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What is Train Travel like in Russia? | Overnight Train to Moscow in 2nd Class
We are leaving Novgorod and catching the overnight train towards Moscow - this is what overnight train travel is like in Russia. After presenting our passports and checking into our 4 birth cabin, we settled in for the night on our train. To be honest it was a little smaller than some trains we have caught in the past but we had a comfortable sleep anyways...besides the 5am wake up call! After arriving in Moscow for Jess birthday she decided that she wanted to go inside a Russian bunker...so we went to the Cold War Museum aka Bunker 42 where went 68 meters below ground and learnt more about this soviet bunker. To celebrate her birthday we went out to have dinner (and a Moscow mule) at Razvedka (Разведка). Get % off your tour we are on in Russia with On the Go Tours by quoting "Flying the Nest": http://bit.ly/2wgfUNt Where we get our incredible music from: http://share.mscbd.fm/flyingthenest (--- Great music for Travel Vlogs & YouTube music for your videos) Gear we shot this video with - http://geni.us/XPv5iAu SUBSCRIBE TO NEVER MISS AN EPISODE: http://geni.us/38252Ai ----------------------------------------­­-- FLYING THE NEST: Website • http://geni.us/pfWWAeR Facebook • http://geni.us/D8wjeL Twitter • http://geni.us/tBLJ Snapchat • http://geni.us/kPAhCbq STEPHEN: Instagram • http://geni.us/bmkE0l Twitter • http://geni.us/PLrsh JESS: Instagram • http://geni.us/8CTDg Twitter • http://geni.us/rD65Fh ---------------------------------------­­-- Who we use for travel insurance: http://bit.ly/travelinsuranceCM Flying the Nest Merch: http://bit.ly/FTNshop Hi, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our first year of leaving home and travelling around the globe. We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on our own adventure!! We also run a travel, tech and lifestyle blog over at www.flyingthenest.tv if you want to see personal recounts, photography, tips & wanderlust inspiration from Flying the Nest. ----------------------------------------­­-- End credit song: Ticky Tacky by Biocratic: https://soundcloud.com/birocratic ----------------------------------------­­-- For list of full Camera Equipment we use - http://geni.us/pTot Video Edited on Gigabyte Aero 15: http://geni.us/aero15
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Want to know all of the details about visas, booking your tickets, etc.? We created the Ultimate Guide to Riding the Trans-Siberian Railway! Read it here http://karaandnate.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-riding-the-trans-siberian-railway/ Our first day on the Trans-Siberian Railway was a success! The first leg of our journey is 74 hours long, and so far we are loving it. In this vlog we give a full tour of the First Class cabin! ***TRAVEL VLOG 418***  MUSIC - “Gloom” from Epidemic Sound http://share.epidemicsound.com/karaandnate Get a free MONTH trial using our link! ——————————————————— 30 DAYS TO BECOMING A TRAVEL HACKER: http://learn.karaandnate.com/p/30-days-to-becoming-a-travel-hacker/ ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LOUNGE ACCESS: http://karaandnate.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-lounge-access/ It’s free :) Learn more about becoming a Patron! https://www.patreon.com/karaandnate GET $40 OFF YOUR FIRST AIRBNB STAY!: https://www.airbnb.com/c/karab49 WE LOVE OUR NEW *AWAY BAGS* GET $20 OFF YOURS http://fbuy.me/fZTn5 (We got the “Bigger Carry-On”) Our Links —————————— KEEP US ON THE ROAD: http://karaandnate.com/keep-us-on-the-road/ CHECK OUT OUR PACKING LIST: http://karaandnate.com/travel-essentials/ JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST: http://karaandnate.com/sunday-summary Social Links —————————— FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/karaandnate/ INSTAGRAM: @karaandnate https://www.instagram.com/karaandnate/ TWITTER: @karaandnate https://twitter.com/karaandnate ——————————————————— Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the travel bug! We started traveling full-time January 10, 2016. While daily vlogging was not the original plan, we were having way too many cool experiences not to share every single day! Now travel vlogging is our full-time gig and we feel like we have the greatest job in the world! We are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)
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Ночное путешествие по Москве. Огни ночного города.
