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WoW Vanilla - Shaman Quest - Water Totem
Lvl 20 questchain for obtaining a water totem. The quests took me about 2-3 hours to complete even though using the Bat handlers, hearthstone or the Ghost wolf spell. Thanks to the Ghost Wolf spell it was much quicklier than the druid questchains. I hope you'll enjoy it. If you like my videos give me like, subscribe or write a comment what do you think about it. / Vanillový quest na získání water totemů. Splnění těchto questů mi trvalo okolo 2-3 hodin, ačkoli jsem využíval Bat Handlerů, hearthstonu nebo Ghost Wolf formy, ale díky tomuto spellu to trvalo mnohem kratší dobu než druidovské questy. Pokud se Vám video líbí, budu rád za like nebo odběr. Napište, co si o tomto videu myslíte a co bych případně mohl změnit. More info about the quest: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=96 Art by: Brandon Kitkouski
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A Noobs Guide: Enhancement Shaman PVE - Classic WoW
**I'm scheduling this to upload while I sleep so you guys get a vid today, if there are any errors please leave'em in the comments and I'll update the description accordingly!!!** This is the enhancement PVE guide I promise a few of you rad dudes a while back, sorry it took so long for the upload been handlin shit IRL. Anyway thanks for watchin! totem timers addon can be found here, as well as pretty much all other vanilla addons! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByAxutR4jmqfVFA4cGNkRG5ZdDQ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByAxutR4jmqfQ2QxZV9Qc0RnR28 I stream almost every day in the evenings eastern time, come hang out with me and the /streamboyz/, we'd love to have you.
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Totems & Fallen stellen leicht gemacht - Craftige Addons - WoW Flo Totem Bar
Verwendetes Addon: Flo Totem Bar Verwendete Addondatenbanken: WoW Matrix & Curse Client In diesem Video werden wir uns einer bekannten Problemfrage widmen. Wie kann ich verhindern das die Fallen beim Jäger und die verschiedenen Totems beim Schamanen meine ganzen Aktionsleisten einnehmen? Mit Hilfe des vorgestellten Addons gehören Probleme dieser Art der Vergangenheit an! Thumbnail von: http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkScaredLP Charakter: http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/character/eredar/Froschfr%C3%A4nzi/simple PvP Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8WPVHxF1H5HFIWse9stBs6PCKdVGgKUH
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BEST World of Warcraft Addon For Tracking Cooldowns: Needtoknow!
Subscribe for more videos: http://lowko.tv/youtube Support me on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/lowkotv New World of Warcraft models: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3kW2EURGvQ This is one of my favourite addons in World of Warcraft to track cooldowns. NeedToKnow tracks buffs, debuffs, cooldowns and totems using minimalistic looking timer bars. It makes it very easy to figure out when to renow DOTs, as well as for tracking temporary player cooldowns. Download NeedToKnow: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/need-to-know I personally use it on all of my WoW characters, and think it's one of the most crucial addons for any PvE or PvP player. LowkoTV Homepage: http://lowko.tv Outro Music is "8 Bit Dungeon Boss" by Kevin MacLeod. -- http://lowko.tv/tipjar/ http://twitter.com/lowkotv http://twitch.tv/lowkotv http://google.com/+lowkotv http://facebook.com/lowkotv http://instagram.com/lowkotv
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Kraddock's Totem Timer Setup
Configuration of a couple addons working in concert. Watch in fullscreen @ 480p or 720p to see cooldown and totem duration timers. Totems can still be hotkeyed, if so desired (I have two of them hotkeyed). Since each part is independently created (buttons, icons, text, timers), I could have arranged them pretty much any way I wanted. I decided to arrange them left-to-right by "Most Used", rather than in reference to their positions in game. Totem buttons are clickable, icons are no longer destroyable due to a change in the DestroyTotem API, text is click-through.
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How To Tame: Broken Tooth Classic World Of Warcraft Guides
Spawn locations, Spawn timers, Proper addons, and all the information your going to need to tame broken tooth in the upcoming classic wow launch. I will link both the spawn locations and the add on used in the video below. Spawn Points. Uldaman Spawn : 53.6,15.5 Angor Fortress Spawn : 45.8,36.5 Middle Spawn: 59.7 26.9 Unitscan Addon : https://github.com/shirsig/unitscan
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World of Warcraft - Kardris' Toxic Totem
Follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/HellmansWoW
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Counter Strike Totem Killer
A short Guide of World of Warcraft , how to setup an addon to show u LARGE icons of Totems that you want to kill, for example Counter Strike Totem. Follow the channel and my Livestream: www.twitch.tv/stipo3
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WoW - How to solo Onyxia (80 enhance shaman)
Disclaimer: The purpose of this video isn't to show off how pro I am or anything. It's entertainment/education. This is my guide to soloing Onyxia as an Enhancement shaman in World of Warcraft. The tips are specifically for shamans but I suppose that it could be helpful for other classes too. Onyxia isn't that profitable to farm anymore because they nerfed how much gold she dropped from 150 to 50, but it's still fun. =) You can also get your tier 2 LOL. If I make any other WoW movies in the future I'll be sure to make camera angles better. Add-ons used in this video: x-perl unit frames totem timers cooldowntimerbars3 bartender4 Quartz shaman friend
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Shrine of the Storm Mythic 13 Full Run - Deathless (Resto Shaman)
35:42 - Fortified, Teeming, Quaking. Post 8.1. See full description for boss timecodes. The funky off-center view is because I forgot to change my recording resolution after getting a new monitor, so it cut off about 25% of the width. You're not missing much, other than the timer and an action bar. Guardian Elemental - 12:40 Aqu'sirr - 5:35 Tidesage Council - 16:50 Lord Stormsong - 26:45 Vol'zith - 32:50
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Addons para chaman World of Warcraft 4.3.4
ACA MUESTRO ALGUNOS DE MIS ADDONS DESCARGA LOS QUE MAS TE GUSTEN ! LINKS DE DESCARGA !!!! http://adf.ly/1YX6Dt GRACIAS SUSCRIBETE!!!!! REDES SOCIALES FACEBOOK ! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?... MI CANAL ! https://www.youtube.com/user/necrothy...
