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Regex Phone Number - Step by Step
This is the basics of a phone number regex to just help you understand how to write regex in general VIDEO CORRECTION!! The end of the regex needs to be a $ not a ? ^\+?\d.\s? // +1 or +44 \(?\d{3}\)? // first part [-.\s]? // possible spacing / sep \d{3} // 2nd part [-.\s]? // possible spacing / sep \d{4}? // 3rd part
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Database Abstraction Layer - PHP Tutorial
This tutorial will teach you about database abstraction for use in PHP. Instead of programming directly to MySQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL (or whatever database system you use), you can just use a common interface that will make programming easier and more flexible. Another focus of this particular abstraction is that data selection queries should return an actual object, instead of a SQL resource that you'll need to iterate and access a record one at a time. Copyright (c) 2013 Rodrigo Silveira http://www.easylearntutorial.com
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C# - How to convert date to quarter number
More info: http://howtodomssqlcsharpexcelaccess.blogspot.ca/2012/06/c-how-to-convert-date-to-quoter.html
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5 MYSQL视频教程
为了让更多的朋友通过互联网平台学到专业的技术知识,后盾网于2010年10月开始录制视频教程,课程含盖DEDE 织梦CMS视频教程,jquery框架视频教程,PHP视频教程,Mysql视频教程,ThinkPHP视频教程,ECMS帝国视频教程,Dreamweaver CS5视频教程,html视频教程,DivCss网页标准化布局视频教程,只为让大家通过后盾网视频能得学到有用的知识。 每天一小步,人生一大步!
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"><img src=x onerror=prompt(/xss/)>
"><img src=x onerror=prompt(/xss/)> <"
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How i bypassed HTML entities and XSSed +13 domains of Sony
View full article here: https://shawarkhan.com/bypassed-html-entities-xssed-13-domains-sony
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حمل الان افضل برنماج لرسم الدوال مع ادريس بندحان
http://download1967.mediafire.com/ww1wl4sanr0g/nf66th776ty6ibb/straceur_install.exe دالة if دالة vlookup دالة التفقيط دالة sumif دالة if المركبة دالة دالة round دالة index دالة الصحيح دالة search دالة and دالة countif دالة count دالة choose شرح دالة countifs شرح دالة count دالة dcount دالة datedif دالة edate دالة find hgm gunmetal pipe hgm gunmetal pipe raider 150 hgm gunmetal hgm gunmetal mio دالة hlookup شرح دالة vlookup دالة indirect دالة if error hgm jayy grizz دالة look up دالة vlookup 2010 دالة match شرح دالة match شرح دالة max دالة offset دالة or شرح دالة offset دالة pmt دالة sln دالة sum دالة small شرح دالة sumifs شرح دالة sumproduct شرح دالة subtotal دالة today استخدام دالة vlookup hgm xrmدالة خطية دالة تربيعية دالة التوزيع التراكمي دالة الجزء الصحيح دالة زيتا دالة زوجية وفردية دالة الكثافة الاحتمالية دالة الانتاج دالة average دالة abs دالة and في excel دالة and if دالة accrint دالة and و or دالة averageifs دالة arctan دالة array دالة between دالة basename دالة bessel دالة binomdist دالة b_only دالة base64 decode دالة bijective دالة base64 الدالة bac شرح دالة between دالة counta دالة ceiling دالة concatenate دالة countif في access دالة countif باكثر من شرط دالة countif في excel دالة convert دالة date دالة dsum دالة dmax دالة datevalue دالة day دالة dlast دالة dlookup دالة datedif لا تعمل دالة e دالة exp دالة explode دالة excel دالة exact دالة echo دالة eval دالة else if دالة extract دالة floor دالة file_get_contents دالة foreach دالة for php دالة fgets دالة file_exists دالة fv دالة forecast دالة frequency دالة getch dallah group dallah group of companies saudi arabia dallah general services co dallah gym dallah group qatar dallah group jeddah dallah group saudi dallah general services dallah group jordan دالة header دالة htmlspecialchars دالة hour دالة hash دالة hyperlink دالة htmlentities دالة header php شرح دالة hlookup شرح دالة header دالة int دالة if بشرطين دالة if متعددة الشروط دالة iif دالة if الشرطية المركبة وكالة تسنيم h&m jobs دالة array_key_exists دالة lookup دالة ln دالة len دالة left دالة log دالة like دالة linest دالة large دالة loop دالة list دالة min دالة mid دالة