Прогулка по ночной Москве! Огни ночного города. Иллюминация Москвы.Город, который не спит ночью. ********************************************************************************************************** Следите за новыми видео, комментируйте и делитесь с друзьями! Подписывайтесь на канал про Москву. Будет интересно! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBMppOS2HXaI4uMzpktWfw?sub_confirmation=1 Мой канал 📺 – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBMppOS2HXaI4uMzpktWfw 📚 Плей листы: 📌 Лучшие виды на город https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBOkZ1dCAWBhZr8DwTUMYmNy5vZNQEqDr 📌 На машине по Москве https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBOkZ1dCAWBjSKDxU6Q_CDkJrOaj3F4iA 📌 Ночная Москва-Огни ночного города. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBOkZ1dCAWBiEEdihc8kqPV5iRiydZqPo 📌 Прогулка по Москве https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBOkZ1dCAWBgA97qFnBVJ6wRjwQ0fL3wr 📌 Парковые зоны Москвы: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBOkZ1dCAWBhUT8oNVV4fWpD5svsgBZX6 📌 Зимние зарисовки Москвы https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBOkZ1dCAWBgRhZbL2wBKMck7czRzaqKQ 📌 Новогодняя Москва 2018: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBOkZ1dCAWBi4n7i_BRcbYi1Gpf6NC3GS 🚩 Я в соц.сетях: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/go13pro Я Вконтакте https://vk.com/id253193974 ОК: https://ok.ru/profile/581004953003 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ASTIN_TV Живой Журнал: https://astin-tv1.livejournal.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ Blogger: http://astintv.blogspot.com/
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When in Russia - Moscow
We travelled to Moscow and it was our last destination in Russia. We went from Saint Petersburg to Moscow via the Sapsan train and it took approximately 4 hours to travel but the train was really good. We did relax but did not really sleep the whole trip as we enjoyed the scenery. Our stay in Moscow was just short and so we have a few locations to share. We were able to visit one of the famous tourist attraction known as The Kremlin. Which by the way you see in movies. Kremlin is one of the oldest parts of the city and an awesome cultural sight for tourists. Hope you enjoy the video! #moscow #russia If you like the video, please like... comment... share... and subscribe to my channel. Thanks! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dnameizking/ ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------- I don't own the music in this video nor monetizing it. Just sharing good music credit goes to all the respective owners. If the music used is monetized by the copyright owner, I have no issues if they want to put ads on my video or remove the music. Just let me know. Music is courtesy of the artist below. Please follow their social media accounts. IKSON Soundcloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/ikson Instagram: @iksonofficial
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Trans-Siberian Railway Winter Journey - part 1: Vladivostok - Belogorsk on Train № 007НЭ
Part 1 of the Trans-Siberian Winter Journey Vladivostok - Moscow - Helsinki; Train: № 007НЭ From: Vladivostok To: Novosibirsk Travelling: from Vladivostok to Belogorsk (on the Trans-Siberian Railway) Route via: Ussurisk (Primorsky Krai), Khabarovsk, Birobidzhan (Jewish Autonomous Oblast), Obluchye, Bureja (Oblast Amur) Travel Class: Kupe Comfort (2nd class sleeping compartment) Car No: 9 Seat No: 25 (lower berth) Price: RUB 4,080 (approx. EUR 54) Travel time: 23 hours and 14 minutes Distance: 1,348 km Travel season: late October 2018 Train operator: RZD Russian Railways, West Siberian Railway Locomotive: ЭП1П-006 Built by: Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant Delivered to RZD: 2007 Depot: Khabarovsk-II Locomotive operator: Far Eastern Railway Поезд: № 007НЭ От: Владивосток Кому: Новосибирск Путешествие: из Владивостока в Белогорск (Транссибирская магистраль, Трансси́б) Маршрут через: Уссурийск (Приморский край), Хабаровск, Биробиджан (Еврейская автономная область), Облучие, Бурея (Амурская область) Класс поездки: вагон Купе (спальный отсек 2-го класса) Номер автомобиля: 9 Место для сидения: 25 (нижний причал) Цена: 4 080 руб. (54 евро) Время поездки: 23 часа и 14 минут Расстояние: 1,348 км Сезон путешествия: конец октября 2018 года Оператор поезда: ОАО «РЖД», Западно-Сибирская железная дорога Локомотив: ЭП1П-006 Построен: Новочеркасский электровозостроительный завод Поставка в РЖД: 2007 Депо: Хабаровск-II Локомотивный оператор: Дальневосточная железная дорога
My Visit To Verba Mayr Wellness Spa in Moscow
Hello! My Tribe, A sprawling metropolis of well over 15 million people and the capital of the world’s biggest country, the city of Moscow in Russia was on my bucket list for the longest time. Moscow is one of those destinations that always gave me the impression of must-see. From world-class architecture to a wealth of history and culture, this city is one that every fervent traveller wants to visit in their lifetime. Moscow is rich in history for its Soviet past, while also boasts of European living. Parts of the city will have you travelling back in time, whilst on the other hand, with sports, theatres, shopping, and historical monuments, you’ll have no time to be bored! Interestingly, in the late 1230's, 1571 and 1812, the city of Moscow was burned to the ground. So you can say, that it’s the city that’s risen like a phoenix from the ashes! And that’s one fact about Moscow that got me really interested to visit this city, when airarabia and air Arabia holidays my travel partner, chose this city as my next travel destination. I was thrilled So I started my journey from Sharjah airport… Air Arabia and its services(haven’t written coz already written before). Once I landed on the Moscow airport, Air Arabia team at Moscow was there to receive me with a big welcome board and their warm hospitality. From airport we started for Verba Mayr, which is a wellness spa resort located in the suburbs of Moscow. It generally takes one and a half hour to reach Verba Mayr from the airport, but since we met with traffic on our way, we took two hours to reach the resort. While we were on our way to Verba Mayr. Asi said earlier Russia was on my bucket list for the longest time and it was a place that had always intrigued me with its rich history, its beautiful, landmarks and most importantly, its