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Get Fuzzy with APEX and Oracle Text
Ever had a requirement to add fuzzy search to your APEX application ...? And did you know that Oracle Database and APEX provide everything you need? This Application Express Office Hours session shows how to provide error-tolerant searching to your end users using Application Express and the Oracle TEXT database feature. Oracle TEXT allows to build just one Index for all your data and it provides linguistic and fuzzy search capabilities. The APEX Interactive Grid component allows to declaratively integrate such an index - however, other APEX components can leverage Oracle TEXT as well. The session shows how to build the Oracle Text index and how to use it with various APEX components. Tips and Tricks for practical usage will wrap the session up. Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/CarstenCzarski/find-anything-in-your-apex-app-fuzzy-search-with-oracle-text Chat: http://bit.ly/apex_office_hours_chat__20190124 Video Highlights: [2:50] Introduction [8:30] Oracle Text [11:25] APEX Interactive Grid Demo [15:10] Oracle Text Fundamentals [24:00] Demo - Building a new Text Index [42:40] Summary [44:30] Questions and Answers https://apex.oracle.com
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Oracle Indexes - Beginner
Oracle Indexes - Beginner
Views: 67270 Chris Ostrowski
Oracle New feature 12c  - Expand sql text
Oracle New feature 12c - Expand sql text
Views: 273 Siva Academy
Setting up Full text index on database table
In this video I will show you how to setup up full text index on database tables..
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Confusing and Convoluted Oracle Text Change(s) for RNA
WOTC just handed to keyboard over to a complete lunatic with no grasp on the English language and let him try to explain some oracle text and oracle update policy changes while contradicting himself multiple times and trying to make awful, cringy puns. Let's cut through the crap to try to get some semblance of information from it. Stupid oracle text article: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/ravnica-allegiance-oracle-changes-2019-01-22 Even stupider rules change article: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/ravnica-allegiance-comprehensive-rules-changes-2019-01-22 Support me on Patreon for mad rewards: https://www.patreon.com/desolatormagic Twitter: https://twitter.com/DesMagicYT Get epic Desolator Magic shirts: https://teespring.com/stores/desolator-magic
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Mining Structured and Unstructured Data
Oracle Advanced Analytics (OAA) Database Option leverages Oracle Text, a free feature of the Oracle Database, to pre-process (tokenize) unstructured data for ingestion by the OAA data mining algorithms. By moving, parallelized implementations of machine learning algorithms inside the Oracle Database, data movement is eliminated and we can leverage other strengths of the Database such as Oracle Text (not to mention security, scalability, auditing, encryption, back up, high availability, geospatial data, etc.. This YouTube video presents an overview of the capabilities for combing and data mining structured and unstructured data, includes several brief demonstrations and instructions on how to get started--either on premise or on the Oracle Cloud.
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Oracle TEXT und APEX Teil I: Dokumente in die Datenbank laden
Dieses Video zeigt, wie man Dokumente aus einem Windows- oder Unix/LINUX-Order in eine Tabelle in einer Oracle-Datenbank lädt. Im zweiten Teil wird dann der Volltextindex und die Web-Anwendung zur Suche in den Dokumenten erzeugt.
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Basics of jdbc programming Tutorial-10(Storing a text file into oracle database)
this video deals with the overall idea of how the jdbc program is connected to the database in order to store a text file //storing of a text file to oracle database import java.sql.*; import java.io.*; class Jdbc { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { Connection con=null; PreparedStatement pst=null; try { Class.forName("oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"); con=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:xe", "student","shubham123"); if(con!=null) { System.out.println("connection established"); pst=con.prepareStatement("update myfile set col1=? where col2=100"); } if(pst!=null) { System.out.println("preparedstatement object created"); File f=new File("f:\\hello.txt"); FileReader fr =new FileReader(f); pst.setCharacterStream(1,fr,(int)f.length()); System.out.println("file size="+f.length()); int i=pst.executeUpdate(); System.out.println(i+" records affected"); } } catch(SQLException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } catch(ClassNotFoundException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } finally { pst.close(); con.close(); } } }
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What does oracle mean?