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Totemtoe's Macro & Addons [MOP 5.4]
Stream: www.twitch.tv/totemtoe Playlist: www.totemtoe.net Addons ------------------------------- Are you lookin at me? - http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/lookinatme Error Filter - http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/errorfilter NoRed - http://www.mediafire.com/download/rstnhs03hiabt2g/NoRed.zip OmniCC - http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/omni-cc rNamePlates - http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info18442-rNameplates.html SafeQueue - http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/safequeue sArena - http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/sarena Macro ------------------------- Arena1 #showtooltip /cast [@arena1,nomod] Wind Shear /focus [mod:ctrl] arena1 /cast [@arena1,mod:alt] Hex Weapon Imbued Off hand Only #showtooltip Frostbrand Weapon /cast [@none] Frostbrand Weapon /use 17 /click StaticPopup1Button1 #showtooltip Flametongue Weapon /cast [@none] Flametongue Weapon /use 17 /click StaticPopup1Button1 #showtooltip Rockbiter Weapon /cast [@none] Rockbiter Weapon /use 17 /click StaticPopup1Button1 Wind Shear Focus Target #showtooltip Wind Shear /stopcasting /cast [target=focus] Wind Shear Ascendance #showtooltip Ascendance /cast Ascendance /cast Blood Fury(Racial) /cast Elemental Mastery /cast Stormblast BEMO #showtooltip Bind Elemental /cast [target=mouseover] Bind Elemental EBLB #showtooltip /startattack /stopcasting /cast [mod:alt,@focus] purge /cast [modifier:shift] Lightning Bolt /cast [nomod,@target] Elemental Blast Shock #showtooltip /cast [modifier:shift, target] Frost Shock; Earth Shock Eshield #showtooltip Lightning Shield /cast [modifier:shift] Water Shield; Lightning Shield Focus /focus [nomod] target /focus [mod:shift] mouseover FSSB #showtooltip Frost Shock /cast [target=focus] Frost Shock /cast [@focus] symbiosis H1 #showtooltip Cleanse Spirit /cast [mod:alt, target=party1] Healing Surge;[target=party1] Cleanse Spirit; Hex #showtooltip Hex /cast [modifier:alt, target=focus] Hex; Hex NoBop /cancelaura Hand of Protection Stormstrike #showtooltip /cast [modifier:alt, target=Totemtoe] Healing Surge;Stormstrike;Stormblast Frostshock focus #showtooltip /cast [target=focus] Frost Shock Grounding Totem #showtooltip /stopcasting /cast Grounding Totem Lava Lash #showtooltip /startattack /cast [modifier:alt] Windwalk Totem; Lava Lash Purge #showtooltip purge /startattack /cast Purge /cast [target=focus, mod:alt] Purge Self Cleanse #showtooltip Cleanse Spirit /cast [target=Totemtoe] Cleanse Spirit SWHS #showtooltip Spiritwalker's Grace /cast Spiritwalker's Grace /cast [target=Totemtoe] Healing Surge
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Schnell auf Level 60 in Classic WoW mit dem Schamanen
Unser neuer verlängerter Guide zum Schamanen in WoW Vanilla 1.12.1 Northdale/Anathema/Kronos/Elysium! Der Schamane ist eine relativ entspannte Klasse wenn es um das Leveln in WoW Classic geht, viel Spaß mit dem Video! Addons aus dem Video: Totem Timers: https://legacy-wow.com/vanilla-addons/totemtimers/ Decursive: https://legacy-wow.com/vanilla-addons/Decursive Questi: https://www.ownedcore.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-emulator-servers/wow-emu-programs/522310-questie-vanilla-world-of-warcraft-1-12-1-questhelper-scraped-mangos-data.html Vanilla WoW Lights Hope Northdale/Lightbringer: https://lightshope.org/ Lights Hope Server Statistiken: https://lightshope.org/images/news/one-year-info.png Leveling Guides: https://www.joanasworld.com/ Guides auf Deutsch ? supportet und Abonniert
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★ WoW Guide - [Addon] Button Timers Tutorial
Cabal brings you the promised tutorial/guide for how to set up the addon "ButtonTimers" Link to the addon here http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/buttontimers =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-= Like This Video? ➜ Give us a thumb! Partner With TGN ➜ http://tgn.tv/partners/ Follow Us On Twitter ➜ https://twitter.com/tgntv Follow Us On Facebook ➜ https://www.facebook.com/TGNTV Join Our Community ➜ http://tgn.tv/community/ =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-=
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Healer guide showcasing how to setup and use grid2 in raid and 5 man healing scenarios in World of Warcraft. Discusses the benefits of Grid2, how to add an indicator specific to the healer class and how to show a specific debuff from a raid boss. Patch 7.1.5 World of Warcraft Legion expansion. The same info could be used for patch 7.2 healer discussion. Grid2: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/grid2 Resto Druid Grid2 import profile: http://pastebin.com/WQ43idwi Resto Druid Grid2 VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvH91ajd9s4 Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/madskillzztv Twitter: https://twitter.com/MadSkillzzTV Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MadSkillzzTV GameWisp: https://gamewisp.com/madskillzztv MUSIC: Angevin - Thatched Villagers by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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WoW Vanilla - Call of Fire quest guide
Here's a guide on how to get your fire totem for shamans on the horde side. The quest is pretty long and how have to run back and forth to different people and collect several quest items so I figured i'd summ it all up in one complete video so you don't have to check wowhead or something similar 12 times while doing this :) Enjoy!