gorgeous delicate yet strong women. I once had a pen friend from Moscow, who would send me pictures and details about Moscow, and since then I have always been curious as well as excited to visit Moscow. Traveling has always been one of my major passions in life! I feel traveling is education. It opens the doors to your mind and heart and makes you a better person with every experience that comes your way. There is a lot in this world to explore and traveling helps you look at the bigger picture. Ever since I remember, I love to travel. It’s something I want to keep doing until the end and I am never bored of it. Thanks to Air Arabia I was getting this wonderful opportunity to travel. Watching the roads and taking in the feel of the city throughout the drive, I finally reached Verba Mayr. The next day, I woke up at Verba Mayr. The health center is located in a picturesque forest zone 30 km along the Yaroslavl highway. Verba Mayr offers its guests a rejuvenation and detox program based on the well-known methods of the prominent Austrian physician Franz Xavier Mayr (1875-1965). Dr. F.X. Mayr found that long-term health stems from a healthy gut. The Mayr doctors expanded the principles of Dr. F.X Mayr to create Modern Mayr Medicine and opened up clinics with holistic treatments, fresh air, and mineral-rich waters to ensure exceptional health for guests. I woke up and had a lovely breakfast which consisted of Bukhwheat porridge, almond milk, buckwheat bread, and avocado spread. Moscow in October gets really cold and rainy, which was something I didn’t know about, so for some respite, I went to the tea lounge to have a hot cup of tea. The tea lounge was beautiful, surrounded by lush green trees and manicured lawns. So, as I sipped my tea, I felt calm looking around the greenery. Watch the full video to experience it all with me. Love and Health Uma Follow Me: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theumashow/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/umagd/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/umagd www.airarabia.com www.verbamayr.com
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EuroNight Train Dacia Vienna - Bucharest in Romanian Sleeping Car
EuroNight Train Dacia-Express D347 Vienna - Budapest - Bucharest From: Vienna (Wien Hauptbahnhof), Austria To: Bucharest (București Gara de Nord), Romania Via: Hegyeshalom, Györ, Budapest Keleti (Hungary), Szolnok, Lököshaza, Curtici, Arad, Simeria, Șibot, Alba Iulia, Sighișoara, Brașov, Predeal, Ploiești Vest Travel Class: Sleeping Car Single Economy Car No.: 414 Berth No.: 32 Price: EUR 149 (Global Price: Ticket + Reservation) Lounge at Wien Hbf: ÖBB Lounge Travel time: 19 hours and 24 minutes Distance: approx. 1,131 km Average speed: 58 km/h Delay: 5 minutes Travel season: March 2019 Sleeping Car Model: AVA200 WLAB Car Registration: 60 53 70-91 002-3 WLABmee Manufacturer: Astra Vagoane Călători Train operator [Austria: Vienna – Hegyashalom(Gr)]: ÖBB Personenverkehr AG Train operator [Hungary: Hegyashalom(Gr) – Curtici(Gr)]: MÁV-START Railway Private Limited Company Train operator [Romania: Curtici(Gr) – Bucharest]: CFR Călători S.A Electric Locomotive [Vienna – Budapest]: Bombardier Traxx MAV 480 012 Electric Locomotive [Budapest - Curtici]: Electroputere Craiova CFR Class 47 91-53-0-477-895-3 Electric Locomotive [Curtici - Bucharest]: Electroputere Craiova CFR Class 47 91-53-0-477-551-2
Here’s Why You Should Visit Moscow
Hello! My Tribe, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”― Mark Twain I am Passionate about traveling, and every time I go to a new place, something within me shifts. This week I am taking you back to Moscow with me. Home to a population of 12 million people – the second largest city in Europe via population – Moscow is an excellent place to explore. The finesse of the historic buildings are the forefront of a stern and robust past yet with its modern and vivid way today, Moscow balances old with new. Moscow was a total package of history, culture, fun, nature, peace, everything that one needs in a travel destination! I was truly impressed with the city of Moscow and its definitely an intriguing and interesting city I would go back to!  Here’s why you should visit… Have you visited Moscow before? or Is Moscow on your bucket list?Would love to hear from you my tribe. Love and Health Uma Follow Me Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theumashow/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/umagd/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/umagd
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🚂 Trip on Trans-Siberian Express
Trip on Trans-Siberian Express from Moscow to Irkutsk (3 days and 4 nights) on Train 2 (Russia / Rossiya / Россия). Russia videos: Trip on Trans-Siberian Express at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkK2V8KUgJs Irkutsk and Lake Baikal at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQHyGBvatcc St. Petersburg (Part 1) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdWzJUqri8U St. Petersburg (Part 2) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykBaG5ONElw Moscow (Part 1) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SrAnZvJjiU Moscow (Part 2) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1LtEml3a7w ____________________________________________________________________ Note: Travelogues and more videos available at http://travelogues.x10.mx/
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Russia Trip - Tchaikovsky's  The Sleeping Beauty
Russia Trip 2015
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High Speed Train Ride From Moscow To St.Petersburg
A fun ride aboard Russian Railways High Speed " Sapsan ". We reached speeds at up to 250 km/h (155 mph). It took us from Moscow to St. Petersburg in under 4 hours. The train itself was really nice with many modern features, such as sliding glass doors that open when movement is detected. It reminded me of the Amtrak Acella. The food at the dining car was excellent! It was a really nice experience and I hope to do it again sometime! Please rate, comment, and subscribe!!
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Saab Car Museum Festival 2017 - trip from Moscow with Saab 99 GL
Story about a trip from Moscow to Trollhattan with 1981 Saab 99 GL at June 2017. It was 4200 km covered during 7 days, with 2 ferries. Main goal was to visit regular Saab Festival, now called Saab Car Museum Festival - it is shown in the middle of the film.
