taste (1 month ago)
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Syeda Rehana (1 month ago)
It's beautiful...
Maryam Sarfaraz (1 month ago)
I have seen a website named Crinds.com Omg !!u guys believe or not they sell amazing handbags under their brand name called CRINDS with superb quality that you never believe.I found that when i was searching for good quality handbags on Google.They have really amazing bags which i have seen on Flipkart also😍with their brand CRINDS. You should atleast give them a try. I bought many bags from their and dey ol are suuuppeerrbb!!!!!😗😗
Tom And Jerry (1 month ago)
From where we can we buy
Ester Tan (1 month ago)
I had handbag real Coach and real MK and real Kate Spade. For the next I want buy handbag LV and Channel and C Dior. I♥️all
Women's Fashion (2 months ago)
Nice Collection
Amanpreet Sachdeva (2 months ago)
contact number plz online delivery?
Avantgard Exchange (2 months ago)
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Aman singh (2 months ago)
raman bag hous
Aman singh (2 months ago)
raman bag hous
Abdul Qadeer Bali (3 months ago)
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Diane Uyking (4 months ago)
How about Elle bags? They’re expensive too right?
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Diana Forsea (4 months ago)
All the reading makes the video boring and inconvenient.
mylyn may sison (4 months ago)
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Trending Fashion (4 months ago)
Watch Latest Top BRANDED HANDBAGS In The World 2018 - https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=DIqYB2Pkftk
Muthumalai Nadar (4 months ago)
Judy Sun Park (4 months ago)
No, not right. This guy doesn’t know anything about the bags.
Tina Brual (4 months ago)
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Sneha Das (4 months ago)
Aesha Roy (5 months ago)
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Nishu Sri (5 months ago)
Swati Kapoor (5 months ago)
Muze to ek b acha nhi lga kya h ye sb bakwas h
wwe 98927 Ahmed 123 (5 months ago)
wwe 98927 Ahmed 123 (5 months ago)
9892739593 bags one call
Jennifer Nolan (5 months ago)
OMG :o :o https://www.facebook.com/glamourweek/
Anas Khan (5 months ago)
Kidar Hai shop plzz comment karo
maki rodriguez (5 months ago)
Yikes. MK?
abc xyz (5 months ago)
Hemant Thakur (5 months ago)
Kya khub hai
Jenelyn Alverzado (5 months ago)
Magkano at paano bumili?
Stephanie Miller (5 months ago)
I Love Michael Kors his brand is stylish, not over priced, its classy an I don’t have to break the bank just to spoil myself. I will keep Rocking MK 🤗😍😍😍😍
MS Fashion Hub (5 months ago)
very Nice nice design
DAVNA FERGUSON (5 months ago)
Adrian Swaby (5 months ago)
Rose Page
Bebe Mousawi (6 months ago)
Bullshit... you have no idea about best selling handbags. Michael kors is the shitiest brand with low quality and copied designs. Louis vuitton, chanel, Hermes, gucci, dior are the top.
Katel Academy (6 months ago)
Thanks dear for sharing your concern. This list are made by according to that year information. I have recently made the video on same topic, “best handbag brand” the information are up to dates too. Maybe you would find the item you are looking for, if you are interested, please do check it once, Link: https://youtu.be/lnd3XY70WQY
Daisy Bee (6 months ago)
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jesus christ Alphonse (6 months ago)
i want a gud handbag branded ,good quality and longlasting.which 1 i can select which s cheap expensive also.i like all imported types.can u tell me a 1
samy tapia. (6 months ago)
fake purse's.
Lily Darcy (6 months ago)
MK !!!!! They're Bad quality. I had one that lasted less than a year. And I'm not the only one thinking this way.
Jayashree Phanse (6 months ago)
Rets ?
sun moon (6 months ago)
BMR Hayliezza (6 months ago)
Collete by collete Hayman? super affordable with amazing bags, wallets and other accessories I love it!