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WoW Vanilla Nostalrius Elemental Shaman Failz PvP
Watch in HD Remember to like/comment favorite if you enjoyed this video if you wana see more videos from me then subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQJOCMKE42-MScV7c9Yy2Hg filmed on : https://en.nostalrius.org/ what to expect: low lvl world pvp 42-52 some bg heavy use of engineering addons : Nature ECB (5.4.8)=enemy cast bar addon Moob info 2 = shows hp of target and precentage dosent work right if you target ally tho Ocb2=castin bar replacement Totem timers = shaman totem addon Trinket menu = easy trinket swap addon highly recomend it Nice Damage = awesome dmg font few others not so important.. programs used : Sony Vegas pro 11.0 Fraps First of all i had alot of fun making this video. Since there are not many to none elemental shaman vanilla videos its all crowded with mages/rogues some warrior i decided to make one .. Entertainment purpose only hope you enjoy.
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World of Warcraft.Отслеживание тотемов.Power auras classic.
В этом видео я рассказываю о том как сделать отслеживание тотемов проще и удобнее.Когда тотем готов к использованию.Или же время пока тотем активен.Также можно сделать отслеживание очень многих вещей...прока тринек в том числе.
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WoW Addon- Quartz Castbar , custom cast bars ,timers ,cooldowns
thumbs up if you liked the video http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/quartz https://twitter.com/xxJsnowxx http://www.twitch.tv/xjsnowx http://www.reddit.com/user/xJsnowx/
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SexyCooldown (WoW addon)
https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/sexycooldown SexyCooldowns is a logarithmic cooldown bar. What's that, you say? Well, most timer bars you're used to are linear. That is, the distance between 0 seconds and 10 seconds is the same as the distance between 50 seconds and 60 seconds. A logarithmic cooldown bar is somewhat different - it represents cooldowns on a compressed timeline, so that cooldowns that are closer to being ready are represented as more active on the bar. This lets you represent a large amount of data on a single bar, and have it remain useful. In short, SexyCooldown is a single consolidated timer bar for all your spell, pet's spell, item, and proc cooldowns, as well as buffs, debuffs, and totem timers. It's very flexible, and can be customized to fit into your UI as best you see fit. --Social----------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/klj_maddog Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/therealkent --Mind, the mental health charity-------------------------------- Mind For better mental health Information and support: http://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/ Donate: http://www.mind.org.uk/get-involved/support-us/donate/ --INFO----------------------------------­------------------------------ Out of the Skies, Under the Earth by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/reappear/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
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How to Show Enemy Totems Names in WOW
Linnet's How To _ Remember to like and subscribe See all my videoes in playlist / categories here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmd6xmZpPhJ6I9oe6hn65Hg/playlists?shelf_id=8&view=1&sort=dd Office 2016/365 videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzMiTkqquytvT3ufcnOv-1m7XD5QLRLkz Games videoes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzMiTkqquytuzdRHhe5-YxplBITdq9XCs Windows Videoes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzMiTkqquytuoDLOQbZ8dL1WncWS9AkQx
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TotemTimers mod: MikScrollingBattleText support
Modded yet another one.
