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Power Plant on Sea by Yee Ter Energy Group
Yee Ter Energy Group had researched and developed Ocean Wave Energy for 10 years. This video was created in year 2015 at Qingdao Bay, China. The power plant was being tested as in the video and it successfully generated electric power. This Ocean Wave Energy has Patent Certificate in USA, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Germany and Australia. The power plant used the continued ocean waves as the source to generate electricity through its turbine and power generator. It does not require any raw material. It does not produce any pollution. It does not have negative impact to citizen, environment and does not cause global warming. Welcome to new world. Join us to save our world. www.weizhanenergy.com
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Ocean Power Plant Generates Energy From Waves - Unlimited Cheap Clean Electricity
Unlimited Clean Energy with The Wavestar machine. Harness the Power of Wave Energy with the World’s Strongest Wave Power Concept. Oceans cover more than 70% of Earth’s surface and ocean waves carry enormous power. By utilizing the largest source of untapped clean energy, it could supply a substantial part of the world’s electricity. Wave energy is more predictable compared to wind power, the waves come and go slowly and can be forecasted 24 hours ahead. Also the production continues 6-8 hours after the wind settles. This makes wave energy an ideal complement for wind turbines and could satisfy the continuously increasing demand for renewable energy in the grid. The concept was invented by sailing enthusiasts Niels and Keld Hansen in 2000. The challenge was to create a regular output of energy from ocean swells and waves that are 5-10 seconds apart. This was achieved with a row of half-submerged buoys, which rise and fall in turn as the wave passes, forming the iconic part of Wavestar’s design. This allows energy to be continually produced despite waves being periodic. The machine’s unique storm protection system, one of the many patented aspects of the design, guarantees the machine’s sea survivability and represents a real milestone in the development of wave energy machines. Wave energy will play a crucial role in securing our energy future, but only machines that can withstand the strongest storms will survive. Environmental issues demand swift diversification to multiple renewable sources in order for us to fulfill our future energy needs. Wavestar will work in harmony with other clean energy methods to support the alternative energy movement and ensure a continuous supply of clean energy. Imagine what we can do together. Music: Svadhisthana (Dance Mix) by Dhruva Aliman https://dhruvaaliman.bandcamp.com/album/hello-moon http://www.dhruvaaliman.com/
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Blue Energy - Ocean Power (Piston Pump & Racks)
Blue Energy -- Ocean Power (Piston Pump & Racks) Fluid Pumping Apparatuses Powered By Waves Or Flowing Currents A new invention using "Double acting fluid piston pumps extracting energy from waves or flowing currents into electricity. A revolutionary fluid currents energy converter device by combining double acting fluid pumping apparatuses and moveable racks to convert Ocean waves or flowing currents into electricity. The present invention provide double acting pump mechanisms when the piston reciprocates inside the piston chamber as the piston is driven by a float according to rising and falling waves. Each pumping apparatus is driven by a float; the pumped fluid (water and/or air) is supplied to drive a fluid motor or a turbine, which in turn operates a generator to produce electric power. International Patent Application No. PCT/SG2011/000232 www.LamTengChoy.com Henry Lam Teng Choy Email : [email protected]
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Clean energy: New Japanese turbines generate electricity from sea waves - TomoNews