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Trans-Siberian Train: First Class Wagon Tour
This is a tour of a First Class Cabin of the Trans-Siberian Train, from Moscow to Beijing. We stayed here for 5 nights! This is a trip that was for a long time on our Bucket List. It was more on Francis Bucket list, but it is allways more fun to share adventures right? So we went together. The Trans- Siberian Train is only the start to a long Trip through Asia! CONCEPT & EDITING: Lea Toran Jenner FILMING: Lea Toran Jenner & Francis Perreault Music: Panthurr More about DUO UNITY ****************************************­­­******* Link to our full act: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH3p7... Website: http://www.duounity.com Facebook Duo Unity: https://www.facebook.com/DuoUnityCyrW... Last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF2HdnUZIjM More About LEA ****************************************­­­************** Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leatoranjenn... Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LeaaaTJ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leatoranjen... More about FRANCIS ****************************************­­­********* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/perreaultcre... Youtube: https://www.facebook.com/perreaultcre... Enjoy, Lea & Francis, Duo Unity
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First Class OVERNIGHT TRAIN Georgia to Azerbaijan (scary border crossing)
We love overnight trains because they're such an efficient way to travel! We took the overnight first class train from Tbilisi, Georgia to Baku, Azerbaijan (about 12 hours). The border crossing was scary because we had just visited Armenia, and there are some legal issues we were questioned about at the border. | Travel vlog 549 | Tbilisi, Georgia | Country #79 Here's our Trans-Siberian series if you haven't seen it :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsWYVhIFFCw&t=210s ALL of our music used in the vlog is from Epidemic Sound: http://share.epidemicsound.com/karaandnate (Sign up for a 30-day free trial! It’s all copyright free and amazing. We don’t use anything else!) MUSIC TITLES: First song is “Strending Kids” Second song is “Detroit Vibes” —————————————————— Sign up for AirBnB - you get $40 off! https://www.airbnb.com/c/karab49 Nate’s FREE guide to airport lounge access: http://karaandnate.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-lounge-access/ How we travel for “FREE” (30 Days to Becoming a Travel Hacker) https://learn.karaandnate.com/ Kara’s course on how to edit a vlog: https://learn.karaandnate.com/p/how-to-edit-a-vlog/ Here’s our travel credit card advice: https://karaandnate.com/blog/ —————————————————— GEAR: Main Camera: http://amzn.to/2pdUUCO Stabilizer: http://amzn.to/2HB3zqL Zoom Lens: http://amzn.to/2pcPKI4 Wide Angle Lens: http://amzn.to/2tK2gnf Mic: http://amzn.to/2HxfSUN The rest of our gear: https://karaandnate.com/travel-vlogging-gear/ —————————————————— PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/karaandnate SUPPORT OUR WORK: http://karaandnate.com/keep-us-on-the-road/ PACKING LIST: http://karaandnate.com/travel-essentials/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/karaandnate/ INSTAGRAM: @karaandnate https://www.instagram.com/karaandnate/ TWITTER: @karaandnate https://twitter.com/karaandnate —————————————————— Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the travel bug! We started “travel hacking” and taking more trips together and finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and travel hacking over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this YouTube channel to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling. So we extended our 1 year trip to THREE years :) Now we have a goal of traveling to 100 countries before 2020! We are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)
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It's our first night in Japan ever and we're staying at a CAPSULE HOTEL! The futuristic design gave me galaxy vibes. It felt like we were inside a spaceship floating among the stars. The pods turned out to be more spacious than expected. I did not get claustrophobic, but everyone's level of comfort varies in enclosed spaces. How about the rest of the experience? Watch the full video to see the detailed tour! Be sure to check out my friend's channel! FOLLOW FEI: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQlWvudiTjnZSkFizAhe-2A Where is this capsule hotel?: http://bit.ly/2C8QjYH ▼▼▼▼▼ Other videos you might like: ○ Hello Kitty Dim Sum in Hong Kong: https://youtu.be/MsHmGOaf4y0 ○ Japanese Prison-Themed Restaurant: https://youtu.be/_H_ITYhNMYU ○ 5-STAR HOTEL TOUR in Las Vegas: https://youtu.be/G6ow0HjRuiE ○ Taiwanese Street Food at Shilin Night Market: https://youtu.be/NKsCQY28Vqg ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE MUNCHIES! https://www.youtube.com/missminaoh/?sub_confirmation=1 ► MY OTHER CHANNEL! http://www.youtube.com/sweetandtasty ► GET MY SHIRT! https://teespring.com/stores/miss-mina-ohs-store MORE MINA: ○ Instagram: @missminaoh ○ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missminaoh ○ Twitter: @missminaoh ○ Snapchat: MissMinaOh CAMERA & EQUIPMENT ○ Main camera: http://amzn.to/2BCvTqq ○ My lens: http://amzn.to/2kh5g6h ○ Microphone: http://amzn.to/2ANBgD7 ○ Wind shield for microphone: http://amzn.to/2jEGWY0 WHERE I GET MY MUSIC: http://share.epidemicsound.com/lRPQQ Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. While clicking these links won't cost you any extra money, they will help me continue making videos. Thank you for your support!
