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How to Fill out a Real Estate Contract for Wholesaling Houses | FlipMan.net
Please watch: "Top 15 Most FAQ's: How to Wholesale and Flip Houses with No Cash or Credit " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nj9eKyRfv8 --~-- How to Fill out a Real Estate Contract for Wholesaling Houses | Flipping Houses Text "Contract" to 313131 To get a FREE Copy of My Contract Go to http://FlipMan.net | Purchase and Sales Agreement Buyers Real Estate Conctract Sellers Real Estate Contract www.HowToFlipHousesTV.com http://youtu.be/nfVamo743_0 #wholesalinghouses #flippinghouses
How to fill out a Real Estate Purchase Agreement thelandflippingformula.com
http://thelandflippingformula.com In this video I show how to fill out a purchase agreement to buy residential real estate property. I also show how to fill out an assignment agreement to sell your contract to a cash investor and collect your fee in the middle. ALWAYS CONSULT A LOCAL REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY TO BE DURE YOUR CONTRACT IS LEGAL IN YOUR MARKETPLACE. When selling contracts or assigning your contract contact local title companies and or real estate attorney to be sure they can close your transaction promptly Go out, negotiate great deals, sell your contract and get paid! For more real estate investing tips, strategies or coaching visit http://thelandflippingformula.com
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How to Fill Out a Real Estate Contract For Sale and Purchase [E-84]
How to Fill Out the Florida Real Estate Contract For Sale and Purchase We'll See You At The Closing Table! http://www.titlerate.com CONNECT WITH US HERE! Facebook: https://goo.gl/u5lmCo Twitter: https://goo.gl/yQXSx5 Google+: https://goo.gl/n7V4rh Independence Title, Inc. Kevin Tacher, Founder Chief Marketing Officer Phone: 954-335-9305 [email protected] www.TitleRate.com Get your INSTANT CLOSING QUOTES here http://www.titlerates.com Independence Title is the leading provider of title insurance and related real estate settlement services in Fort Lauderdale. Since 2003 we've provided superior real estate and mortgage settlement services throughout the State of Florida. As agents for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, we have the resources available to close any deal, anywhere and at any time with the best title insurance cost. We pride ourselves in providing the best the industry has to offer in title insurance fees, technology with our title insurance calculator and customer service. Throughout our 10+ year history, our conservative management philosophy has allowed us to grow and remain strong through the ups and downs of the market while other title insurance companies have closed their doors. Independence Title's financial strength provides the confidence our customers need from their title insurance company in these tough economic times. We welcome you to browse our website and contact us with any questions you may have regarding our company and the services we provide. We’re looking forward to serving you soon! This video publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is produced with the understanding that the publisher and author are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, financial, investment, tax or other professional services. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. By watching this video you agree to hold the author and publisher harmless for any acts that might result as a consequence of watching this video. Please consult with your attorney, CPA, financial advisor and other professional advisors relating to acting on any information contained in this video.
Contract Training - As Is Contract vs Standard Sales & Purchase Contract
A great primer about Florida Real Estate Contracts . A lot of agents - especially new agents - have some misconceptions about these two types of contracts. In this training I am going to walk you through both the "As Is" Contract as well as the Standard Contract and related addenda. If you have questions afterwards please do not hesitate to drop me a line or post a comment! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Pass The Real Estate Exam" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Llhun4PrU5c -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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You Negotiated a Real Estate Deal... Signing the Purchase and Sale Agreement
http://www.HampdenCountyHomes.com Hi This is Don Thompson again, your local real estate expert advisor. So let's recap... You've been pre-approved, found a house and negotiated a deal. Things really get going now... and for a short time, you are going to be moving on three fronts. One, you'll need to need to sign the purchase agreement and deliver the deposit, two, you'll schedule and do your inspections and three, you have to formalize the loan application. So let's discuss signing the purchase & sales agreement , also known as the p&s or the purchase agreement. This document should be reviewed by your attorney before you sign. He or she will want to make sure that there are certain clauses included that protect your interests. And the seller will also have their attorney look at the agreement. Just so that you’re aware, your attorney, if he or she is processing the mortgage documents, is also the bank’s attorney and at the closing they will be representing the bank. Sometimes there are actually two attorneys on the buyer side, one for the buyer and one for the bank. However, locally the attorneys will represent you regarding things that deal with the seller, and make no mistake about it, when you are dealing with the bank, they are working for the them and looking out for their interests. When you think about it, there are actually two transactions happening at the closing...one the seller is transferring the property to you and the second, if you are getting a mortgage, the bank is lending you tens of thousands of dollars and it’s using the property as collateral. For the first part. you and the bank have basically the same interest… you are getting the property in marketable condition, free and clear of any liens and the bank wants the same thing because it is their collateral. The second transaction is between you and the bank… this process is highly regulated, you’ll see the governments initials on many of the forms, HUD, RESPA. The main thing you want to be sure is that you are paying the interest rate you were quoted. and because of regulations today, the fees that you are charged have to be fairly close to what was quoted you. But I digress, so now, once the contracts are reviewed by both attorneys and they have agreed to the language, typically, you as the buyer, will sign it first and give up your earnest money, your deposit. And then the sellers will sign. Now it’s critical that this document gets signed by all parties as quickly as possible. This is the formal agreement between you and the seller and until it’s signed you may not have a, what is referred to as, an enforcable contract. So everyone should be working to get it signed as soon as possible. So now you have signed contracts, you will want to schedule your inspections and let your ;loan officer know that you’ve got a deal. Inspections are a very important step in the home buying process and I will be covering them in my next video. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about anything, where I may be able to help you, please do not hesitate to contact me by calling or texting 413.221.9981 or hit reply to this email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks again and have a great day!