OKINAWA, JAPAN — Japanese researchers have come with special technology that can not only capture energy from waves, but also help protect coastlines. According to the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, a team led by Professor Tsumoru Shintake plans to set up energy-harvesting turbines near tetrapods, which are concrete structures placed along the shore to weaken the force of incoming waves and prevent erosion. The turbine has five flexible blades modelled after dolphin fins. It's supported by a stem that's anchored to the sea floor with mooring cables, which, like the blades, is flexible and can bend under pressure. Inside the turbine head is a magnet electric generator, which transforms wave energy into electricity. The electricity is sent back to the shore via cables, to feed into the grid. Using turbines on just 1% of Japan's coastline can generate roughly 10 gigawatts of energy, equivalent to about 10 nuclear power plants. Apart from tetrapods, the turbines can also harness electricity near coral reefs. They're built to be safe for marine life, with blade speed carefully calibrated so that any animals caught in them can escape unharmed. The team is currently preparing to install two half-scale model turbines that will power LEDs as part of a commercial demonstration. ----------------------------------------­--------------------- TomoNews is your best source for real news. We cover the funniest, craziest and most talked-about stories on the internet. Our tone is irreverent and unapologetic. If you’re laughing, we’re laughing. If you’re outraged, we’re outraged. We tell it like it is. And because we can animate stories, TomoNews brings you news like you’ve never seen before. Visit our official website for all the latest, uncensored videos: http://us.tomonews.com Check out our Android app: http://bit.ly/1rddhCj Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f Get your TomoNews merch today! http://bit.ly/tomonews-teespring Get top stories delivered to your inbox everyday: http://bit.ly/tomo-newsletter Stay connected with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Twitter @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Google+ http://plus.google.com/+TomoNewsUS/ Instagram @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus
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Ocean Energy -  Wave Power Station
Functionality of wave power station developed by Voith Hydro (www.voith.com). Animation produced by Kral GmbH (www.kralgmbh.at). This video explains the function of the Wave Power Station with Wells turbine. This plant was shut down. It was built mainly as test plant. There is new bigger plant in Spain, near Bilbao - Mutriku Wave Power Plant. (https://tethys.pnnl.gov/annex-iv-sites/mutriku-wave-power-plant) Yes, this video is old, but it still explains the functionality of this power plant, so please don`t complain about it.​
Catamaran Sea Energy V- Crewed Charter Vacations in Greece
We booked Sea Energy V sailing from Athens to Mykonos Greece for our clients! It's a 2017 50’ Saba Catamaran that accommodates up to 10 guests in 5 Ensuite Queen Cabins. Brochure: http://bit.ly/SailSeaEnergyV :) New Crew Profiles: CAPTAIN - Christos Plagiannakos Christos was born in 1980 in Athens. Already as a very young boy he started racing small sailing boats like optimists and lasers. He has worked in the yachting industry for about 8 years, first as a sailor and then as skipper in Greece, Turkey and Croatia. He has done numerous boat deliveries from France and to the Maldives. He is a very active and positive person and he enjoys his job with a smile! He is very pleasant to work with and can adapt to any new situation. He loves to get to know different people and to spend time with his guests talking about his hobbies such as music, films and sports. He speaks fluent English and Greek. KATERINA MOUSTAKA - CHEF Katerina is loveable for many reasons – the first is her smile and of course let’s not forget the wonderful meals that she prepares. Katerina has worked in the hospitality industry for several years and for the past four years she has been working in the yachting industry. She has completed Le Monde cooking school in 2016. She specializes in Greek cuisine but of course she uses her imagination to create wonderful dishes. Using only natural and traditional products her meals are healthy and exquisite. She holds a sailing and motor yacht license. ELENI KARANIKOLA- KONTOROUSI -STEWARD/DECKHAND Eleni was born in Greece in 1991. Working many years in the hospitality industry made her communicative and friendly with her guests. She is a highly educated and cultivated person as she has a degree in Child Psychology and Sociology from the Greek University. In her free time, she reads, plays basketball and goes to the cinema. She is also highly efficient and trained to provide First Aid. She has attended seminars from the Greek Red Cross and therefore she is able to manage any emergency on board. She speaks French and English. With a very good background in the hospitality industry and the yachting industry as a stewardess on catamarans in Santorini make her the perfect person to be onboard. This amazing crew will do everything they can to provide a satisfying experience personalized for each guest.