What does oracle mean? A spoken definition of oracle. Intro Sound: Typewriter - Tamskp Licensed under CC:BA 3.0 Outro Music: Groove Groove - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under CC:BA 3.0 Intro/Outro Photo: The best days are not planned - Marcus Hansson Licensed under CC-BY-2.0 Book Image: Open Book template PSD - DougitDesign Licensed under CC:BA 3.0 Text derived from: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/oracle Text to Speech powered by TTS-API.COM
AWR Text Report HOWTO
How to create a text based AWR report
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Oracle Digital Assistant: Entity Extraction on a Text Prompt | Frank Nimphius
In Oracle Digital Assistant, intents map words and phrases to a specific action, while entities add context to the intent itself and help to describe the intent more fully and enable your bot to complete a user request. In this 2 Minute Tech Tip Frank Nimphius shows you how to manipulate how ODA extracts the entity from a text prompt. https://developer.oracle.com/ https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/tryit
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Full Text Search in Generated JavaDoc | Adam Bien
For his sixth video in the 2 Minute Tech Tip series Java Champion Adam Bien demonstrates how to add Javadoc to a method. Learn More: https://developer.oracle.com/ https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/tryit
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Report using text as source in Oracle Reports 10G
Oracle Reports 10G
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Google your Oracle Database mit Oracle Text
Oracle Text ist in allen Datenbank Editionen enthalten - nur wird es selten genutzt. Dieser Vortrag gibt Beispiele, warum Sie das ändern sollten!
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How To Perform A Text Import With PL/SQL Developer
http://oracletuts.net/ Hey guys! I am TJ Abrahamsen, with OracleTuts. In this video I will show you how you can use PL/SQL Developer from Allround Automations to import a text file, in my case a .CSV file into a simple table. This tool can be used for many types of data imports into an Oracle table. I hope you find the little video helpful. ~ TJ
Views: 25053 oracletuts
How to add text before value in Oracle SQL
How to add text before value in Oracle SQL
Performing Text Analytics in OBIEE using Oracle Database (V309)
How to consume Oracle Database's text processing capabilities to deliver powerful analytical capabilities in OBIEE.
How to create oracle text reports with Examples | Oracle Shooter
#oracleshooter Full Blogs Link :- https://oracleshooter.blogspot.com/2019/03/how-to-create-oracle-text-reports-with.html Contact Info :- Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/oracleshooter Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/oracleshooter Twitter :- https://twitter.com/oracleshooter Blogger :- https://oracleshooter.blogspot.com/ Email Id :- [email protected]
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How to create oracle text reports by using PLSQL Procedure with Examples | Oracle Shooter
#oracleshooter Full Blogs Link :- https://oracleshooter.blogspot.com/2019/03/how-to-create-oracle-text-reports-by.html Contact Info :- Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/oracleshooter Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/oracleshooter Twitter :- https://twitter.com/oracleshooter Blogger :- https://oracleshooter.blogspot.com/ Email Id :- [email protected]
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How to load text file content into CLOB column using Oracle sql loader
How to load text content into oracle table CLOB column? http://easy-learning-tech.blogspot.in/2018/04/loading-clob-data-into-oracle-table.html
Views: 1617 Siva Academy
05 -Oracle forms 11g – Text items -  اوراكل فورمز
فى الدرس الخامس من دروس اوراكل فورمز Oracle forms 11g – Text items- اوراكل فورم نتحدث عن : - Create text item - Text item property multi-line - Wrap style - Conceal data - Automatic skip - Case restriction (upper – lower – mixed). - Keyboard navigable - Data type - Maximum length - Initial value - Required - Format mask - Database item - Query allowed – Insert allowed – update allowed - Update only if null - Query only - Case insensitive query - Visible - Prompt - Hint - Tool tip ......................................­.................... لو عندك اى سؤال خش على الجروب : https://www.facebook.com/groups/oracle.askgad ..................................... .­.................... لمتابعة كل ماهو جديد من خلال صفحتنا https://www.facebook.com/askgad
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Oracle Bone Text - Old Chinese Spoken (上古漢語)
(Reading starts 0:07) - *Earthly branch (not stem) Very dubious attempt at speaking Old Chinese. Oracle bone characters borrowed from an Indiana University paper from 2010. Old Chinese is said to be atonal. I'm unsure if there was vocalic stress. Maybe all the final stops should be unreleased / inaudible. Columns are: Regular Script, Small Seal Script, Oracle Bone, IPA Translit., and English literal English idiomatic translation underneath. Baxter-Sagart includes emphatic consonants in their reconstruction. For some words I prefer the Zhengzhang version. Most Chinese characters on Wiktionary feature both as options with a bearing on the original sounds.