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How to Fill Out Your Real Estate Contracts for Your Cash Buyers
Please watch: "Top 15 Most FAQ's: How to Wholesale and Flip Houses with No Cash or Credit " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nj9eKyRfv8 --~-- http://Junkers101.com - How to Fill Out Your Real Estate Contracts for Your Cash Buyers How to Fill Out the Cash Buyers Real Estate Contract Hopefully, this video will answer all of your questions about filling out a contract for cash buyers when trying to wholesale houses in any market. Understand that some buyers will want to use their own contract just from the standpoint of being familiar with the language in their own real estate purchase and sales agreement. This is a huge piece of the puzzle for many of you all trying to wholesale houses. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/R0-JlY1wT9E #wholesalinghouses #flippinghouses
Repurchase Agreements (Repo transactions)
Mechanics of repurchase agreements (repo transactions/loans) More free lessons at: http://www.khanacademy.org/video?v=QWninXOAMXE
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How To Fill Out The Purchase Agreement | Wholesaling Real Estate Contracts
Contracts for Wholesaling: http://bit.ly/REWContracts How to Fill out a Real Estate Contract for Wholesaling Houses, More Specifically The Purchase Agreement. Hit SUBSCRIBE for more insane value! My Wholesaling Course: https://wholesalingasap.teachable.com/p/wholesalingasap/?product_id=952496&coupon_code=LIVE Investor Carrot Websites: http://bit.ly/OnCarrotLeadGeneration What is Equity?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evSSe21Q94Y ------ Free Wholesaling Guide: http://bit.ly/3partguide ------ How I did my first wholesale deal and made almost $9k: https://bit.ly/2Kk2XqL ------ What Is Real Estate Wholesaling?: https://bit.ly/2IypCiF SUBSCRIBE To The Channel ► http://bit.ly/2TZxgYN Follow Me On Instagram ► http://bit.ly/2FAae7m Snapchat ► devoncnp
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Agreement for Sale of Property and Land - Explained in Hindi
Agreement for Sale of Property is an agreement that is executed between Buyer and Seller before Sale Deed of the land or property is executed. Let's understand the terms and conditions of the agreement and how property is bought and sold through it. Related Videos: Property Registration Process: https://youtu.be/S3KW_a4lLHc Encumbrance: https://youtu.be/Ab-Ugt50fS8 Clear Title: https://youtu.be/s1_6vIldGng Sale Deed: https://youtu.be/pPezwHazJPA किसी भी संपत्ति का Agreement for Sale एक ऐसा अनुबंध होता है जो क्रेता और विक्रेता के बिच Sale Deed निष्पादित करने से पहले किया जाता है। आइए जानते हैं की Agreement for Sale के क्या नियम व शर्तें होती हैं और कोई भी सम्प्पति कैसे खरीदी और बेची जाती है। Share this Video: https://youtu.be/3L2ninpXC4c Subscribe To Our Channel and Get More Property and Real Estate Tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsNxHPbaCWL1tKw2hxGQD6g If you want to become an Expert Real Estate investor, please visit our website https://assetyogi.com now and Subscribe to our newsletter. In this video, we have explained: What is an Agreement for sale of a property? How is Agreement for sale different from sale deed? What terms and conditions are included in the Agreement for sale? How property is bought and sold through Agreement for sale? What is earnest money? किसी भी संपत्ति का Agreement for Sale क्या होता है? क्या Sale Deed से अलग होता है Agreement for Sale? ऐसे कौन से नियम व शर्तें हैं जो Agreement for Sale में शामिल किये जाते हैं? Agreement for Sale के साथ संपत्ति कैसे खरीदी और बेची जाती है? Earnest Money या Advance क्या होता है? Make sure to Like and Share this video. Other Great Resources AssetYogi – http://assetyogi.com/ Follow Us: Twitter - http://twitter.com/assetyogi Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/assetyogi/ Google Plus – https://plus.google.com/+assetyogi-ay Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/assetyogi Linkedin - http://www.linkedin.com/company/asset-yogi Instagram - http://instagram.com/assetyogi Hope you liked this video on "Agreement for Sale".
