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Oracle Diversity Controller Brightness Issue
brand new diversity, does not display image properly
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More info: http://www.medicina-familiei.com/fpveng.html
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ClearView VS Oracle/FR632 Diversity Comparison
Here is a quick comparison between two diversity ground stations. First was originally designed by Brian Morris (BrainDrain) and is made up of two FR632 40CH Diversity receivers connected to an Oracle Diversity Controller which compares the video feeds and picks the better video frames. I had three 5-turn helical and one Airblade antenna on this test. Second is a ClearView 5.8 Racing diversity ground station which through magic and voodoo combines the video from two high sensitivity receivers. I used two Airblade antennas for this test. You pick your poison, I already got mine ;) Thanks to Andrew Meyer (MayMayDay) for letting me use his hardware for this test.
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DIY VRX with 4 Oracle Diversity 1.2Ghz
Range Test of my Quad Diversity Oracle with 4 Patch Antenna Oracle video diversity controller (x3) http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11_34_536&products_id=83 Circular Wireless 1.2-1.3GHz RHCP Patch Antenna (x4) http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2951
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Ground Station - Diversity Squared
Inspired/Copied from The Penetrator ground station by BrainDrain: https://youtu.be/2IpdEvXpVxQ Two each ImmersionRC Duo5800 v4.1 "Race Edition" 5.8GHz Audio/Video Diversity Receivers there outputs going into an Oracle Video Diversity Controller then a wired output to my goggles. I can unscrew the antennas and stow them inside the case for safe transport. Example 1: https://youtu.be/mgl8zT2QCg4
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RD40 Diversity Video Receiver from Banggood
The RD40 diversity receivers and Oracle box is going to be the heart of my ground station. The RD40 receiver can receive the race band frequencies, which is the primary reason I'm using them. While the RD40 uses the RSSI signal strength to decide between which antenna to use, the Oracle box reads the actual incoming video signals and decides which is stronger and outputs that video through the outputs. Here is braindrn's "Penetrator" ground station: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IpdEvXpVxQ ====================================================== Get your own RD40 receivers here: http://www.banggood.com/Skyzone-RD40-FPV-5_8G-40CH-Diversity-Receiver-p-995945.html?p=6Z050013977120130325&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=travisgrindal&utm_campaign=BG9624385&utm_content=chengshaoyun 5.8ghz Directional Antenna: http://www.banggood.com/FPV-5_8G-15dBi-Aerial-Panel-Antenna-5005-6000MHz-For-FPV-System-p-957749.html?p=6Z050013977120130325&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=travisgrindal&utm_campaign=BG9624385&utm_content=chengshaoyun 5.8ghz Plastic Covered Directional Antenna: http://www.banggood.com/FPV-5_8G-11db-Aerial-Panel-Antenna-With-5600-5900MHZ-For-FPV-System-p-88213.html?p=6Z050013977120130325&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=travisgrindal&utm_campaign=BG9624385&utm_content=chengshaoyun
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LRC Racer FPV drone racing practice + Oracle Quad-Diversity system testing - www.LiftRC.com