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Oracle TEXT und APEX Teil II: Dokumente indizieren und Anwendung erstellen
Dieses Video zeigt, wie man Dokumente in einer Oracle-Tabelle mit Oracle TEXT indiziert und anschließend mit Application Express eine Suchanwendung bereitstellt.
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Wrapping Oracle PL/SQL code
This video tutorial demonstrates the wrap utility of oracle.This utility can be used to wrap (encode) our plain text pl/sql code so that other developers cannot make changes to it, and we can keep our business logic and patent code safe through encoding. This video tutorial explains the same with a very easy example. and also talks about the advantages and disadvantages associated with the wrap utility.
Views: 2330 Kishan Mashru
Text (.TXT)  File Download In Oracle Apex By JavaScript
You can use this JavaScript code in other technology too. Get it in written http://qaiumer.blogspot.com/2018/05/download-text-file-with-unlimited.html
Views: 122 All Oracle
Extracting data into text files using sql plus (oracle) - Spooling.
Views: 231 Sherry Academy
How to convert number to text in Oracle SQL
How to convert number to text in Oracle SQL
Oracle Commerce Cloud: Configure Text Searches
Display search index fields, configure searchable field ranking, and specify cross-field matching.
Views: 370 Oracle Commerce
How to Optimize Standard Text  in Oracle Service Cloud
Each contact center sends thousands of responses to customers each week. Many struggle to provide consistent answers to customer responses? Could utilizing standard text help you? In this video, you will learn how to: - Create quick and customized messages for your agents - Identify the three main types of standard texts needed - Focus your efforts on the most impactful standard text responses - Best practices to crafting your standard texts
Views: 205 CPI INC
Oracle Data Loading From Text File Through EM
Oracle data Load, Oracle Training for Loading External Data, Oracle CSV Data For Details: www.devnet-it.com
Views: 334 devnetbd devnetit
How to Import CSV, Excel, TXT  into Oracle Database With Oracle SQL Developer
This question comes up about as frequently as the ‘how do I import data to Oracle Database’ question. It’s pretty simple once you’ve ran through the process a few times. But you may be here because you’ve never ran through the process before.
