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Wiha vs Wera Hex L-Key Holding Feature Comparison
A comparison of the holding features that are offered by both Wiha and Wera in their hex L-Key product lines. Full Review: https://www.germantoolreviews.com/wiha-vs-wera-hex-l-key-holding-function-feature/ Affiliate Links DISCLOSURE: I receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. Buying tools using these links is a great way to support the channel! Wera 022210 – Metric Set with Holding Function (KC Tool): http://bit.ly/2tenKrI Wera 022210 – Metric Set with Holding Function (Amazon): http://amzn.to/2yIc7a8 Wiha 66990 – Metric Set with Holding Function (KC Tool): http://bit.ly/2tewpKI Wiha 66991 - SAE Set with Holding Function (KC Tool): http://bit.ly/2BkDZ7a Wiha 66992 – Metric and SAE Sets with Holding Function (KC Tool): http://bit.ly/2ClDGIG Wiha 66990 – Metric Set with Holding Function (Amazon): http://amzn.to/2BuToEC Wiha 66991 - SAE Set with Holding Function (Amazon): http://amzn.to/2BhhL65 Wiha 66992 – Metric and SAE Sets with Holding Function (Amazon): http://amzn.to/2AX3heU
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Wiha Hex ErgoStar With Magic Ring
Wiha Hex ErgoStar With Magic Ring. This is our Easy to open ErgoStar L Key holder filled with non magnetic screw holding L-Keys.
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Wiha MagicRing® Screw Holding Ball Hex L-Key  Set
MagicRing® Screw Holder If you’ve ever had to install a hex screw into an area where only the hex key and screw could fit then you may have run into the problem—the screw falls out of the key on the way in. This can be a frustrating task if you don’t have the right tool in your kit. We have the solution. Wiha Tools is all about innovating ways to make precision tasks more efficient. As the name implies, our each MagicRing® Hex Key is outfitted with a hardened spring steel compression ring around the circumference of the ball end. Wiha Tools MagicRing® Hex Keys are among the most durable in the industry. They are made of Wiha special CVM steel, with a corrosion protected vapor chrome finish, and are through-hardened for wear resistance. The long-arm of the keys are 15% to 20% longer, has precision CNC machined and chamfered ends, and the ball ends are outfitted with non-wearing spring steel retaining rings. HEX METRIC SIZES ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hex Metric 1.27 mm (0.050 inches) Hex Metric 1.5 mm Hex Metric 2.0 mm Hex Metric 2.5 mm Hex Metric 3.0 mm Hex Metric 4.0 mm Hex Metric 5.0 mm Hex Metric 6.0 mm Hex Metric 8.0 mm Hex Metric 10 mm HEX SAE SIZES ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hex SAE 0.050 inch Hex SAE 1/16 inch Hex SAE 5/64 inch Hex SAE 3/32 inch Hex SAE 7/64 inch Hex SAE 1/8 inch Hex SAE 9/64 inch Hex SAE 5/32 inch Hex SAE 3/16 inch Hex SAE 7/32 inch Hex SAE 1/4 inch Hex SAE 5/16 inch Hex SAE 3/8 inch
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Wiha Tools Prostar MagicRing Screw Holding Hex Key Closer Look
German made High Quality Hex Keys from Wiha Tools. Get it for less at http://www.kctoolco.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=prostar&Submit=search Each hex key can be removed without removing another. The ball end has a screw holding ring to help install or remove screws in tight spaces. ➜Get the latest news and announcements here! http://kctoolco.wordpress.com/ ➜Show us some pin love and we'll return the favor! http://www.pinterest.com/kctoolco/ ➜Follow us on Twitter for discounts and giveaways! http://www.twitter.com/kctoolco ➜Become our Facebook buddy! https://www.facebook.com/KcToolCo Ex. Tags: "Wiha screwdriver review" "Wiha tools review" "Hex Key Tool" "screwholding ballend" "Wiha tools prostar magic ring" "German hand tools"
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Wiha Hex Wrenches