First of all I'm sorry for the shaky video, the camera mount wasn't affixed properly, but I think the video is still good enough to post. I met up with friends at the University of British Columbia parkade for some drone racing practice. At the same time I wanted to test out my new ground station inspired by BrainDrain and guys from VoodoQuads. I'm really happy with it as the video shows. Hopefully soon a buddy of mine will get his ClearView and then I can make a comparison video between the two systems. As usual thanks to www.LiftRC.com for helping me fly. The quad setup in this video, it flies awesome: LRC Race frame (the best out there and I have three of them) - https://www.liftrc.com/lrc-race-5inch RMRC DoDo Flight controller (BorisB betaflight) - http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=4221 Rotorgeeks RG20 ESCs - http://rotorgeeks.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=34_43&product_id=307 RCX 2205/2633KV motors - http://www.myrcmart.com/rcx-h2205-2633kv-multirotor-outrunner-brushless-motor-motion-balanced-p-9049.html Lumenier SMC-600 camera- https://www.liftrc.com/lumenier-smc-600-super-mini-cased-600tvl-wide-angle LRC 200mW Raceband VTX - https://www.liftrc.com/lrc-raceband-vtx-200 ParagonUAV 1000mAh 4S 65C Batteries - http://www.paragonuav.com/paragon-4s-1000mah-65c-xt60/ FrSky X4R-SB S-bus receiver - https://www.liftrc.com/frsky-x4r-sb-receiver FrSky Taranis transmitter- https://www.liftrc.com/frsky-taranis-x9d-transmitter FatShark Dominator HD V2 goggles w/raceband receiver Free music from: https://www.jamendo.com/track/978788/algorithm
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Developing a DIY FPV Diversity Controller - Video Update #1
A few days ago I started to develop a DIY FPV Diversity Controller. In this video I give you a brief update where the project's progress currently is. For more info on the project and status updates please visit http://www.rcfan.info
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Lumenier Diversity RX5GDR Reciever Field Test
This video is about Lumenier Diversity RX5GDR Reciever Field Test
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My $1.29 Diversity Controller build Part 1
Just thought I'd try this out. It took me ca. 3 hours to build was quite fun to build. But, I'm up to over 4 euros in build costs. I guess electronics are a little more expensive here in Germany. Plus since I didn't have the exact ohm Resistors, I had to double up to get the needed values. Causing a couple cents more in costs. RCModelReviews Diversity Controller - http://youtu.be/4yDfRrsH0WM Part Price amount Total LM324N DIP14 0,16 € 1 0,16 € CD4066 0,58 € 1 0,58 € IC Fassung 0,18 € 2 0,36 € Widerstand 820K 0,08 € 1 0,08 € Widerstand 60K 0,09 € 2 0,18 € Widerstand 4,7K 0,09 € 2 0,18 € Widerstand 2K 0,09 € 2 0,18 € Widerstand 17K 0,09 € 2 0,18 € Widerstand 28K 0,09 € 2 0,18 € Widerstand 30K 0,09 € 2 0,18 € Konds. ,1mfd 0,15 € 2 0,30 € LED (Red,Yellow) 0,41 € 2 0,82 € Leiterplatte 4,00 € 0,2 0,80 € Total 4,18 €
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FPV Oracle
Absolutely stunning stable and jello free copter aerial video captured over the grandeur of Oracle lot. ;)
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Eagle Eyes Diversity
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TwinStar II FPV - 7.4km range test
A simple steady flight over Vistula River. The maximum ground distance was 7.4km away from base. My Equipment: - Twinstar II - Dual brushless motors Turnigy 1050KV - Dual 18A ESC - 5000mah 3s LiPo - RVOSD gen2 - Thomas Long Range System with Booster set to 3W of output power - 900mhz video gear - Video Oracle Diversity with long omnidirectional and patch antennas
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Home made diversity controller
A quick demo of my diversity controller built for rssi video switching
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DJI F450 First Test 5.8ghz Diversity Ground Station
-5.8ghz Boscam RC832, (2) RX's -Oracle Diversity Receiver -Skew Planar Antenna -Helical 8-Turn Antenna Very good results having (2) RX's to switch for best signal. Was able to reach 1800 meters and could possibly continued but battery life was a concern.