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Purchase Agreement and Assignment Contract when Wholesaling Real Estate with Equitable Interest
(affiliate) - Find an unlimited amount of real estate deals NOW! http://ba7e32ngpdny2naxpis9s2fizt.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=YTPM In this video, I keep it short and sweet discussing the equitable interest that must be in your purchase agreements to protect you from vulture regulators. I also discuss the assignment agreement, and the clause that is a must to protect you from time-wasting cash buyers. Make sure you subscribe at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyJ_ypfBpizaPfCrmDuvH-g?sub_confirmation=1 Hit like, share, and leave a comment if you have a question. I look forward to making more videos and sharing the knowledge with others. Pay a visit to and share my websites: http://www.paidcashforhouses.com http://www.equitypaper.com You can help support this channel and make money on top of it by signing up FREE at: https://record.partners.easymarkets.com/_uRKz6g4Pwo1Mo3B6pUUGpWNd7ZgqdRLk/1/ Use the earnings calculator to see how much money you can make as a Forex Affiliate!
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Remedies for Purchase and Sale Agreements
http://www.LawFang.com -Boston real estate litigation attorney, Alan Fanger explains remedies for the buyer of real estate in the event the seller trys to breach the Purchase and Sale Agreement.
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Mistakes to Avoid with Sales Contracts
If you occupy, own, invest, loan, buy, sell, or develop real estate, or assist those who do, a thorough knowledge of purchase and sale contracts is essential. We share the top mistakes to avoid. (We'll share number one now, don't miss this show).
Module 1 - Understanding & Negotiating International Sales Contracts
Training on understanding and negotiating International Sales Contracts including Purchase Agreements, Sales Agreements, and International Contract Law. Dan Gardner - Trade Facilitators, Inc. www.tradefacil.com
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Prelicensing Chapter 10 Sales Contracts Part 1
Intro to sales contracts and detailed description of NC Realtors 2-T Offer to PUrchase and Contract Due Diligence Fees and Periods
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Business Sale Contracts - Selling a Small Business in QLD: Argon Law Sunshine Coast
http://www.argonlaw.com.au ***BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY LEGAL TIPS AND KNOWLEDGE*** In this weeks 'The Counsel You Keep' - John Gallagher from Argon Law outlines the provisions and protocols involved in contracts for the sale of small business' in QLD. Whilst there are many things to do before a contract of sale is prepared, once a party has offered an acceptable price you should talk to your lawyer or broker about drawing up a term sheet and a contract. John outlines the information and key matters within both a term sheet and contract, the provisions involved in the sale of a business, as well as an explanation of the conditions found within a standard form of business sale contract published by the real-estate institute of QLD. Always ensure you seek professional advice for your specific circumstances, the above is intended to be general in nature. For more information see http://www.argonlaw.com.au
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How do I cancel the contract to sell my home?
