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Seawater Density
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Water Turns to Blood Dead Sea of China
In the pink! Natural phenomenon causes the 'Dead Sea of China' to blush with incredible colour Natural phenomenon took place at Yungcheng Salt Lake in northern China Colour changing is caused by algae which accumulates a red pigment Salt levels, lighting and temperature all contribute to the dazzling hue
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How to Determine the Density of Salt Water
Watch more Intermediate Math Skills videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/316202-How-to-Determine-the-Density-of-Salt-Water The density of salt water depends on how much salt is dissolved in it. Calculate the density of a particular sample with the method described here. Step 1: Fill a bottle with tap water Weigh an empty 1-liter bottle on an electronic balance, and then fill it with room temperature tap water. Step 2: Weigh the bottle Weigh the filled bottle on the balance. Then subtract the weight of the empty bottle and note the weight of the tap water. Tip The balance should have a capacity of at least 1.5 kilograms and be accurate to within 0.001 kilograms. Step 3: Weight the bottle with salt water Replace the tap water in the bottle with room temperature saltwater, and weigh it. Then subtract the weight of the empty bottle and record the weight of the saltwater. Step 4: Calculate the weight ratio Calculate the ratio of the weight of the saltwater-filled bottle with to that of the tap water-filled bottle. Step 5: Calculate the saltwater density Multiply the ratio by the density of pure water –1000 grams per liter – to get the density of the saltwater in grams per liter. Did You Know? Bathers float on the Dead Sea in Israel because the salt water density is so high.
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THE DEAD SEA, ISRAEL, Мертвое море, Израиль, ים המלח, THE DEAD SEA ISRAEL, البحر الميت, The Dead Sea (Hebrew: יָם הַמֶּלַח, Yam ha-Melah, "Sea of Salt", also Hebrew: יָם הַמָּוֶת, Yam ha-Mavet, "The Sea of Death", and Arabic: البحر الميت‎ About this sound Al-Bahr al-Mayyit (help·info)),[5] also called the Salt Sea, is a salt lake bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west. Its surface and shores are 429 metres (1,407 ft) below sea level, Earth's lowest elevation on land. The Dead Sea is 304 m (997 ft) deep, the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. With 34.2% salinity (in 2011), it is 9.6 times as salty as the ocean, and one of the world's saltiest bodies of water. This salinity makes for a harsh environment in which plants and animals cannot flourish, hence its name. The Dead Sea is 50 kilometres (31 mi) long and 15 kilometres (9 mi) wide at its widest point It lies in the Jordan Rift Valley and its main tributary is the Jordan River. The Dead Sea has attracted visitors from around the Mediterranean basin for thousands of years. In the Bible, it is a place of refuge for King David. It was one of the world's first health resorts (for Herod the Great), and it has been the supplier of a wide variety of products, from asphalt for Egyptian mummification to potash for fertilizers. People also use the salt and the minerals from the Dead Sea to create cosmetics and herbal sachets. The Dead Sea water has a density of 1.24 kg/litre, which makes swimming similar to floating. Climate: The Dead Sea's climate offers year-round sunny skies and dry air. It has less than 50 millimetres (2 in) mean annual rainfall and a summer average temperature between 32 and 39 °C (90 and 102 °F). Winter average temperatures range between 20 and 23 °C (68 and 73 °F). The region has weaker ultraviolet radiation, particularly the UVB (erythrogenic rays). Given the higher atmospheric pressure, the air has a slightly higher oxygen content (3.3% in summer to 4.8% in winter) as compared to oxygen concentration at sea level.Barometric pressures at the Dead Sea were measured between 1061 and 1065 hPa and clinically compared with health effects at higher altitude.(This barometric measure is about 5% higher than sea level standard atmospheric pressure of 1013.25 hPa, which is the global ocean mean or ATM.) The Dead Sea affects temperatures nearby because of the moderating effect a large body of water has on climate. During the winter, sea temperatures tend to be higher than land temperatures, and vice versa during the summer months. This is the result of the water's mass and specific heat capacity. On average, there are 192 days above 30C (86F) annually. SEXY RUSSIAN GIRLS, DEAD SEA ISRAEL, Мертвое море, Израиль, ים המלח, THE DEAD SEA ISRAEL
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Spencer Tunick Dead Sea Sinkhole Installation Photoshoot
Spencer Tunick Dead Sea Sinkhole Installation Spencer Tunick, American photographer renowned for his photos of groups of clothless shot at locations around the world, came to Israel recently to shoot "Dead Sea" at the Dead Sea. Over 1000 volunteers posed clothless , not only to help create unforgettable photos, but to help Tunick publicize the plight of the Dead Sea's falling water levels. As well, Tunick hoped the event will help the Dead Sea win the New Seven Wonders of the World contest, which would further make known the potential dangers to the Dead Sea's beauty. - by Harvey Stein
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Ice flowers blossom in China's "Dead Sea"
Weird and wonderful shapes blossom like flowers in a salt lake known as China's "Dead Sea." The natural phenomenon only happens when temperatures fall below minus 5 Celsius degrees.
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ये सागर ऐसा हैं जहाँ कोई डूबता नही हैं । dead sea facts in hindi |
हमारे वेबसाइट को भी देखें - http://www.vidyudabhi.com/ ****************************************************************** Namskar, dead sea ya mrit sagar kya hai ? App me se bahuto ko iske baare me pata hoga lekin shaandaar facts aur bhi dead sea ke baare me shayad aapko janana chahiye. Dead sea israel jordan aur west bank (Palestine) deshon ke beech me stith hain. Aur kya aapko pata hain dead sea ka mud ya keechad bhi swasthya ke liye behad labhdayak hai. Pure world se tarah tarah ke log yaha apne chehre ko sunder aur skin glowing banane ke liye yaha ke keechad ke liye aate hai. Dead sea ke paani ka swasthya mahatva bhi hain. Kyunki iske paani me bahut jyada matra me minerals milte hain. Jaise bromin , magnesium, iodine, etc. Pure asia me yeh chikitsa paryatan ka kendra ban chuka hain. Itna hi kaha jata hain ki Egypt ki Cleopatra ke sundarta ka raaj bhi dead sea ka mud tha. Dead sea ka sabase mystereous baat yah hain ki dead sea ke paas kumraan namak jagah per kuchh gufaayein ( caves ) mile hain jaha kuchh hazaro saal puraane scrolls mile hain jisme kuchh behad rahasyamayi baatein likhi hui hain jise israel government puri duniya se chhipa rahi. To mitron iske alawa bhi bahut kuchh hain dead sea me Ek rochak baat ye ki yahha per doobta nahi hain kyunki yaha ke paani ka density bahut jyada hota hain. Aur is khare paani me let kar chaay bhi pee sakate ho..😄😄😄😄 Phir mitron agar aap ko kuchh bhi extra iske baare me pata hain to comment box jarur likhe. [affiliate] https://vidyudabhi.wooplr.com/ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• SUBSCRIBE. LIKE. COMMENTS. SHARE °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Dead sea is the one of the mysterious place of this earth.but do you know ? Dead is also the hub of medical treatment.dead sea mud Mask, dead sea water etc all are use in medical. And at the last of this video I have some interesting mystery about dead sea which is related to Islam, jews and Christian religion. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° All the images and video are licensed under creative commons attribution 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Music credit :- Title:- connect the dots Artist: statusq Source :- https://freepd.com https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Facebook page → https://fb.me/vidyudabhi Twitter → https://Twitter.com/vidyudabhi Google plus page→ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/101626381599487943129/
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Dead Sea drying up IGEO TV]
The Dead Sea dries, lowering its level at a speed of 0.8-1.2 m per year. The reasons for this phenomenon has been accentuated in recent years are mainly the lack of rainfall and high temperatures and population growth, which brings the flow diversion of the Jordan River with the creation of aqueducts and reservoirs, like the National Aqueduct of Israel. This has led to the creation of wells on the shores of the Dead Sea and the lowering of its level (de-394m in 1960 to -423 in 2012), reducing its area a third of the original. The shuffling solution for this phenomenon is the creation of the Peace Canal, which would provide the necessary water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, measuring 180 miles long and 2 meters high. If it will not put any remedy, it is predicted that in 39 years it can dry completely. http://igeo.tv/ Watch Video Syria, International Armed Conflict: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RzvCYF1eT8 Igeo TV en español: ver videos, agencia de noticias y venta de metraje en: http://www.youtube.com/user/igeotv
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After drink sea salt with warm water before bed, This Is What Happens With Your Body
After drink sea salt with warm water before bed, This Is What Happens With Your Body 10 Amazing Sea Salt Benefits 1. Sea Salt Strengthens The Immune System The nutrients in sea salt are useful for increasing the immune system’s production of antibodies. When you consume it in small doses, it helps prevent colds, the flu and other viral infections that attack the body. 2. It Helps To Alkalize The Body This ingredient is a great support for the alkalization of the body. This is because it hasn’t been exposed to high temperatures. Its nutritional properties haven’t been reduced, either. Moreover, its essential minerals contribute to regulating blood pH, promoting the expulsion of toxins and acidic compounds. 3. Sea Salt Fights Asthma Because of its anti-inflammatory and soothing action, this type of salt is a natural solution against respiratory irritation. It has a slight expectorant effect that helps reduce the production of excess phlegm. Thus, it prevents the obstruction of the air passages. In fact, sea salt is very beneficial for patients with asthma, as it alleviates breathing difficulties. 4. It Protects Cardiovascular Health Diluting half a teaspoon of sea salt in warm water gives you a natural remedy to control high cholesterol and blood pressure. Although salt is not recommended for hypertensive people, this variety can be ingested in small doses without presenting any danger. Its high content of essential minerals contributes to reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes. 5. Sea Salt Relieves Muscle Aches Sea salt contains high levels of potassium and magnesium, which are two vital minerals for the proper functioning of the muscles. These compounds help to reduce tension, especially after doing some type of sports activity or after completing high physical demands. Furthermore, it regulates the levels of electrolytes that tend to become unstable due to the loss of liquids. 6. It Fights Depression Thanks to its properties, this natural ingredient helps maintain the levels of melatonin and serotonin, two chemicals related to the feeling of well-being. After ingesting sea salt, it prevents the production of cortisol and, therefore, reduces stress and depression. 7. Sea Salt Promotes Digestion Because of its contribution of chloride, sea salt helps to produce natural acids to optimize the digestion process of carbohydrates and proteins. Its absorption increases the presence of digestive enzymes and healthy bacteria that work together to remove waste and store nutrients. 8. It Helps You Sleep Well Because of its ability to stimulate the production of melatonin, this ingredient can be of great help to patients with insomnia and sleep disorders. Mixing sea salt with warm water before bed helps to relax the mind and body. Thus, it induces a deep and uninterrupted sleep. In turn, it helps to clean the mucous membranes of the body. Hence, it reduces the snoring related to the obstruction of the airways. 9. Sea Salt Optimizes Brain Functions The essential minerals in this ingredient are very beneficial for brain functioning. As they’re absorbed into the body, they improve the information and communication processes of brain cells, which are key to concentration and memory. 10. It Prevents Premature Aging This organic product’s antioxidant and alkaline effect make it a great support against the premature aging of cells. This means that sea salt helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases on a physical and mental level when you add it to your diet. In addition, since it supports detoxification, it’s a good supplement for preventing wrinkles and other skin signs of aging. As you can see, sea salt provides many health benefits compared to refined table salt. Try to buy it in health food stores and consume in small doses to take advantage of all sea salt benefits. After drink sea salt with warm water before bed, This Is What Happens With Your Body https://youtu.be/nsXR4VH4I38
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What Happens When You Boil The Ocean?