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SWEL - Wave Line Energy Magnet 2018
On 23rd October 2018, Sea Wave Energy Ltd (SWEL), in collaboration with the University of Cyprus, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, performed a series of experimental tests for their wave energy technology, showing outstanding ground breaking results and potential. SOCIAL: twitter.com/SWEL8 facebook.com/SWELseawaveenergyltd/ CONTACT: Technical information: Adamos Zakheos, Director and Chief Technical Officer, SWEL [email protected] UK investment enquiries Mario Kolovos - UK Operations Manager [email protected]
Many Ways To Make Electricity From Ocean Kinetic Wave Energy - Zero Emissions
Wave power is the transport of energy by wind waves, and the capture of that energy to do useful work – for example, electricity generation, water desalination, or the pumping of water (into reservoirs). A machine able to exploit wave power is generally known as a wave energy converter (WEC). Wave power is distinct from the diurnal flux of tidal power and the steady gyre of ocean currents. Wave-power generation is not currently a widely employed commercial technology, although there have been attempts to use it since at least 1890. In 2008, the first experimental wave farm was opened in Portugal, at the Aguçadoura Wave Park Physical concepts Waves are generated by wind passing over the surface of the sea. As long as the waves propagate slower than the wind speed just above the waves, there is an energy transfer from the wind to the waves. Both air pressure differences between the upwind and the lee side of a wave crest, as well as friction on the water surface by the wind, making the water to go into the shear stress causes the growth of the waves. Wave height is determined by wind speed, the duration of time the wind has been blowing, fetch (the distance over which the wind excites the waves) and by the depth and topography of the seafloor (which can focus or disperse the energy of the waves). A given wind speed has a matching practical limit over which time or distance will not produce larger waves. When this limit has been reached the sea is said to be "fully developed". In general, larger waves are more powerful but wave power is also determined by wave speed, wavelength, and water density. Oscillatory motion is highest at the surface and diminishes exponentially with depth. However, for standing waves (clapotis) near a reflecting coast, wave energy is also present as pressure oscillations at great depth, producing microseisms. These pressure fluctuations at greater depth are too small to be interesting from the point of view of wave power. The waves propagate on the ocean surface, and the wave energy is also transported horizontally with the group velocity. The mean transport rate of the wave energy through a vertical plane of unit width, parallel to a wave crest, is called the wave energy flux (or wave power, which must not be confused with the actual power generated by a wave power device). Wave power formula In deep water where the water depth is larger than half the wavelength, the wave energy flux is[a] P = \frac{\rho g^2}{64\pi} H_{m0}^2 T_e \approx \left(0.5 \frac{\text{kW}}{\text{m}^3 \cdot \text{s}} \right) H_{m0}^2\; T_e, with P the wave energy flux per unit of wave-crest length, Hm0 the significant wave height, Te the wave energy period, ρ the water density and g the acceleration by gravity. The above formula states that wave power is proportional to the wave energy period and to the square of the wave height. When the significant wave height is given in metres, and the wave period in seconds, the result is the wave power in kilowatts (kW) per metre of wavefront length.[5][6][7][8] Example: Consider moderate ocean swells, in deep water, a few km off a coastline, with a wave height of 3 m and a wave energy period of 8 seconds. Using the formula to solve for power, we get P \approx 0.5 \frac{\text{kW}}{\text{m}^3 \cdot \text{s}} (3 \cdot \text{m}^2) (8 \cdot \text{s}) \approx 12 \frac{\text{kW}}{\text{m}}, meaning there are 36 kilowatts of power potential per meter of wave crest. In major storms, the largest waves offshore are about 15 meters high and have a period of about 15 seconds. According to the above formula, such waves carry about 1.7 MW of power across each metre of wavefront. An effective wave power device captures as much as possible of the wave energy flux. As a result, the waves will be of lower height in the region behind the wave power device.
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Journey to the heart of energy - How a marine turbine works
Discover in video how a marine turbine works. In a marine turbine, electricity is generated using the power of the sea or river.
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eze - Sea Wave Integration Power Generation - 滿州海測 [2014-06-16]
eze Sea Wave Integration Power Generation principles and techniques, the four major of breakthrough: 1.Gravity floats device: it is easy to generate up and down" momentum "do not have the waves to generate electricity; 2.Gan Pole buoy mechanics: to stimulate a huge collection of kinetic energy; 3.Device is simple maintenance: low and stable power generation against the impact of the typhoon; year-round and reliable power generation; 4.Pressure air storage: remaining in the wave energy to the energy stored in the air tank as a standby power;
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Ocean Energy - Tidal Current Turbine
Voith Hydro (www.voith.com) developed a turbine for the utilization of tidal currents. Animation produced by Kral GmbH (www.kralgmbh.at).
