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What is PIM?
See how Product Information Management can deliver agility to your organization's marketing and supply chain teams. To Talk with a Specialist go to: http://www.intricity.com/intricity101/
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Product Information Management (PIM) Demo
Watch a brief overview of how Propel, the only cloud Product Information Management (PIM) software built on the Salesforce platform, helps you capture, update and share the latest product information across all your sales channels. Propel makes it easy to roll out all your product attributes, pricing data, CPQ attributes, marketing specs, media and artwork can all be rolled out to Salesforce, CPQ systems, e-commerce sites and supplier portals. https://www.propelplm.com
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The Evolution of PIM - At the Whiteboard
Ever wonder why you can't seem to drive the right product content to market that your retailers and consumers demand? Rob explains the evolution of PIM and what's next for brands in this short video. The Evolution of PIM - At the Whiteboard
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How Does A Product Information Management (PIM) Work?
Power Retail and Akeneo show you how a product information management (PIM) system can improve your ecommerce and omnichannel business.
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Product Information Management (PIM)
Learn about Stibo Systems' Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, including print publishing, data governance, digital asset management (DAM). See more at http://www.stibosystems.com/global/explore-stibo-systems/master-data-management/product-information-management.aspx
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What is a PIM & Why Should Retailers Care? | CPC Strategy (Product Information Management System)
Marketing software has become the backbone of Digital Marketing strategy and management for e-commerce retailers and brick and mortar stores. With a heavy focus on big data, omni-channel distribution and evolving consumer focus- organizational and data management software is more and more crucial for advertisers and sellers. ================================================ See The Full Article @ http://www.cpcstrategy.com/blog/2015/02/information-managementement-systems-pims/ ================================================ Product Information Management Systems (PIMs) have evolved alongside retail and present themselves as a useful tool for businesses both on and offline. In the video and full article we provide a basic overview of what Product Information Management Systems are, how they benefit retailers, and if a PIM is right for your store. What is a Product Information Management System (PIM)? What Product Information Does a PIM’s Store? As the hub of product information, PIM’s are generally used to push product information (such as the attributes listed above) out to sales channels- such as POS registers and CMS. “A PIM provides a single repository for storing all outgoing product data. A central repository system of record gives a single view of the product data to the entire enterprise so everyone sees the same information.Product Information Managment Data quality and data consistency are naturally improved by reducing the need to manage redundant information in multiple systems.“- Stephen Rogers, R3 Consulting And much more on our site: www.CPCstrategy.com Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CPCStrategy?sub_confirmation=1
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Product Tour PIM - Product Information Management
This is a tour of our Product Information Management or PIM tool. This tool is used to centrally manage all of the information about a company's products. It's main focus is to help companies manage their data and be able to market and and sell their products in one or more distribution channels. This quick product tour will give you a glimpse of how Sales Layer can put all of the products data in a central area and be used to feed accurate, up-to-date information to multiple outputs such as websites, mobile applications and print catalogs.
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Product Information Manager - Demo Tour
See how a Product Information Manager (PIM) can eliminate bottlenecks and data silos by giving your team a central hub for product content. Learn more at: https://www.plytix.com/product-information-manager
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What is a PIM & Why Should Distributors and Wholesalers Care?
A PIM (Product Information Management) solution is not the same as the product files in your ERP system. If you’re a distributor with a digital branch (eCommerce website), you’ll want to watch this whiteboard video to learn the benefits of a PIM, how it is different than your ERP, and how to choose the right PIM for your business.
Why is Product Information Management Important?
Product information management (PIM) is the process of managing product assets, data, skus, media and any other related content in a unified platform. Managing product information in a centralized platform allows companies to deliver accurate and detailed product information to the customer, regardless of location or medium. Propel’s product information management platform allows companies to seamlessly update their product data across all channels within one single system. Pushing updates to distributors, online store, eCommerce channels, and sales teams is easier than ever with Propel's PIM solution. When you use Propel's PIM software you reduce errors by seamlessly pushing product content, product data, product categories, product assets and more to your distributors – regardless of location. You don’t have to worry about spreadsheets, manual tasks or user permissions. You can do everything in one platform. This is the equivalent of winning a gold medal, winning the top seed in the bracket or scoring the last donut in the breakroom. Learn more at https://www.propelplm.com/pim/video/why-is-pim-important
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How Product Information Management (PIM) is Crucial for Your eCommerce Business
Product Information Management (PIM) is an important feature for any online store to have. It can make or break your aim for success. In this video, we give you an overview of how our PIM system works and all the tools you get with it.