If you took the WATER out of SALT WATER, would it just leave SALT? Today we're finding out! Gallon Container: http://amzn.to/2r29bFL Stockpot: http://amzn.to/2pGKsTl Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips: http://amzn.to/2r8Wzc8 Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper: http://amzn.to/2pGkBKy Endcard Links: Butane Rockets: https://goo.gl/GaaBu6 Lighter Bomb: https://goo.gl/G84XIL Metal Melter: https://goo.gl/jolsPz Will Frozen Gasoline Burn: https://goo.gl/kmkx6o Business Inquiries: For business and sponsorship inquiries please contact us directly: https://www.youtube.com/thekingofrandom/about See What Else I’m Up To: Instagram: https://goo.gl/C0Q1YU Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBTheKingOfRandom Pinterest: http://bit.ly/pingrant Music by: JJD - "Future [NCS Release]" Video Link: https://youtu.be/n1ddqXIbpa8 Download: http://NCS.lnk.to/Future WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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China's 'Dead Sea' changes its colour as the temperature fluctuates | Vtv News
China's 'Dead Sea' changes its colour as the temperature fluctuates Download VTV Gujarati News App at https://goo.gl/2LYNZd VTV Gujarati News Channel is also available on other social media platforms...visit us at http://www.vtvgujarati.com/ Connect with us at Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/vtvgujarati/ Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/vtvgujarati Join us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+VtvGujaratiGaurav/ Join us at LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/vtv-gujarati
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Dead Sea - Mega Drought
Scientists from Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and the University of Jordan investigate the causes of ancient megadroughts in the Dead Sea area, and the looming possibility that this volatile region will run out of water in coming decades due to population growth and climate change. Scientific Story: http://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/2017/10/31/in-biblical-land-searching-for-droughts-past-and-future/ Photo Essay: http://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/2017/10/31/photo-essay-the-dead-sea-living-waters-and-megadrought/
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Water Density
This is a video I made while in Israel (in Jerusalem and at the Dead Sea). It (indirectly) addresses water density. Explanation and discussion should be accompanied with this video when showing it to a class.
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Observed Weight of Dead Sea Salt White Powder with Temperature Pt1
Several runs showed an initial weight loss, possibly due to MgO + H2O formation, but also fluctuations on cooling that could not be accounted for. Also it was apparent that there was a significant amount of unknown substance in the sample from a standard analysis and reaction point of view. ie m state could be real from this alone, although its properties would be another matter. See more at ormuslight.com
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Halite settling along the Dead Sea water column
Halite precipitation occurs in the Dead Sea as response to its negative water balance. A main mechanism of halite precipitation is nucleation of halite particles along the water column. During winter the entire Dead Sea water column is highly supersaturated with respect to halite, thus halite nucleates along the entire water column. During summer, the water column is is stratified with undersaturation at the upper part of the water column (25 m depth) and low supersaturation at the deep part of the water column. Both situations do not enable halite particles nucleation from the brine. Halite nucleates only slightly below the thermocline, where high supersaturation exist due to significant salt flux from the upper to lower part of the water column. See more in: Sirota, I., Arnon, A., & Lensky, N. G. 2016. Seasonal variations of halite saturation in the Dead Sea. Water Resources Research, 52(9), 7151-7162. https://doi.org/10.1002/2016WR018974 Sirota, I., Enzel, Y., & Lensky, N. G. (2017). Temperature seasonality control on modern halite layers in the Dead Sea: In situ observations. GSA Bulletin, 129(9-10), 1181-1194. https://doi.org/10.1130/B31661.1 For more details and pdf of the paper please contact [email protected]
Sea water became ice 😦😦😨😨-60  Degree celcius temperature in Syria
Due to green house gas Global unsatblisation Unbalance temprature
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The Secrets Of The Dead Sea, Israel with Zahi Shaked a tour guide with a camera
Zahi Shaked A tour guide in Israel and his camera [email protected] +972- 54-6905522 tel 0546905522 מורה דרך מדריך תיירים ישראל tour guide in Israel The beach at the Dead Sea offers you the natural qualities that are unique to this area. Mineral beach is located on the northern Dead Sea, is open all year around and provides you a beautiful surrounding and facilities that are perfect for pleasure and relaxation. You also take advantage of the health benefits of the Dead Sea. The air, the low atmosphere, the view and the wonderful sun gives you many hours of pleasurable vacation. The staff is meticulous about keeping the beach clean and tidy. There are wide shades, chairs and tables for the use of the visitor. The beach is quite an amazing place. You see the blue sea and hear the splash of the waves against the intensity of the Judean Mountains in the west and the mountains of Moab in the east. Sulphur Water Pool (Thermo-mineral) The pool water comes directly from natural sulphur springs 500 meters south of the facility. Spring water comes from the depths of the earth in a natural and constant temperature of 42 degrees centigrade and goes into the pool at a temperature of about 39 degrees. Dipping in the pool contributes to relaxation and tranquility. Natural Medical Mud On the beach you can use natural mud for your pleasure.. Some claim that the fine mud improves and strengthens the hair roots, stimulates blood circulation and the renewal of skin cells.
Trip to Dead Sea
a fast video about our short trip to the DeadSea. Here are some facts about the DeadSea : *Dead Sea is one of the wonders in the world, as it is the lowest point on earth. * it's called the DeadSea because there are no creatures living in the sea due to high salt concentricity in water. *The distance between Amman and DeadSea is about 50 km(31 miles). *It takes about 40 minutes by car to reach DeadSea from Amman. *The sea has a unique mud that's used for skin health treatment. *Temperature difference between Amman and DeadSea is about 9 c (+9 in DeadSea).
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4the Dead Sea ים המלח
Hong kong public transport https://youtu.be/rsrEpLuKty0 גשם, גשם, מטפטף https://youtu.be/Mw3G2JVv2ts The mineral content of the Dead Sea is very different from that of ocean water. The exact composition of the Dead Sea water varies mainly with season, depth and temperature. In the early 1980s, the concentration of ionic species (in g/kg) of Dead Sea surface water was Cl− (181.4), Br− (4.2), SO42− (0.4), HCO3− (0.2), Ca2+ (14.1), Na+ (32.5), K+ (6.2) and Mg2+ (35.2). Beginning in the 1960s, water inflow to the Dead Sea from the Jordan River was reduced as a result of large-scale irrigation and generally low rainfall.ים המלח ים המלח מוגדר "אגם טרמינלי". למים המתנקזים אליו אין מוצא טבעי פרט להתאיידות. מפלס הים הוא תוצאה של מאזן בין כמות המים הנכנסת אליו וכמות המים המתאדה והנשאבת נטו ממנו. DimaWorldTravel DimaWorldTravel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr8gs6TaryfySaQ4OFaD8FQ
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Rising Ocean Temperatures are "Cooking" Coral Reefs | National Geographic
Oceans are acidifying at a rate faster than any time in the last 300 million years. This year, we've seen the most drastic and damaging coral bleaching event in recent history - and it's attributable to warmer, more acidic oceans. It's time to take bigger steps to reduce our impact on the ocean's ability to restore itself. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe Learn more about Pristine Seas and National Geographic Society's other work to explore and protect the planet: http://nationalgeographic.org/ http://ocean.nationalgeographic.com/ocean/explore/pristine-seas/ About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Rising Ocean Temperatures are "Cooking" Coral Reefs | National Geographic https://youtu.be/mQ10xBl8XMQ National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Dead Sea Triathlon & Duathlon 2016 - Trailer
Dead Sea Triathlon & Duathlon 2016 - Trailer More information at www.experiencejordan.com/triathlon Please note, we checked the water temperature and swam with and without wetsuits. The water temperature is between 16-18 degrees centigrade, so wetsuits aren't required.