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WoW Patch 4.2 - Healing UI
Aliena's UI: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vbf-O_U09c Addons: Titan Panel Satrina Buff Frame Totem Timers Vuhdo Pitbull 4.0 kgPanels Dominos Recount Prat Power Auras
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Totem Twisting
A new way of Shamanisim
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50 Wow fun facts
A great site for in-game WoW guides: http://www.zygorguides.com/?hop=scotch66 50 Wow fun facts (If you've watched my other fun fact videos before, then you've probably seen most of these. But there are quiet a few new ones as well) -1-The Goon Squad, a guild famously known for their in game pranks have unique accomplishment to their name: They're the only Horde guild to ever kill Thrall. How, you ask? Well, back in vanilla, there was a quest in Stonetalon, part of which had a quiz, where getting a wrong answer gave you a debuff that made you hostile with your own faction for about 15 minutes. Goon Squad rounded up a bunch of their raiding best, deliberately debuffed themselves, and set off to Orgrimmar to test it out. Blizzard fixed the quest shortly after the exploit was discovered, knocking the debuff down to five minutes and reducing all stats by 50% rather than turning you hostile. -2-during alpha, they only inteded to have 200 quest total in the game, 100 for each side. They wanted to have quest supplement grinding and not be the means of leveling. But players liked quests so they added more, but not enough as you could not reach level 60 by just doing quest. Once you got around the 50's you would eventually run out of quest and had to grind. -3-Alchemists could create flasks only at an Alchemy Lab. There were only two in the game, one in Scholomance and the second one was in BWL. So they had to go there each time they wanted to create a flask. -4-In firelands, there is a secret path that involves very minor wall jumping that you could take that takes you around some really annoying trash strait to the Spider boss. -5-An NPC named Oglethorpe Obnoticus can be found in Booty Bay. He's a reference to Oglethorpe, one of the really stupid Plutonian aliens from Aqua Teen hunger froce and their source of knowledge, Orb-naticus, a giant disco ball that Oglethorpe insists is actually a supercomputer. -6-Over the course of wow, Hunters have had 10 differnet aspects; Aspect of the hawk, Monkey, Beast, iron hawk, Dragonhawk, cheetah, pack, viper, fox and Aspect of the wild. -7-some raid additions such as /raidwarning, the ability to mark mobs and Threat Meters (wait 3 sunders) were only available with specific addons, before Blizzard added them into the game themselves. -8-During the Cataclysm beta Blizzard added a mob called ''Epicus Maximus", flying above The Maelstrom. (You can read about it here http://www.wowwiki.com/Epicus_Maximus) -9-In the dread wastes quest line you help free all the paragons of the klaxxi and learn about their history. Then in the SoO you have to kill all of them including one of the bugs you help grow during a series of dailies quests. -10-When Death Knights were added in Wrath they were extremely overpowered. They had a talent called (Shadow of Death) which turned them into a ghoul when they died,that worked in arenas. Gylph of death and decay had a random chance to horror whoever took damage from it for 2 seconds. They could turn themselvs into an undead with lichborn and heal themselvs up back to full 2 times over with the 2 deathcoil glyphs. Chains of ice would slow movement speed by 90% and would go down as the spell went on, giving them the best slow ever. And on top of all this they dealt massive damage. -11-Before the Shaman ability Fire Nova, there was a totem called Fire nova totem that once dropped, started a 5 second timer. After 5 seconds it would explode during tons of damage and stunning everyone caught in its blast radius. -12-In early wrath you could only change out glyphs with a Lexicon of power that are located next to scripe trainers. -13-Before BC, There were no Guild Banks, so most guilds used low level characters to store everything the guild needed -14-The Duskwood Night Watch militia is a reference to The Knights watch from a game of thrones as they both share simular names and fight the undead. Patreon - Where you can help the channel and vote on/and suggest videos to be made. http://www.patreon.com/hirumaredx
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Argonak's addons
Here is the list chronological to the addons i describe. DBM: http://www.deadlybossmods.com/ Prat: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/prat-3-0.aspx Dominos: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/dominos.aspx Recount: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/recount.aspx Omen: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/omen-threat-meter.aspx Tooltip on mouse: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/tooltiponmouse.aspx Totem Timers: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/totemtimers.aspx Sexymap: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/sexymap.aspx Parrot: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/parrot.aspx Quartz: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/quartz.aspx Pitbull: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/pitbull4.aspx Power Auras: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/powerauras-classic.aspx Titan Panel: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/titan-panel.aspx
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MarkyMarks Vanilla WoW AddOn Guide
