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Morgan Freeman Gives Muslim Call To Prayer Adhan

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Linsxx (4 months ago)
Katrina babe (4 months ago)
yaa Allah guide him to Islam sv him he is old now protect him from hell fire before he dies
notme 1951 (5 months ago)
Sounds like cat wallering to me !
notme 1951 (4 months ago)
i.e.d ok have a great time there in Goatfuckistan !
i.e.d (4 months ago)
well get off this channel then mother fucker and go listen to some rock or Justin bieber dumbfuck your senses are for meaningless bullshit sounds only, like your own voice
gerard henry (5 months ago)
Waa Morgan touching up young girls then he is a dirty old man who is a sex pest
lili shyta (5 months ago)
I wish for people to be knowledgeable about religions to go to countries which practice that particular religion and then they can be talking ambassadors. Some people have the religion title but they lived the western life and feeding themselves with idealism of religion, and not living the life where the religions are practiced fully. I call them false religion people, because they live the fantasy of the religion and not practicality of it.
Syed Mustafa (5 months ago)
Muhammad Irfan (7 months ago)
Azaan is call for peace and betterment ,When Muslims gether in mosque ,they praise one Mighty Lord of heavens and Earth's, ALLAH (SWT), it creates hope of life and give them peace of mind ,they gether without cast ,colour ,rank , just simply humans and share each other problems five times a day.
Harry Harry (7 months ago)
All Prophet in Islam, cristian n yahudi from arab... Adam, solomon, abraham, noah, yesus n Muhammad SAW..
Abdul (8 months ago)
Allahu Akbar
Eduardo Rodriguez (8 months ago)
He is NOT muslim. He has declared himself Agnosthic.
usman suleman (8 months ago)
No bae (9 months ago)
The first time I saw Freeman in a movie was in Robin Hood (Kevin Costner) long time ago. He played a muslim Moor who escaped together with Robin Hood and became best friend.
doddy abdurachman (9 months ago)
Mashaallah I’m muslim
charles walker (9 months ago)
No salaam's to the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Was Sallam)? Astagfirullah!!!!!
Qasim Akhtar (10 months ago)
Can some one plZ Tell me the name of this moazin I want to here his Azan
Brad S (11 months ago)
The most irritating sound in the world
Arvind Ramprasad (5 months ago)
Christians Songs are irrating
Rayyan Elbadri (7 months ago)
U r irritating
Muhammad Fadhil Setiawan (8 months ago)
Brad S your mom's queef is the most irritating sound in the world
Richard Groux (11 months ago)
May Allah make Morgan my brother in islam.
Swagstar 786 (1 year ago)
Morgan Freeman Is AMAZING and BTW i want to sleep on a pillow made of freemans voice
KHAN DHABA (1 year ago)
İsmail 000000 (1 year ago)
Türküye islam hellow
SAJEDMUNIR (1 year ago)
Quran Surah 3 verse 85 Islam is the only true religion
ASIM TALHA (1 year ago)
"Who is the owner of your eyes and ears, the most precious of your members? From which workbench or shop did you obtain them? It is only your Sustainer that could give you them. It is He Who creates and raises you, and gave you them. In which case, there is no Sustainer but He, and the only one fit to be worshipped is He." Nursi,The Words, p429
Derreck Jones (1 year ago)
The creepiest sound in the world if you ask me. You can keep it.
noody Khalil (1 year ago)
This is the best men in the world
Lovable Islam (1 year ago)
Muslim Friend become emotional when his friend reverts to islam.. https://youtu.be/fBs4z2ws3lk Don't Forget to watch this video
Bruce Lee (1 year ago)
Morgan my man my thoughts and feelings exactly. Had fell in love with the Sound as a young boy watching Bollywood film Sholay (awesome film...the particular scene is at 2:19:47 there is some talking over it but if you can hear what i hear you will understand) 👍🏾
khalid ethopia (1 year ago)
thank you morgan...for trues
1.26 the imam said the "h" haven t been prononced while it was !! i listened to it 3 times and yes he prononced laaaaa "h"ou akbar he did it good but still he made this remark .. akward from him .. seriously.. certainly for one who doesn t come from within who gives a try and did it good by the way that s my point here
Theodore Landman (1 year ago)
Alesso (1 year ago)
i think morgen will convert if he not coverted already. i know his so intressted in Islam what a great actor love him so much
Mohammada Aprilianto (1 year ago)
is there any full video of this?