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SALTIEST Places on Earth
The Earth is home to some incredible sights. Here are some of the salitest places on Earth. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 13. Lake Vanda The waters here have a salinity that is said to be at least ten times the salinity of seawater--making Lake Vanda to be considered a hypersaline body of water and has a higher salinity than the Dead Sea. Lake Vanda is located in Victoria Land, Antarctica, measuring at 8 km, or 5 miles long and 2 km, or 1.2 miles wide. It’s volume is about 160 million cubic meters, though no species of fish resides in all that water. 12. Bonneville Salt Flat You’ve probably heard of The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah before as it’s a pretty big tourist destination. Named after army officer and explorer Benjamin Bonneville, this salt pan in Toole County is the largest of all the salt flats in the area west of the equally as famous Great Salt Lake. The Bonneville Salt Flats, sometimes going by the name Bonneville Speedway, is also a prime location for motorcar racing, which people have been doing in the area for nearly 100 years.. 11. Tsaidam Basin This salt marsh is also the country’s largest rock bed that is surface leveled. Salt deposits are at least 15 m, or 50 ft thick, and the salt lake itself has an area of nearly 1,600 sq km. Over millions of years ago, the lake was once under the ocean, but movement in the earth’s crust is the reason the largest salt lake in China exists. The climate here is hot and dry, making it the perfect environment for salt to be produced. 10. Garabogazköl This bay located in Turkmenistan has a salinity of about 35%, which is a lot when compared to the other large bodies of water in the area. The nearby Caspian sea, which only has about a 1% salinity, is separated from this strait lake by a rocky ridge. 9. Salar de Atacama Salar de Atacama is surrounded by mountains and is the largest salt flat in Chile. It spans an area of 1,200 sq miles, making it the third largest salt flat in the world. 8. Mono Lake This desert lake is considered a soda lake. Located in Mono County, California, Mono Lake is large but shallow, having formed almost 800,000 years ago. Brine shrimp flourish in its salty waters and since there’s no outlet for the lake, the salt just stays there, building up over time. 7. Devil’s Golf Course With a name like that, it’s no wonder this salt lake is located in Death Valley. Actually, there was once a lake here named “Lake Manly” which has since dried up, leaving minerals that is now scattered in the salt pan of the Devil’s Golf Course--which is known for its halite salt crystal formations you see here encrusting the surface. 6. Salinas Grandes Located in Argentina at the bottom of the Sierras de Cordoba mountain range, Salinas Grandes is a salt flat that has an altitude of 170 m above sea level. It’s surface varies from the quite flat, cracked floor to salt mounds in other parts of the flat. 5. Chott el Djerid This endorheic salt lake in Tunisia is described as being shaped like a wolf, though its name means “Lagoon of the Land of Palms.” To make it even cooler, the salt lake will appear different colors, ranging from white to purple and even green. It’s also the largest salt pan in the Sahara Desert, spanning about 2,700 sq miles. 4. Salar de Uyuni Everyone loves coming to Salar de Uyuni to take pictures like this for their vacation. The high salinity of the salt flat in Bolivia lets it seem mirror-like in the sun. With a measurement of 4,086 sq miles, it is the largest salt flat in the world. 3. Chaka Salt Lake It’s nickname is “Mirror of the Sky” since in the sun, the lake can seem to shine like a giant, flat mirror. Located in the Qinghai (ching hi) Province in China, Chaka Salt Lake is not only one of the saltiest places on earth, it’s also considered to be one of the most picturesque places in the Qaidam Basin. The lake at its largest during the rainy season is 9 km long and about 15 km wide--though it’s actually quite shallow. Mining has taken place at the lake for over 3,000 years, and is still exploited for its high salt content to this day. 2. The Dead Sea The Dead Sea is the deepest hypersaline lake in the whole world and is probably one of the most well known saltiest place in history. In fact, people have been coming to visit the Dead Sea for thousands of years and is also the sight of one of the first health resorts since it’s said salt water is good for you. You’ve all seen those pictures of people taking a swim in the lake to just float since the high salt content means lots of buoyancy. Don Juan Pond This small hypersaline lake lies in Wright Valley, located in Antarctica. It measures up to 980 ft and has a salinity of over 40%. Though Don Juan is merely a pond and is very small and very shallow, it is also one of the saltiest--it not the saltiest--body of water on earth.
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Dead Sea helps diabetics
A study has found that a short dip in the Dead Sea causes blood glucose levels to drop and could improve the medical condition of diabetics. The study carried out by researchers from the Ben Gurion University and Soroka Medical Center tested a group of 14 individuals aged between 18 and 65 who have suffered from Type 2 diabetes for less than 20 years. The study took place in a covered pool filled with Dead Sea water at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. After a 20 minute dip in the water subjects showed a significant 13.5 percent drop in glucose levels. The researchers are currently trying to secure additional funding in order to expand the study and examine the effects on diabetics after they swim daily in the water over a three week period.
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Dead Sea, Israel, Middle East, Asia
The Dead Sea, also called the Salt Sea, is a salt lake bordering Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west. Its surface and shores are 423 metres (1,388 ft) below sea level, Earth's lowest elevation on land. The Dead Sea is 377 m (1,237 ft) deep, the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. With 33.7% salinity, it is also one of the world's saltiest bodies of water, though Lake Assal (Djibouti), Garabogazköl and some hypersaline lakes of the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica (such as Don Juan Pond) have reported higher salinities. It is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean. This salinity makes for a harsh environment in which animals cannot flourish, hence its name. The Dead Sea is 55 kilometres (34 mi) long and 18 kilometres (11 mi) wide at its widest point. It lies in the Jordan Rift Valley, and its main tributary is the Jordan River. The Dead Sea has attracted visitors from around the Mediterranean basin for thousands of years. Biblically, it was a place of refuge for King David. It was one of the world's first health resorts (for Herod the Great), and it has been the supplier of a wide variety of products, from balms for Egyptian mummification to potash for fertilizers. People also use the salt and the minerals from the Dead Sea to create cosmetics and herbal sachets. In 2009, 1.2 million foreign tourists visited on the Israeli side. The Dead Sea seawater has a density of 1.240 kg/L, which makes swimming similar to floating. The Dead Sea is an endorheic lake located in the Jordan Rift Valley, a geographic feature formed by the Dead Sea Transform (DST). This left lateral-moving transform fault lies along the tectonic plate boundary between the African Plate and the Arabian Plate. It runs between the East Anatolian Fault zone in Turkey and the northern end of the Red Sea Rift offshore of the southern tip of Sinai. The Jordan River is the only major water source flowing into the Dead Sea, although there are small perennial springs under and around the Dead Sea, forming pools and quicksand pits along the edges. There are no outlet streams. Rainfall is scarcely 100 mm (4 in) per year in the northern part of the Dead Sea and barely 50 mm (2 in) in the southern part. The Dead Sea zone's aridity is due to the rainshadow effect of the Judean Hills. The highlands east of the Dead Sea receive more rainfall than the Dead Sea itself. To the west of the Dead Sea, the Judean Hills rise less steeply and are much lower than the mountains to the east. Along the southwestern side of the lake is a 210 m (700 ft) tall halite formation called "Mount Sodom". Until the winter of 1978--79, when a major mixing event took place, the Dead Sea was composed of two stratified layers of water that differed in temperature, density, age, and salinity. The topmost 35 metres (115 ft) or so of the Dead Sea had a salinity that ranged between 300 and 400 parts per thousand and a temperature that swung between 19 °C (66 °F) and 37 °C (99 °F). Underneath a zone of transition, the lowest level of the Dead Sea had waters of a consistent 22 °C (72 °F) temperature and complete saturation of sodium chloride (NaCl). Since the water near the bottom is saturated, the salt precipitates out of solution onto the sea floor. Beginning in the 1960s, water inflow to the Dead Sea from the Jordan River was reduced as a result of large-scale irrigation and generally low rainfall. By 1975, the upper water layer was saltier than the lower layer. Nevertheless, the upper layer remained suspended above the lower layer because its waters were warmer and thus less dense. When the upper layer cooled so its density was greater than the lower layer, the waters mixed (1978--79). For the first time in centuries, the lake was a homogeneous body of water. Since then, stratification has begun to redevelop. The mineral content of the Dead Sea is very different from that of ocean water.
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What Is The Temperature Of The Water?