Panafrican Energy Services Group | Solving oil & gas exploration challenges | Africa
For more than 50 years, Guinea Gulf has become one of the major hydrocarbon production area. According to some experts, West Africa could be the next “North Sea” scenario without the environmental challenges of rough weather and sea ice. Panafrican Energy Services Group is a powerhouse of services specialized in the Energy; we develop customized solutions for our customers.
eze - Sea Wave Integration Power Generation - Operation Demo [2014-06-20]
eze Sea Wave Integration Power Generation principles and techniques, the four major of breakthrough: 1.Gravity floats device: it is easy to generate up and down" momentum "do not have the waves to generate electricity; 2.Gan Pole buoy mechanics: to stimulate a huge collection of kinetic energy; 3.Device is simple maintenance: low and stable power generation against the impact of the typhoon; year-round and reliable power generation; 4.Pressure air storage: remaining in the wave energy to the energy stored in the air tank as a standby power;
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Renewable energy: CETO system converts sea waves into zero-emission electricity
An Australian company has been working on a system that uses underwater buoys to convert sea waves into zero-emission energy and desalinated water. Australian firm Carnegie Wave Energy has been developing a system called CETO, which aims to utilise sea waves to generate power. Steel-made buoys that can currently generate 240 kilowatts are the main part of the system. At the Australian naval base HMAS Stirling, three buoys are placed 11 kilometres apart. The buoys are less susceptible to extreme weather damage, while underwater waves are sufficient to generate power. The buoys' pumps drive the high pressure water to an onshore power plant via a subsea pipe. The high pressure water spins the turbines, which then generate zero-carbon electricity. The CETO system can be used to power a desalination plant as well. High pressure water can be utilised to remove salt from seawater through a permeable membrane in a process called reverse osmosis. The Australian company believes that the cost of electricity generated by the CETO system will be competitive with diesel if it is deployed at a large scale. ----------------------------------------­--------------------- Welcome to TomoNews, where we animate the most entertaining news on the internets. Come here for an animated look at viral headlines, US news, celebrity gossip, salacious scandals, dumb criminals and much more! Subscribe now for daily news animations that will knock your socks off. Visit our official website for all the latest, uncensored videos: http://us.tomonews.net Check out our Android app: http://bit.ly/1rddhCj Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f Stay connected with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Twitter @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Google+ http://plus.google.com/+TomoNewsUS/ Instagram @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Crying dog breaks the internet’s heart — but this sad dog story has a happy ending" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4prKTN9bYQc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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John Roberts - Black Sea Energy Security - Russia, Turkey, Europe and the Pipeline Game | ROEC
Romania Energy Center (ROEC) in partnership with the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) has the pleasure to invite you to the 3rd event in the #ROECBucharestTalks series, featuring John Roberts – the best energy security specialist in the United Kingdom. With a professional career spanning 5 decades, Roberts is a household name for anyone working in the field of energy geopolitics. He started as a reporter for Reuters in 1968, and has subsequently worked for Platts (12 years as a managing editor), Financial Times Energy, Energy Intelligence (Roberts was one of the original founding editors of Energy Compass), Middle East Economic Digest, Business Monitor International (BMI) and Al Hayat (the Arab World’s first independent daily newspaper). Since 1991, Roberts has been a senior partner at Methinks – a consultancy specializing in the interrelationship between energy, economic development, and politics. In his long career as a correspondent, bureau chief and analyst, he has worked in the Middle East, Asia, North America and the UK. He is currently a member of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Group of Experts on Gas and is also a UK-based Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center and Global Energy Center. More about the event: https://www.roec.biz/event/john-roberts-black-sea-energy-security/
Sea Energy Agriculture
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Wave Energy - Cna Meccanica
Sea Energy - Alternative Energy Project - Wave Energy
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Drake - Energy
Energy (Official Video) Taken from the Album - If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late Available for download here! http://smarturl.it/IYRTITL Share/Stream “Energy” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/79XrkTOfV1AqySNjVlygpW DIRECTED by FLEUR & MANU PRODUCED by DIVISION Music video by Drake performing Energy. © 2015 Cash Money Records Inc. http://vevo.ly/ew4yKt
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ISWEC - Inertial Sea Wave Energy Converter
ISWEC is a gyroscopic energy conversion device, floating on a hull designed ad-hoc to guarantee stability and an optimum synchronization to the wave length of the installation site. http://www.waveforenergy.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8&Itemid=141
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Anunnaki Base in Romania and Baltic Sea Anomaly Emit Strange Energy !!!