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Travelling the Trans-Siberian - life
http://www.euronews.com/ From Moscow to the eastern borders of China, the world's longest railway line - the Trans-Siberian, stretches for more than 9,000 kilometres; a truly great railway journey - in this edition of Russian Life. At midnight every other day, a "Rossiya" train leaves Moscow for a week-long trip to Vladivostok. It is an extraordinary trip and many come from far and wide to do it. "This is the longest train journey that one can make," said English tourist Robert Bird. "And you just have to do it, because it's there! I'm happy sitting in the train, looking at the scenery, and going to places that I've never been to before. I just find it so fascinating!" It is a home away from home for hundreds of passengers who sleep, eat, enjoy the limited comfort and try to have a good time during their days on board the train. Irina Savina, one of the train's conductors said: "Very few passengers do the whole journey from Moscow to Vladivostok in a single trip, and those who do should be prepared mentally and physically - a whole week on a train might not be easy. But we provide everything necessary to make it an enjoyable travel." In the first and second classes, there are individual compartments that accommodate two and four passengers respectively. This is a popular mode of transport for tourists and businessmen alike who shuttle between Russia's major cities on trains rather than planes. There are dozens of stations between Moscow and Vladivostok allowing passengers to stretch their legs for a few minutes and stock up on food and drinks. Factfile: The Trans-Siberian * A first class ticket from Moscow to Vladivostok on a Rossiya train costs around 1000 euros, including daily meal service. The third class is 315 euros * First class passengers can order their meals to be delivered in their compartments or have it at a dining car * There's a hot shower in one of the train carriages. It costs 200 roubles (5 euros) * Train personnel is helpful and attentive but doesn't always speak foreign languages * All train schedules in Russia use Moscow time; the time difference between Moscow and Vladivostok is seven hours Many tourists prefer to visit some of the most interesting cities along the track before continuing their Trans-Siberian journey. Some of the most passionate travellers ride in the cheaper third class carriages: known as "platzkart". Here people from many different backgrounds mix together in an open carriage throughout their odyssey. Inna Kryazhevskih who was travelling to Kirov said: "A train journey is a good time to reflect on something, to think of the things we never have time for in our daily lives". Dasha Kryazhevskih who was going the same way added: "Sometimes you sleep a lot, sometimes you read, or do something creative - we made some toys and beaded jewellery while travelling on this train." Vladimir Kosinov, the Train Master, said: "You can learn a lot about Russia by crossing it from Moscow to Vladivostok on this train. If you observe other passengers, especially Russians, if you get to know them then you'll understand many things about our way of life and the "mysterious Russian soul". Lots of people decide to stop in the historic Siberian city of Yekaterinburg and then a few days further down the line in Irkutsk where they can see Baikal, the world's deepest lake. From there they can head south to Mongolia and China or continue their eastward journey to Vladivostok, Russia's main port city on the Pacific Ocean. Whatever the destination, for those with a spirit for adventure, the Trans-Siberian trip is a Russian speciality not to miss. Find us on: Youtube http://bit.ly/zr3upY Facebook http://www.facebook.com/euronews.fans Twitter http://twitter.com/euronews
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Train Beijing - Moscow (Border China/Mongolia - Ulan Bator)
Part 1: http://youtu.be/kg9kMQ_iR0I Part 2: this video Riding in Soft Sleeper cabin on Train No. 3 from Beijing to Moscow via Ulan Bator on the Trans-Mongolian Railway and Trans-Siberian Railway; this second part covers the Mongolian part of the trip from Erlian (Erenhot) to Ulan Bator; поезд Пекин Улан-Батор Москва
Moscow & Saint Petersburg + Helsinki Trip 2015
Shot on GoPro Hero4 black in 4K Music by Melvv 00:00 Neon https://soundcloud.com/itsmelvv/neon 03:45 Adventure https://soundcloud.com/itsmelvv/adventure Photos from this trip https://flic.kr/s/aHsk71GK7G check out my photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/coldybank/ http://500px.com/ColdyBank https://www.facebook.com/CTWbyCB
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Mark Lanegan Band - Sleep With Me - Death Trip to Tulsa - Moscow 16.03.2015
Mark Lanegan Band - Sleep With Me - Death Trip to Tulsa - live at 16 Tons, Moscow, Russia 16.03.2015
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Report about Reflexion's trip to Moscow (Making of).
A video about the band's trip to Moscow. Some funny moments, quotes etc. Song - Undying dreams. Made by Elizabeth Zykova. (C) by laff.ru and reflexion.nm.ru
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In this video I'll tell you what to do and see in Moscow. Moscow is one of the coolest cities in Russian and the capital and it's worth visiting. In fact, you can learn Russian in Moscow - https://goo.gl/21LSIg See how I scored 117 out of 120 on TOEFL: part 1: Reading and Listening - https://goo.gl/O4gmio part 2: Speaking and Writing - https://goo.gl/LRfIV0 How I scored 700 on GMAT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNxXEyYYTTc How I got full financial aid from top US universities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsX0z-N6UJw Subscribe to my channel for more videos about travelling, learning language, education abroad and lifestyle! Instagram - @linguamarina My business - http://goo.gl/RSWy4p Filmed on Canon G7X -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "HOW I LEARN ENGLISH BY WATCHING TV SHOWS - vocabulary, topics" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uSHsac_-gI -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Moscow to Vienna in an old Lada "Davai Trip" Episode 3
Andrey Strizhak and Pavel Chapakabra from vvcforce are taking it to another level and drive a 1987 Lada from Moscow to the M.O.D Headquarters in Vienna. Driving over 2000 Km stopping to ride crazy eastern european spots and going crazy in between almost guarantees a crazy adventure. Follow the Vlog of our crazy Russian friends on here.
