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(Database) How to Change Data Type of Column

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Some time we need to change the data type in SQL Table. In this video a step by step process has been discussed to alter the column data type. Rename or Change DataType of a Column in SQL Server 65. MODIFY COLUMN Data Type and Its Size with or Without Constraint in SQL (Hindi) How do I change the data type of a pandas Series? Alter database table columns without dropping table Part 67 SQL Alter Statement - Add Column, Drop Column, Change Column Datatype 62. Change Column Name and Its Data Type WIthout Constraints in SQL (Hindi)
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4K Graphic Lab (3 months ago)
Nice job
Karnik Shetty (7 months ago)
nice handy video :)....and also do not forget to change the data type in your program as well
The Knowledge Adda (7 months ago)
Thanks for your concern

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