Bordered by given its relatively small size and the fact dead sea is not connected to any other seas water temperature largely dependent on air 22 mar 2013 in galapagos changes throughout of year but fluctuation isn't too dramatic. Average monthly water temperatures at key west, miami and other beaches ocean for in hawaii, with a list of average yearly honolulu hilo there is no official national weather service or geological survey temperature gauge lake gaston but are several nearbyWater temperature? Environmental monitortemperature properties, usgs science school. A property that is unique to water versus other substances it most dense at 4 degrees celsius, or 39 fahrenheit, and less either higher lower temperatures i surmise the person who asked this question was wondering why in a room may sometimes be colder than ambient air by how much. The maximum density point is particularly important in freshwater 12 aug 2010 differences water temperature and cause stratification. Water temperature & trend. What is water temperature? Environmental monitor. Ocean water temperatures at hawaii current results. What is the water temperature in galapagos islands? Detour. Coastal water temperature guide nodc. Refugee crisis 'what is the temperature of water? '. Wetsuit guide based on current sea temperature cocoa beach pier water check out the ocean for surfing, kayaking and windsurfing. Wetsuit guide based on current sea temperature salisbury beach water check out the ocean for surfing, kayaking and windsurfing. If that is so, then you only drink water which within four degrees centigrade of your body s normal temperature, i. Water temperature? Environmental monitor. Temperature of drinking water the isha blog sadhguru. Googleusercontent search. For water to mediterranean temperaturesthe is the largest sea that not called an ocean. What is the temperature of water at room temperature? Quoraatlantic ocean temperatures. Gov cwtg url? Q webcache. At what temperature does water freeze? Lake michigan temperatures national weather servicevirginia beach (sea) and wetsuit guide cocoa pier salisbury florida ocean in winter current results. Wetsuit guide based on current sea temperature ocean temperatures during winter along the florida gulf and atlantic coasts. Water temperature is taken almost every time water sampled and investigated, 7 feb 2014 freshwater points. 19 nov 2013 to display water temperatures in a region of your interest select it from the side menu at left, or,; Select it from a google map based web page, 2 dec 2016 millions of measurements and analyses have been made. Water temperature? Environmental monitortemperature water properties, usgs science school. Water freezes from the surface down, allowing organisms to survive winter below ice cover. Water temperature environmental measurement systems. Between 32 and 40 degrees 30 nov 2011 when liquid water is cooled below 42 f, it crystallizes into ice too quickly for scientists to measure the temperatu
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Incredible changing colors of China's "Dead Sea"
Incredible changing colors of China's "Dead Sea." The Yuncheng Salt Lake turns a reddish hue, due to a combination of algae, salt and rising temperatures.
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A Mud Bath At The Dead Sea Of Jordan
The Dead Sea (Hebrew: יָם הַמֶּלַח‎ About this sound Yam ha-Melah lit. Salt Sea, Arabic: البحر الميت‎‎ About this sound Al-Bahr al-Mayyit[5]), is a salt lake bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and Palestine to the west. Its surface and shores are 430.5 metres (1,412 ft) below sea level,[4][6] Earth's lowest elevation on land. The Dead Sea is 304 m (997 ft) deep, the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. With 34.2% salinity (in 2011), it is 9.6 times as salty as the ocean, and one of the world's saltiest bodies of water.[7] This salinity makes for a harsh environment in which plants and animals cannot flourish, hence its name. The Dead Sea is 50 kilometres (31 mi) long and 15 kilometres (9 mi) wide at its widest point.[1] It lies in the Jordan Rift Valley and its main tributary is the Jordan River. The Dead Sea has attracted visitors from around the Mediterranean basin for thousands of years. It was one of the world's first health resorts (for Herod the Great), and it has been the supplier of a wide variety of products, from asphalt for Egyptian mummification to potash for fertilizers. People also use the salt and the minerals from the Dead Sea to create cosmetics and herbal sachets. The Dead Sea water has a density of 1.24 kg/litre, which makes swimming similar to floating.[8][9] The Dead Sea is receding at an alarming rate. Multiple canals and pipelines were proposed to reduce its recession, which had begun causing many problems. The Red Sea–Dead Sea Water Conveyance project, carried out by Jordan, will provide water to neighboring countries, while the brine will be carried to the Dead Sea to help stabilize its levels. The first phase of the project is scheduled to begin in 2018 and be completed in 2021. The Dead Sea area has become a location for health research and potential treatment for several reasons. The mineral content of the water, the low content of pollens and other allergens in the atmosphere, the reduced ultraviolet component of solar radiation, and the higher atmospheric pressure at this great depth each may have specific health effects. For example, persons experiencing reduced respiratory function from diseases such as cystic fibrosis seem to benefit from the increased atmospheric pressure.[30] The region's climate and low elevation have made it a popular center for assessment of putative therapies: Climatotherapy: Treatment which exploits local climatic features such as temperature, humidity, sunshine, barometric pressure and special atmospheric constituents Heliotherapy: Treatment that exploits the biological effects of the sun's radiation Thalassotherapy: Treatment that exploits bathing in Dead Sea water Psoriasis Climatotherapy at the Dead Sea may be a therapy for psoriasis[31] by sunbathing for long periods in the area due to its position below sea level and subsequent result that UV rays are partially blocked by the increased cloud cover over the Dead Sea.[32] Rhinosinusitis Rhinosinusitis patients receiving Dead Sea saline nasal irrigation exhibited improved symptom relief compared to standard hypertonic saline spray in one study.[33] Osteoarthritis Dead Sea mud pack therapy has been suggested to temporarily relieve pain in patients with osteoarthritis of the knees. According to researchers of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, treatment with mineral-rich mud compresses can be used to augment conventional medical therapy. Natural history There are two contending hypotheses about the origin of the low elevation of the Dead Sea. The older hypothesis is that the Dead Sea lies in a true rift zone, an extension of the Red Sea Rift, or even of the Great Rift Valley of eastern Africa. A more recent hypothesis is that the Dead Sea basin is a consequence of a "step-over" discontinuity along the Dead Sea Transform, creating an extension of the crust with consequent subsidence. Around 3.7 million years ago,[citation needed] what is now the valley of the Jordan River, Dead Sea, and the northern Wadi Arabah was repeatedly inundated by waters from the Mediterranean Sea. The waters formed in a narrow, crooked bay that is called by geologists the Sedom Lagoon, which was connected to the sea through what is now the Jezreel Valley. The floods of the valley came and went depending on long-scale climate change. The Sedom Lagoon[17] deposited beds of salt that eventually became 2.5 km (1.55 mi) thick.
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Halite rafts nucleation at the Dead Sea water surface
Halite precipitation occurs in the Dead Sea as response to its negative water balance. Although the salinity of the lake is the highest at the lake surface due to the evaporation from the lake surface, halite is barely precipitate there. This attribute to warming of the lake surface and mixing processes, both act to reduce salinity and prevent halite nucleation at the lake surface. In this video we present a rare situation of halite rafts nucleation at lake surface during days with calm wave conditions. See more in: Sirota, I., Arnon, A., & Lensky, N. G. (2016). Seasonal variations of halite saturation in the Dead Sea. Water Resources Research, 52(9), 7151-7162. https://doi.org/10.1002/2016WR018974 Sirota, I., Enzel, Y., & Lensky, N. G. (2017). Temperature seasonality control on modern halite layers in the Dead Sea: In situ observations. GSA Bulletin, 129(9-10), 1181-1194. https://doi.org/10.1130/B31661.1 For more details and pdf of the paper please contact [email protected]
11 Places That Might Disappear Soon
Whether it’s huge metropolitan cities with millions of people or famous landmarks we can’t imagine being without, here places that might disappear soon. Subscribe to American Eye! 6. Everglades The everglades are slowly beginning to vanish due to the pollution of Lake Okeechobee so you might have to visit this one while you still can! This is the only UNESCO world heritage site in the US that made it to the endangered list along with 53 other locations from other nations.The everglades in Florida takes up a massive 2,357 square miles in central Florida but that number could be a lot lower very soon.. The swampy terrain and its animals are underthreat from pollution because of the phosphorus that was extensively used in agriculture in florida. Most people come here to get an upclose look at the alligators that call this place home! However a lot of people probably got surprised if they came across the panthers that live here as well! Lake Okeechobee is not in the best condition and if pollution continues to affect this fragile, swampy ecosystem, there might be any gators left to visit. 5. Coral Reefs Beautiful coral reefs may unfortunately become a thing of the past especially the great barrier reef in Australia. Since coral appears to have a limited ability to adapt with CO2 levels this high and an increase in ocean temperature, their destruction seems inevitable. It appears that the only way they will survive is citizens and lawmakers come together in order to preserve them. The stress brought upon the coral from the warmer temperatures has led to what’s known as coral bleaching, causing them to turn more white. This then makes them weaker and unable to fight off disease. Many species of fish depend on these reefs as sources of food and places to hide from enemies, making it a place where vast biodiverse ecosystems call home. Australia’s great barrier reef the northern part is already severely bleached and at least 60 percent of it has been effected. 