Views: 21878 Tayyib Oladoja
Quickly Launch an Object Search in Oracle SQL Developer 4 from any selected text
My new favorite 'trick' for Oracle SQL Developer 4 - launch an object search from any highlighted text in an editor using Alt+G
Views: 2516 Jeff Smith
Autocomplete text box in oracle forms
I used javafx autocomplete textbox to add this functionality to oracle forms To download the source code: https://oracle-forms-apex.blogspot.com/2019/03/oracle-forms-java-beans.html
Views: 210 Oracle forms & APEX
PART 3- oracle 10g form builder using text item property palette
This tutorial content is available: https://www.oercommons.org/authoring/21895-database-application-using-oracle-form-builder/3/view text item property palette-lowest allowed value, highest allowed value, initial value, hint,back ground and fore color
Views: 21467 Dr. Girija Narasimhan
PL/SQL Tutorial 1 (Oracle): Importing data from an Excel Spreadsheet
PL/SQL Tutorial 1 (Oracle): Importing data from an Excel Spreadsheet In this tutorial I show you how to import data from excel into a table in Oracle PL/SQL Developer. Source Code: https://github.com/mitchtabian/SQL-tutorials Subscribe to my Blog and YouTube channel to get notifications when new FREE coding tutorials are posted! Blog: http://www.codingwithmitch.com/
Views: 13225 CodingWithMitch
Oracle SQL Loader - How to load data from file(.csv, .dat, .txt) into table - Tutorial - 3
This video is the third tutorial on Oracle SQL*Loader tutorial series created by Kishan Mashru. Oracle SQL Loader utility is used to load data from flat files like .csv files, .dat files, .txt files into Oracle database tables. In this video tutorial, we demonstrated how to load data from excel to oracle using sql loader We showed the SQL Loader control file example and loaded data from the .csv file into the database table. Check out the first video: https://youtu.be/fSV51bljrwY Check out the second video: https://youtu.be/ogidUWHHRL8 Check out the advantages of using TRUNCATE over a DELETE from the following video: Delete VS Truncate : https://youtu.be/u76wMm2byXo #KishanMashru #Oracle #SqlLoader #SqlLoaderExample #LoadCSV #LoadExcel #SQLandPLSQL #OracleSqlLoader #ETL #database
Views: 4750 Kishan Mashru
How to use Oracle SQL Loader sqlldr to load data into table from text file
How to use Oracle SQL Loader sqlldr to load data into table from text file create table emp(empno number(10),ename varchar(30)); insert into emp values(10,'asif'); set echo off newpage 0 space 0 pagesize 0 feed off head off trimspool on spool d:\oradata\sqlloader\data.txt select empno || ',' || ename from emp; spool off delete emp; update file named data.txt create a file named control.txt load data infile 'd:\oradata\sqlloader\data.txt' into table emp fields terminated by "," optionally enclosed by '"' ( empno, ename ) sqlldr asif/asif control=d:\oradata\sqlloader\control.txt
Views: 47698 Abbasi Asif
Oracle(How to create a spool file or list file in Oracle)
how to create a list file or spool file in oracle ...
Views: 14152 sreetheja amilineni
Oracle Report Training Bangladesh: Report from text data
Oracle Reports Training Bangladesh, Oracle Forms Training Bangladesh, Oracle DBA Training Bangladesh, OBIE, RAC, DG, Web Logic Training Bangladesh, ADF, JDeveloper Training Bangladesh For Details: www.devnet-it.com
Views: 407 devnetbd devnetit
text chat in oracle forms and apex
Using node.js and socket.io websockets, this demonstrates how to exchange text data in oracle apex and oracle forms For more info, please visit my website: https://oracle-forms-apex.blogspot.com/2019/03/oracle-forms-modernization-integrating.html oracle forms modernization is my strategic aim.
Views: 369 Oracle forms & APEX
Performing Text Analytics in OBIEE using Oracle Database V309
Performing Text Analytics in OBIEE using Oracle Database V309 source: oracle.com
Views: 109 Souvik Chakraborty
Oracle of Ages glitch - Text Warping
This video shows a glitch in Oracle of Ages I like to call text warping. I assume this glitch works in Oracle of Seasons as well, but I do not know that game as well, and I have found no places where it is possible to activate it. Text warping in Oracle of Ages allows you to get off the map, so I show quite a bit of that as well. A quick note before I get started: this does not require any sort of hacking, cheat codes, etc. You can do this on a real game cartridge as long as you have really good timing and some patience. The glitch is pretty simple. All you do is walk out of a house, cave, or dungeon on the exact same frame that a text box appears. If you do this, you will not leave the area; instead you will walk down a screen, generally taking you somewhere you would not expect. So far, there are only two ways to make this happen. The first way was discovered a while back by peteyboo and can be seen in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXlcTeC1zMo This is useful in a speedrun because you can get pegasus seeds early. The second way is to use the text from an owl statue. To my knowledge, there are only three owl statues near the entrance to a cave/dungeon. The first one is behind the ruined