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FPV with QCopter between trees
Equipment and settings: = Video Downlink = * GF-OSC Camera * 10mW, 2.4GHz Intel Video Transmitter (Globe-Flight) * 2 Intel Video Receiver * Oracle Diversity Controller * One large 12dBi omni antenna and a small 8dBi omni antenna * Headplay Video Goggles = Onboard Recording = * GoPro HD mounted on top of the PCB stack * Recording mode r3 (720p, 59.94 fps) * No deshaker and all scenes are realtime, except of the crash in slow motion. = Copter = * The Still Unnamed QuadroCopter Project :-) * CoreBRD is a combination of the UAVP NG sensor circuit, some circuit snippets of HB-copter and some patchwork to control everything with a AT91SAM7S256 ARM7 controller. * Software includes a quaternion based Kalman filter, LQ-Regulator and a setpoint filter for a smooth but direct control feeling. Control rate is 250Hz. * RC link: 35MHz PPM * Brushless Controller: Mikrokopter BL-Ctrl * Take-off weight with 2200mAh LiPo: 0.98kg = Export for YouTube = * Video: 1280x720 ; 29.97 Frames/s; H.264; 5000 kbit/s * Audio: 48000 Hz; Stereo; AAC
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ORACLE™ Smart Touch Multifunction Controller
Easily control your RGB LED Lighting with the ORACLE LED Smart Touch Remote Series of Controllers. Modern design, renders this remote a visual appeal on any surface. Multifunction capabilities gives you an array of lighting methods to create the perfect visual atmosphere in any room.
Range Video Micro Diversity
This is a test of the Range Video Micro Diversity board. I'm using the board with SKY-RF based 5.8GHz video kit from foxtech fpv. It looks to work great, I need to test it outdoors where it won't be bombarded with multi-path reflections etc. Micro Diversity Board: http://www.rangevideo.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=216 5.8GHz Kit http://www.foxtechfpv.com/foxtech-58g-200mw-txrx-with-integrated-regulator-board-and-mi-p-178.html
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EntryLink Diversity
The EntryLink Diversity takes you safely inside the Hotzone. A wireless handheld video camera system, the EntryLink Diversity is the incident commanders eyes inside the Hotzone. Increase entrants safety, use technical experts from the safety of incident command, review taped video to bring the Backup Team up to speed, and reduce the number of entries by mounting the camera on a tripod for remote monitoring. Available in one antenna system (SC-EL-DIV-1) or for optimum picture quality, three antenna system (SC-EL-DIV-3), the EntryLink Diversity lets you see and hear in real time what the Entry Team is encountering. HazMat teams use the EntryLink Diversity to: ◦ID Dangerous Chemicals ◦Direct the Entry Team ◦Reduce the Number of Entries ◦Monitor the Incident Remotely ◦Record Entries for Evaluation or Forensic Evidence
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My homebrew diversity receiver
3 5.8Ghz RX and arduino nano + oled display and joystick.
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Video Aerial Systems Helical 13 turn
Video Aerial Systems Helical 13turn.
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A Flexible Neural Controller for a Diversity of Morphologies
A neural controller evolved for three different robot morphologies, which differ in the length of their legs, can interpolate to never-seen intermediate morphologies without any further training.
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EPIC FPV !  Majestic Rocky Mountains from Birds Eye View
American Bald Eagles soar in sunset lighting over spectacular peaks covered in fresh winter snow in this aerial video of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Thrilling scenes with gorgeous colors and some daring cliff descents provide the most epic FPV aerial snapshot of the Wasatch Rockies ever filmed. The pilot also composed & recorded an original soundtrack for this video! ©2012 Todd J Sheridan, all rights reserved. Aerial Platform: Deep Reaper from CrashTestHobby.com Long Range UHF TX/RX: DragonLink from DragonLabs.net OSD: DragonLabs DOSD V2+ Video Feed: LawMate 2.4 HD Video: GoPro Hero 2 1080p 30fps Turnigy 35-42 1250kv motor with 60 amp ESC and 10x6 APC prop 4S 6600 mah Lipos (2x3300) VTX Antenna - IBCrazy Vee VRX Antenna - BiQuad & 8dbi RHCP Patch in backpack ground station Oracle Video Diversity controller FPV Japan - FJ-DVR-SD4 - Digital Video Recorder http://fpv-japan.com/
