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MEN TRY FAKE NIPPLES?! (Artificial, stick-on, silicone nipples!)

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Our brave male testers, Dave Murrin, Mike Carrozza, Adam Vollelv and Roman Pagliario tried out fake, adhesive, reusable nipples. You can get the temporary stick-on nipples for $49.99 at: http://www.thebreastformstore.com/fake-nipples-divine-collection.aspx Do you you think they are funny, goofy, or totally useful? They are mean for women who have undergone mastectomy or for those who wish to try out different shapes, sizes and colours of nipples.
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Text Comments (12)
Americanhoney (8 months ago)
Are these fir sale?
Davison Video (8 months ago)
yes look at link in description
Bianca (1 year ago)
Nipple Man 😂😂😂😂
Klaym8 Josefsson (2 years ago)
can you mail me the big ones??? i want them !!
dxddis (3 years ago)
im gonna puke
Truth spoken (3 years ago)
You're getting quite desperate there Davison. I mean now I get why your baby's daddy left you.
Tim Kaercher (3 years ago)
+Truth spoken Fuck off
Rhys Ayres (3 years ago)
If you don't like it F off and watch something else
Davison Video (3 years ago)
+Truth spoken Uh, that never happened. Haha you lie!
Victoria Lafond (3 years ago)
Like I'm pretty sure some of those would cover almost all of my boob and I'm not even flat chested.
Davison Video (3 years ago)
+Victoria Lafond They also come in smaller sizes. :)
Pooyan (3 years ago)
Original ideas, as usual :)

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