median دالة mail دالة month دالة max دالة mod دالة mysql_real_escape_string دالة main دالة nz دالة networkdays دالة nb دالة nb.si دالة nvl دالة now دالة npv دالة not دالة no to txt دالة nper dallah online driving test dalan olive dallah office jeddah dallah oracle الدالة oui دالة if or شرح دالة or دالة product دالة ppmt دالة preg_match دالة preg_replace دالة php دالة pv دالة power دالة poisson دالة pow دالة queue دالة query دالة mysql_query دالة magic_quotes دالة rank دالة row دالة roundup دالة rept دالة right دالة replace دالة recherchev دالة rand دالة return دالة subtotal دالة sin دالة switch في لغة c++ دالة sumproduct دالة substitute دالة sec دالة time دالة text دالة trim دالة trunc دالة topten دالة transpose دالة tan دالة trend دالة tostring hgm usb microphone hgm usace hgm urban dictionary وكالة عمون وكالة عجلون دالة vlookup بشرطين دالة vlookup لا تعمل دالة vlookup بالصور دالة vlookup مع match دالة val دالة value دالة vlook دالة vlookup بالفرنسية دالة weekday دالة while دالة workday دالة wget الدالة workday الدالة while الدالة wiki شرح دالة weekday شرح دالة while دالة do while دالة xor دالة xirr الدالة x الدالة x مربع الدالة x مكعب دالة sin x دالة صحيح x دالة e^x دالة cos x شرح دالة xirr دالة year دالة yearfrac دالة y dalah yangon saleh yemen dallah yangon dallah yamin dallah yanbu دالة if yes دالة zeta dallah zawya dalah zagora dalah zagora 2015 dallah zagora dalah zagora 2014 dallah zagora 2014 dallah zagora 2015
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Creating a PHP Search
This is a tutorial which goes over how to create a PHP search which filters out results from a database table. Sorry for the mistakes made in this video, the video following this goes over how to take this and make it instant with jQuery Tutor Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JoeTheTutor Dibbble: www.dribbble.com/sleekode www.helpingdevelop.com
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NoScript ( or less ) Bypass - "Reflective XSS" through Union SQL Poisoning Trick
NoScript fails to detect the reflective XSS from trusted domains when an attack is conducted through SQLXSSI. The bypass in NoScript has been successfully conducted by using "Reflective XSS" through Union SQL poisoning attacks by exploiting the reverted errors in the browser. The attacker can create a potential attack patterns using the above stated vector. The bug was disclosed to the author on 24th November 2010. A new version of NoScript 2.0.6 is released today (25th November 2010). Further, NoScript 2.0.6 version fails to combat against this attack vector and can be bypassed with the same.
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How to Fix SQL Query Bypass or Authentication Flaw
Facebook Page :- https://www.facebook.com/FreakCoderz #FIX Script link :- http://pastebin.com/h53493KN
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Build a Maillist manager in 15 minutes using Xataface
A screencast and tutorial to show you how to use the Xataface Email module to easily create an email list manager to perform complex mailmerge and bulk email operations. Full tutorial at http://xataface-tips.blogspot.ca/2013/05/create-your-own-maillist-manager-using.html
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JSP Injection
Credits go to out milw0rm movies...
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PHP Tutorial Parse Multiple Select HTML Form Fields - DevelopPHP dot com
Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/PHP/Multiple-Select-HTML-Form-Fields-PHP-Parse-Tutorial Adam teaches how to use PHP to parse multiple selection form fields in your HTML or HTML5 forms. The resulting variable is an array if you instruct the select field to handle multiple options. We have to break this array down to split the selections for our data processing needs, or you can choose to save the serialized complete array into one MySQL database field.
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file_get_contents() - Функция PHP
Функция file_get_contents() в PHP предназначена для считывания содержимого файла в строку.