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MOSCOW - Travel Video 4K - ComingSoon.....!!
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Russia Travel Vladivostok Capsule Hotel
Capsule Hotel Zodiak in Vladivostok was awesome! This was my first time staying in a hotel like this and I have fallen in love with the concept of capsule hotels. It was clean, quiet, private and most of all comfortable. If I visit Vladivostok in the future, I will be staying here for sure. When you visit Vladivostok Russia, be sure to check out Capsule hotel Zodiak so you can have the same wonderful experience I did staying there! ^^ Welcome to my channel! I'm Patrick and this is Patmax Adventures! I'm originally from California and have been living abroad for the past four years. I decided to start this channel to share my experiences and passion for travel with others. My goal with this channel is to share and show as much as I can of the World. My focus will always be on the culture, food and of course the local people of everywhere I travel to! I'm an optimist and always try to highlight the positives of a place rather than just the negatives.Though I will also be bluntly honest at times too! If you love travel and exploring far away places, then you found the right place! Join me in living every moment to the Max!! ^^ ========================================================= SUBSCRIBE TO PATMAX ADVENTURES! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuar... Capsule Hotel Zodiak: https://www.booking.com/hotel/ru/zodiak.en-gb.html?aid=311984;label=zodiak-SFiJIlQ64zc8SUu1mwuZiQS203202810386%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atiaud-297601666955%3Akwd-318922109163%3Alp9066672%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm;sid=0bcfae7e9e66c96769d8cb05b6bcdcaf;dest_id=-3033871;dest_type=city;dist=0;hapos=1;hpos=1;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;srepoch=1526726301;srfid=addbcdc8b6e88a1279b220edc61d32950a96efbaX1;srpvid=65e54ace53060030;type=total;ucfs=1&#hotelTmpl Checkout my last video on LAKE BAIKAL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fecLRsqqgqM ►WEBSITE: http://www.patmaxadventures.com/ ►INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/patmaxadventures/ ►FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Patmax-Adventures-289005804765791/timeline ►GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103436849... Music: Take It Easy by MBB is licensed under a Creative Commons License.https://soundcloud.com/mbbofficial/takeiteasy Business inquiries: [email protected] Recorded with: Sony HDR AS3000 Action Cam
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St. Petersburg Travel Guide
Stay at the incomparable Corinthia St Petersburg Hotel https://www.corinthia.com/en/hotels/stpetersburg Our St Petersburg travel guide! Wow, what a place. Our first Russia adventure and we were captivated by the people, the history, and the food. St Petersburg is a complicated city but it's worth taking the time to explore and understand everything this place has to tell you. Thanks to our friends at the Corinthia Hotel St Petersburg for helping us bring our St Petersburg Travel Guide to you. How we film our travel guides - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPFmRWNzG84
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Visit Russia – ST. PETERSBURG by train – Russian trip vlog
Join my free email course – http://realrussianclub.com/subscribe Four hundred miles west of Moscow is St. Petersburg, the wonderful city! We've decided to travel there by train. From Moscow to St. Petersburg for the weekend. Join our trip! Visit Russia today:) Join my Instagram – http://instagram.com/realrussianclub You can support my channel here: Patreon – http://patreon.com/realrussianclub PayPal – http://paypal.me/realrussianclub #realrussianclub #traveltorussia #triptorussia
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Moscow subway trip. No surprises. Just a real ride with real people in real time.
No surprises. Just a real ride with real people in real time.
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Moscow Travel Diary
I went to Moscow with a bunch of friends for New Years and had the best time. A trip that included many vodka shots, few hours of sleep and more Christmas lights than I've seen in my entire life. A place so different from any I've ever experienced before. Music Love and happiness by Al Green Filming on an iPhone 8 https://fridareg.com @fridaregeheim
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The Winds of Change - A Trip Hop Mix
Tracklist - 0:00 - Pelican City - The Northside 02:52 - Kabanjak - 5 Minutes 06:08 - Wax Tailor - Down in Flames 10:09 - Havoc Softener - Relaxationstashun 12:42 - VFSix - Tears 16:05 - Fulgeance & DJ Scientist - Moscow Nightlife 18:06 - mikedecline - The Sun, The Shadow 19:34 - Thes One - F&F Daily C 21:51 - Louie Midnight - The Rain 25:00 - Ancient Astronauts - Until The Stars Go Out 29:20 - Archive Mind - Vivid Dreamer 32:36 - My Neighbour is - Guru 35:55 - Ugress - Tortoise Locomotive 39:28 - Mononome - Glimpse Of The Past 45:05 - Lukito - Overture 47:05 - Nym - Come Back 52:04 - Guts - Bad Side Of Sex 57:08 - Mad Planet - Love Addicts 1:01:05 - Roger Molls - Fun House (Scratches by DJ Noyl) Art by Catrin Welz-Stein For those of you who'd like to help support the channel I've started a Patreon. There's really no end to what I can do here, just an end to the amount of time I can devote to it - https://www.patreon.com/confused
Russian Railways High Speed Train Trip: St. Petersburg, Russia to Moscow, Russia
I took the Russian Railways High Speed Train from St. Petersburg, Russia to Moscow, Russia. The trip took 4 hours at speeds of 230 km/h which is really 142 mph. Enjoy the video!