Charlotte Delamor (6 months ago)
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Lux Cat (6 months ago)
I super love luxury handbags and maybe u can refer to my videos for the top luxury handbags right now. Hermes LV Chanel Gucci are in the top 5 in my opinion 😀
Maria Rodriquez (6 months ago)
I just bought a Recreation kenneth cole and i love it.
Manishaben Deshani (6 months ago)
nice bags
Katel Academy (6 months ago)
Thanks dear for appreciating my video💕
Muhammad Sarfraz (7 months ago)
Sameer K Craze (7 months ago)
Yes what about Gucci? No Louis vuitton ? And no Versace but Michael kors No 2 ? Wow
sarfaraz Memon (7 months ago)
nice purses
MANISHA SHAH (7 months ago)
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Nina Quartey (7 months ago)
Rubbish bags
Maria Santos (7 months ago)
Todas maravilhosas.
kiran agarwal (7 months ago)
Fashionista Boutique (7 months ago)
Parade or PRADA
Trending Fashion (7 months ago)
Latest Stylish Handbags and Purse Collection For Women/Girls -->> https://youtu.be/BZN9NgCzQNc
Miki de la Fuente (7 months ago)
Hilarious, you don't know your bags from your elbow :D
paulette (7 months ago)
I Love Burberry and I Prada
Try oriflame bags.... With lowest price. Call me on 8888066669
Adithi Rose Nani (8 months ago)
Parade but show pictures of burberry?...
Fiona Siegertsz (8 months ago)
Awful video. Terrible grammar. Annoying music☹
Katel Academy (8 months ago)
Thanks dear for sharing your concern. Kindly sorry about the errors, I did realize error lately, and i was going to take down but it was already late to do so. Although, i have fixed everything on my next video which is on same topic, handbag brands. List are made by according to updated information as well. Maybe you would like the list/music too, if you are still interested, please do check it once, Link: https://youtu.be/lnd3XY70WQY
nora (8 months ago)
michael korrs ?? pls do.more research dear! least expensive ya...
Yashab Zahid (8 months ago)
vickyb blanchard (8 months ago)
Beautiful handbag
Katel Academy (8 months ago)
Thank you dear👍
How to find a good handbag factory? http://www.vanessabrig.com/ Welcome to Vanessa Brig – Leather Handbag Factory Vanessa Brig has been a bag manufacturer of top-quality hand bags for more than 30 years. We specialize in producing premium leather handbags with sound workmanship.
Gloria Theresalove (8 months ago)
lol it doesn't take that long to read!
Katel Academy (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your opinion. Every human being are different. People maybe not be as fast as you are dear. Some took long to read, some pick up quickly.
Jennifer Adams (8 months ago)
you didnt even put in louis vuitton bags.are you mad?while i understand that most people cant afford to buy them doesnt mean they are not sought after.you need to do your research first before putting false info on your videos.half of these i have never heard of and im a purseaholic.
Linda Tengan (8 months ago)
Kate Spade is not worthy on any list.
Linda Tengan (8 months ago)
WRONG INFORMATION! It's LV, Prada, Gucci!!! Get your info right!
Barbara Mowrey (8 months ago)
This is wrong...coach beats Kate Spade? Never heard of her...and Jacobs..this must be a place that has an interest, conflict, I should say...lol
Katel Academy (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your concern dear. This list are made according to that year report. If you are still interested watching video on same top “best handbags brand” please click the link, the information are also up to date. Link: https://youtu.be/lnd3XY70WQY
Natz Palad (8 months ago)
No LV?
Manisha Gurav (8 months ago)
piz praiz batao
John Chambers (8 months ago)
Best Prices on Fashion Purse's www.myxtremedeals.com
Gisa W Slonim (8 months ago)
My advice: get someone who knows English to write up your blurb. Reading misspellings and incorrect grammar only irritates the potential viewer and makes all your suggestions seem like one big joke.