Product Information Management - PIM adiict - O2i Software
adiict PIM (Product Information Management) permet de centraliser les accès aux données, et de fournir des interfaces automatisées de maintien ou de consommation de données (imports, exports, production de support, catalogue, e-commerce, réseaux sociaux…). Cette centralisation des informations produit dans la solution adiict vous permettra d’enrichir votre offre par des contenus médias et marketing sur une seule interface. Avec une solution PIM adiict : ##Vous exploitez une vue à 360° de vos produits ##Vous réduisez la gestion complexe des données ##Vous simplifiez l’intégration des données numériques ##Vous accélérez votre développement et votre rentabilité En savoir plus : http://www.adiict.fr
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What is Product Information Management (PIM) - Sabern  [ENG]
http://www.sabern.com/ With Product Information Management you manage all product information centrally and selected users are responsible for enriching and translating content. For more information call us to find out more about our solutions for your organization. Phone: +31 (0)71 541 5841 E-mail: [email protected]
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Product Information Management Webinar
Listen to our On Demand Webinar to learn about Benefits of MDM-PIM solution to manufacturing companies.
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Product Information Management
This video demonstrates master data management and product information management features within Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Product Information Management PIM Software Market Technology Progress 2019 to 2025
https://www.marketinsightsreports.com/reports/02281117302/global-product-information-management-pim-software-market-size-status-and-forecast-2019-2025?source=youtube&Mode=23 Global Product Information Management (PIM) Software Market 2019 Competitive Analysis, Trends and Forecast till 2025, with free sample copy of the report
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PIMworks - Product Information Management (PIM) Software
PIMworks is your answer to centralize, enrich, and syndicate rich product data across all your selling channels. For more info: https://www.pimworks.io
Product Hub | Using the Product Information Management Work Area
This tutorial applies to Rel 13. It shows you how to use the Product Information Management Work Area.
Why Product Information Management (PIM)
Contenix is a cloud-based Product Information Management System (PIM). Because we are cloud based, we get brands started in less than 48 hours. With the Contenix PIM, there is NO software to install. Learn why companies around the world are using PIM Software to help them grown into new channels.
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nChannel Product Information Management (PIM): Overview
nChannel's PIM application allows you to manage all your product information from one location. Simplify how you manage your product data to help customers find what you sell. Reconcile attributes and category taxonomies across multiple platforms. Make bulk data updates, based on logical groupings. Streamline product information publishing. Learn more about the application: https://www.nchannel.com/app-suite/product-information-management/ Learn more about nChannel: https://www.nchannel.com
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Product Information Management (PIM)
Columbus активно использует PIMcore для решения задач управления ассортиментом. Как облегчить процесс публикации и обновления информации о продуктах, если число наименований товаров переваливает за тысячи и сотни тысяч? Ищите ответ в рассказе Дениса Гусева, Директора по развитию Columbus Russia & CIS https://goo.gl/BMSq3s
Why Marketers Need Product Information Management (PIM)
David Sultan, Director of Sales Engineering for PIM software company inRiver, provided a discussion on product information management (PIM) solutions in detail. During this webinar, David provided a comprehensive explanation of what a PIM does, how they work, and who would benefit from using one. David also gave specific methods that a PIM can be used to generate revenue, save money through improved processes, speed up marketing initiatives, and improve customer satisfaction and customer experience. What you will learn: - The definition of a PIM solution - How a PIM integrates with marketing systems and functions - Who would benefit from implementing a PIM - How a PIM addresses operational inefficiencies, disparate product information, and inconsistent product messaging - How a PIM can generate increased revenue – improved conversions, higher revenue per order, etc. - Ways that a PIM can increase customer satisfaction and help retain customers in the long run - Real-world case studies showing the effect that a PIM implementation has had on the business
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What's Product Information Management for Real!