MORE at http://www.realestatedecoded.com/cancel-contract-to-sell-home Contract cancellation or contract termination may not be an option for SELLERS. It depends on your contract. BUYERS usually have a contingency or two that allows them to terminate an agreement to purchase a home. SELLERS usually don't have any such contingencies, they're pretty locked-in from the time they sign the contract. I occasionally get calls from home sellers who are in a panic because they want to get out of a contract they have to sell their home. Typically, my the time they call a strange real estate agent they found online - me - communications between the sellers and their real estate agents are contentious... FULL POST at http://www.realestatedecoded.com/cancel-contract-to-sell-home John Wake Geek-in-Chief at Real Estate Decoded Real Estate Agent at HomeSmart http://www.realestatedecoded.com
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Contract of sale
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The Business Purchase Offer & Contracts
The Business Purchase Offer & Contracts http://www.ifthebanksaysno.com Subscribe to Beyond Breakeven ======================================================== In this video Ed Keels talks about the importance of having a clear understanding of what you are signing when it comes to business deals. There are many types of documents you need to be familiar with such a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), letter of intent (LOI), personal financial statement (PFS), offer form, purchase agreement, loan application, lender’s letter of interest, lender’s proposal letter, lender’s commitment letter, loan closing documents, bulk sales affidavit, bill of sale, etc. It's also imperative to know who's on your side in the deal. You must be your own best advocate. Unlike a real estate broker, a business broker is not necessarily the buyer's representative and in many cases is the direct opposite. To learn more click on the link above. ======================================================== Here’s the recap: 00:01 when it comes to business purchase offers and contracts you must have a clear understanding of what you’re signing 0:09 here are the types of documents you need to be familiar with when looking at buying a business: non-disclosure agreement (NDA), letter of intent (LOI), personal financial statement (PFS), offer form, purchase agreement, loan application, lender’s letter of interest, lender’s proposal letter, lender’s commitment letter, loan closing documents, bulk sales affidavit, bill of sale 0:20 the completion of a personal financial statement (PFS) has to be done only on a rare occasion 0:38 a business broker is not necessarily the buyer’s representative and in many cases is the direct opposite so why would you use their form? 1:10 as a buyer, you are responsible for the structure of the deal and understand the elements of the deal are for you! ======================================================== To see the rest of this video and 10 other related videos, go to www.ifthebanksaysno.com and click the "get funded now" button ____________________________________________________________________ ***Click below to SUBSCRIBE for More Videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/BeyondBreakeven ____________________________________________________________________ Ed Keels The Deal Maker Beyond Breakeven Inc. www.ifthebanksaysno.com http://www.Facebook.com/beyondbreakeven Linked In:http://LinkedIn.com/edkeels
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How To Fill Out Real Estate Contracts for Buyers and Sellers Step by Step | Wholesaling Houses
Please watch: "Top 15 Most FAQ's: How to Wholesale and Flip Houses with No Cash or Credit " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nj9eKyRfv8 --~-- How To Fill Out Real Estate Contracts for Buyers and Sellers Step by Step | Wholesaling Houses - http://FlipMan.net #wholesalinghousesstepbystep #flippinghousesforbeginners https://youtu.be/R7g-MRAIfz4
Negotiation of Representations and Warranties in the Purchase and Sale Agreement
Join us for an in-depth discussion about the intricacies of negotiating reps and warranties in connection with the purchase and sale of a privately-held company. By reviewing sample pro-buyer and pro-seller reps and warranties, we will discuss the definition and purpose of reps and warranties, their relationship to due diligence, scope and timing issues, typical qualifications and limitations on recovery for breach.
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RPA Training (California Residential Purchase Agreement)
California Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) Training for Ashby & Graff Real Estate Sales Associates To learn more about Ashby & Graff Real Estate and our "Pick Your Own Commission Spit" Plans, visit: www.AshbyGraffAdvantage.com
Contracts, Contingencies, Escape Clauses Oh My!
Make sure you add an EXPERIENCED REAL ESTATE Attorney to your team as not all attorneys are created equal. They can be found at your local rei meeting or you can ck out biggerpockets.com. They can ck out your contracts to make sure they meet your states requirements so you have peace of mind. Add and or assigns after your name or business name on the contract as that makes the contract assignable. 2 Easy breezy contingincies that you can use are contingent on partner approval and contingent on inspection and you can make it for 10 days or whatever you can get. If you want a simple Purchase & Sale Contract and Assignment Contract, subscribe to my page and comment below saying send me my contracts along with your email to send them to. If you interested in Mentoring, email me. I am only working with Action takers. Email:[email protected]
Real Estate Purchase Contracts Contingent on Sale of Home Bad for Buyers
Collier Swecker video blogs about how Real Estate Sales Contracts that are contingent on a Buyer selling their home before they can close on a new home is a terrible decision emotionally and financially for Buyers. For Sellers, these contingent contracts are a great thing because they lock in a higher price in a declining market. If you have any comments or questions about Contingent on Sale of Home Contracts, email me at [email protected] or visit my website at www.MegaAgentRealEstate.com.