4.The City of Timbuktu Located on the southern edge of the Sahara in the country of Mali, is where you’ll find the historical city of Timbuktu which is basically turning into dust. It’s used in expressions, describing a really far away place but it does actually exist and is under threat of disappearing due to drought! Between the 12th and 14 century, this city thrived and was extremely wealthy from trading salt and ivory. It became possibly the most important medieval city in continent of Africa. The historical importance is undeniable but the fertile land that allowed for it to thrive is turning into dry desert which makes it nearly impossible to grow food. Farmers are slaughtering their camels for food since there is no longer grass to feed their cattle. The difficult task of living on land which is going through the process of desertification could prove to be too much and timbuktu could turn into a ghost town, with no one to repair it. 3. Venice Venice is a remarkable city in Northeastern italy where the visitors can see what life was like during the renaissance. Many remarkable monuments have been constructed here and this city showcases some of most unique feats of architecture and artwork. However it doesn’t appear as though this city was meant to last forever, because it is also sinking! Situated in the adriatic sea, it consists of hundreds of tiny little islands. You won’t find any roads here, just canals and those canals do flood occasionally mostly from high tides! The tidal floods seem to be causing more and more destruction of the city The soil in which the city was built isn’t very firm and it seems to be a question of when rather than if it’s going to happen. Italian officials are doing all they can do but it just appears to be a lost cause. 2. The Dead Sea The dead sea makes up part of the border between Israel and Jordan and has quite a few unique properties to it. Could one of the world’s saltiest lakes start drying up finally? The dead sea has the lowest elevation on earth and even though nothing can survive living in this lake, it’s still quite a unique place that many people enjoy visiting. It’s looking like this sea might be dead and it’s losing 2 billion gallons of water each year. A large scale mining operation appears to be the source of the problem as well as water diversions from the Jordan River. As a result of its diminishing size, large sink holes seem to be forming along the coast which has made tourism an issue. There is a plan in effect to try to save the lake which require building a series of pipelines and canals to transport water to it. This would require cooperation between israel and it’s neighboring countries which we all know could be a little difficult. New York City The great city of Atlantis was rumored to once exist and is now completely under the water somewhere out there. Great Egyptian cities have been discovered underwater after being victims of land
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Mass Deaths Update Pacific Ocean Animals Dying! Fukushima? Nat Geo Blames Hot Water
Huge Puffin Die-Off May Be Linked to Hotter Seas? Hundreds of birds are washing up dead in the Bering Sea, causing alarm among scientists. It may be linked to climate change. More than likely Fukushima. A stretch of water that provides more seafood than any other in North America saw such record-warm temperatures earlier this year that scientists suspect the ocean food web there has shifted. That could spell big downturns for marine life, from seabirds and fur seals to salmon, crab and the $1 billion-a-year pollock fishing industry that provides flaky white filets for everything from McDonald's fish sandwiches to frozen fish sticks. "The Bering Sea has been off-the-charts warm," said Nate Mantua, an ecologist at NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center in Santa Cruz, California. "We've never seen anything like this. We're in uncharted territory. We're in the midst of an extraordinary time." In the last few years another patch of unusually warm water that settled into the Gulf of Alaska and merged with warm waters in southern California completely transformed the coastal ocean. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/11/tufted-puffins-die-off-bering-sea-alaska-starvation-warm-water-climate-change/ It is Sardelas 2,500 species of birds, covering an area of two kilometers from the beach of South Nigue publishes the average SoyTemuco. However, Mayor Guillermo Martinez said that this is not a new phenomenon as in other opportunities have been other varazones of birds such as penguins. "In this case what is observed is that they are birds of the species sardelas, which in other opportunities have also been stranded," he said. After samples were taken and were analyzed by experts, Sernapesca ordered his transfer to the municipal landfill. In order to avoid a source of contamination in the population and natural environment, a gang of municipal officials remove dead birds and buried. http://www.eldinamo.cl/ambiente/2016/10/27/aves-muertas-rio-tolten-la-araucania/ Fishermen and residents of the San Jose Cove in Chiclayo found a large number of dead fish on the beach. Lorna, mackerel, pompano, cachemas and other stranded fish were found. The fishermen showed their concern and do not know the causes of the death of the fish that remained along a kilometer of the cove San Jose. They fear pollution in the cove. The fishermen indicated that they will await the pronouncement of the Institute of the Sea of ​​Peru (IMARPE) and that studies will be carried out to determine the causes of fish death. http://rpp.pe/peru/lambayeque/pescadores-hallan-peces-muertos-en-caleta-de-san-jose-noticia-1011156 Chilean scientific team ready to analyze varietal of 70 whales in Aysén http://www.eldinamo.cl/ambiente/2016/07/25/equipo-cientifico-analisis-varazon-ballenas-aysen/ Massive lobster deaths caused by floods in Phu Yen https://thetimesofvietnam.com/massive-lobster-deaths-caused-by-floods-in-phu-yen.html Subscribe Strontium Milks ☠ https://www.youtube.com/user/Fukushimaradiation Another great channel: MsMilkytheclown1 ☠ https://www.youtube.com/user/MsMilkytheclown1 If you don't have "Reverse Osmosis" consider one at http://www.multipureusa.com/ksmith
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DaAiTV_DaAi HeadLines_20100917_Dead Sea drying up
In our continuing series of reports from Israel, we find out why the country is a world leader in water technology. There is only one reservoir in the whole of country - the Sea of Galilee - which is being threatened by overdevelopment and global warming. Meanwhile, experts say the world-famous Dead Sea could dry up in 50 years. We went to Israel to find out how the country is dealing with its water shortage problems. --- Cracks in water policy? --- "Israel is drying and not only Israel, "it's happening in Australia, it's happening in Spain, it's happening in California..., it's happening all over the world, the world is drying, we are drying and it's not even a drought year." Using a woman's face to illustrate the problem of water shortage gets the message across in a shocking way. --- Water security issues --- With an average annual rainfall of only 400-500mm, and one reservoir of water - the Sea of Galilee in the north - little wonder that Israelis say their mood goes up and down with the level of water. Water security is a major concern in Israel, even here at the world famous Dead Sea. --- Dead Sea drying up? --- 400m below sea level, the Dead Sea has such a high salt content that swimmers can float on the surface. However, development by Israel and Jordan along the Jordan River has cut the flow of water into the Dead Sea. Increased demand for river water, coupled with rising temperatures, have combined to reduce the Dead Sea's supply by 75 percent. The temperature used to hover just over 40 degrees, but recently a new record of 51.4 degrees, the highest in 70 years, was reached. With evaporation, the experts estimate the Dead Sea could dry up in 50 years. --- New water technology companies --- Meanwhile, Assaf Barnea adds an ice cube to a glass, and pours in water straight from the tap, before coolly drinking it. A former Israeli basketball star, Assaf is now the CEO of a water technologies incubator. He has confidence in the quality of tap water, because he says Israel realized it needed to address its water problem at an early stage, and is now more advanced than other countries. Kinrot Ventures CEO, Assaf Barnea: "You see these are all start-up companies, Aqua Digital, Aquarius, TACount. We invest and we're looking forward to having more investment coming over to bring those early companies and early technologies into the market." --- Rising price of tap water --- Apart from developing water technologies, the government put up the price of water to help suppliers. Water Authority deputy director, Oded Fixler: "The tariff didn't cover all the costs for production and transportation, so in 2007 the government of Israel decided to establish the water authority." --- High price to attract developers --- The price of Israeli water went up from 1.30USD per cubic meter to 1.60USD for households that use under 2.5 cubic meters a month, and 2.65USD for other households, in the second stage of price adjustment. Compared those prices to Taiwan, where the average cost is around 0.35USD per cubic meter, and you realize why it is easier to promote water technologies in Israel. --- Water technology WATEC expo --- Every two years, the WATEC exhibition for renewable energy and environmental control draws in a surprising amount of business. WATEC chairman, Booky Oren: "Last year's exhibition in 2009 had over 800 water technology companies taking part. Water technology exports in 2007 alone reached a value of over 1 billion US dollars." --- New flow of opportunities --- A raft of national policies has helped make Israel a world leader in water technology. From seawater desalinization, to biological wastewater treatment, and the global phenomena of drip irrigation - Israel is not only turning the threat of water shortage into opportunities, but is going a step closer to developing new commercial ventures.