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Trans-Siberian Railway Winter Journey - part 2: Belogorsk - Chita on Train № 007Н
Part 2 of the Trans-Siberian Winter Journey Vladivostok - Moscow - Helsinki; Train: № 007Н From: Vladivostok To: Novosibirsk Travelling: from Belogorsk - Chita-2 (mainly on the Amur Railway, which is part of the Trans-Siberian Railway) Route via: Magdagachi (Amur Oblast), Yerofey Pavlovich, Amazar (Zabaykalsky Krai), Mogocha, Chernyshevsk, Shilka, Travel Class: Kupe Comfort (2nd class sleeping compartment) Car No: 9 Seat No: 25 (lower berth) Price: RUB 4,585 (approx. EUR 62) Travel time: 30 hours and 2 minutes Distance: 1,627 km Travel season: Early November 2019 Train operator: RZD Russian Railways, West Siberian Railway Locomotive 1: ЭП1-170 (Belogorsk - Chernyshevsk) Built by: Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant Delivered to RZD: 2005 Depot: Belogorsk Locomotive operator: Trans-Baikal Railway Locomotive 2: ЭП1-151 (Chernyshevsk - Irkutsk) Built by: Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant Delivered to RZD: 2005 Depot: Irkutsk Sortirovochnyy Locomotive operator: East Siberian Railway Поезд: № 007Н Откуда: Владивосток До: Новосибирск Путешествие: из Белогорска - Чита-2 (Амурской железной дороге, Транссибирской магистрали) Маршрут через: Магдагачи (Амурская область), Ерофей Павлович, Амазар (Забайкальский край), Могоча, Чернышевск, Шилка, Класс поездки: вагон Купе (спальный отсек 2-го класса) Номер вагон: 9 Место для сидения: 25 (нижний причал) Цена: 4585 руб. (Около 62 евро) Время в пути: 30 часов и 2 минуты Расстояние: 1,627 км Туристический сезон: начало ноября 2019 г. Оператор поезда: ОАО «РЖД», Западно-Сибирская железная дорога Локомотив 1: ЭП1-170 (Белогорск - Чернышевск) Построен: Новочеркасский электровозостроительный завод Поставлено РЖД: 2005 Депо: Белогорск Локомотивный оператор: Забайкальская железная дорога Локомотив 2: ЭП1-151 (Чернышевск - Иркутск) Построен: Новочеркасский электровозостроительный завод Поставлено РЖД: 2005 Депо: Иркутск Сортировочный Локомотивный оператор: Восточно-Сибирская железная дорога
Moscow Trip - Часть 3, Красная Площадь, Парку Культуры, адский пранк.
После Эфира, я решил не улетать в Магнитку и остался в Москве, что из этого вышло смотрите сами. Это третья часть приключений в Москве, сходили на Красную Площадь, прогулялись в Парке Культуры попали в Пранк от Цыганских девиц с канала Lucky Lee и многое другое. Приятного просмотра!
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Train Beijing - Moscow (Beijing to Border China/Mongolia)
Part 1: this video Part 2: http://youtu.be/0xYRkR0hFIU Riding in Soft Sleeper cabin on Train No. 3 from Beijing to Moscow via Ulan Bator on the Trans-Mongolian Railway and Trans-Siberian Railway; this first part covers the Chinese portion of the trip; train stops in Zhangjiakou, Datong, Jining, Zhurihe and Erlian
Train Trip. 3D Sound. 7 hours (ASMR, Binaural) music for sleep
long 7 hours version Uncompressed files can be purchased here http://audiojungle.net/user/unclerico/portfolio?ref=unclerico
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Trans-Siberian Railway Winter Journey - part 4: Ulan-Ude - Lake Baikal - Irkutsk on Train № 001M
Part 4 of the Trans-Siberian Winter Journey Vladivostok - Novosibirsk - Moscow - Helsinki; Train: № 001М Brand name: Rossiya From: Vladivostok To: Moscow Yaroslavsky Travelling: From Ulan-Ude to Irkutsk Pass Tracks: Trans-Baikal Railway and Circum-Baikal Railway, which are part of the Trans-Siberian Railway Route via: Selenga (Republic of Buryatia), Lake Baikal, Mysovaya, Vydrino, Slyudyanka (Irkutsk Oblast) Travel Class: Spalny Wagon (First Class sleeping compartment) Car No: 6 Seat No: 1 (lower berth) Wagon Model: 61-4440 Manufacturer: Transmashholding Price: RUB 6,200 (approx. EUR 85) Travel time: 6 hours and 43 minutes Distance: 456 km Travel season: November 2018 Train operator: RZD Russian Railways, Moscow Railway Locomotive: ЭП1-342 Built by: Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant Delivered to RZD: 2006 Depot: Irkutsk Sortirovochnyy Locomotive operator: East Siberian Railway Part 1 (Fast Train № 007Н Vladivostok - Belogorsk): https://youtu.be/B4Y9HUbkoiA Part 2 (Fast Train № 007Н Belogorsk - Chita-2): https://youtu.be/ZCMLSeo4vLU Part 3 (Fast Train: № 099Э Chita-2 - Ulan-Ude): https://youtu.be/r9_QIK0ftgk Part 4 (Firmeny Train № 001M Ulan-Ude - Irkutsk Pass): This video Фирменный поезд: № 001M Брендовое название: "Россия" Откуда: Владивосток До: Москва Ярославский Путешествие: из Улан-Удэ в Иркутск Пассажирский Железнодорожные пути: Забайкальская железная дорога и Кругобайкальская железная дорога, входящие в состав Транссибирской магистрали. Маршрут через: Селенга (Республика Бурятия), Байкал, Мысовая, Выдрино, Слюдянка (Иркутская область) Класс поездки: спальный вагон св (первый