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Trying To Drink Beer While Jack Hammering - Funny Video

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Well the old man had an amazing experience . Funny Video . SUBSCRIBE , LIKE AND SHARE
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Robert Ostler (9 days ago)
This is stupid. First it's a compactor not a Jack hammer. 2nd he is either intentionally shaking the beer or he is just ducking dumb. You can hold the beer still notice how his hand is steady when grabs the beer then starts shaking it like a asshole when he tries to drink it? Just stupid. Not even funny just dumb
John James (1 month ago)
charro lambatan (1 month ago)
gi sapot ang tiguwang hahaha \
Cookie Sensei (9 days ago)
Hahahaha bisaya jud
eddsramm1 (2 months ago)
Im glad he wasn't snacking on a salami
stryker819 (3 months ago)
So fake
Jake Goodwin (6 months ago)
Oh this never gets old.
nomatter what (7 months ago)
I don't see it being fake
William (4 months ago)
His hand doesn't start shaking until he takes the beer. Yeah, it's fake.
Robert Collins (7 months ago)
Fake but still funny! Lol
Milan Pavelić (9 months ago)
Totally fake.
MinorMinion (12 days ago)
You're more fake to me then this video
Hh Bh (20 days ago)
+Phil Yer Boots chill dude, dont be so cocky
Phil Yer Boots (6 months ago)
Blue Feathers Black... how the hell can you not see it's fake... now that's s***'s worrying
Blue Feathered Bird (8 months ago)
how the hell is it fake
Esxoss Manway (10 months ago)
That's a rammer, not a jackhammer
nickxcore74 (3 months ago)
Transformer85 Spot on mate, I used to use one when I did block paving.
TRANSFORMER85 (5 months ago)
Esxoss Manway It's a Wacker-Packer
ReLashe17 (11 months ago)
Naeem Fifa Gaming (1 year ago)

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