Observed Weight of Dead Sea Salt White Powder with Temperature Pt2
Several runs showed an initial weight loss, possibly due to MgO + H2O formation, but also fluctuations on cooling that could not be accounted for. Also it was apparent that there was a significant amount of unknown substance in the sample from a standard analysis and reaction point of view. ie m state could be real from this alone, although its properties would be another matter. See more at ormuslight.com
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The Dead Sea Lowest Place on Earth Israel and Jordan
Please Rate Comment and Thumbs Up! Extended Version of the First Video "Flotation Devices The dead Sea" This Video was Filmed during our 14 day Holy Land cruise on the Celebrity Silhouette. The Ship parks in the Port City of Ashdod which is just outside of Tel-aviv Israel. From there we hailed a cab to drive us 2 hours to the Dead Sea. The City of Jerusalem is situated up on top of a mountains area. As you come down the mountains heading towards the Dead Sea you will see people living among the desert in shanty shack looking houses with fires burning and skinny domesticated animals. The cab driver said they had been living there for generations. As we started to come down the last part there were elevation signs telling us we were going below sea level. The Air temperature also got warmer and more humid. The Valley floor was around 82 Degrees F. in mid November. There was a private beach Located on the Dead sea which has a bar, indoor and outdoor showers, The temperature in Jerusalem was probably in the mid 60s. On our way back at night is was even a bit cooler. The dead sea is not actually a Sea because it doesn't connect with the rest of the ocean. The river Jordan empties into the hyper saline lake generations of rain water have dissolved minerals from the surrounding mountains only to settle on in the dead sea. However it seems like the Dead Sea may be getting smaller and smaller based on the structures built near the shore. We were advised to not shave before going because the salty water will burn any open cuts or sensitive skin. If you do have any open cuts you will find them once you enter the water. Check out the Cruise video Here: http://youtu.be/Dl4LceZI57o
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Egyptian style wet method with bokek dead sea salt (ormus)
Tani and Matthew performing part of the process to extract Ormus from Dead Sea salt , at the Pulphouse , in Arizona ........ Featured in this video is the Egyptian Wet Method process and it is a solid reliable process ..... We have performed The Egyptian Method many times here with consistent results ........ We were unable to edit video at the time so we didn't show the process of making the natron solution (which takes place before what you see in the video) , and the washing process (which takes place after what you see in the video) ... Bromine, Sodium and Potassium are all removed from the precipitate by the washing process, and it is performed as follows: after settling: wash it thoroughly at least three times by decanting,mixing with pure water, letting it settle and decanting again , rinse and repeat , quite literally! (hehe) ..... There are no Gilcrest elements in Dead Sea Salt so overshooting a PH of 10.78 by a bit is really nothing to be concerned about, therefore no need to use a PH meter if you use these measurements (as used in the video).................. So ok, for the sake of detail and clarity --- STARTING FROM THE BEGINNING: First make your sodium carbonate solution by thoroughly baking 1 pound of Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda) in your oven on high for at least a few hours which turns the powder into Sodium carbonate (aka "Natron" or "Washing Soda") and then dissolve that natron powder into 36 ounces of water , and VOILA this is your concentrated sodium solution which will act as your alkaline reagent........It only requires about 140 milliliters of this alkaline sodium solution per batch so 36 ounces should be enough for several of these small batches..... Add your 140 milliliters of sodium (natron) solution to 24 ounces of water and set it aside for later... ...... Next make your reconstituted Dead Sea water by dissolving 2 to 3 tablespoons (yes this recipe is just THAT forgiving! =) ) into 24 ounces of water (reverse osmosis, distilled , or spring water etc) and the video demonstrates how to mix your two solutions and what to expect.....Set this milky looking solution (Hathor's milk) into a dark space (like a closet) with no strong magnetic fields nearby ...You can wrap the container with aluminum foil for further protection from RF or other high frequency EM fields while the precip is settling, but honestly Ormus is very stable with this much sodium present, but that will change after the washing is finished...... Potency degrades quickly after the washings, so you want to use it over the next few days after the final wash ........ This decanting/washing process can begin after the precip is fully settled which may take a few days , but it will settle faster after the first wash .............. Perhaps i will post an edited video showing all of the steps in more detail in the near future ...... NOTE: You can dissolve the finished precip in fresh Lemon juice, I highly recommend mixing this with something that contains live beneficial bacteria (like a good Yogurt , Kefir , Kombucha, Kevita, or EM1 if you are feeding plants), this will enhance the effects of the Ormus.
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How Much Salt Is In The Ocean Water?
Q & a how much salt in liter of sea water? . How much salt is there in the dead sea? salty Science buddies. Why is the ocean salty? Noaa's national service oceanservice. Dec 2016 by some estimates, if the salt in ocean could be removed and many of dissolved ions are used organisms 22 nov 2008 amount ocean, known as 'salinity', is a measure 1000 grams water. What percent of the ocean's water is salt? Ucsb science line. Much of this material that washes out the atmosphere today is pollution, but there are also natural 18 feb 2014 dead sea one saltiest bodies water on earth. The amount is i m working on project of reverse osmosis want to calculate the salt in one liter seawater altaf (age 25) mumbai, mharashtra 6 sep 2013 visualization how much actually contained sea water. Googleusercontent search. Also, although for what you want this probably isn't that important, when we say sea water is 3. How salty is the water in ocean? Thoughtco. It's not how much salt are you going to get? I read on one note there can still be water in the pot when sand reaches right consistency near where rivers reach ocean, content (salinity) will lower. How much salt is in 1 gallon of sea water? Does the similarity human blood to water prove life how seawater? . Html url? Q webcache. Sea water in comparison to fresh water? How make sea salt 7 steps (with pictures) instructables. On average, seawater in the world's archaea also exist pelagic waters and may constitute as much half ocean's biomass, clearly playing an important part oceanic processes on oceans has a salinity of approximately 3. Why is the ocean salty? Noaa's national servicesea water sciencedaily. Stated in another way, about 3. The special salt has been used in beauty products for thousands of years, have you ever swimming at the beach and gotten some water your mouth by mistake? Then how much do they compared to ocean? . Percent of the weight seawater comes from dissolved salts; In a cubic mile seawater, salt (in form sodium chloride) would be about 120 million tons or water, is water sea ocean. The fact that the same chemicals (such as salt) are in each 'proves' man's relation to all of life, which originated sea. But as with many of the evolutionary what would correct proportions salt to water be get that seawater 21c i don't, sea freezes at about 2c rather than 20c Why is ocean salty? Noaa's national servicesea sciencedaily. Ounces of salt 3 may 2017 the salts in ocean aren't just sodium and chloride, but other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, many others two most common elements sea water, after oxygen hydrogen, are chloride. How much salt is in the ocean? Beach chair scientist. If all the salt in oceans was removed and made into a single why is sea salty? . When preparing sea water samples for class, it is always astonishing to me 9 apr 2013 salt isn't hard make, but takes time and patience. The concentration of salt in seawater (salinity) is about 35 parts per thousand. We'd learned, t
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What is SEAWATER GREENHOUSE? What does SEAWATER GREENHOUSE mean? SEAWATER GREENHOUSE meaning - SEAWATER GREENHOUSE definition - SEAWATER GREENHOUSE explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. SUBSCRIBE to our Google Earth flights channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UuCPh7GrXznZi0Hz2YQnQ A seawater greenhouse is a greenhouse structure that enables the growth of crops in arid regions, using seawater and solar energy. The technique involves pumping seawater (or allowing it to gravitate if below sea level) to an arid location and then subjecting it to two processes: first, it is used to humidify and cool the air, and second, it is evaporated by solar heating and distilled to produce fresh water. Finally, the remaining humidified air is expelled from the greenhouse and used to improve growing conditions for outdoor plants. The technology was introduced by British inventor Charlie Paton in the early 1990s and is being developed by his UK company Seawater Greenhouse Ltd. The more concentrated salt water may either be further evaporated for the production of salt and other elements, or discharged back to the sea. The seawater greenhouse is a response to the global water crisis and peak water. A seawater greenhouse uses the sun, the sea and the atmosphere to produce fresh water and cool air. The process recreates the natural hydrological cycle within a controlled environment. The front wall of the building is a seawater evaporator. It consists of a honeycomb lattice and faces the prevailing wind. Fans control air movement. Seawater trickles down over the lattice, cooling and humidifying the air passing through into the planting area. Sunlight is filtered through a specially constructed roof. The roof traps infrared heat, while allowing visible light through to promote photosynthesis. This creates optimum growing conditions – cool and humid with high light intensity. Seawater that has been heated in the roof passes through a second evaporator creating hot, saturated air which then flows through a condenser. The condenser is cooled by incoming seawater. The temperature difference causes fresh water to condense out of the air stream. The volume of fresh water is determined by air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation and the airflow rate. These conditions can be modeled with appropriate meteorological data, enabling the design and process to be optimized for any suitable location. A seawater greenhouse evaporates much more water than it condenses back into freshwater. This humid air is `lost´ due to high rates of ventilation to keep the crops cool and supplied with CO2. The higher humidity exhaust air provides some benefit to the cultivation of more hardy crops downwind of the greenhouse. This phenomenon could enable the cultivation of biofuel crops in the area surrounding the seawater greenhouse. The technique is applicable to sites in arid regions near the sea. The distance and elevation from the sea must be evaluated considering the energy required to pump water to the site. There are numerous suitable locations on the coasts; others are below sea level, such as the Dead Sea and the Qattara Depression, where hydro schemes have been proposed to exploit the hydraulic pressure to generate power, e.g., Red Sea–Dead Sea Canal. The seawater greenhouse technology was adopted and subsequently modified by Sundrop Farms in Port Augusta, Australia. In particular, Sundrop Farms uses a more robust desalination technique in favour of the water vapour technique employed by Seawater Greenhouse, thus allowing them to construct larger scale facilities. This has been a success, allowing Sundrop Farms to grow crops such as tomatoes in arid climates with only the use of salt water and sunlight, which they use to produce heat, water, and electricity. An expansion of 20 hectares was commissioned in October 2016.
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What Is The Saltiest Ocean On Earth?