CMA Inter | CA Foundation | CS Foundation | Sale of Goods Act, 1930 | Part 4
To Buy video Lectures in Pendrive, DVD, online, Android, Books, Test Series please visit our website https://sanyogvyaslawclasses.com/ Watch Specific Relief Act , 1963 -Part 1, Law Lectures by Sanyog Vyas exclusively for Law Students For more Law Lectures do subscribe our channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC344tiP7qX4kQdZNdRrKKag
How To Read an Auto Finance Contract
These contracts can be pretty daunting and confusing, so many lines, so many numbers, so much fine print! In this video we break down the finance contract bit by bit, so you can have a clearer understanding of it, and so you know what you're paying for. Other must-watch videos for used car shoppers: 5 Reasons to Buy a USED car instead of NEW: https://youtu.be/xLrSVwmqPxs 10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping for Used Cars:https://youtu.be/-BctLzzkjo0 How To Read A Vehicle History Report (CARFAX, AutoCheck): https://youtu.be/ZgtK73EU4Es Understanding Vehicle Recalls: https://youtu.be/QaqtAiwOPaA What is a GOOD DEAL on a Used Car? https://youtu.be/TcIdCqHPHe0 Should You Consider Buying a Prior Rental Car? https://youtu.be/mj2OaiJLYVA Shopping Used Cars at Dealerships vs. Private Parties: https://youtu.be/Fdno-PqZXpg Demystifying Used Car Prices: https://youtu.be/19JXh1IJCw0 New Trends In Used Car Buying: https://youtu.be/hotn--fc9xI For the ultimate tips and hacks in used car buying visit our website @ https://www.goautocity.com/blog/ Download The Ultimate Used Car Buying Guide for free @ https://www.goautocity.com/guide/
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Sale vs. Agreement to Sell | Formation of the Contract of Sale | CA CPT | CS & CMA Foundation
Sale vs. Agreement to Sell, Learn Formation of Contract of Sale, What is Contract of Sale, Types of Goods and Formalities, Delivery and Transaction Similar to Sale. For Details Visit https://www.meraskill.com/ca-cpt/law/formation-contract-of-sale WhatsApp Now: 8692900017 http://www.meraskill.com/ our other chapters in this series Accounts by Sheela Madam http://bit.ly/AcctsIntro http://bit.ly/AcctJournaltoCB http://bit.ly/CR_ROE http://bit.ly/BankRecoS http://bit.ly/MSInventory http://bit.ly/MSDep http://bit.ly/MSFinalAc http://bit.ly/MSConsignment http://bit.ly/MSJointV http://bit.ly/MSBillsOfExchg http://bit.ly/MSSalesReturn http://bit.ly/MSPartnership1 http://bit.ly/MSPartnership2 http://bit.ly/MSCompanyActs1 http://bit.ly/MSCompanyActs2 Law by Bharat Sir http://bit.ly/MSNatureofContract http://bit.ly/MSConsideration http://bit.ly/MSEssentialElements http://bit.ly/MSPerformanceOfContract http://bit.ly/MSBreachOfContract http://bit.ly/MSContingent_Quasi http://bit.ly/MSFormationContractOfSale http://bit.ly/MSCondition_Wattanties http://bit.ly/MSTransferOfOwnership http://bit.ly/MSUnpaidSeller http://bit.ly/MSNatureOfPartnership http://bit.ly/MSRelationshipOfPartners http://bit.ly/MSRegistration_Dissolution Micro by Bharat Sir http://bit.ly/MSIntroMicroEconomics http://bit.ly/MSDemand http://bit.ly/MSTheoryofCB http://bit.ly/MSSupply http://bit.ly/MSTheoryOfProd http://bit.ly/MSTheoryOfCost http://bit.ly/MSMarket http://bit.ly/MSPriceDetermination Macro by Jaya Madam http://bit.ly/MSNatureOfIndianEconomy http://bit.ly/MSRoleOfDiffSectors http://bit.ly/MSNationalIncome_Tax http://bit.ly/MSPopulation_Poverty_Unemployment http://bit.ly/MSInfrastuctureChallnges http://bit.ly/MSBudget_Money_Banking http://bit.ly/MSEconomicsReforms Maths by Anand Sir http://bit.ly/MSRatio_Propr http://bit.ly/MSIndices_Log http://bit.ly/MSEquations http://bit.ly/MSInequalities http://bit.ly/MSInterest http://bit.ly/MSPermutaion_Combination http://bit.ly/MSAP_GP http://bit.ly/MSSets_Function http://bit.ly/MSLimits http://bit.ly/MSDifferentiation http://bit.ly/MSIntegration -- photo MeraSkill WhatsApp 8692900017 | www.meraskill.com | [email protected]
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Buyers Cannot Just Walk Away From Finalized Purchase Contracts Without Consequences in Birmingham AL
Collier Swecker video blogs about how some homebuyers are trying to walk away from finalized purchaser contracts right before closing with the thought that the only consequences will be loss of earnest money. In this tough real estate market, Sellers facing Buyers who are trying to just walk out on a legal purchase contract and who have had their home on the market for many months are starting to react by suing the Buyers for Specific Performance on the contract and forcing the Buyers to consummate the purchase of the home. I think that television shows and the intoxicating real estate boom of a few years ago have Buyers forgetting that they are signing legally binding contracts where Sellers can and sometimes will enforce their rights by forcing the sale through the court system. The courts will generally order Specific Performance by the Buyer in situations where all terms and conditions of the sales contract have been met and the Buyer just says that they do not want to buy the house anymore. Birmingham Real Estate Agents need to do a better job of explaining the legal consequences of contracts before they have their clients sign them. If your Real Estate Agent does not know the legal consequences of the Sales Contract and cannot answer basic questions about the Sales Contract, you may want to find another agent who can actually protect your legal interest. I am a firm believer that being a Real Estate Agent is more than just marketing a home and showing homes to Buyers. I think that my biggest responsibility as a Realtor is to make sure my client's legal and economic interests are protected by providing full explanations of the legal and economic consequences that will result from their actions. If you have any comments or questions about why buyers cannot walk away from contracts that have had all contingencies met without the possibility of legal consequences, email me at [email protected] or visit my website at www.MegaAgentRealEstate.com.
