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Hunkydory The Magic of Christmas Luxury Topper Collection Kit

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The Magic of Christmas is a light and whimsical collection filled with cute characters you will fall in love with! From a skateboarding sausage dog to soft and cuddly polar bear pals, this collection has a wide appeal for animal lovers, families and children. The soft pastel colour palette combined with hand-drawn sketches gives a delicate, dainty look that will raise a smile. Perfect for creating Christmas cards for children or those young at heart, these delightfully adorable winter scenes and Christmas designs are sure to charm friends and family! Store: www.SimplySpecialCrafts.com Kit: http://www.simplyspecialcrafts.com/magic-of-christmas/
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Latrisha Huckaby (5 months ago)
Debbie, you have been a beautiful stop on my creative journey. Thank you
simplyspecialcrafts (5 months ago)
My pleasure, Latrisha! Deb
Nancy Schnackenberg (6 months ago)
Hi, Debbie: can you give us the finished card dimension(in inches) for the two step cards?? Thanks.
Nancy Schnackenberg (5 months ago)
Thanks, Debbie!!
Sorry for the delay, Nancy. I wanted to check the size. The side step cards are approx 4x4" -- allowing for the topper to go about two inches over the top, it will fit nicely in a 4x6" envelope (which we carry). The Center step card is about 6 wide by 4" high meaning it will fit nicely in a 4x6 envelope (or a larger envelope if you go above the top of the card as I often do.) A 6x6 envelope will fit nicely in these cases. Deb
Flo Symcox (6 months ago)
Another fantastic video from the loveliest lady on YouTube. Merry (not quite) Christmas Debbie! xx
Merry (not quite) Christmas to you too, Flo!
Haz Car (6 months ago)
I enjoy from the beginning to the end
simplyspecialcrafts (6 months ago)
Thank you for watching! Deb
Connie Minnich (6 months ago)
Debbie - i always enjoy your videos and especially the Christmas ones. This one was so very creative - you really raised the bar this time. The penguins blew me away! Thanks for putting me in the spirit.
simplyspecialcrafts (6 months ago)
Thank you, Connie. Christmas cards are some of my favorites. Totally loved making these! Thanks for being out there! Deb
Linda Throgmorton (6 months ago)
Oh how I enjoyed sharing an early Christmas with you . . . these cards are so sweet and I love the Tattered Lace dies. Love each and every unique card you created!
simplyspecialcrafts (6 months ago)
You are going to get SO MUCH use from that wonderful Tattered Lace Mini CArd set, Linda. This was great fun and I am glad you could get it. Hope you have as much fun as I did,. Debbie

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