Most oceans and seas typically have no outlets. 10 things you didn't know about the dead sea twistedsifter. As the earth's temperature rises in future (both from natural and jan 5, 2010 Saltiest earth? Quora. Why is the dead sea saltiest in earth? Quora. Sv, equal to about two mar 5, 2013 some briny deeps are brinier than others. The normal range for salinity in oceans is between 33 and 37 grams per liter. It is much saltier than the atlantic ocean, but it loses some of its mineral rich water through straits gibraltar. Of our planet's surface, and 96. Short sharp science satellite shows the world's saltiest seas. Saltiest in the earth? Quora area 41. There are a few exceptions such as the mediterranean sea. 1), why? The water vapor transport (about 0. Sep 23, 2011 the new aquarius map reveals predominantly well known ocean salinity features, such as higher in subtropics, average atlantic compared with pacific and indian oceans, lower rainy belts near equator, northernmost elsewhere dec 29, 2014 a shot of world's saltiest body water, don juan pond, was for comparison, is about 3. Why is the atlantic so salty? Columbia university. List of bodies water by salinity wikipedia. Which ocean is the saltiest? The saltiest seas in world only apartments' blogscience focus. Nasa unveils map of salt levels in seas around the world which a measure image day nasa earth observatory. The age of the earth ocean salinity as a failed scientific clock world's most saline bodies water worldatlas. Science was born from these observations of the natural world jan 13, 2017 salinity oceans. The surface waters of atlantic ocean are a lot saltier than pacific water (fig. The atlantic ocean has two huge 'deserts' of extra salty water, the result little rainfall and lots is saltiest five basins. The oceans contain roughly 97. The vast, mat like colonies of bacteria found in coastal lagoons around the world sep 26, 2011 this nasa map shows salt levels world's oceans and could prove key to understanding everything from global rainfall ocean currents jun 12, 2012 as oceanographers have known for many years but now can see atlantic is saltier than pacific indian 24, with 33. World's saltiest body of water seen from space (photo) live science. Why is sea water salty, and not lake water? (beginner) curious floating in the dead israel youtube. Oceans' saltiness reaching extremes seeker. Bbc earth earth's saltiest place makes the dead sea look like new map shows saltiness of oceans live science. Saltiest in the earth? Quora. Aug 10, 2016 if you think the sea is saltiest place on earth, are mostly right. Aug 18, 2017 the supercharging of weather patterns by global warming is making some parts earth's oceans much saltier while others are getting throughout recorded history man has longed to understand his surroundings and environment. Salinity is typically close classifiche a refreshing dip in the saltiest seas around world it considered of oceans, and especially persian gulf, with
Salinity - Video Learning - WizScience.com
"Salinity" is the saltiness or dissolved salt content of a body of water . Salinity is an important factor in determining many aspects of the chemistry of natural waters and of biological processes within it, and is a thermodynamic state variable that, along with temperature and pressure, governs physical characteristics like the density and heat capacity of the water. A contour line of constant salinity is called a "isohalíne" – or sometimes "isohale". Salinity in rivers, lakes, and the ocean is conceptually simple, but technically challenging to define and measure precisely. Conceptually the salinity is the quantity of dissolved salt content of the water. Salts are compounds like sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, potassium nitrate, and sodium bicarbonate which dissolve into ions. The concentration of dissolved chloride ions is sometimes referred to as chlorinity. Operationally, dissolved matter is defined as that which can pass through a very fine filter . Salinity can be expressed in the form of a mass fraction, i.e. the mass of the dissolved material in a unit mass of solution. Seawater typically has a salinity of around 35 g/kg, although lower values are typical near coasts where rivers enter the ocean. Rivers and lakes can have a wide range of salinities, from less than 0.01 g/kg to a few g/kg, although there are many places where higher salinities are found. The Dead Sea has a salinity of more than 200 g/kg. Whatever pore size is used in the definition, the resulting salinity value of a given sample of natural water will not vary by more than a few percent . Physical oceanographers working in the abyssal ocean, however, are often concerned with precision and intercomparability of measurements by different researchers, at different times, to almost five significant digits. A bottled seawater product known as IAPSO Standard Seawater is used by oceanographers to standardize their measurements with enough precision to meet this requirement. Wiz Science™ is "the" learning channel for children and all ages. SUBSCRIBE TODAY Disclaimer: This video is for your information only. The author or publisher does not guarantee the accuracy of the content presented in this video. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Background Music: "The Place Inside" by Silent Partner (royalty-free) from YouTube Audio Library. This video uses material/images from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salinity, which is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ . This video is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ . To reuse/adapt the content in your own work, you must comply with the license terms.
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Temperature changes density - Hot and Cold water
im sure you realise that temperature of water will change its density! See some experiments that show it very simply. To see 100s more videos that show WHAT you can do with Science..SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/dartofscience FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Dartofscience-1449426145288964/ The science behind it video is in this link below https://youtu.be/-o_OE-Q7nds
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temperature of the sea water on earth
a video of the earth showing the temperature of the sea water in the Vienna Natural History Museum
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10 Most Dangerous Waters in the World
For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ► Subscribe: https://goo.gl/gYLyzW ################################ ► Website: http://vid.io/xcRS ► Facebook: https://goo.gl/G0HVYw ► Twitter: http://vid.io/xcRO ► Google +: http://vid.io/xcRM ################################ The world is 70 percent water, so it's probably a good thing that the stuff is good for us. We can drink it, swim in it, grow food with it, and just plain live because of it. However, certain bodies of water are shockingly mean to us. Interacting with some lakes and rivers can hurt us, make us sick, or even kill us. Hello guys and today we're talking about 10 Bodies Of Water That Want You Dead #10. Boiling Lake Dominica Whoever named this place was certainly no fan of subtlety: Boiling Lake is exactly what it sounds like. Discovered in 1870 by two Englishmen, temperatures taken five years later ranged anywhere from 82 to 91.5 °C. #9. Citarum River West Java, Indonesia Here we have a body of water that can destroy us, but only because we screwed it up. Citarum River might well be the most polluted, trash-filled bit of water on the planet. #8. Rio Tinto Spain Rio Tinto is among the most acidic bodies of water around, with a pH balance of 2, at best. This means the Rio Tinto is as strong as stomach acid and is more than powerful enough to kill any fish that dare swim in it. #7. Lake Kivu Of DRC And Rwanda Three hundred meters (1,000 ft) below the surface of Lake Kivu lies a ticking time bomb. Over 250 cubic kilometers (60 cubic miles) of carbon dioxide, along with around 65 cubic kilometers (15 cubic miles) of methane gas, lurks under this body of water, enough to provide electricity to several countries. #6. The Rivers Of Johannesburg South Africa Catching E. coli is no fun under normal circumstances; now imagine you were literally swimming in the stuff. #5. Blackwater River Virginia, USA Too much water can be a bad thing, even if the water can't kill you otherwise. #4. Tualatin River Oregon, USA Oregon's Tualatin River is not the place to be if you want to take your dogs for a swim; close to a dozen pups die there every year from exposure to toxic blue-green algae. #3. Lake Karachay Russia Like a supermodel with a bomb strapped underneath her bodice, Russia's Lake Karachay is pristine, gorgeous, and incredibly deadly. It is, without question, the most radioactive body of water on the planet. #2. Belle Fourche River And South Dakota, USA Belle Fourche isn't poisonous, boiling, or radioactive. However, it is turbulent and wild, at least in one particular area. #1. Potomac River Maryland–West Virginia Border, USA Though the only thing most people know about the Potomac is that Washington, DC is situated on it, the legendary river can also be associated with something else: horrible deaths. Thank you for watching!!! Does anyone want to come over and swim with me? Write in comments what do you think of these bodies of water. Join our channel for more interesting videos!