Kodwo Ampiah-Bonney (1 year ago)
It was directed by a black guy named Bilal
Sam Paul (1 year ago)
I wish love to hear him give the azaan, his voice is phenomenal
sufyan abid (1 year ago)
get busy praying, or get busy dying
Irish King (1 year ago)
wild dawg (1 year ago)
where can i find the whole videos
Nessim Benchohra (10 months ago)
The story of GOD with Morgan Freeman There are 6 episodes, it's on Netflix
whoa horsey whoa (1 year ago)
polemeros (1 year ago)
Haunting and beautiful? Are you kidding?
virgilio Lao Muy (1 year ago)
Just like the catholic tradition every holy week they reciting 24 hrs for 5 days from monday to friday the book of Ang Pasyong Mahal or the story of JESUS CHRIST CRUCIFIXION ,thats why I LIKE MUSLIM how they recited the QURAN ,,,,...I LOVE ISLAM !
Vic Roderos (8 months ago)
virgilio Lao Muy AMEN DUDEEEE Filipino here with Nuslim friends Amen amen
taliaheva (1 year ago)
..maashaAllah❤subhaanAllah - beyond beautiful.. ..may Allah guide Morgan Freeman and all people to Islam..aameen🌸🍃 PS. Mr.Freeman's voice, when he says how "THE MOST HEARTING AND BEAUTIFUL SOUND IN THE WORLD - IS THE MUSLIM CALL TO PRAYER"❤ - SubhaanAllah : listen to his voice how it raises in power..HIS VOICE SOUNDS SO POWERFUL AND EMOTIONAL at these words - love listening to it..just to witness again and again that you don't have to be Muslim to feel the power of the Truth and Allah calling you..beautiful maashaAllah..
Mr400Bhp (1 year ago)
What mosque is this?
Arthur Anderson (1 year ago)
For the TRUTH IS IN JESUS. THE BIBLE. SON OF GOD(Relative of THE SPIRIT) When Christ is revealed in YOU...THEN YOU will realize JESUS is whom he said he is. BIBLE. And THAT ACTION is done by GOD(the SPIRIT) himself. BIBLE
Nukilan Terkilan (10 months ago)
Arthur Anderson Jesus told u that there's more to be told, but not then. He said about the coming of Muhammad and to follow him. Why didn't u listen?
Alex McRae (1 year ago)
Arthur Anderson That's not a good idea to say in the comments section of Muslims. Just saying
PLATOON72 (1 year ago)
I agree with him.
Nazz (1 year ago)
Morgan freeman is the most humble person whos wisdom is outstanding and when he speak people should take note he could teach a lot of these so call world leader a thing in life ...what a Brilliant MAN XX
Ogaden warrior (1 year ago)
if the most clevest man on earth mogan freeman says this about Islam then no doubt Islam is the only true religion
azaan is my lyf
love islam Cool (1 year ago)
the shia are not muslims
love islam Cool (1 year ago)
Mr. Unseen (1 year ago)
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.
love islam Cool (1 year ago)
shia are not muslims and are not my brothers shia is kufar musrikieen
love islam Cool (1 year ago)
you but me not
Mr. Unseen (1 year ago)
Dear Brother... please don't throw each other from the fold of Islam.I am Sunni myself but, I respect Shia brothers.
ThUrT EilNo (1 year ago)
every non muslim say adhan is hauntingly beatifull, so if it's haunting your soul, why not except it?
jerry cronin (1 year ago)
TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ now that's the truth
TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ (1 year ago)
Because we refuse to except your bullshit pedophile worshiping ideology.
Duke - SWT Mate (1 year ago)
If you know the Tora and the Gospel, you know that Mohammed was a liar! Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he is the only way!
Ayy Lmao (20 days ago)
Duke - SWT Mate im pretty sure christianity doesnt teach you to spread hate to other religions right?
chemicalhorror (9 months ago)
Duke - SWT Mate Why worship the son of God instead of THE God?
Blake Childers (1 year ago)
Duke - SWT Mate The Torah does not ascribe anyone specific the title of "Messiah". There's a reason you're called "Messianic Jews".
Frazer Nash (1 year ago)
Duke - SWT Mate Shame on you nasty filthy pig. Jesus is a Messenger and a Messiah.Ans we Muslims exept him. Why dont you curse at people that hate Jesus and say evil things about Him.MUSLIMS LOVE JESUS MESSIH SON OF MARIAM.
Phon Xieng (1 year ago)
what an annoying ass singing
Islam Ahmed (1 year ago)
Phon Xieng It's not singing smart!!! It's a call to prayer.
deano dog (1 year ago)
arbitrary human constructs !
Halal Blasphemy (1 year ago)
It's associated with BOMBS, EXPLOSION, GUN FIRE now a days. Allauh Akbar means explosion and I would duck when I hear it.
BeholderGuard (9 months ago)
No-one cares about you, stupid hater. On the Day of Judgement you will TRULY REGRET all the shit that you are doing NOW. Just wait and see. Stupid hater.
