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Steel Panther 17 Girls in a Row/ Gloryhole 5/7/2015 The Beacham Orlando

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Jack (11 months ago)
7:10 lmfao that guy in the back
TheSmoothGrind (2 years ago)
That chick/old lady in the Hot Topic garb.....should of just left that skirt on. Those granny panties made me almost lose my lunch.
TheSamuraiApocalypse (3 years ago)
That poor girl, I feel bad, that's a crazy amount of pressure, I'm a guy, but I probably would've died in her situation... you know, if I was a girl and had tits, I wouldn't want to show them either. Then those stupid slutty ass bitches were trying to tell her it was okay, oh my gawd, some people actually have moral guidelines ya know?
Chanelle Duval (3 years ago)
Hey thats me on stage! thanks for capturing that!!! :D
Chanelle Duval (2 years ago)
haha you're asking the wrong person lol i wouldn't know that answer lol
Kirill (2 years ago)
+Chan Duv Satchel says he's got the biggest dick in the band. Is it true?
Chanelle Duval (3 years ago)
oh she was good after lol but she didnt want to do it and im proud she stood her ground :)
Thurman Ulrich (3 years ago)
+Chan Duv Did she feel uncomfortable or just shy? Because it's not good to make people who are uncomfortable feel pressured into doing things.
Akib Hossain (3 years ago)
+Chan Duv Damn it you're pretty.
Capt Steve Krasco (3 years ago)
Good times! That was a fun show!

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