You can support me via: https://gogetfunding.com/oowk-media-october-2017-operating-cost-budget/ Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4064105 Bitcoin Wallet - 0x6b167C8187C136Ce42f4Ba95DeF3F2a4A347760C https://minergate.com/a/9b8f448193f1935f4cf86fff https://www.ccgmining.com/aff.php?aff=10607 Battle of The Anunnaki/Pleiadian Gods UK - http://amzn.to/2prKHmA Battle of The Anunnaki/Pleiadian Gods US - https://amzn.to/2IxOwPo Amazon Audible Free 30 Day Trial - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00OPA2XFG?tag=oowkmedia-21 Website - https://cnhv.co/17pni Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/oowkmedia My Equipment... MICROPHONE: http://amzn.to/2zuS3bJ CAMERA: http://amzn.to/2DcYLW8 AYURVEDIC COPPER BOTTLE : http://amzn.to/2zuRMWv It turns out that there is a mysterious sunken object located at the bottom of the ocean which ever since its discovery, has baffled both experts and marine explorers. The object which bears resemblance to the legendary spaceship from Star Wars: the Millennium Falcon, is called the ‘Baltic Sea Anomaly.’ It was found by underwater explorer research group called Ocean X Team in 2011 at a depth of 91 meters. The team led by captain Peter Lindberg and co-researcher Dennis Asberg noticed the mysterious object and what appear to be drag marks behind it using side-scan sonar equipment. One of the most important underground bases on the planet would house cutting-edge alien technology. More specifically, of the Anunnaki. The base of Mount Bucegi, Romania. In it, the side of Enki, among other great personalities of ancient Mesopotamia, would have taken refuge during the flood. One of the most mysterious and enigmatic places on the planet, which is now giving a lot to talk about.
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euronews hi-tech - Sea solution to future energy needs
http://www.euronews.net/ In Dartmouth, in the UK, technicians are working on a sort of "aquatic bicycle pump" which could be the future of renewable energy. In tests, the Searaser has produced enough energy to power a light bulb, but this is only a prototype and the finished Searaser will be around 13 times bigger than this. Alvin Smith, the inventor of Searaser said: "It is really only a bicycle pump with a float on it. As this pump goes up and down it sucks sea water and pumps sea water out, purely through the action of the waves." He came up with the idea about 10 years ago while playing with an inflatable ball in a swimming pool. Searaser pumps seawater using a vertical piston between two buoys - one on the surface of the water, the other suspended underwater and tethered to a weight on the seabed. Alvin Smith explained: "You have got the Searaser in the water that will be operated by the waves and swell, anything from half a metre swell or more it will work. You pump it to a tank or reservoirs then you can hydro on demand electricity through your turbine." As the ocean swell moves the buoys up and down, the piston works like a pump, sending seawater through a pipe to an onshore turbine to produce electricity.or to a coastal storage reservoir. It can then be released through a generator as required. The ideal site for the machines is in water about 25m deep near a cliff face. Alvin Smith says that the most important aspect of Searaser is that it means low-carbon energy can be stored in reservoirs on land and then released when needed, unlike energy from many renewable sources, which is only available intermittently.