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DEAD SEA Israel, SUNSET, nostalgia and memories
Dead sea Israel, SUNSET, nostalgia and memories. 4K Relaxsing PAPA. Papa & Nature The Dead Sea is probably a unique gift of nature, which helps people to improve their health and gain long years of life, because healing tours on the Lifeless Sea are used especially by travelers from the lattice. The Healing Pool is located on a personal low point of the globe. Essence, the necessary minerals, air and pure moisture favorably contribute to the human body and are ready to release from almost all diseases. Dead sea Israel, SUNSET, nostalgia and memories. As part of the water there is still mud, which in medicine is used to create creams and masks in accordance with the care because of the skin. Mud healing helps to strengthen the immune system, relieve stress, get rid of pain in the joints and warm up the body completely. It is worth seeing that the moisture of the Dead Sea has the highest concentration of salt, why it is practically impossible to drown, and the average year-round water temperature is no less than 24 degrees Celsius. These conditions allow you to drive because of recovery at any time of the year. Dead sea Israel, SUNSET, nostalgia and memories. Come, follow, follow me... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCskFSpDpXyqQNnacB1u4k_g? Best Music: Alan Walker - Faded. FREE MUSIC - Tom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVozoIpX2Q0
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Aral Sea: The sea that dried up in 40 years - BBC News
Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews The disappearance of the Aral Sea in Central Asia is one of the world's greatest man-made disasters. In Kazakhstan, with the help of the World Bank, more than $80million have been spent trying to save the most northern part of the sea but this has only benefited a few hundred people. In this film, we speak to people still living in deserted fishing ports, to see how their lives have changed, and to find out whether they believe that they'll ever see the sea again. Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcworldnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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OG-30 | Salinity of Ocean & it's deposit |सागरीय लवणता और निक्षेप। For UPSC and state PSc
Is video me hum mahasagariya jal ki salinity ke baare me padhenge . Topic Covered 1- Salinity 2- Cause of Salinity of water 3- Factors effecting Salinity of Ocean Water 4- Horizontal distribution of Salinity of Ocean 5 - Vertical distribution of Salinity of Ocean Factors Affecting Ocean Salinity The salinity of water in the surface layer of oceans depend mainly on evaporation and precipitation. Surface salinity is greatly influenced in coastal regions by the fresh water flow from rivers, and in polar regions by the processes of freezing and thawing of ice. Wind, also influences salinity of an area by transferring water to other areas. The ocean currents contribute to the salinity variations. Salinity, temperature and density of water are interrelated. Hence, any change in the temperature or density influences the salinity of an area. Horizontal distribution of salinity To make life easier, I will remove the symbol o/oo and place only number The salinity for normal open ocean ranges between 33 and 37. High salinity regions In the land locked Red Sea (don’t confuse this to Dead Sea which has much greater salinity), it is as high as 41. In hot and dry regions, where evaporation is high, the salinity sometimes reaches to 70. Comparatively Low salinity regions In the estuaries (enclosed mouth of a river where fresh and saline water get mixed) and the Arctic, the salinity fluctuates from 0 – 35, seasonally (fresh water coming from ice caps). Pacific The salinity variation in the Pacific Ocean is mainly due to its shape and larger areal extent. Atlantic The average salinity of the Atlantic Ocean is around 36-37. The equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean has a salinity of about 35. Near the equator, there is heavy rainfall, high relative humidity, cloudiness and calm air of the doldrums. The polar areas experience very little evaporation and receive large amounts of fresh water from the melting of ice. This leads to low levels of salinity, ranging between 20 and 32. Maximum salinity (37) is observed between 20° N and 30° N and 20° W – 60° W. It gradually decreases towards the north.distribution of ocean salinity Indian Ocean The average salinity of the Indian Ocean is 35. The low salinity trend is observed in the Bay of Bengal due to influx of river water by the river Ganga. On the contrary, the Arabian Sea shows higher salinity due to high evaporation and low influx of fresh water. Marginal seas The North Sea, in spite of its location in higher latitudes, records higher salinity due to more saline water brought by the North Atlantic Drift. Baltic Sea records low salinity due to influx of river waters in large quantity. The Mediterranean Sea records higher salinity due to high evaporation. Salinity is, however, very low in Black Sea due to enormous fresh water influx by rivers. Inland seas and lakes The salinity of the inland Seas and lakes is very high because of the regular supply of salt by ‘ the rivers falling into them. Their water becomes progressively more saline due to evaporation. For instance, the salinity of the Great Salt Lake , (Utah, USA), the Dead Sea and the Lake Van in Turkey is 220, 240 and 330 respectively. The oceans and salt lakes are becoming more salty as time goes on because the rivers dump more salt into them, while fresh water is lost due to evaporation. Cold and warm water mixing zones Salinity decreases from 35 – 31 on the western parts of the northern hemisphere because of the influx of melted water from the Arctic region. surface salinity of world's oceans Sub-Surface Salinity With depth, the salinity also varies, but this variation again is subject to latitudinal difference. The decrease is also influenced by cold and warm currents. In high latitudes, salinity increases with depth. In the middle latitudes, it increases up to 35 metres and then it decreases. At the equator, surface salinity is lower. Vertical Distribution of Salinity Salinity changes with depth, but the way it changes depends upon the location of the sea. Salinity at the surface increases by the loss of water to ice or evaporation, or decreased by the input of fresh waters, such as from the rivers. Salinity at depth is very much fixed, because there is no way that water is ‘lost’, or the salt is ‘added.’ There is a marked difference in the salinity between the surface zones and the deep zones of the oceans. The lower salinity water rests above the higher salinity dense water. Salinity, generally, increases with depth and there is a distinct zone called the halocline (compare this with thermocline), where salinity increases sharply. Other factors being constant, increasing salinity of seawater causes its density to increase. High salinity seawater, generally, sinks below the lower salinity water. This leads to stratification by salinity.
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Путешествия. Израиль. Мёртвое море в Израиле. Моя поездка на Мёртвое море
Путешествия. Израиль. Мёртвое море в Израиле. Моя поездка на Мёртвое море в марте 2016. В Мёртвом море можно купаться круглогодично, даже зимой температура воды и воздуха как летом. На этом канале находятся видео на следующие темы: рукоделие, кулинария, животные, путешествия и экскурсии, родной город, интересное вокруг нас. Мой сайт (интернет-магазин) http://irisy-tv.com.ua/ Мой второй канал о растениях: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_FL-Wr5SrdO_6A98xPAyEA Одноклассники https://ok.ru/profile/449300090435 Фэйсбук https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009210151978 ВКонтакте https://vk.com/id143431976
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Anti Magnetic Trap V Waste Water Ormus
Compares Deadsea salt Ormus m state production using Anti Magnetic trapped Water versus Waste Water that passed through magnets. Trapped water produced 10% more as per previous experiment, and Waste Water produced more again! Also covers techniques and problems encountered and overcome as well as reaction curves of interest to anyone wanting to do this kind of work for themselves in a kitchen environment. See more at ormuslight.com
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Beating Summer Heat at China's "Dead Sea"
For more news and videos visit ☛ http://english.ntdtv.com Follow us on Twitter ☛ http://twitter.com/NTDTelevision Add us on Facebook ☛ http://facebook.com/NTDTelevision With scorching summer temps in southern China... people are looking for a way to beat the heat. One place that thousands flock to is a resort with China's version of the Dead Sea. With temperatures reaching new highs, thousands are seeking shelter from the heat. In China's Sichuan Province, a Dead Sea Resort has become a popular place to do just that. "It is too hot these days. We came all the way from Dujiangyan to the dead sea because it is cool and comfortable here." So far, China's Dead Sea has welcomed almost a million people since the beginning of summer. The Chinese Dead Sea is a natural underground salt lake formed 150 million years ago. The resort is a popular tourist attraction every May to October.
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Crazy DANGERS Of Deep Sea Diving
Of course, there are a ton of reasons to go for an adventure far under the surface of the ocean, but do you know all of the potential risks that accompany each and every dive? If you didn’t, here they are, these are the 15 Dangers Of Deep Sea Diving. #7 - Nitrogen Narcosis Nitrogen Narcosis is yet another serious issue divers need to be aware of. When the human body gets too much nitrogen in their system, it creates a kind of narcotic effect. It would feel like the nitrous-oxide gas given to you at the dentist’s office. While you might enjoy that woozy feeling when you’re inside a dentist’s office on dry land, this is not a feeling you would want to experience when you are far under water. Nitrogen narcosis damages both sensory perception and judgment making each decision the affected diver makes a potentially dire one. #6 - Gaps In Actual Experience If you are an experienced diver, you know that there is a rule that states you have to take a refresher course every six months that you haven’t been actively diving. Although you, being a diver, might laugh because you believe that the course really isn’t all that big of a deal, it really is very important. After not diving for just a few months, some of the very minor but incredibly important and vital details of the preparation or procedure of diving could be forgotten. Depending on which part you forget, that tiny sliver of information might just cost you your life. Just take the refresher course to get back in the loop. #5 - Losing Your “Buddy” It might seem silly but the “Buddy System” is really important when it comes to dives and swimming out in the ocean. If you have a buddy, there should always be at least one other person in the water that is concerned with your safety and survival. The ocean is not a place to lose your buddy. #4 - “The Bends” Decompression sickness is most often referred to as “the bends” and it is caused by increased pressure which makes the tissues in a body absorb more nitrogen. When that fierce pressure is suddenly reduced, the extra nitrogen can form tiny nitrogen bubbles that can kill. When deep sea divers want to return to the ocean’s surface, they must do so in distinct stages that are carefully monitored so that they can best control the rate of which the absorbed nitrogen is released. The bends can range from the affected having aching joints, a creepy skin rash, or paralysis and even possibly death. Do NOT go diving without being properly trained. It is not a hobby that you can just pick up an afternoon. #3 - Not Wearing Adequate Protection We aren’t just talking about wearing durable gloves while checking out a sunken shipwreck, although if you do get cut without wearing protective gloves, you can get tetanus, which doesn’t sound like fun. We’re talking about wearing gear that is suited to the climate and temperatures of the weather and the ocean you are diving into. When you are wearing a short wetsuit, don’t go play around in some coral where you can easily get cut up, which could lead to even more danger. Also, the temperature of the water gets colder the further down you get, so make sure you dress appropriately, it’s not like you can just put on a jacket once you’re underwater. #2 - Oxygen Toxicity Oxygen toxicity happens only when the person is deep sea diving and goes more than 135 feet below the surface. Just like nitrogen, which caused a lot of problems for divers earlier, the body absorbs more oxygen when the body finds itself underneath increased water pressure. Experienced divers know how to deal with the increase of oxygen but as the pressure and depth increase, the body absorbs more and more oxygen and too much can become toxic. The symptoms start with tunnel vision and nausea and then switch to loss of consciousness and seizures. If either one of the last things happens while you’re underwater, you’re most likely never making it to the surface again. #1 - Mask Squeeze The woman in this picture looks like she is about to start bleeding from her eyeballs which is a rather frightening thing to see. However, she isn’t a lead role in an up and coming horror film, she’s suffering from a diver’s condition called “mask squeeze.” When the pressure of the air inside the mask isn’t equalized correctly, the outside pressure causes the scuba mask to be pushed on the diver’s face resulting in this scary painful look. The small blood vessels surrounding and in the eyes burst, which leads to the bloody eyeballs you see here. This is not the look she was going for, we’re sure of that.
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Sea Surface Salinity
The heat of the sun also forces evaporation at the ocean's surface, which puts water vapor into the atmosphere but leaves minerals and salts behind, keeping the ocean salty. The salinity of the ocean also varies from place to place, because evaporation varies based on the sea surface temperature and wind, rivers and rain storms inject fresh water into the ocean, and melting or freezing sea ice affects the salinity of polar waters.
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