Feels good to be back! As always leave your questions/comments/concerns below! List of all AddOns I spoke about - Luna Unit Frames, Detox, KLH Threat Meter, BigWigs, DoT Timer, Atlas + Atlas Loot, Auctioneer, Bagnon, BuffTimers, Titan Panel, Pally Power, Vanilla Guide/Meta Map, Lazy Pig, CCWatch, Energy Watch, StunWatch, SpellAlert, TotemTimers, Trinket Menu, CT Mail Mod (part of CT bundle) Move Anything, Bartender 2 or Bongos (Action bar cusomization) Gatherer, Classic Snowfall, Discord Art, Outfitter and SWStats (Damage/Healing Meters) Rais Auto Shot - Must have for Hunters AddOn Dumps - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7aZ9mOBWI5oMzQ1eFladEpXT1k https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzEN-YFHDzpLOFROMjZRYzBWUlE/view Luna Unit Frames - https://github.com/Aviana/LunaUnitFrames/wiki Vanilla Guide - http://www.wow-one.com/forum/topic/29922-addon-vanilla-guide/ Atlas + Atlas Loot - http://www.mediafire.com/file/4mr4amh4mtptl19/Atlasloot+and+Atlas.zip Classic Snowfall - http://www.wow-one.com/forum/topic/13899-introducing-classic-snowfall/ Discord Art Pack - http://www.vanilla-addons.com/dls/discord-pack/ Outfitter - http://www.vanilla-addons.com/dls/outfitter/ CCWatch - http://www.vanilla-addons.com/dls/ccwatch/ Lazy Pig - http://www.wow-one.com/forum/topic/15112-addon-for-lazy-people/ Rais Auto Shot - http://www.mediafire.com/file/lthyfecdl8v2yoq/rais_AutoShot.zip How to increase your Vanilla Graphics quality, only takes 5-10 minutes - http://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?t=1100&f=32 https://www.twitch.tv/darealmarkymark https://twitter.com/drealMarkyMark
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The History of Windfury Weapon (Vanilla WoW to Legion)
Windfury, is part of the reason shamans were infamous back in vanilla wow as the overpowered class. That and their shocks. Unbreakable Warlord Shaman WoW PvP Ragnaros Sulfuras https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja1j7xWpB3w --Social Media-- https://twitter.com/hirumared https://www.facebook.com/Hirumaredx Twitch Stream -http://www.twitch.tv/theduellogs http://www.patreon.com/hirumaredx If you can't get enough of my videos you can always check out my other channels as well - World of Warcraft - https://www.youtube.com/user/hirumaredx Yu-Gi-Oh - http://bit.ly/1Ih24ZT Pet Battles (in WoW) - https://www.youtube.com/user/HirusGames Top 10s - http://bit.ly/1Jqqzab Jokes - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheUnfunnyJokes MetroidVania - http://bit.ly/1H7383N Heros of The Storm - http://bit.ly/1ARc7Vw Reddit videos- http://bit.ly/1H73bwx Anime stuff - https://www.youtube.com/user/IonlyPlayTinker Devbots Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Dv70pQf855xw4Pr403sEg Partner with Curse, Seriously they're great - http://tinyurl.com/oohwbdy
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2.4.3 ВоВ Аддоны. 2.4.3 Addons WoW TBC
Мой канал на твиче: www.twitch.tv/twinker_ Мой канал на гудгейме: goodgame.ru/channel/Twinker/ На этом же канале ютуба идут стримы -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Где взять клиент? - https://www.warmane.com/download Аддоны, Шрифт, Курсор (Addons. Fonts. Cursor ) https://mega.nz/#!ggElTSQb!1sFNg0mwgYq2LOGq9CpOCZptFURN8Lyv3MsgYaNsJGw Моя папка WTF (My WTF folder): https://mega.nz/#!N9NnCTzL!aV5hIQ1VevBngHfxSaBxqHH8tSLSqk9QB8gRm91CRtU Все аддоны взял у него: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwjwUnWmtq8XhtPLJ7ugZ8A Хороший разбойник, с прикольными мувиками. Рекомендую All addons from this nice guy! 0:35 Afflicted 1:03 Align 1:18 Arena Count Down 1:23 Arena Pointer 1:29 Atlas Loot 1:40 Auctionator 2:00 AuldLangSyne 2:17 Bagnon 2:26 Buffalo 2:49 Bufflib 3:01 Buff Sizer 3:46 BuggGrabber 3:53 Class Colored Nameplates 3:57 Class Portraits 4:03 Close Up 4:09 Combat Log Clearer 4:18 Combat Timer 4:43 Debuff Filter 5:52 Doom Cooldown Pulse 6:08 Double Wide 6:17 Enemy Cast Bar 6:59 Energy Watch 7:39 EPGP 7:50 Fizzle 7:58 Focus Frame 8:04 Gear Score Lite 8:16 Gladdy 8:44 Grid 9:06 Hattys Mark bar 9:22 Icicle 9:31 Item Price Tooltip 9:38 Impulse Booster 9:50 Lose Control 10:11 Move Anything 10:34 Nice Damage 10:43 Outfitter 11:40 Panacea Drums 12:45 Poisoner 13:07 Power Auras 14:17 Prat 14:49 Quest Helper 15:10 Range Recolor 15:31 Recount 16:18 Say sapped 16:26 Schakapvpui 16:48 Action Sets 17:11 Snow Fall key Press 17:26 Solace Buff Display 17:32 Sound Alerter 17:48 Spell Alerter 18:08 Squid 18:35 Tidy minimap 18:53 Totem Plates 18:59 WIM 19:30 Xloot 19:36 Deadly Boss Mod 20:05 Cerror 20:32 Fonts 20:51 Cursor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ #твинкер #интерфейс #аддон #настройка #вов #2 #3 #4 #24 #243 #tbc #burning #crusade #pvp #pve #twinker #interface #ui #wow #addons #addon #twitch #warmane #private #server #world #of #warcraft #the #guide
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My favorite Shaman transmogs!
-- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/fleshtotem Armory - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/akama/Fleshtotem/simple WoWProgress - http://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/akama/Fleshtotem WarcraftLogs - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/16223996/10/
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Mists of Pandaria - Capacitor Totem
This totem charges itself for a few seconds only to unleash a stun. The effect is quite cool, altho I remember having seen it before.
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Earth Shield - What addons do i use?