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Energy Security in the Black Sea
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For accessing 7Activestudio videos on mobile Download SCIENCETUTS App to Access 120+ hours of Free digital content. For more information: http://www.7activestudio.com [email protected] http://www.7activemedical.com/ [email protected] http://www.sciencetuts.com/ Contact: +91- 9700061777, 040-64501777 / 65864777 7 Active Technology Solutions Pvt.Ltd. is an educational 3D digital content provider for K-12. We also customise the content as per your requirement for companies platform providers colleges etc . 7 Active driving force "The Joy of Happy Learning" -- is what makes difference from other digital content providers. We consider Student needs, Lecturer needs and College needs in designing the 3D & 2D Animated Video Lectures. We are carrying a huge 3D Digital Library ready to use. Energy From the Sea. Tidal power is classified as a renewable energy source, because tides are caused by the orbital mechanics of the solar system. The root source of the energy is the orbital kinetic energy of the earth-moon system, and also the earth-sun system.
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Floating wave energy extractor, anchored to the sea bottom.
* Floating wave energy extractor. * Anchored to the sea bottom. * A new method for extracting offshore wave energy. * Ideal for high wave offshore. * Ideal for distant offshore. *Electricity generation, seawater desalination. * As the system is anchored, it can be installed anywhere in the offshore (far distant offshore). www.physics-edu.org Interestingly, the both Rolls-Royce Prize for best Master's Thesis and the JEC Innovation Award in 2009 are received for almost the same concept that I have published on internet September 2004. Floating wave energy extractor published on internet in September 2004 http://www.geocities.com/newideasfromtelewise/wave_energy.htm June 2006 physics-edu.org/tech/ocean_wave_power_plants.htm Rolls-Royce Prize for best Master's Thesis in 2007, and the JEC Innovation Award in 2009. http://www.ntnu.no/imt/forskning/rolls_royce http://www.netcomposites.com/news.asp?5372
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DSGN143 Group 3 Energy from the sea
Plans for an Oscillating Water Column to be put on Plymouth's Breakwater
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Farms under the sea could feed the world in 2050
Agriculture may not be able to feed the extra 2 billion people that are estimated to inhabit Earth by 2050. Quartz News' Erik Olsen dives into the world of aquaculture to find a sustainable food source for the planet. Eating mussels could solve the problem and help the planet — but are we willing to introduce them into our diet? -- Quartz is a digital news outlet dedicated to telling stories at the intersection of the important and the interesting. Visit us at https://qz.com/ to read more. Become a member of Quartz, your exclusive guide to the global economy: http://bit.ly/2E7e7jB
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Renewable power / Energy from Sea wave / Electricity From Ocean
Sea Waves This is a scientist concept that energy can be coveted to other power, but it can't be destroyed in conversion of energy we don't get gross amount of energy for the work put in. Because of some amount of energy wasted during process of converting. For example: The kinetic energy we get from water is used to rotate the turbines and get the electricity. The electricity we get from above mentioned process is converted to difference energies. But we can't get the initial energy. We generate electricity from the kinetic energy which of taken by wind, waterfalls, etc. Likewise we can definitely get (electricity) the from sea waves. We must get the full amount of effective kinetic energy till the wave energy becomes zero.(mass multiply by velocity equal to energy MxV=Kn when the mass or velocity very high energy will high) when velocity low energy become zero. Then the coastal erosion will never take place. Coastal belt is fully conserved by this method. A great deal of money which is spent for the coastal conservation is completely saved. No damage will happen to the environment. Electricity can be produced at a low cost. Methods This is turbine or propeller with shaft or axel against the wave direction or other suitable ways. The shaft axel coupled to generator. The generator (Dynamo) armature will rotate fifty cycles per second. It will be the frequency of electricity. This is we called normal electricity. (Generated electricity) Profits No environmental pollution occurred by implementing this system/program. No more expenditure (only initial expenditure) needed than thermal power. Not only that but also upcountry water can be use for irrigation/cultivation. If there is rain or not we can irrigate our lands and island will be overgrown with agriculture productions. And will supply the electricity at a cheaper rate than thermal electricity. If rain or not fuel or not coal or not electricity will be there. How sea wave generates power Wave turbines, essentially a rotating arrangement with two three or more bladed turbines are produce electricity by using the power of sea wave to drive an electrical generator. Sea wave passes over the blades, generating lift and exerting a turning force. The rotating blades turn a shaft inside the nacelle, which goes into a gearbox .The power output of the wave generator goes to transformer, which converts the electricity from generator at around 700-1000V, to the appropriate voltage for the power collection system, typically 33kv. As shown in the following figure, wave energy technology has evolved rapidly over the last three decades with increasing rotor diameters and the use of power electronics to allow operation at variable rotor speed. Initial wave turbines generated only a few hundred of kWs and a generator essentially working at a fixed speed was employed. Today a single generator can generate up to 5-7.5MW and variable speed generators are employed. E.M.Punchi Banda 7/96 Tissa road Monaragala Sri Lanka N.D.T/Engr. M1637/City & Guilds (London)