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EPIC FPV ! Most Beautiful Aerial Desert Flying EVER! - Moab, Utah
If you've ever wanted to fly through a Martian landscape, this is as close as you can possibly get! Absolutely breathtaking scorched red terrain, majestic cliffs, beautiful rivers covered with water lilies made of ice, natural stone arches, and narrow chasms barely big enough to fly through all make up one of my best FPV videos yet. Shot in the open desert west of Moab, Utah. Filmed in the open deserts west of Moab, Utah, this place is a fantasy land of FPV terrain, both exciting and treacherous. Edited to a fantastic soundtrack score by E.S. Posthumus, if you don't get goosebumps, you might want to check for a pulse! Special thanks to ground camera man Ken Barney for getting those amazing shots! ©2011 Todd J Sheridan, all rights reserved. Aerial Platform: Deep Reaper from CrashTestHobby.com Long Range UHF TX/RX: DragonLink from DragonLabs.net OSD: DragonLabs DOSD V2+ Video Feed: LawMate 2.4 via Pixim Seawolf Camera HD Video: GoPro Hero 2 1080p 30fps Turnigy 35-42 1250kv motor with 60 amp ESC and 10x6 APC prop 4S 6600 mah Lipos (2x3300) VTX Antenna - IBCrazy Vee VRX Antenna - BiQuad & 8dbi RHCP Patch in backpack ground station Oracle Video Diversity controller FPV Japan - FJ-DVR-SD4 - Digital Video Recorder http://fpv-japan.com/
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Best FPV moments of 2017
All my aircrafts are equipped with DragonLink for rock solid rc control! Visit http://www.fpvpro.com/ for more information. FPV live feed: 1.3ghz video transmitter with Cloverleaf, Mad mushroom or Singularity in the air. Mad mushroom/Pepperbox on Oracle Diversity Controller. Recorded mostly with Foxeer Legend 3. Runcam Split and Runcam 2 is used on a few planes. Sony A5100 on the ground with tripod and/or Turnspro. Big thanks to my fellow pilots for awesome chase and formation flights. Please check out their channels and subscribe: Vassa69 https://www.youtube.com/user/vazza69 Ronny Nilsen https://www.youtube.com/user/Berghnilsen71 Arctic FPV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYiGc--iU-HwOtBcVREsxrw Nutrox84 https://www.youtube.com/user/nutrox84 No bloopers in this years video, watch all my bloopers in this compilation video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn8-Q-uUajo&t=126s All music from: http://www.epidemicsound.com/ 1: Atmospherica - Squiid 2: Fight For Glory - Niklas Johansson 3: Juggernaut March - Niklas Johansson 4: Thrillseeker 2 - Gustavsson & Sandberg
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EPIC FPV! Snow Canyon & Kayenta Cliffs
Snow Canyon is a unique location west of St. George Utah where Red Navajo Sandstone & bleached Navajo Sandstone combine to give a bit of illusion that the red stone has snow on it, even in 100 degree heat. The terrain is covered with giant black lava boulders and lava tubes. On the other side of the mountain from Snow Canyon is a beautiful area called Kayenta, which has some of the most spectacular cliffs I've ever seen. There are hundreds of pools on the bluff at the top of the cliffs, and during rainy season the pools turn into ponds & lakes. There are dozens of small pools in this video, see if you can find them all! I composed another original soundtrack for this video. This one with a Native American theme mixed with a bit of techno/soundtrack. The original song is entitled "Cliffs of Kayenta" and was created exclusively for this video. ©2012 Todd J Sheridan, all rights reserved. RC GEAR LIST: Aerial Platform: Deep Reaper from CrashTestHobby.com Long Range UHF TX/RX: DragonLink from www.DragonLabs.net OSD: DragonLabs DOSD V2+ Video Transmission: LawMate 2.4 TX/RX Video Feed: Pixim Seawolf HD Video: GoPro Hero 2 1080p 30fps Turnigy 35-42 1250kv motor with 60 amp ESC and 10x6 APC prop 4S 6600 mah Lipos (2x3300) VTX Antenna - IBCrazy Vee VRX Antenna - BiQuad & 8dbi RHCP Patch in backpack ground station Oracle Video Diversity controller FPV Japan - FJ-DVR-SD4 - Digital Video Recorder http://fpv-japan.com/