класс) Номер вагон:: № 6 Место для сидения: 1 (нижний причал) Модель вагона: 61-4440 Производитель: Трансмашхолдинг Цена: 6,200 рублей (около 85 евро) Время в пути: 6 часов и 43 минуты Расстояние: 456 км Туристический сезон: ноября 2018 Оператор поезда: ОАО «РЖД», Московская железная дорога электровоз: ЭП1-342 Построен: Новочеркасский электровозостроительный завод Поставлено РЖД: 2006 Депо: Иркутск Сортировочный Локомотивный оператор: Восточно-Сибирская железная дорога Часть 1 (Скорый поезд № 007Н Владивосток - Белогорск): https://youtu.be/B4Y9HUbkoiA Часть 2 (Скорый поезд № 007Н Белогорск - Чита-2): https://youtu.be/ZCMLSeo4vLU Часть 3 (Скорый поезд: № 099Э Чита-2 - Улан-Удэ): https://youtu.be/r9_QIK0ftgk Часть 4 (Фирменный поезд № 001М Россия Улан-Удэ - Иркутск): это видео
Moscow-Nice Train Trip | euromaxx
Our reporter tries out a new direct rail connection that went back into service in September 2010.The route takes fans of slow travel through Smolensk, Minsk, Warsaw, Vienna, Milan and Genoa. Depending on the style you wish to travel in tickets cost between 306 and 1,200 euros.
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Russian Trip. Moscow. Day 3
ВДНХ. Музей космонавтики. Moscow City. Ночная Москва.
Trip To Moscow
Views: 283 Lāsma Mičerevska
Inside Tour of Train Beijing to Moscow - Тур Поезд Пекин - Москва
Walking through the passenger cars of the famous Beijing - Moscow Train No. 3 via Ulan Bator/Mongolia; Get to know the Deluxe Soft Sleeper, Soft Sleeper, Chinese Hard Sleeper, Mongolian Soft Sleeper, Chinese Dining, and the Mongolian Dining Car; Most Cars were manufactured in East Germany (Halle-Ammendorf) 25 years ago
Maurizio Gubellini - Moscow Trip (DJ ZAM Remix)
Maurizio Gubellini - Moscow Trip (DJ ZAM Remix)
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Please avoid this bus in India!
■ UDAIPUR, INDIA: Traveling in India had been a a pleasure up until this stage. Despite friends who've previously been to the country and you guys in the YouTube comment sections begging us to not travel on private sleep er buses we'd never been on a bad one. Leaving Udaipur for Ahmedabad though that was all about to change....
Views: 379084 Harald Baldr
U.D.O. - Trip To Nowhere (LIVE) 2014 // Live From Moscow
taken from the DVD "Steelhammer - Live From Moscow", released on May 23rd (June 10 in the US). Purchase here: http://wck.me/4aN
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Belarus: 'I don't sleep much', Putin tells Lukashenko on Minsk trip
Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Minsk, Belarus on Wednesday to meet with the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. During the meeting Putin was overheard telling the Belarusian leader that "I do not sleep much". SOT, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, (Russian): "I do not sleep much. The night before last I slept for four hours, last night for five hours." Video ID: 20160608 037 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: [email protected] Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/Ruptly Vine: https://vine.co/Ruptly Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Ruptly YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RuptlyTV DailyMotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/ruptly
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Report about Reflexion's trip to Moscow (English version).
A reportage about the band's coming to Moscow. Made by Elizabeth Zykova. (C) by laff.ru & reflexion.nm.ru
Views: 4537 Elizabeth Zykova
Vitamin X - Bad Trip (live in Moscow 13.06.2009)
VITAMIN X, POAE, Rearranged, Ricochet - хардкор утренник в клубе Все Свои
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Sleeper Car Experience: Budapest Hungary to Bucharest Romania.
Ride along overnight on a Trans-Balkan Express train service from Budapest Hungary to Bucharest Romania. Taking 16 hours and covering near 1000 KM experience Eastern European trains, sleeper cars, scenery, train stations, and countryside. An amazing experience costing about 76 US per person, we experienced travelling the old fashioned way - by Train. Come along for the ride !
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Moscow Russia Trip
モスクワ旅行 ロシアに行ってきたアネッタありがとう
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Lounge Jazz Radio - Relaxing Jazz Music - Music For Work & Study - Live Stream 24/7
Playing NOW: Relaxing JAZZ For Work & Study. PLEASE ► SUBSCRIBE! ► https://goo.gl/EBzGGl Make sure to check out the channel ► https://goo.gl/EBzGGl for more Jazz, Bossa nova, Morning Music, French music and more. New videos ► https://goo.gl/QcU7ry More Jazz ► https://goo.gl/1VqaPt More Bossa Nova ► https://goo.gl/sfNrGR More Happy Music ► https://goo.gl/uLcTGv ►AWESOME MUSIC COLLECTION ► https://goo.gl/QcU7ry #LoungeMusic #Jazz #BossaNova
Views: 6447128 Lounge Music