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DEF CON 23 - Nemus - Hacking SQL Injection for Remote Code Execution on a LAMP Stack
Remember that web application you wrote when you where first learning PHP? Ever wonder how vulnerable that code base is? Through the perspective of an attacker you will see how SQL injection can lead to data loss and system compromise. This presentation will take you through the techniques and tools used to take control of a PHP web application starting from an injection point moving to PHP web shells, and ending with a Linux wildcard attack. Speaker Bio: Nemus works as a software engineer in the payment industry developing software that transfers money between banking systems. He is a founding member of 801 Labs, a hackerspace located in Salt Lake City, and is an active member of his local DEF CON group DC801. Nemus has a BS in Computer Science and is a certified GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT). Twitter: @Nemus801
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How to Optimize your Hormones lesson 2: Pregnenolone Steal
How to Optimize your Hormones lesson 2: Pregnenolone Steal http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Ameerrosic SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! How to Optimize your Hormones lesson 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVj8aZmqauA Your hormones are controlled by Cortisol when you are in a Stress response such as Flight or Flight your Cortisol will rob your Pregnenolone, this is known is Preg Steal. This will lead to the loss of DHEA, Testosterone and Estrogen. The higher the stress response in your life the worst your hormonal level becomes. Cortisol controls your Testosterone and Estrogen levels. How to escape the Pregnenolone Steal. #1 Eat a Paleo Diet #2 Adaptogenic herbs: Liquorice root and Rhodiola #3 Vitamin D #4 Magnesium #5 Go to Sleep at 10pm Follow these rules and you will naturally improve your Hormonal Status. Optimally yours LET'S CONNECT! Google+ ► http://google.com/AmeerRosic Facebook ► http://facebook.com/AmeerRosic Twitter ► http://twitter.com/AmeerRosic Linkedin ► http://linkedin.com/AmeerRosic AmeerRosic► http://www.AmeerRosic.com AmeerRosic► http://www.Functionaldiagnostictesting.com
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थायरायड ग्रंथि को नुकसान पहुचने वाली चीज - Thyroid Gland Damage - Hindi Tips
The thyroid gland, or simply the thyroid /ˈθaɪrɔɪd/, is one of the largest endocrine glands in the body, and consists of two connected lobes. It is found in the anterior neck, below the laryngeal prominence (Adam's apple). The thyroid gland controls rate of use of energy sources, protein synthesis, and controls the body's sensitivity to other hormones. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *यदि यह वीडियो आपको अच्छी लगी तो चॅनेल को सबस्क्राइब ज़रुुर् करें : https://goo.gl/7GwrMh Join Us : Blogger : http://healthcarehinditips.blogspot.in/ Facebook : https://goo.gl/GPjBRV Twitter : https://goo.gl/c9UrOO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEALTH DISCLAIMER At Health Care you can Watch Health Management videos with lots of Natural ways and Home Remedy to cure various diseases. Video includes health tips for women,health tips for men,health tips for kids,benefits of various food and fruits. These video will reduce your stress about health Insurance and improve your habit of healthy eating. *The information on this channel is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care.You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems.Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have..
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6. PHP & MySQL in Pashto - Deletion from Database
In this video we will learn how delete record from MySQL database using PHP. We will also talk about different PHP functions like header(),ob_start() and ob_end_flush(). Please subscribe to the channel so that you can receive email when our new video is uploaded, comments and like our videos Follow us at http://www.tutsmedia.com
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LFI to RCE con ficheros temporales en Windows
Este vídeo muestra como explotar un LFI usando ficheros temporales de PHP para conseguir ejecución remota de comandos en Windows. Más info: http://alguienenlafisi.blogspot.com/2013/01/lfi-2-rce-en-windows-con-archivos.html Visita: http://alguienenlafisi.blogspot.com/
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SQL QUERY UPDATE SET A Job Portal http://www.InterviewDot.com http://www.InterviewDot.com http://www.InterviewDot.com One Click Dream Job - http://www.interviewdot.com/upload-resume/uploadresume.htm Are you looking for a new Job ? InterviewDot.com - A Job Portal http://www.InterviewDot.com http://www.InterviewDot.com http://www.InterviewDot.com One Click Dream Job - http://www.interviewdot.com/upload-resume/uploadresume.htm JAVA/SPRING/SQL/JUNIT INTERVIEW QUESTION AND ANSWER SQL QUERY UPDATE SET
Resolver Problema com Acento em Banco de Dados Postgree
Resolver Problema com Acento em Banco de Dados Postgree, em buscas.
PHP 7 Unicode characters
Tutorial on how to use the new PHP 7 feature related to Unicode characters, which string types can be used to show Unicode and more.