Nukilan Terkilan (10 months ago)
Why'd u guys even reply to the OP? Look at his/her username, 'Halal Blasphemy'. This kind of people doesn't want to know about Islam. Lol they're probably Americans too (not hating them as people, just the anti-Islam media and government). If you guys wanna help people to understand Islam, just make sure they're not trolls lols. Not worth the time.
raja wines (10 months ago)
Allah is a the arabi word which is mean God
Mouad Granderson (11 months ago)
LOL its funny how ignorant you are.
Grand master (1 year ago)
The real question is why did you click on this video For the pleasure of trolling To just be a horrible person You have taken your valuable time to just insult us with words that have no personal means Just like sheep listening to the news and jamming ot all together to make a comment i expect from a 10 year old *way to go*
Matrix Kane (1 year ago)
I'm raised in a Christian home, my father a church elder, I studied in a Muslim high school, I love it both but much respect exists in Islam. Guess what, I don't attend any of this anymore, because I realized that I am "I AM"
Fahiym Muhammad (1 year ago)
*@ a5m* The Prophet/Apostle Muhammad (ص) Is Not Coming Back, It’s Now Time For You To Prepare For The Return Of The Prophet/Messiah Jesus (ص).
a5m (1 year ago)
+Fahiym Muhammad As expected you make false claims for which you have no proof.
Fahiym Muhammad (1 year ago)
*@ a5m* The Prophet/Apostle Muhammad (ص) Was Teaching His Kindred That The Prophet/Messiah Jesus (ص) Was Coming To Claim Everybody At The End Of The World.
Democracy Illusion (1 year ago)
5 times a day getting annoyed !
pape kassé (1 year ago)
islam is the true religion
UNiCoRn PeGaSuS (1 year ago)
Freshavocado Quran doesnt say semen is formed in ribs.. that sounds more like biblical thing.
UNiCoRn PeGaSuS (1 year ago)
TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ Quran says earth is egg shaped.. will u convert if i tell u more?
TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ (1 year ago)
+pape Please give me a reference from your "holy" book that states science truth. I would like to read it myself.
pape kassé (1 year ago)
all the verses of the quran that speak of science are true and it is shown by all scientists
Farhana Ali (1 year ago)
subhanallah those so called muslims should be ashamed of themselves who have a lack of iman
Uros Opacic (1 year ago)
for me there is no other temple but ortodox chruch that is my home
doyrtwq (1 year ago)
As haunting as the roar of a Grizzly bear just before it tears you to pieces!
Ayy Lmao (20 days ago)
doyrtwq youre just getting so much sins bro.No religion has teached someone to spread hate to another religion
AsaD Ali (1 year ago)
Some verses from Qur'an, that everyone should know: "As for such [of the unbelievers] as do not fight against you on account of [your] faith, and neither drive you forth from your homelands, God does not forbid you to show them kindness and to behave towards them with full equity: for, verily, God loves those who act equitably." Quran 60 : 8 "God only forbids you to turn in friendship towards such as fight against you because of [your] faith, and drive you forth from your homelands, or aid [others] in driving you forth and as for those [from among you] who turn towards them in friendship, it is they, they who are truly wrongdoers!" Quran 60 : 9
AsaD Ali (1 year ago)
Honestly, you seems like a person (idk why) and I was just thinking why you can't take stand for Muslims? What is wrong in keeping the peace and love among people??
AsaD Ali (1 year ago)
Millions.. yes.. Millions of Muslims have been killed by the Marine, the so called army of America in Muslim countries. The terrorist groups kill Muslims EVERYDAY. Ever wondered who is facing the most tension and violence everyday ? MUSLIMS! and then other religious people like you, discriminate them and make them feel bad for what they are! idk either you are Christian, or Athiest or whatever your belief is. I didn't even targetted your belief. But look at yourself, keep showing your hate and hatred to Muslims you don't even know about! The Islam you don't even have knowledge about! The guy who insulted you, just went against of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), who didn't even said a single word to a Non Muslim woman like you who used to throw garbage on him! Infact! When she got sick, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was the one who went to see her, and took care of her! That is what we are taught. That is what our Prophets like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Joseph, Muhammad and so many(Peace be upon all of them) taught us!
doyrtwq (1 year ago)
Please tell me where you have proven me wrong.Just as your partner's first comment was meant to be an insult,then you claim that I drag hatred and hate.{repeating your self makes it no more true}And no I am not a murdering American.I am more than happy to debate any point that you make that disproves my claim that to invite Muslims to live in ones country is as dangerous as trying to live with a wild grizzly bear!
it's stolen from the Byzantines the melodies the tones everything... all..!!!!
Boston Shanghai (5 months ago)
σταθης γκικας the adhans roots is in the DREAMS of Bilal - radhi allahu anu - a former Ethiopian slave that became a close follower of the Prophet. Stupid Greeks, thinking they own everything, boy, you just own a poor country that can't handle with economy nor with money at all...
Layla Hussein (1 year ago)
a llhu akebar
Asif Hussain (1 year ago)
Adhan is in Arabic stupid and Byzantines were not speaking arabic.