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EPIC FPV! Beautimous Buttes
Some of the most stunning landscape formations in the world are found in Southern Utah. Among them are Factory Butte and Temple Mountain and the surrounding Mesas. I spent a few days camping in the desert so I could capture the formations in both morning, mid-day, and sunset lighting. I composed another original soundtrack for this video with a bit of middle-eastern flavor. Writing and recording the music is as much fun as the flying & video work! The original song is entitled "Angel Factory" and was created exclusively for this video. ©2012 Todd J Sheridan, all rights reserved. RC GEAR LIST: Aerial Platform: Deep Reaper from CrashTestHobby.com Long Range UHF TX/RX: DragonLink www.dragonlinkstore.com/v2/ OSD: DragonLabs DOSD V2+ Video Transmission: LawMate 2.4 TX/RX Video Feed: Pixim Seawolf HD Video: GoPro Hero 2 1080p 30fps Turnigy 35-42 1250kv motor with 60 amp ESC and 10x6 APC prop 4S 6600 mah Lipos (2x3300) VTX Antenna - IBCrazy Vee VRX Antenna - BiQuad Patch in backpack ground station Oracle Video Diversity controller FPV Japan - FJ-DVR-SD4 - Digital Video Recorder http://fpv-japan.com/
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Localization of a Transmitter using a mobile robot and antenna diversity
In this video a mobile agent equipped with 4 antennas connected to a ZigBee node try to localize and get close to a transmitter (also a ZigBee node). The 4 antennas are connected to a switch that does TTL operations to switch between thE antennas and read the received signal strength (RSS). The rover (a Pioneer P3 A-T) moves in the environment following the maximum gradient of the signal.
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Analog FM Diversity Video Receiver
VDR1 Series Analog FM Diversity Video Receiver For more information: http://www.advmw.com/uav_receiver_vdr1.html
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Ground Station Description "Johnny 5"
This is my new Quad Diversity Ground Station(Johnny 5 Is Alive) for the best video experience I can get inspired by Brian Morris. Took about 8 hours from start to finish with all the wiring and building. Hope you enjoy it. All links to where you can purchase below. 1x Camera Tri-pod http://www.walmart.com/ip/58-3-WAY-PANHEAD-BUBBLE-LEVEL-TRIPOD/33413938 1x 16x16 Hard Molded Plastic Base 2x ImmersionRC Duo 5800 v4.1 A/V Diversity Receiver (Race Edition)http://www.getfpv.com/immersionrc-duo-5800-v4-1-a-v-diversity-receiver-race-edition.html 1x ImmersionRC PowerBox http://www.getfpv.com/immersionrc-powerbox.html 1x Oracle Video Diversity Controller http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11_34_536&products_id=83 1x 7" TFT LCD MONITOR FPV DISPLAY http://www.voodooquads.com/7-tft-lcd-monitor-fpv-display/ 4x Extra 2.1mm Right Angle Barrel Connector 30cm to Pigtail http://www.getfpv.com/2-1mm-right-angle-barrel-connector-30cm-to-pigtail.html 2x XT 60 Female Connectors http://www.voodooquads.com/xt60-connectors-male-female-set/ 2x 1800mAh 3s Batteries http://www.voodooquads.com/kypom-black-1800mah-3s-35c-70c/ 1x TrueRC 5.8GHz Fan Antenna http://www.getfpv.com/truerc-5-8ghz-fan-antenna.html 1x 5.8GHZ 11DBI PATCH PANEL ANTENNA http://www.voodooquads.com/5-8ghz-11dbi-patch-panel-antenna/ 1x TrueRC 5.8GHz X²-AIR Antenna http://www.getfpv.com/truerc-5-8ghz-x-air-antenna.html 1x ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz SpiroNET Antenna RHCP (SMA Connector)http://www.getfpv.com/5-8-ghz-spironet-antenna-set-sma.html www.VooDooQuads.com
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Flying FPV at Herdla in Western Norway
One of my first FPV flights and my first time with video editing software... so don't be too hard on me! ;-) Flight around 08:00 on 18th March 2012. Surface winds less than 10 kts, but howling above 350m! Music= Barenaked Ladies. Brian Wilson- Live. Gear: Plane= Skywalker (more like Franken-Walker with all the repair scars) HD footage shot using GoPro hero2, OSD footage shot with CCD Killer AV= 1000mW Lawmate 2.4 GHz TX and 2 RX with Oracle video diversity controller 1 x 6 dB1 whip antenna and 1 x 8 dBi patch antenna Manual antenna tracking FY Hornet OSD; FY 31AP (couldn't use stabilize mode yet... (stupid story) Robbe/Futaba FX18 TX- 35MHz...