TukUI - http://www.tukui.org/ Deadly Boss Mods - http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/deadly-boss-mods.aspx Atlas Loot enhanced - http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/atlasloot-enhanced.aspx Addon Control Panel - http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/acp.aspx Grid - http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/grid.aspx Shieldsup - http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/shieldsup.aspx Kokos totem timers -http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/koko-totem-timers.aspx Omen - http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/omen-threat-meter.aspx Quartz - http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/quartz.aspx Anything i missed let me know. :)
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Sick of not getting better at the game? I'll show you the tools required to progress into harder content & become a better player! Addon/ macro run down for new and returning players, My UI/ Links down below! TYPE THE BELOW "ADDONS" INTO YOUR TWITCH APP 1. “Shadowed unit frames” / "Unitframesimproved" 1:35 2. “Grid2” 2:17 3. “Bartender4” 4:02 4. “Kui Nameplates” 4:22 5. “Quartz” 5:10 6. “Prat” 5:41 7. “WeakAuras2” 6:32 8.0 all class strings https://wago.io/search/Type:+Collection+user:publik Mythic Plus Interrupter - https://wago.io/SkjHi61Bz White circle on mouse cursor (adjust size to suit)- https://wago.io/Hklr0dCdf My guild leader loves to make Weakauras for all specs, check them out! they are really good - https://wago.io/p/Zedski Must have weak auras for mythic plus - https://wago.io/BJbe_IFnb 8. “Bigwigs/LittleWigs” 7:52 9. “Details” 9:04 10. “Move Anything” 9:50 3RD PARTY HEALING FRAMES (check out streamer links below) GRID2 = MadSkillzzTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iHwTaZSGJo (updated for BFA) VUHDOO= Automaticjak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7T8gYRZQWc ELVUI= JDOTB https://www.twitch.tv/jdotb, elvui string/ weak auras https://wago.io/ryjyb89Hz, https://wago.io/BJbe_IFnb -Honorable mentions- -ElitismHelper (EH) 10:29 -MethodDungeonTools 10:50 -ExorsusRaidTools 11:08 -Ora3 11:22 -Sarena/ GLADIUS 11:28 -BattleGroundEnemies 11:39 -MACROS- Hostile Mouse Over #showtooltip /cast [target=mouseover,harm,exists,nodead] Moonfire; Moonfire Friendly Mouse Over /use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] flash heal #showtooltip flash heal Area Of Effect Mouse Over #showtooltip rain of fire /cast [@cursor] rain of fire At mouse Area (DH sigils/ priest feather) #showtooltip Angelic Feather /cast [@player] Angelic Feather Nameplate Script /script SetCVar("nameplateMaxDistance",20) /script SetCVar("nameplateMaxDistance",40) /script SetCVar("nameplateMaxDistance",60) /script SetCVar("nameplateMaxDistance",90) Hide Healing /console floatingCombatTextCombatHealing 0 Hide Damage /console floatingCombatTextCombatDamage 0 (Replace 0 to 1 to add numbers back on the screen)
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WoW Vanilla Leveling #5 - Mastering the Mastery Quests
We're back with episode 5! This time we do a few more quests in the Hillsbrad Foothills and then we move on to Stranglethorn Vale for a very iconic quest chain that pretty much everyone who played WoW Vanilla knows: the mastery quests!
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Ugba - lvl 60 Elemental Shaman - Vanilla World Of Warcraft
WoW classic PVP-Video from 2006 Never uploaded it to YouTube, so enjoy. Gameplay from patch 1.10 Cu all in classic!
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WoW Resto Shaman UI. Patch 5.1 Addons, and much more!
Simply going over all my addons, because I couldn't think of anything better. Enjoy! ALL ADDONS IN THIS VIDEO CAN BE FOUND ON Curse.com ---All music in this video is owned/produced by Bradsucks, check him out at Bradsucks.net--- (USED WITH PERMISSION)
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World of Warcraft Ulgrom Legion Assault Highmountain World Quest Guide
This world quest will be available when a Legion Assault is taking place in Highmountain. It takes place just south of the road in the Snowblind Mesa, east of Thunder Totem. This enemy has about a minute respawn timer. It only has one notable ability known as Hateful Smash, which stuns players in front of it, but this can be easily sidestepped. This enemy is neither player-, nor faction-tagged and when it is defeated, this world quest will be marked as complete. This world quest provides progress for "Assault on Highmountain." Recorded with the Windows Game bar and edited with VideoPad.
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WoW Pandaren Shaman Let's Play #1
Made a Pandaren Shaman walk-thru and will be leveling her to 100, come see where the Pandarens starting area is and why they choose Alliance or Horde. If you like this video please click the like button, comments are always welcome if you like also please subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZVO_QtMhMk3y58LuR6TepQ or above, its free :)
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Vanilla WoW 1.12 Addons - A go through (w/downloadlink)
Download link: http://www.filedropper.com/addons_83 My addons: Atlas AtlasLoot Enhanced Auctioneer Aux Big Wigs Cartographer Decursive DPSMate eCastingBar Gatherer GridEnhanced KillsToLevel KLHThreatMeter MailTo OmniCC TotemTimers Enhanced vQueue TrinketMenu Bonho's Custom Nameplates Questie If you have any questions, feel free to comment.
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flototembar chassou
Explications/info classes/cycles/caps/strats/traucs et astuces de jeu/ farm pet rares etc... sur http://wow-solutions.tonwow.com
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More Elemental Shaman - Elysium 1.12.1
Still have no idea what im doing editing Addons: modui, trinket menu, luna, bgframes, enhanced totem timers, sct spell alert, antagonist, may be forgetting one Spec: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#hVMhEbMqZZVcfk0xo (it varies)
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WoW TBC Addons 2.4.3
The Mods I use. Ace2 Ace3 Afflicted Align Aloft Arena Unit Frames Atlasloot Bartender4 Big Wigs Button Facade Call Of Elements Carbonite Quest Cartographer Character Profiler Class Timer Deadly Boss Mods Debuff Filter Diamond Threat Meter Dominos DPS Mate Elkanos Buf Bar Examiner Focus Frame Gladdy Grid Grid Mana Bars Group Calender Group O Matic Head Count Icicle Impulse Booster - http://www.wow-one.com/forum/topic/104290-addons-giveaway-by-onotole-proper-omen-and-addon-messages-fix-included/ Juked Kgpanels Legacy Logs Armory Legacy Logs Mappy Minimap Button Bag Mob Info Omen 2 Omnicc OneBag OneBank oRA2 Outfitter Pancea Drums Pitbull Prat Quartz Quest Helper Raid Buff Status Raiting Buster Recount Recount Watchdog Satrina Buff Frames - https://www.mediafire.com/?4x3tu7i94eotpq9 Scrolling Battle Text Shared Media Skinner SLData Text Solarian Alarm Spam Throttle Super Macro Tank Points Threat 2.0 TipTac Xperl Zygor Leveling Guide
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Wow - How to get the Amani Battle Bear - Solo Guide!