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Science News 2012 (English) Series - New Energy Source from The Sea: Will Marine Power Catch
2012年 5分  As a new energy option, marine power generation is attracting attention. Venture companies are pushing the research forward. One such project involves the development of a "tuna-shaped tidal turbine which efficiently makes use of ocean flows, with a shape that resists damage by objects floating in the sea. Elsewhere, a gyro-type wave power generator is a new technology that extracts energy from the torque or gyro moment rotation as waves rise and fall at the ocean's surface. SCIENCE CHANNEL:http://sc-smn.jst.go.jp/foreignprg 日本語版はこちら:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Sz2W7z3f-k サイエンス ニュース
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Adrift at Sea, Generating Electricity
Marine hydrokinetic energy engineers at APL-UW invented a free-drifting power station. The Wave Energy Buoy that Self deploys (WEBS) converts surface wave energy to mechanical and electrical power.   “As opposed to typical wave energy devices that are anchored to the sea floor and cabled to shore, WEBS is all about having an easily deployed power station anywhere in the off-shore environment.” —Andy Stewart, APL-UW Principal Engineer   Potential applications include power sensor payloads for scientific instrumentation; power station for autonomous systems, undersea vehicles, and/or surface vessels; and communications relay. This research and development project is a collaboration among APL-UW, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, and Columbia Power Technologies.
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Sea Wall Power Generator
It's a world first: the UK unveils plan for electricity-generating tidal lagoons. This is how they'll work.
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Energy Trance Universe ⚡️ Sea Energy 🌊 ⚡️ Dj Chehovski I.M.
Dj Chehovski I.M. – Energy Trance Universe / Sea Energy / ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Best music from best Dj ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sirens - Hypaethrame Remix - Khaskada ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You Deserve Life (Dennis Pedersen Sense Mix) - Kaimo K & Cathy Burton ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- San Salvador (Original Mix) - Fredd Moz ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First To Go (Soniq State Remix) - DJ Xquizit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nothing Else Matters - Aly & Fila Remix - Max Graham ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorrow - Yvonne S. Moriarty [Orchestrator] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Awakening (Original Mix) - Mart Sine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Focus On (Original Mix) - Michael Kaelios ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why Now (Original Mix) - Mart Sine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Azerbaijan. Baku. Caspian sea. #trancemusic #bassboosted #energytrance #trapmusic #musicmix #djmusic #bass #home #azerbaijan #baku #caspian #caspiansea #seamusic #energymusic #electro
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eze - Sea Wave Power Generation (2013-08-22)
eze Sea Wave Integration Power Generation principles and techniques, the four major of breakthrough: 1.Gravity floats device: it is easy to generate up and down" momentum "do not have the waves to generate electricity; 2.Gan Pole buoy mechanics: to stimulate a huge collection of kinetic energy; 3.Device is simple maintenance: low and stable power generation against the impact of the typhoon; year-round and reliable power generation; 4.Pressure air storage: remaining in the wave energy to the energy stored in the air tank as a standby power;
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eze - Sea Wave Integration Power Generation - Operation Demo Part 2 [2014-10-01]
eze Sea Wave Integration Power Generation principles and techniques, the four major of breakthrough: 1.Gravity floats device: it is easy to generate up and down" momentum "do not have the waves to generate electricity; 2.Gan Pole buoy mechanics: to stimulate a huge collection of kinetic energy; 3.Device is simple maintenance: low and stable power generation against the impact of the typhoon; year-round and reliable power generation; 4.Pressure air storage: remaining in the wave energy to the energy stored in the air tank as a standby power;
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North Sea energy radiation fine
An offshore energy company has received a £300,000 fine after admitting breaching health and safety rules by exposing workers to unacceptable radiation levels.