How to Wholesale Real Estate - EXACTLY How to Fill Out Real Estate Contracts - UPDATED!
https://www.wholesalingwithmike.com - Over the shoulder, how to video includes specific clauses, tweaks, loopholes and a walkthrough showing you how to fill out your wholesaling contracts as both a buyer and seller. Download two completed contracts (one as the buyer and the other as the seller) to use as a reference absolutely Free AND access 35 clauses you can add to your contracts to reduce costs, increase profits and protect your interests (and profits) as a wholesaler at: https://www.wholesalingwithmike.com and click on "Free Training Videos"
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California Residential Purchase Agreement
In this podcast, Suzan Vainberg Real Estate Broker (DRE: 01451293) with Arooly Inc. explains in great detail the regular CAR California Residential Purchase Agreement when purchasing a home, not intended for short sales, REO, commercial properties or land. Arooly Real Estate and his officers do not assumes any legal responsibility should you take any action based on this podcast. You are strongly recomended to use your own broker, real estate agent or lawyer and follow closely his advice. This podcast is informative and intended only and only for Arooly customers. If you are a customer of Arooly please consult with our brokers or agents regarding peculiarities of your transaction. Watching this video is not an agency relation in between Arooly and you. Arooly Inc is California Real Estate Broker DRE:01807608 all material not valid in any other state or country except California. This podcast is not intended to be legal advice. All material is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed. http://arooly.com
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Present Use Clause in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale
This week Costa Poulopoulos gives insight when it comes to filling out Clause 8 - Present Use in an Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
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What Is a Purchase and Sale Agreement?
Purchase and Sale Agreements are one of the most contracts in a real estate transaction. Russ Bradchulis, Real Estate Agent, explains what this is, why it's so important, and what to look for in a "P&S" Find out more at www.RealEstateWithRuss.com
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Contract for Sale & Purchase of Land 2014 Edition
Some advice from leading industry Trainer & Auctioneer Brian Cannan & specialised Real Estate legal practitioner Greg Jemmeson on the new Contract for sale & purchase of land (2014 edition).
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Contingency Contracts | Real Estate Basics | Scott Parman
Hi folks, Scott Parman, your buyer specialist. Today I'd like to expand on the commonly misunderstood topic of contingency contracts. Specifically, let's discuss what a contingency contract is, how they work, and what it means to you as a home buyer. A Contingency contract is when a seller accepts a buyer's offer to purchase their home, but agree that the purchase is conditional upon the buyer's current home selling first. The idea of the contingency is to protect someone who is selling and then buying from being stuck owning two homes at once. Also, many buyers would not qualify for financing on two homes at once, so a contingency affords them the opportunity to make a contract to purchase their next home without selling and moving out of their current home into temporary living quarters. First, the process to request a contingent contract is simple. You write an offer through the normal process, but you include an additional contingency document as an addendum, meaning that it is an integral part of the initial contract. This addendum has two options, one informs the seller that the buyer's current home is under contract, and the second informs the seller that the buyer's current home is NOT under contract already. The first option, informing the seller that a buyer's home is under contract, is the most desirable. Most sellers will consider this as a solid offer for their home as long as their agent advises them that the buyer's current contract looks solid. The contingency document offers protection for both buyer and seller if the buyer's original contract falls through before closing. If this happens, the contract can be cancelled by either party, or modified if both parties agreed. That means as a buyer, you don't risk owning two homes. As a seller, you can get your home back on the market immediately if necessary. The second option, informing the seller that a buyer's home is not under contract, is a less desirable option for either party. On the buyer's side, it seems great, you lock down a home, but take time to get yours sold. However, during the time you're selling your current home, if it isn't under contract, the seller has the option to accept another contract and serve you with a "kick-out" notification. This means to secure the home you want, you have the option to waive the contingency. Otherwise you lose the home to the new buyer. From a seller standpoint, there is almost no reason to accept this option. A buyer is asking them to take their home off the active market when they have no buyer or closing date for their current home. In their minds, why not just leave the home on the active market, then when your home is finally under contract, you'll come back around if they haven't sold yet. In the meantime, they have the benefit of securing another solid buyer for their home. Ultimately, what does this mean to you as a homebuyer? Simple, unless you have the approval to hold two mortgages (one for your current home and one for the next one) at the same time or are a renter, it's unlikely you'll be able to write a contract on your next home until your current home is under contract. If you own a home, the first step is always to get it in shape and on the market before you start looking for the next home.