☆★Like my video? Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Blubear ★☆ Click to Tweet: http://ctt.ec/709u8 Hey guys! This is guide for the Amani Battle Bear. This is a 100% drop chance within the time frame. The mount is dropped in a dungeon called Zul'aman which needs to be set to 5 man heroic for the mount to drop. The dungeon is located in the Ghostlands on the far right in the Eastern Kingdoms. For this mount is it a timed run and you start off with 15 minutes. The timer will appear at the top of the screen. After the first and the second boss you gain 5 minutes more each time bringing it to a grand total of 25 minutes to complete the dungeon. For the whole dungeon don't forget if you need it have a food buff, pots and don't forget to repair your gear. For the adds all over the dungeon they aren't too bad just be sure to take down the medicine men first and then juggernauts also don't forget to get the totems the adds may place. On the first boss you can take down the brown bird adds that appear about half way through as they do cause a bit of damage or you can burn through it. If you need to use a health pot. When the kidnapper comes you can easily just shoot him down. On the second boss I said the charge was what killed me I said that wrong it was actually his strike attack. As a hunter it is a must to have your pet on the steps and you stand back (I stayed just at the edge of my firing range) this will cause him to use his strike on your pet and not you. Don't worry if you die here as I said I did and still had plenty of time. You can probably die 1-3 times before it consumes too much time (this goes for the whole of the dungeon). On the third boss this boss has a move called fire breath and it just sends a line of fire on the floor keep out of it. The adds will then spawn about half way through you can either just kill them or burn the boss just keep an eye on your health. For a hunter just your traps if you are having trouble with the adds. For the final boss only stand in the green healing totems. Let the lynx attack you and not kill him OR you can kill him just keep them separated from the boss. Basically tank and spank in phase 1. When phase 2 occurs(the transformation), stay on the Shaman (boss) and take the Spirit Lynx away and kill him if you want or just leave him on you. If you need any other information or you have any question just leave a comment and I will respond. I hope this helped and I hope you enjoyed thank you for watching :) Have a great week. Follow me on: ⇨Twitter: https://twitter.com/xXBluebearzXx ⇨Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xXBlubearXx
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Tost ui.wmv
A preview of my user interface, both resto (first part) and enhancement (second part). Character: Tostolobeek, Realm: Kor'gall EU Music: Foo Fighters - Learn to fly Addons: Stuf Unit Frames Bartender Satrina Buff Frame AzCastBar Totem Timers ShieldsUp Skada Omen MinimapButtonFrame VuhDo OmniCC TipTac Chinchilla Minimap Chatter Nice Damage (font: Coalition) If you have any specific questions regarding the details on how I've configured some of the addons, feel free to write it in the comments or contact me by all means available.
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The Syndicate hates Totems | Ascension WoW Part 5
My Bear visits Durnhold Keep and the Syndicate seems to hate her Totems more than her or her Imp. My Specc is getting better but not yet where I want it to be. My first trys at Videoediting I added music and a sound effect and hat to rescale the video to fit the audio file. Learning a lot ingame and out. Music: ►http://www.youtube.com/myuuji
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World of Warcraft: Nightelf Mohawk grenade
Here's the NE mohawk the day they rolled it out... its pretty funny i guess Also i actually got a lot of questions about my addons so i decided to add the list: questhelper shields up afflicted atlas loot auction lite bagnon bartneder button facade chatter cooldowns DBM doomcooldown pulse gatherer gladius miks scrolling battle text grid nice damage power auras quartz shaman friend sunn art titan panel totem timers wintertime sexy map x-perl im pretty sure i got em all =P
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Chill Alied Race Leveling with Kop - Highmountain Shaman Wafflecakes. World of Warcraft.