moblin hideout. This warp is not very useful, although it may be faster than descending the mountain normally. (0:52) The second owl statue is in the cave leading to level 6 in the present. This takes you to the overworld in the past off the right side of the map. Notice that some tiles are glitched, but are fixed by pausing or viewing the map. You will be stuck, but playing the harp can get you to an empty screen you can walk around on. You can now explore this area. (1:32) A few things I show about this secret world: -walking back onto the map usually gets you stuck in a wall. There are a few places where this is not the case. Also playing the harp gets you stuck in an infinite warp. More on this later. (2:53) -any doors you can get in just take you back to themselves and do not reset your save/quit point (3:59) -there is a chest in the present I see no way of getting (4:32) -there is a chest in the past that contains 1 rupee (7:05) -you can get to the top of the maku tree from both sides, but you get stuck and cannot actually access anything (8:29, 14:04) -similarly, you can get to the cave under Ambi's palace, but are stuck in a wall (11:03, 14:57) -the map wraps around; if you go off the top, you end up at the bottom, if you go off to the right, end up on screens on the left side of the map (12:10) A note about the infinite back and forth warping: pay careful attention to the screen I first time-travel, you will notice that when I return there a second time, it has changed into the screen from the other time period. This is very apparent when I get in an infinite warp in the south ocean. (16:28) Using this infinite warping you can get through the hazy time travel barriers, but unfortunately you are still stuck warping forever. (18:25) Other than the obvious (save/quit, gale seeds,) I found three ways out of the secret world. -underneath the map in the past, if you walk up, you sometimes end up in deep water. If you have the mermaid suit, you can do a small amount of swimming around. The underwater and screen to screen rock formations do not line up because you're never supposed to get here. This allows you to get up on some rocks that are open ocean tiles in the present. (16:50) -If you re-enter the map at the top of the screen with the entrance to level 1, you end up in shallow water. Swimming up a screen onto either of the two straight mountain tiles (not the corners or the waterfall) allows you to jump down to underneath level 1. (17:52) I use this fact and the infinite warping to almost get to level 8 early, but you keep warping no matter what you do. (18:52) -Going down from the room with the maku tree music takes you right to the top of talus peaks. (19:40) Pausing in the room with the maku tree music seems to load I different tile set, so you can explore most of the overworld with glitch tiles. Everything acts as expected, though. It just looks different. (19:47) The third owl statue is at the entrance of level 2. (21:54) You need the seed shooter to get this one at a distance close enough to the door. You end up on blank screens that surround the map. Again, the map wraps around, but this time, jumping back into rooms can be done as long as the wall is one tile thick. This means you can walk straight to the end of the dungeon. Unfortunately, you cannot just leave with the feather and continue the game because Moosh will not appear until you have finished level 2. However, I believe a TAS can skip Moosh so I think this trick allows a TAS to skip half of level 2. Hopefully someone can find some way to get a little bit more out of this trick, and hopefully someone can find a place where it works in Oracle of Seasons.
Views: 9169 TheOnlyZero
How to Customize the Text in Approval Notification |Oracle HCM Cloud|
|http://www.pentasolcloud.com| Oracle HCM Cloud_How to Customize the Text in Approval Notification with step by step approach. Oracle Cloud Fusion HCM Core Implementation Training Oracle HCM Cloud Applications is that the latest cloud-based human capital management applications from Oracle. Oracle HCM Cloud course is designed to provide those new to HCM Cloud with an overview of this solution benefits and capabilities. These applications offer an array of flexible deployment options, integrated modules for core HR, payroll, talent management, performance management, collaboration, and analytics. Oracle Fusion HCM cloud Applications offer many powerful features and capabilities.
Views: 495 Oracle Geeks
How To Use The User Interface Text Customization Tool
How To Use The User Interface Text Customization Tool In Fusion Applications
How to add Text Matching Tests to a Script - OATS and Oracle Flow Builder Video Series
http://www.itconvergence.com/testing-services - This OATS and Oracle Flow Builder video is part of our OATS Video Feature series.This video is part of the OATS feature series. This presentation is about "Adding Text Matching Test to a Script". Text Matching Test is used when we need to explicitly match and pass any text or string in the source browser or document.
Views: 1988 IT Convergence, Inc.

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