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Fourth flight with the DJI NAZA GPS. Quadcopter equipped with FPV setup including tiltable GoPro Hero2 cam. Flight mode/voltaged was conveyed using ordinary Hi-Fi fiber optic cable to the cam as a head up display. Tx was placed in the aft with an up-side-down clover leaf antenna. Video was recieved through skew planar wheel antennas coupled to the Oracle diversity controller. The quad got a bit heavy draining the batteries fast. A bit hard to see the LED information through the LCD glasses. And as always, a bit windy.
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Qudrocopter Discovery - Test of Ground Station v 3.0
Tested my new Ground Station (v 3.0) The GS worked perfectly. It is a three antenna array. An Immersion Duo with two antennas plus an Lawmate with one antenna - both feeding an Oracle Diversity controller which selects the best. Works great - better than I could have hoped for! :) But: The current sensor (onboard, of course) showed funny results. The voltage indication was off for ages, but today anything regarding current was wrong. Therefore I didn't fly far - I could not trust the consumption figures at all. See for yourself: the real voltage of the 4s was 16.x at the beginning - the real consumption of the Quad would have been 20 Amp max, the real capacity of the Lipo was 3700 mAh. So you can see: everyting indicated concerning V and A is wrong. Could it have been the cold?
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Oracle Video Challenge 2010
This is my video to win a FREE conference pass to Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne or Oracle Develop!
Views: 1350 Alexis Lopez
FPV flying BETA 1400 - Modletice
FPV project BETA 1400 Airplane: Frame - Beta 1400 (EasyStar copy with ailerons) Motor - AXI 2808/20 + 7"x 7" Graupner Regulator - FOXY 35A BEC Rx - UHF 433Mhz long range diversity PSU - The TBS PSU Camera - TBS PIXIM Seawolf 690TVL on PAN/TILT ReadymadeRC system Camera 2 - HD HERO 2 on board On Screen Display - Simple OSD with GPS and one current sensor for video battery Battery for RC system and motor - Li-Po 3S 2200mAh Separate battery for Video - Li-Po 3S 500mAh Video Tx- Lawmate 2,4Ghz Ground station: Tx - Hitec Aurora 9 (with 2S Li-Po 2100mAh) + UHF module + Nagoya antenna Vrx first - Lawmate 2,4Ghz TBS tunned with rubber ducky antenna 2,5dB Vrx second - Lawmate 2,4Ghz with 10dB patch antenna Both Vrx managed by ORACLE video diversity controller Video grabbing device - EasyCap USB with notebook Display - Fatshark Dominator goggles Everything (except Aurora) on ground powered by PB 12Ah batery and mounted on tripod Record flying distance now 3,5km Flying agility - 14minutes Weight with everything on board - 1190-1210g
Views: 472 sprstemvnose1
fpv UAV striker rc plane 85 mph
fpv striker rc plane at the palomar rc field 85 mph 900 mhz video transmitter with oracle diversity controller and sn777 sony camera
Views: 1697 Daniel Garrow
Eagletree Vector FC&OSD Demo
Quick video showing the ET Vector in action. First flight after adding air speed sensor(pitot). Oracle diversity antenna controller was acting up causing video glitches.