Plasco Energy Group 'How it Works'
Everyone generates garbage and finding ways to deal with it is challenging, outdated and bad for the environment. Take a moment to learn how the solution to your garbage problem does not have to be a challenge or bad for the environment anymore. Its time to stop letting your garbage go to waste!
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Ocean Energy - Wave power generation
Ocean Energy - Wave power generation Republic of Korea e - mail : [email protected]
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Wave Energy Converter Drakoo Type-B Development (Sea and Narec Tests 2011)
A patented twin-chamber wave energy convertor (WEC) technology being developed by Hann-Ocean since 2008 has gone through university lab tests, sea trials and 3rd party verification tests performed by Narec UK. The test results promised a wave-to-hydraulic energy conversion efficiency or Capture Width Ratio (CWR) far beyond current achievements of other wave energy conversion technologies. Hann-Ocean is finalizing its pilot product design Drakoo-B0016 WEC module with total power generation capacity of 16kWp each. Hann-Ocean is preparing to launch a 96kWp wave farm in Singapore water where the waves are 0.3m to 1.0m high only. To learn more, please visit us at www.hann-ocean.com.
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Harness the Waves | National Geographic
The power carried through ocean waves offers great opportunity -- if the design can withstand the force. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Harness the Waves | National Geographic https://youtu.be/IwdtXGAtgvE National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Energy Security in the Black Sea Basin: Challenges and Options
CEU's Energy Policy Research Group interviewed Radu Dudao (Co-Founder and Director of Energy Policy Group) about Romania's energy security in light of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
Breakthrough results in wave energy, Orkney 2018
After 18 months of combined dry and ocean testing of the C3 Wave Energy Converter (WEC), CorPower and project partners have taken important steps towards proving commercial viability of wave energy. By verifying the ability to solve the two major challenges for wave energy, storm survivability combined with significant power production, a major demonstration milestone has been completed. - A novel storm protection mode that makes the device largely transparent to incoming waves was proven effective in minimizing motion and loads, providing robust operation in storm conditions. This new function for WECs can be compared to wind turbines that pitch the blades to minimize storm loading, a function found in essentially all commercial wind turbines of today. - A novel phase control technology called WaveSpring, that delivered the projected amplification of motion and power capture performance in operational sea states, enabling a threefold increase in average power capture for a given buoy size. The measured power production with C3 in the ocean was consistent with the expectations from simulation models and prior dry testing with simulated waves. As part of the project, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) issued a “Performance Statement” verifying measured performance. Video Credit: Bengt Melin
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Survivex Acquired By 3T Energy Group - Interview with Kevin Franklin
For more news and media updates visit https://www.oilandgasvisionjobs.com/news-item/survivex-acquired-by-3t-energy-group
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Wave Generator, Ocean wave generator, Wave Power.
Wave Generator, Ocean wave generator, Simple wave generator. Wave power Generate electricity from ocean waves
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Panafrican Energy Services Group | Exploration & Production capabilities
For more than 50 years, Guinea Gulf has become one of the major hydrocarbon production area. According to some experts, West Africa could be the next “North Sea” scenario without the environmental challenges of rough weather and sea ice. Panafrican Energy Services Group is a powerhouse of services specialized in the Energy; we develop customized solutions for our customers.
Berkeley Team Producing Energy from Ocean Waves
(Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) Ocean waves and tidal currents are one of the most untapped and important, clean, cheap, rich, and reliable sources of renewable energy on the earth. UC Berkeley professor Reza Alam and his team at the TAF Lab (Theoretical & Applied Fluid Dynamics Laboratory) have developed a "wave carpet" which can extract the energy of ocean waves and turn it into electricity and freshwater for households and cities. Series: "UC Berkeley News" [Science] [Show ID: 27834]
North Sea Energy CEO Clip
CEO and Director, Craig Anderson, talks about this UK oil and gas exploration and production company that holds a balanced portfolio of licenses, focused on offshore production. Find out how your company can be featured: http://www.ceoclips.com

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