Satyabrata Roy (4 months ago)
U i
Katel Academy (8 months ago)
Hello dear, thanks for your opinion, feedback from viewers matter lot for improvement, I really very appreciated. Importantly, i have fixed my errors on my another video based on same topic, “best handbag brand” if you are interested, kindly check it out, the info are also up to date, with no error this time i guess😇 here’s the link: https://youtu.be/lnd3XY70WQY #FeedbackMattersToUs
jenny Verinic20 (8 months ago)
Katel Academy (8 months ago)
Thanks for your opinion. I have made another video regarding same topic, “best handbags brand” and the information are also up to date, please kindly check it out if you are interested, here’s the link: https://youtu.be/lnd3XY70WQY
Analyn Secomb (8 months ago)
Agree number two micheal korr.why anyone can buy..
Abdul Aleem Mohammed (8 months ago)
Very nice 😊
Katel Academy (8 months ago)
Thanks you dear
Where is Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, YSL????
Lory Lyon (9 months ago)
Your descriptive paragraphs are not grammatically correct.
Shelly O'Brien (9 months ago)
Pimple. And. Cost. Removal Pimple. And. Cost. Removal
ZARAlikethestore (9 months ago)
Slow and inaccurate. Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci aren’t on the list.
Ada baby (9 months ago)
DAVIDJONES PARI (9 months ago)
the best bags DAVIDJONES on ebay : https://www.ebay.com/sch/two-ac/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
Chayra Wongwattanasan (9 months ago)
Coach!!!!!!................ seriously??????????
Carol E. Fields (6 months ago)
yea, You can also try *http://ali. pub/2g52g9*
Katel Academy (9 months ago)
Any concerns dear..? Well, this list are outdated. If you are interested watching video on same topic, plus info are up to dates, click the link: https://youtu.be/lnd3XY70WQY
InnetBLUE (9 months ago)
good video. I have also made 2018 designs of handbag https://youtu.be/SplnW4B5Zt8 give you comments
Meleva Asério (9 months ago)
Find them at the nearest Chinatown closer to you! lol Life is too short to carry dead animals!
Shalabha Vishwakarma (9 months ago)
Nice I like it
Katel Academy (9 months ago)
Thanks you Shalabha for liking my video!
Marionette G. (9 months ago)
probably best selling because its affordable.The more expensive bags are less selling simply because not everyone can afford high end products.
Varsha Patidar (5 months ago)
Varsha Patidar (5 months ago)
Marionette G.
Maria Fernanda Burgos (9 months ago)
This list is rubish...you can't leave outside Louis Vuitton, Prada, Jimmy Choo and include Michael Kors in second place haha
Katel Academy (9 months ago)
Hello Maria, thanks for sharing your opinion. This video was made by according to that year list. If you are interested watching video based on same topic which is “10 best handbags” with latest updated Information, please do check it out once. Here’s the link👉🏻 https://youtu.be/lnd3XY70WQY
Ada Cotto (10 months ago)
Kate Spade # 1 OMG...
Glenda Phillips (6 months ago)
Ada Cotto I was so happy to see Kate Spade number 1... They are beautiful the leather is so great there design too and they are not so expensive you need to take out a loan Louie Vuitton is UGLY AND Ridiculously priced
Muhammad Nasir (10 months ago)
N C (10 months ago)
You have zero knowledge of bags or brands.
Katel Academy (10 months ago)
Hello dear, What makes you say this?
Nisha Tamang (10 months ago)
Lovely lovely👌👌
Katel Academy (10 months ago)
Thanks nisha☺️
Chapala Sethi (10 months ago)
Very nice
Katel Academy (10 months ago)
Thank you for appreciating my video.
Jill busby (10 months ago)
Nice video you did say best selling not the holy Grail. Not everyone wants to or can afford those bags.
Katel Academy (10 months ago)
Thank you for appreciating my video.
Michelle Rice (10 months ago)
I love MK , they are a good quality item and not the most expensive , the jewellery is lovely also x
Katel Academy (10 months ago)
Thanks dear for your opinion

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