Views: 513 scafizace
RCvfx - FPV Crash
RC TX: Hitec Aurora 9 2.4GHz AFHSS RC RX: Hitec Optima 9 Camera: GoPro Hero 2 HD 25fps Video TX: 1.3GHz 800mW Video RX 1 antenna: virevent Video RX 1 antenna: OMM Open Bi-Quad Diversity Controller: Oracle
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AirSecure four channel diversity controller
This is a quick video showing the switching of our new 4 channel diversity video controller. It allows for up to 4 antennas and receivers to be used at the same time, providing 360 degree coverage without the many problems associated with antenna trackers. Contact us for more information on http://www.airsecure.co.za
DIY diversity controller
Fpv diversity controller
Views: 136 Nick Boylan
Dining Room Antics
HQProp - http://hqprop.com Quad info on my blog: http://matthew-evans.info/2016/04/29/blade-inductrix-build-log-parts-list/ Quad Specs: Blade Inductrix Quanum Elite 25mW VTX+Camera Combo Micro-Motor-Warehouse upgraded motors Stock 25c Eflite lipo. myLipo.de 205mAh lipos on the way... :) Groundstation is a little overkill for the indoors, but it's all I have (no goggles module) 2x FR632 1x Oracle Diversity Controller VAS Crosshair VAS 5-turn helical IMRC Mini Patch TBS Triumph
Views: 5684 Matthew Evans
FPV EE Ground station Diversity Test with a Crash
My 3 year old son took my remote from me in flight. :)
Views: 367 divingholland
Video Interference Issue
Had a little video interference issue show up during the first 5 to 10 minutes of a recent flight. The issue seemed to clear up about 10 minutes into the flight and didn't reappear for subsequent flights. I had also made a "clean video" flight of about 20 minutes prior to this one. Just wondering if anybody might look at the short video here and comment on what they think the cause of the poor video most likely is. i.e.... is it most likely some external RF signal that is showing up for those 5-10 minutes and giving interference? Or does it look more like I perhaps have a poor connection in my soldering jobs/gear somewhere and I had a problem that might reappear later? vTX is a 400mw 1.3Ghz transmitter from readymaderc receive antenna is a 1.3 IBCrazy Pepperbox which is plugged into an Oracle diversity box that also has a 1.3 Omni (think it's a skew planar). Pretty sure the Pepperbox was the selected antenna/vrx. Oh yeah... the video is actually related from the 1.3Ghz gear through a low-power (25mw I think) Fatshark 5.8 vTX repeater setup that I have. I'm using a simple linear antenna on the 5.8 vTX and vRX. The 5.8 units are maybe 10 feet apart.
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BeeFree OS 18.1.2 overview | unity in diversity
In this video, i am going to show an overview of BeeFree OS 18.1.2 and some of the applications pre-installed. Support the Channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/ribalinux Ethereum or ERC20 Tokens i gladly accept (╯✧∇✧)╯ 0xD6E63B397Be1615B32928815C97188A2B60205D3 Buy Me a Coffee http://ko-fi.com/A0383T5 follow me on Steemit https://steemit.com/@ribalinux BeeFree OS is a Linux distribution based on Linux Mint. BeeFree OS features the Cinnamon desktop environment, a Unity theme and an application menu which resembles the Windows 7 Start menu. BeeFree OS features the BeeBEEP secure LAN instant messaging software and the ability to install portable, off-line applications from the CenterFree.cf store. Download https://sourceforge.net/projects/beefree/files/release/18.1.2/BeeFreeOS-18.1.2-UnityInDiversity-64bit.iso/download Home Page http://www.macrolinux.ml/ Thank you to everyone who supports me on Patreon. Tim Lawrence T. Gruca Nathan Crause David Yzaguirre Do you want to see your name here? http://bit.ly/patreon_rb PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER GOOGLE+ OR FACEBOOK!! IF YOU CAN PLEASE SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ON PATREON Patreon https://www.patreon.com/ribalinux Twitter https://twitter.com/ribalinux Blogger http://ribalinux.blogspot.pt/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theribalinux Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/110348492032614636584/posts
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Antenna Tracking system FPV
eagletree fpv antenna track
Views: 2477 Emiliano Fortunati

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