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Top Mistakes to Avoid with Contracts - Commercial Real Estate Show
Visit: https://www.commercialagentsuccess.com/ for streaming video training for commercial sales and leasing professionals Show host Michael Bull recently had the opportunity to co-instruct a continuing education class on commercial real estate contracts for brokers, developers and investors with attorney Seth Weissman. It it was like the old EF Hutton TV commercial — everyone leaned in and listened. Regardless of the experience level, attendees commented that they enjoyed the class and learned valuable intel. Mr. Weissman agreed to join Michael for this show to share valuable tips, strategies and best practices related to commercial sales contracts. While only lawyers should write contracts, everyone should understand them. If you have any questions or comments for Michael or Seth on this topic, or if you would like to discuss any commercial real estate related endeavors, you're invited to contact us at 888-612-SHOW.
Asset vs. Share Purchase - How to Sell a Business How to Buy a Business - David C Barnett
http://www.BusinessBuyerAdvantage.com http://www.HowToSellMyOwnBusiness.com http://www.InvestLocalBook.com Buying assets vs. buying shares When buying or selling a business, a common question that comes up is whether to buy or sell the shares or the assets of the business. For some people who are not familiar with this, the concept can be hard to grasp. That’s why I made this video to explain things in simple terms: https://youtu.be/HgDLgwbXgj0 Here’s an illustration. Imagine that Mark owns a lawn maintenance company; Mark’s Lawns Inc. Mark’s Lawns Inc. owns a tractor. If you wanted to get into the lawn maintenance business you could buy Mark’s Lawns Inc. The ownership of the tractor doesn’t change. It was and still is owned by Mark’s Lawns Inc. In this case, the seller is Mark. He’s selling the shares of the corporation to you. The other way to buy the business would be to buy the tractor. In this case, Mark’s Lawns Inc. is the seller. The ownership of Mark’s Lawns Inc. doesn’t change. Mark will still own this corporation after the transaction, the only difference is that the company will have money in it instead of a tractor. Because corporations are people under the law, a share sale makes a new owner subject to liabilities to past events. An attorney will do their best to structure warranties to try to protect a buyer but at the end of the day, a share sale could expose a buyer to unwanted liabilities. Asset sales are technically just the purchase of ‘stuff.’ In this regard a buyer doesn’t necessarily have to worry about most of the past issues with the corporation. Also there are usually tax advantages for buyers who buy assets because equipment that may have been fully depreciated by a seller may now appear on the buyer’s books at fair market value and can be depreciated again by the buyer. Seller’s know this and there is an equal tax disadvantage vis-à-vis depreciated equipment. Also, in some places, such as Canada, there is preferred tax treatment on the sale of shares of an eligible corporation. So when people ask me if they should buy or sell shares or assets I tell them this: Buyers should try to buy assets, sellers should try to sell shares but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. The type of transaction will form part of the negotiation. Let me give you a simple example. A seller wants $250,000 for their business. A buyer offers $200,000. The seller says that they can’t go that low unless the buyer is willing to purchase shares… a deal is struck. The tax advantages/disadvantages of either form of sale are known by both parties and can sometimes be estimated by both parties. As such, it just comes down to dollars and cents in most cases.. unless there are specific reasons to buy shares such as contracts, government regulation, etc… but that is a subject for another day. If you’d like help to buy or sell a business, call me at (506) 381-8416 or visit www.HowToSellMyOwnBusiness.com or www.BusinessBuyerAdvantage.com Please remember to like and share this article, it’s the only way the people who run the internet have of knowing if the content is any good or not. The more you share, the more likely someone who needs this information will be able to find it. If you would like to hear from me weekly before anyone else, you can sign yourself up at www.DavidCBarnett.com Improve your business each and every day, download my FREE daily cheat sheet and hang it in your work area to keep yourself focused. https://gum.co/15Questions/FREE Do you live in Toronto? I’ve got workshops coming up for Toronto in September on buying and selling businesses. Book now, there isn’t much room left.. http://davidbarnett.eventbrite.ca If you’d like to learn how to create high returns by making local private lending deals, check out http://www.LocalInvestingCourse.com The Local Investing Academy starts in September. Thanks and I’ll see you next time.