It's the weekend and that can only mean ONE thing. Time to do some chill allied race leveling with Kop. Today's toon is the Highmountain Tauren Shaman "Wafflecakes". (Shout out and thanks to our regular viewers Hetalia and Cupcake for the name.) I have spent almost ZERO time playing shaman since MoP so this should be a TON of fun. Come join in on the Lols and relax with Kop as he gets lost screws up quests he knows waaaaaaaaaaay too well and generally "Kop's" Things up. Don't forget to vote in our "Viewer Content Day" Poll here: http://www.strawpoll.me/15765296 where YOU determine what Kop will stream on Friday. Our ongoing charity campaign in memorium of my brother and to support St. Judes Children's Research Hospital info: Donate here: https://tiltify.com/@kopitarrules/djcc-memorial-annual-wow-marathon-2018-19/donate Fundraising Info here: https://tiltify.com/@kopitarrules/djcc-memorial-annual-wow-marathon-2018-19 Remember we are only six sponsors away from our next emoticon, so if you enjoy the stream and want to help it grow, please feel free to hit that sponsor button, or if you just want to donate a one time fixed sum of cash to help the stream grow there is always superchat. Either way I am honoured and humbled to be able to provide you with streaming you feel is worthy of supporting. If you enjoy my streams you might also enjoy the content of: Metro https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvLauasf7r9S7buOA_-Vr7Q https://www.twitch.tv/onelegiontv https://www.youtube.com/user/acegamestv Syiler: https://www.twitch.tv/syiler https://www.youtube.com/user/syigamer Harry: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3sUG1KKTdZF_wFKFwAfrIw https://www.twitch.tv/harryislington/videos/all Hobbs: https://www.twitch.tv/wowhobbs https://www.youtube.com/user/wowhobbs Panda: https://www.youtube.com/user/hybridpanda https://www.twitch.tv/hybridpanda F.A.Q. Where are you from? – I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada How old are you? – I am 44 years old What realm are you on? My main realm is Firetree (PVP) – US This toon is on Perenolde (PvE) - US What class/Spec do you play? I main a Windwalker Monk, Although I play all classes, badly. Full Character list here ( https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-ig44FG3xD1blpaSWdYRnZ6VDg ) Are you Crazy? - To paraphrase one of my favourite TV Characters “I am definitely a madman with a computer.” I have NEVER made ANY claims to sanity. How many 110s Do you have? I currently have 14 Max Level toons Opening and closing stream Music provided courtesy pf Sharm- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEhOE2fU_zIaXQVWvSI0iQA and TechnoAxe https://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe Some of my more Asked about Add-ons are : Elite Player Frame (Enhanced) : Puts the “rare mob” silver dragon around my character portrait, when I reach max level it will turn golden and become the “elite mob” golden dragon Star Cursor – It puts a star next to my cursor that grows the faster I move it. This way it is almost impossible to “lose my mouse” Flight Path and Time – Does what it says on the tin. It adds a flight timer to my UI and an estimate to the map the the flight master shows. Razer Naga = My main UI add-on. It reconfigures your main action bars to mimic the keypad on an MMO Mouse to help train your brain to think of the keys and your actions bound to them in that fashion. Add On Control Panel: A Modular Add on that allows saving sets of add ons So you can copy from one character to another and streamline How many add-ons you have running at any one time. Our ongoing charity campaign in memorium of my brother and to support St. Judes Children's Research Hospital info: Donate here: https://tiltify.com/@kopitarrules/djcc-memorial-annual-wow-marathon-2018-19/donate Fundraising Info here: https://tiltify.com/@kopitarrules/djcc-memorial-annual-wow-marathon-2018-19 Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
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Lord Kazzak 1% wipe with vent wow world of warcraft raid boss vanilla
Recorded on: May 4th 2005 We wiped at 1% or so and then killed him on the next attempt. I threw my keyboard and headphones . That's why my buddy list and talent tree pops up :P Guild is Atra Incedo aka Seditio of US-Lightnings Blade. There were also a couple of people from Demonhunters, and Ethereal Titans in the 40 man raid. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Lord_Kazzak_(tactics) Information: "Lord Kazzak was a world raid encounter, which means that players are allowed to participate in high-end content without the time investment necessary to hack ones way to the bottom of the dankest dungeons. Instead, he spawned within the back of the Tainted Scar in the Blasted Lands, a valley that is guarded by elite demonic forces left over from the Third War. The addition of these encounters opens up new game dynamics, both good and bad. While Blizzard expects a certain amount of competition for such high-end creeps, some players have been abusing Kazzak's special abilities with the specific intent to harass other players. " Strategy: "Once he is aggroed and the fight begins, you have no more than three (3) minutes to kill him. I'll explain later why. He starts off with everything he's got. He keeps meleeing the main tank while Cleaving once in a while for rogues swarming around him and keeps sending Shadowbolt Volleys to hurt everyone around. The volleys are not on a timer, instead he casts them as he sees fit. In some rare cases there's about 30 seconds between the casts, sometimes he does it every five seconds. In the meantime, he casts Twisted Reflection and the rarer Mark of Kazzak on random people. What to do here: Send your main tank in and let him build some aggro for a short while, just enough so he won't come at you the first time you cast something on him. Then unload. Have your DPS classes give him everything they have. Priests have to be extra mindful about the magical debuff he casts on your group. It has to be removed as soon as possible or the attempt will soon end in a disaster. Priests are also in charge of healing their groups thanks to that Shadowbolt Volley that keeps hitting everyone all the time. Mages need to be on top of the curse situation. Mark of Kazzak can and will cause a wipe if you let it go off on you. Dispel the curse as soon as you can. All casters should also leave about 1000 mana in their mana pool just in case he casts the curse on you. That'll give the mages four seconds to dispel before it goes off. In other words, 1000 mana is out of mana in this raid encounter. Also, anyone dying during the fight is not an option. Unless it happens during the first five seconds of the fight, you've failed already. Do not use grounding totems, pets or other small things he can kill for the 70,000 health heal. Your group will have exactly three minutes to finish the demon off. If you fail to kill him in that time due to lack of DPS, people dying or not dispelling Twisted Reflection properly, Lord Kazzak will enter what is called the Supreme Mode. Named after his yell once it triggers, the supreme mode causes him to cast his Shadowbolt every second. That's 800-1000 DPS on everyone, and that means a wipe. "
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Wow WOD Panda Horde Shaman Elemental
Warlords of Dreanor , Panda Horde Shaman Elemental test video.
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[By de Power of de Loa!] WoW Achievement
World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth - [By de Power of de Loa!] WoW Achievement Complete the Zuldazar world quest "Hundred Troll Holdout" without dropping any of the four totem buffs.
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