PERFION is the unique and market leading Product Information Management PIM solution. A 100% standard solution sold via an international network of professional solution providers. Productive and easy-to-use collaboration and delivery of up-to-date product related information for any purpose (Catalogs, Web, e-commerce, portals). 100% integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. http://www.perfion.com
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Product Information Management (PIM) Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) Overview of PIM 7.1.02
This video explains about the PIM IDQ Integration, Data Quality Perspective Overview, Importing DQ Rule Set package which come with the product and running the Sample DQ Rule.
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Pimcore - MDM/PIM Demo
Demo that shows some of Pimcore's MDM/PIM features and solutions. Integrate, consolidate, and manage any type and any amount of digital data within your web browser. 01:17 - Model data 06:30 - Import data 07:43 - Manage data 12:34 - Export data
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Geni-Sys PIM (product information management)
Advanced content management and PIM cloud application. Designed to manage millions of products for multiple channels and languages. DataChannels® provide the architecture needed to provision content to websites and to publications to Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress.
Product Hub | Using the Product Information Management Work Area
This video tutorial applies to Rel 9 through Rel 13. It shows you tasks that can be completed using the Items work area such as managing items, structures, catalogs, and item relationships.
Deliver exceptional customer experience with master data fueled product information management (PIM)
Delivering exceptional customer experience requires relevant, complete and trusted product data so customers can make informed purchasing decisions. Choose an intelligent product information management (PIM) solution fueled by master data (MDM).
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Dynamics AX 2012 Product Information Management
Efficient product management which you can easy tailor to fit the way you work. Find out more at: http://www.pa.com.au/microsoft/products/dynamics_ax.htm Contact details: For more information please contact us on 1800 126 499 or email [email protected]
Why Do You Need a Product Information Management System?
Product information management solutions have become a vital component in providing customers relevant shopping experience. Choosing the right #PIM platform can make your life easier in streamlining, enriching, and organizing information about products or services, helping customers drive personalized #digitalexperience. For more detail visit at http://www.osscube.com/product-information-management (Music: http://www.bensound.com)
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How to find, replace and setvalues in Product Information Management
​This PIM-Videos supports you in your daily business and will help you, with demonstrating tips and tricks, to improve your operating with the system. Today we care about the functions how to Find/ to Replace/ and to Set values in item or product lists in our PIM System. This is useful for example for mass data operations or simply to find a value in a huge list of items or products.
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Four Ecommerce Dangers of a PIM Only Approach
If you are pulling your product information from a variety of locations across your organization, you have disconnected workflow that is delivering less than optimal customer experiences. Rob Gonzalez discusses the impact of a Product Information Management only approach to ecommerce.
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Shop.org 2014: Product Information Management
Mercent Director of Product and Strategy Paul Connors takes an in-depth look at how Mercent's technology helps enterprise retailers with their product content management needs.
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Inxeption Product Information Management system
Demonstration of the Inxeption PIM available for a free trial at www.inxeption.com
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commercetools Omnichannel PIM: Next Generation Product Information Management
Presenting the commercetools Omnichannel PIM - a cloud-based, state-of-the-art application that helps retailers manage product data for all their retail channels.
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Product Information Management Platform
Product Information Management from BirdDog Software. Our product management platform is the hub for storing all of your product data, paired with our Website and Intranet Builder and Connectors, we integrate with multiple online marketplaces, ensuring your products and product data are in front of thousands of buyers, wherever they may be trying to find you. Product Information Management and Website and Intranet Builder allows you to create informative product pages that will help your customer get exactly what they need. Supporting plain and rich, digital and multimedia content, you have everything you need to configure your pages and products to your exact requirements.