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Land Sale Contracts
http://thebusinessprofessor.com/land-sale-contracts-explained/ This video provides a brief introduction to the land sale contract and how it is used. Find more free resources at TheBusinessProfessor.com
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Short Sale Purchase Contracts
Who accepts the contract and does the bank review multiple offers in a Short Sale
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CA Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement - RPA
www.FavoriteRealEstate.com California Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement - Part 2- https://youtu.be/F90tk7RAGZ4 California Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement - Part 3 https://youtu.be/I0oZM5-S0vI To see or video on the California Residential Purchase agreement - Parts 4 and every other paragraph... Click here for a Free 14 day trial to our community. No credit card required... https://www.winnerscheck.org/offers/7ap8yF4z CA Attorney Realtor John McConnin Provides an Intro and reviews the fist 2 sections of the CA RPA. The California Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement from the CA Assoc of Realtors Per requests I have received I created a video for every clause in the California Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement and posted in the members area at Winnerscheck.org.
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Canceling Your Real Estate Contract - What to Expect When Backing Out of a Deal
Things happen in life and there are times when you have to back out of a signed real estate contract. This can be a rather scary situation and you may be wondering just what might happen if you do so. The potential consequences for backing out of a real estate contract vary. What you are liable for will be spelled out in the contract itself. With few exceptions though, a seller cannot FORCE you to buy their home by taking you to court. As I see questions come up from time-to-time in regards to what a buyer who has a signed real estate purchase agreement needs to do when canceling that contract, I decided to create this video and post it on my real estate video blog at PlymouthHomes.TV to benefit other homebuyers who are working through this issue in the future.
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Sale of Goods Act, 1930 | CMA Inter | CA Foundation | CS Foundation | Part 1
To Buy video Lectures in Pendrive, DVD, online, Android, Books, Test Series please visit our website https://sanyogvyaslawclasses.com/ Watch Sale of Goods Act 1930, Part -1 with Sanyog Vyas For more Online Law Lectures do subscribe our channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC344...
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Updates to Form 100 - Residential Contract of Purchase and Sale
Learn about the changes made to the Residential Contract of Purchase and Sale form (#100). Thank you to the Association of Regina REALTORS® for their partnership in the production of this video. Manager of Operations Rob Reynar produced the video.
Understanding Contracts & Paperwork - ForSaleByOwner.com
As part of the "Your For Sale By Owner Coach" video series, this "Understanding Contracts and Paperwork" video will give you a solid understanding of the contracts and paperwork you can expect to encounter when selling your home. And for more tips and assistance on getting through the mountain of paperwork home sellers deal with, visit us at http://www.forsalebyowner.com/.
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Timber Sale Contracts
One of the most important parts of a timber sale is the contract. The contract is a binding written document outlining the sale and operations concerning the seller's timber for a set period of time between the buyer and the seller. This video goes over how to use a contract for selling timber in an easy and profitable way. This video was made as a supplement to the University of Tennessee Extension publication called "Best Practices For Selling Your Timber." Seek this publication and more information at : https://extension.tennessee.edu/publications/Pages/default.aspx Professional Forestry Help: TN Division of Forestry: https://www.tn.gov/agriculture/section/forests Consultant Foresters Directory: https://www.tn.gov/assets/entities/agriculture/attachments/AgForCfdirectory.pdf University of Tennessee Extension: https://extension.tennessee.edu/Pages/default.aspx Music is performed by the talented Jake Webster.
Contracts: What You Need To Know To Pass - Real Estate Exam Webinar
In this webinar we go over the essentials of a contract. This is heavily tested on the real estate exam in all 50 states. If you are interested in interactive practice questions with clear explanations, more videos, and live online webinars, visit PrepAgent: https://www.prepagent.com/ Follow us at: https://www.prepagent.com/ https://www.facebook.com/PrepAgent/ https://twitter.com/prep_agent https://www.instagram.com/prep_agent/
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California Association of Realtors (CAR) - Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA)
Brian Schwatka, Realtor and Transition Specialist explains the (CAR) - Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) to Buyers or Sellers.
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