Spar Musick (1 year ago)
Ayy Lmao (20 days ago)
Spar Musick you cant accept the truth can you?
Zavi Aman (1 year ago)
In that particular masque there may be auditions but in my entire nation, anyone that feels like it can do Adhan. I believe there is a recommendation that you should do it once in a life time, i cannot confirm this. I am Afghan. Anyone can do Adhan if the time is right and wants to or is present
Zavi Aman (1 year ago)
Also, no beautiful sound needed, you can even do it as a person speaks. Morgan Freeman actually gave it a really good try :D
Zain Asif (1 year ago)
Morgan belongs to the same ethnicity as Hazrat Bilal(RA). The first Muslim to give Adhan. His voice was dear to Allah. All African orginated people have great voice.
M. van der Scheer (1 year ago)
Oh no, please let it not be true, even my best loved actor? No shit! Why not get rid of this violent and misogynist ideology altogether? Why why why?
mourad ben rhaiem (8 months ago)
M. van der Scheer Why don't you get rid of your pathetic life you atheist dutch?!
Daniel Colome (1 year ago)
Fernande Jeangilles (1 year ago)
asala mualaikum ramahtulahi wa barkatu Marshalla ""
Toila A.M (1 year ago)
Wa alaykum aslaam wa rahamtu allahi wa barakatu brother.
xtremeownage2 (1 year ago)
Morgan Freeman played roles that are blasphemous, claiming he was God. Such deceitful, false and blasphemous roles should be condemned by him.
Taj (6 months ago)
Relax buddy
This is great but I wish the translator explained more about the adan's origin by speaking about Bilal R.A who was the first Muazin in Islam.
Nukilan Terkilan (10 months ago)
Nes Omg yes! Bilal was a black man, and a slave. Shows that in Islam, there's no racial supremacy. So weird they didn't give a more elaborate explanation.
Hamilton (1 year ago)
Morgan Freeman is a Israelite who is ignorant of self, a prophecy foretold in the bible. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Deuteronomy+28%3A64&version=KJV https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah+1%3A3&version=KJV
jokers (1 year ago)
May Allah S.w.t. guide to Islam.Ameem
brane ulcar (1 year ago)
Morgan Freeman is an atheist.
etsout (8 months ago)
An Atheist can still respect people's choice of religion and vice versa
Najib Mohabbat (1 year ago)
One of my favourite actor.
TheEpicTechnology (1 year ago)
May Allah bless brother Morgan and guide him to the truth
epic things (1 month ago)
SUNNISARE evil Why are you even here at the first place?
Mohammed Jishad (5 months ago)
Ebtehal Al-Subaie (9 months ago)
dear SUNNISARE evil .. Hello from the capital city of SUNNIES :) We received your message that "you hate us" and it's totally ok with us ~ but I really don't understand why you looking at this kind of videos, for me when I hate someone or something I hate the letter of its name let alone searched for it! Luckily that we don't care or look after people opinions ^.^ (25:63) And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace," have a good day...
Ryoko007 (1 year ago)
TheEpicTechnology Ameen
taliaheva (1 year ago)
TheEpicTechnology aameen yaa Rabbi🌸🍃
may Allah guide all the faithful in humanity who have not yet understood their fitra
Heitin Heitin (7 months ago)
Mick I (1 year ago)
Mohamed the Praised one Ibraheem Friend of God ameen
37parman (1 year ago)
One day humans will come to know that there is no god...and if there were, do you really think he wants to be worshiped? How petty. Humans made every god that has ever been claimed to exist. We continue to fight over whose god is the true god. Do you think if there were a true god, he would pick a side. Come on people, educate yourselves. This religious shit is so stupid.
BeholderGuard (9 months ago)
And then you woke up, stupid atheist scum.
Petrificus Totalus (9 months ago)
37parman the idea to disbelief in anything you cannot sense is the proof of how narrow your belief is. Let alone trying so hard to shove off that idea into others who believe in God, simply ingnorant. If you disagree with God believers then piss off, save your idea about God to yourself. Later, when you died and burried, you'll find the truth. Amen.
Leonardo Yokal (9 months ago)
37parman may Allah give you Hidayah brother
37parman just wait for your death,than u will know that what is true.
Yahya Aqrom (1 year ago)
37parman pick a side brother, one day (after we died) we'll know the truth, and there is no turning back, good luck
latifa london (2 years ago)
Beautiful Mu'addan' s voice
Donald Anderson (2 years ago)
Subhanallah! May Allah guide everyone to the truth amen.
chemicalhorror (9 months ago)
Anab ali (1 year ago)
Donald Anderson Aameen
Hanafee Ahmad (1 year ago)
Donald Anderson amin*
M. van der Scheer (1 year ago)
Better not!
meraj khan (2 years ago)
mashallaha !

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