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xss to csrf bypass token
welcom in http://is-sec.com/vb/ http://is-sec.com/vb/showthread.php?t=7639
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Zend 200-550 Certified PHP Engineer VCE Exam - Practice Test
Zend Certified PHP Engineer 200-550 exams’ due importance The significance of Zend Certified PHP Engineer 200-550 exams may be considered as overstated. Whereas, actually they hold great meaning. They may not be obtained simply, but Zend Certified PHP Engineer 200-550 exams certainly back a person’s efforts of acquiring a suitable job. Explore : https://www.justcerts.com/zend/200-550-practice-questions.html Preparation for Zend 200-550 exam Before starting with the preparation the candidates must learn about the syllabus of the Zend Certified PHP Engineer 200-550 exam. Obstinate efforts and practice will help the candidates clear the Zend Certified PHP Engineer 200-550 exam, in their first attempt. Internet research will also provide apt preparation material for the Zend Certified PHP Engineer 200-550 exam. Picking up a Justcerts Instead of being confused, the candidates should select the Justcerts that has excellent quality material along with a reasonable set of questions to offer to the candidates. The Justcerts - an overview The Justcerts offers exhaustive and all-embracing content, thus enabling candidates to conveniently understand the content of the Justcerts. The Justcerts has gained sufficient popularity chiefly because arranges for the candidates, the best preparation material for the Zend 200-550 exam. The software of the Justcerts provides for replication, which imitates the real Zend Certified PHP Engineer 200-550 exam for the candidates providing them an opportunity of identifying their strong and weak points. The software of the Justcerts is designed so as to allow the candidates to practice exhaustively before appearing for the exam. The Zend has designed the Justcerts’s layout with the target of making it uncomplicated for the candidates, to operate the Justcerts. Some important points to be considered are as under: ➢ The candidates are unrestricted in the sense that they can search on any Zend Certified PHP Engineer 200-550 exam on the Justcerts. ➢ The Justcerts’s continual updating, helps candidates to gain know-how of all the up-to-the-minute updates. ➢ The bio-data of the customers of Justcerts’s is sheltered using the antivirus, McAfee. ➢ The Justcerts users are free to not only scan through the existing customers’ comments regarding their experience with the Justcerts’s (brand) but they can also share of their own experience with the Justcerts’s product, by commenting. ➢ Feedback is heartily appreciated by the Justcerts. The feedback from customers is used to make revisions to the Justcerts’s (brand). ➢ A Zend 200-550 exam demo is provided by the Justcerts to the customers to eliminate any possibility that the final product the customer was sold, was not the same as the advertised product. The Justcerts’s incentives ➢ The customers of the Justcerts benefit from the incentive of refund of the Zend Certified PHP Engineer 200-550 exam fee in event of inability to successfully clear the Zend Certified PHP Engineer 200-550 exam. A time frame of sixty days is permissible to bring to the Justcerts’s notice, any such incidence. Later, the Justcerts refunds back the money paid as Zend Certified PHP Engineer 200-550 exam fee. ➢ The Justcerts provides professional aid and advice to the candidates for their future lives apart from the Zend Certified PHP Engineer 200-550 examination. ➢ Another incentive the Justcerts offers its customers includes huge price cuts and up to 30% discount.
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Offrez à vos utilisateurs la possibilité de citer et notifier d'autres membres de votre site grâce à un système de mention façon @ sur Twitter ! 🎁 1h de formation offerte pour créer votre blog qui rapporte : https://goo.gl/WjKF4d (par T. Eliet) ✍ Retrouvez tout le code du tuto ici : https://goo.gl/pHXSDC N'oubliez pas de vous abonner, c'est rapide et sympa ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­----------------- ► S'abonner : https://goo.gl/Cfrt1B ► Site internet : https://primfx.com ► Me suivre (réseaux sociaux) : http://social.primfx.com/ Musique d'intro: https://dlvsound.wordpress.com/ Copyright © PrimFX
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Sqli BY Arjun Challenge No 1 Solution By Xyb3r H@xor
Sqli BY Arjun Challenge No 1 Solution
Views: 343 Talha Afzaal
Javascript Dersleri 10-Düzenli İfadeler 1(Vildan Çalışkan)
Javascript Dersleri 10-Düzenli İfadeler 1
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First Look: LG G7 ThinQ (iPhone X Comparison)
In this video, we go hands on and get some first impressions of the all new LG G7 Thin Q, one of the first major smartphones in the US (aside from Apple) to include the infamous notch. Read more about the LG G7 ThinQ here - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/05/02/lg-g7-thinq-compared-to-iphone-x/
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PHP Tutorial Bengali Part  1
Awesome video tutorial on PHP and Mysql
Views: 97 Eshrak E Emon
PHP - soundex - Busca fonética
Chaves soundex tem a propriedade que palavras pronunciadas similarmente produzem a mesma chave soundex, e assim podem ser usadas em pesquisas em bancos de dados aonde você conhece a pronuncia mas não exatamente como se escreve. Esta função soundex retorna uma string de 4 caracteres, começando com uma letra.