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Manage Item in Fusion SCM cloud Product Information Management
This oracle video tutorial briefs you on pre-requisites for Item creation, Creation of Single Item, Multiple Item and through FBDI on Instance. Enroll for our complete trainings at: www.apps2fusion.com/packages Also, visit us at : http://apps2fusion.com/ Contact us at: [email protected] or +44-207-193-5456 | +1-650-318-5241 Follow Us On: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apps2fusion Twitter: https://twitter.com/apps2fusion LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/apps2fusion Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/apps2fusion
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Product Information Management - HotWax Commerce
Ever wondered what the Product Information Management tool looks like in HotWax Commerce, the world's leading open-source Unified Commerce solution? Ben Johnson, HotWax Director of Sales, demonstrates the digital capabilities of managing product information at both an individual, and at a category level. This brief introduction showcases the SOLR Enterprise search functionality, which enables users to search for products by the Product Store, Price, and other attribute, or criteria. Users can view and edit: category details, pricing, timeline and history, the sales channel association, and different product variants. They can also view the inventory location and set stock alert levels, the associated supplier of the product, cross sell associations, sales and promotions, and a website basket analysis. If you's like to learn more about any of these features, please let us know to schedule a personalize product demo of HotWax Commerce today: https://www.hotwax.co/
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Gurango Software's AX Product Information Management
In this video, Milit Barretto, our practice manager for Microsoft Dynamics AX, will show you how to create a new item, releasing products to vendors and identifying dimension group using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
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Product Information Management (EN)
Brandifyer’s Product Information Management module (PIM) is the central place for your organization’s product content and data. Provide consistent and quality content to business users, trading partners and customers. Product Information Management increases accuracy and improves the company workflow by decreasing the number of tasks in the work process.
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Product Information Management - Sabern DAM / PIM / MRM System
Brandifyer’s Product Information Management Building Block is the central place and single view for your organization’s product content and data, resulting in data quality and consistency. Provide product content and data to all your business users.
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Product Information Management
An overview of SalesWarp's Product Information Management Features SalesWarp™ is a centralized commerce management system for responsive retail. SalesWarp breaks down the barriers in a multi-channel commerce operation to manage all product, inventory, order, fulfillment, accounting and customer data from one system. By eliminating operational silos, SalesWarp provides retailers with seamless data flow and advanced intelligence that results in more effective decision-making for a profitable, streamlined and responsive retail business. With SalesWarp, retailers can sell more, make more and manage less.
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Import and Export Product Information with Akeneo's Connectors.
Import and export connectors comes handy when we are integrating existing ERP or CRM to import the large amount of data into PIM and distribute the completed and enriched information to an e­commerce website or a mobile app.
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ALPIA (PIM - Product Information Management) EN
Alpia is a PIM (Product Information Management) solution that helps sales and marketing departments to optimize the product data lifecycle and shorten time to market. Alpia. Enhancing dependability and responsiveness. While helping you keep your cool. http://www.goaland.com
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Improve Customer Experience with a B2B Product Information Management (PIM) Solution and eCommerce
As organizations digitize their business to drive better customer experiences and higher growth, many struggle to manage the demand across channels for rich, accurate and complete product data. Here, experts from Insite Software and inRiver discuss the impact of a strong production information management (PIM) and ecommerce solution and how the marriage happens between PIM and ecommerce to optimize operations and improve the user experience. View the full on-demand webinar here: http://www.perficient.com/Thought-Leadership/On-Demand-Webinars/2015/Improve-Customer-Experience-and-Growth-with-Robust-Product-Data-and-eCommerce
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Intro to Product Information Management (PIM)
Product data management best practices.
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Informatica PIM-MDM integration demo.mp4
Demonstration of the business proposition and technical integration of Informatica PIM and Informatica MDM. Table of Contents: 00:00 - Heiler PIM and MDM Integrated Demo Solution 00:27 - Demo Background 01:22 - Business Challenges for Domus 03:28 - Business Challenges for Domus 03:46 - Business Challenges for Domus 05:29 - Business Challenges for Domus 07:49 - Business Challenges for Domus 10:09 - Business Challenges for Domus 15:24 - Business Challenges for Domus 42:13 - Thank You!
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