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(Learning php / PHP教程)第051讲 位运算①
视频模糊? 请点击视频右下角的"小齿轮",选择为720P,然后再稍微微调一下进度条,就能清楚­影视咯。 有什么问题或建议,欢迎来到我的facebook专栏 https://www.facebook.com/LearningEnter 亲~ 记得点"like"或"赞"哟 ! 我们的频道网址: http://www.LearningEnter.com
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Black Desert Nude Mod Installation
Link to Java Runtime: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html Link to mod page: https://www.undertow.club/threads/black-desert-online-nude-mod-texture-replace-method.8671/ Songs used from SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/freesongstouse
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Dragnet: Big Gangster Part 1 / Big Gangster Part 2 / Big Book
Dragnet is a radio and television crime drama about the cases of a dedicated Los Angeles police detective, Sergeant Joe Friday, and his partners. The show takes its name from an actual police term, a "dragnet", meaning a system of coordinated measures for apprehending criminals or suspects. Dragnet debuted inauspiciously. The first several months were bumpy, as Webb and company worked out the program's format and eventually became comfortable with their characters (Friday was originally portrayed as more brash and forceful than his later usually relaxed demeanor). Gradually, Friday's deadpan, fast-talking persona emerged, described by John Dunning as "a cop's cop, tough but not hard, conservative but caring." (Dunning, 210) Friday's first partner was Sergeant Ben Romero, portrayed by Barton Yarborough, a longtime radio actor. After Yarborough's death in 1951 (and therefore Romero's, who also died of a heart attack, as acknowledged on the December 27, 1951 episode "The Big Sorrow"), Friday was partnered with Sergeant Ed Jacobs (December 27, 1951 - April 10, 1952, subsequently transferred to the Police Academy as an instructor), played by Barney Phillips; Officer Bill Lockwood (Ben Romero's nephew, April 17, 1952 - May 8, 1952), played by Martin Milner (with Ken Peters taking the role for the June 12, 1952 episode "The Big Donation"); and finally Frank Smith, played first by Herb Ellis (1952), then Ben Alexander (September 21, 1952-1959). Raymond Burr was on board to play the Chief of Detectives. When Dragnet hit its stride, it became one of radio's top-rated shows. Webb insisted on realism in every aspect of the show. The dialogue was clipped, understated and sparse, influenced by the hardboiled school of crime fiction. Scripts were fast moving but didn't seem rushed. Every aspect of police work was chronicled, step by step: From patrols and paperwork, to crime scene investigation, lab work and questioning witnesses or suspects. The detectives' personal lives were mentioned but rarely took center stage. (Friday was a bachelor who lived with his mother; Romero, a Mexican-American from Texas, was an ever fretful husband and father.) "Underplaying is still acting", Webb told Time. "We try to make it as real as a guy pouring a cup of coffee." (Dunning, 209) Los Angeles police chiefs C.B. Horrall, William A. Worton, and (later) William H. Parker were credited as consultants, and many police officers were fans. Most of the later episodes were entitled "The Big _____", where the key word denoted a person or thing in the plot. In numerous episodes, this would the principal suspect, victim, or physical target of the crime, but in others was often a seemingly inconsequential detail eventually revealed to be key evidence in solving the crime. For example, in "The Big Streetcar" the background noise of a passing streetcar helps to establish the location of a phone booth used by the suspect. Throughout the series' radio years, one can find interesting glimpses of pre-renewal Downtown L.A., still full of working class residents and the cheap bars, cafes, hotels and boarding houses which served them. At the climax of the early episode "James Vickers", the chase leads to the Subway Terminal Building, where the robber flees into one of the tunnels only to be killed by an oncoming train. Meanwhile, by contrast, in other episodes set in outlying areas, it is clear that the locations in question are far less built up than they are today. Today, the Imperial Highway, extending 40 miles east from El Segundo to Anaheim, is a heavily used boulevard lined almost entirely with low-rise commercial development. In an early Dragnet episode scenes along the Highway, at "the road to San Pedro", clearly indicate that it still retained much the character of a country highway at that time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragnet_(series)
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