www.protradecraft.com | SUBSCRIBE please ErgoStar Hex Set To look at them you would not think there was anything special about these Wiha hex keys; they are standard hex on one end and ball hex on the other. But the ball ends of these particular keys have a “magic ring” that grips fasteners from inside without the use of magnets. Pop the key into the fastener and the two stay connected until you decide to pop it back out. Even better, the case is designed so that twisting one key cause all the others to pivot out, making it possible to remove any given key without having to move the larger ones above it. The keys are available in metric, inch, and Torx. Wiha Drivers and überPliers After the first video, watch the second and third videos to see the 32-piece infinitely adjustable screw/nut driver set and the "high-leverage bi-cut pliers." For more information: www-us.wera.de Held each May in Las Vegas, The National Hardware Show is where buyers from hardware stores, lumber yards, and home centers go to see the latest and greatest tools and products being pitched by the companies that make them. The 2016 show was particularly good, with more interesting new tools and products than I have seen in years past. Some recently came out, some are scheduled for release later this year, and some are concepts in search of buyers—years away from being produced or fated to never be produced at all. This series of articles lets you peek at what you would have seen if you had been able to go to the show, which is open only to members of the NRHA (North American Retail Hardware Association) and select media. Twitter: @TradeCraftsman | twitter.com/tradecraftsman Pinterest: @ProTradeCraft | pinterest.com/ProTradeCraft/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/protradecraft Subscribe to Pro Trade Craft's YouTube channel for regular updates
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Wiha vs Eklind hex wrench comparison
Here we have hex wrench sets at two different price points. The wiha cost about 4 times as much as the eklind wrenches, but you get what you pay for.
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набор бит Wiha magic ring 71399
набор бит Wiha magic ring 71399
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Wiha P/N28893  iTorque 52 Piece Bit Set, In Metal Storage Box
Wiha P/N28893 iTorque 52 Piece Bit Set, In Metal Storage Box. Kit includes assorted Slotted, Phillips, Torx, Hex Inch, Hex Metric, Pozidriv, Torq Set, Square, Triwing Bits.
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Screwfix - Wiha Magic Ring Metric Hex Key Set 9 Pieces
Screwfix - 9 Piece Set. Magic ring retaining clip (from size 3mm upwards) in ball end holds screws securely without the need to magnetise. For working at angles up to 25°. Unique ErgoStar holder swings open providing instant access to all keys.
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Wiha Magic Tip Retaining Ring (Snap Ring) Pliers hold the retaining ring securely in place.
The best retaining ring pliers you can get and you can get them for less at http://www.kctoolco.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=magictip&Submit=search Wiha Tools snap ring pliers have a magic tip that hold the retaining ring securely in place. No more snap rings flying across the shop when they slip off your inferior snap ring pliers. ➜Get the latest news and announcements here! http://kctoolco.wordpress.com/ ➜Show us some pin love and we'll return the favor! http://www.pinterest.com/kctoolco/ ➜Follow us on Twitter for discounts and giveaways! http://www.twitter.com/kctoolco ➜Become our Facebook buddy! https://www.facebook.com/KcToolCo Ex. Tags: "Wiha pliers" "Wiha tools review" "Wera tools review" "pliers" "Rockwell scale" "German hand tools"
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Tool review and unboxing: Wiha classic circlip pliers
This is a quick look at a set of Wiha classic circlip pliers I need for an upcoming project on this channel. I hope you like it!
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Обзор Универсального, Безразмерного Торцевого Ключа Wiha
Сегодня на обзоре Супер Универсальный Торцевой Ключ от WIHA. Этот ключ вполне может заменить, или хорошо дополнить, ваш любимый настольный разводной ключ, да и заменить чуть ли не целый набор головок... Сайт магазина "МВ Групп" http://wiha-shop.ru Группа "МВ Групп" https://vk.com/public47219585 Набор Gripper 3шт. Wiha 20783 http://wiha-shop.ru/product/nabor-gripper-3sht-wiha-20783/ Характеристики: * Головка Gripper 3/8": 1 шт. * Трещотка 3/8": 1 шт. * Адаптер 3/8": 1 шт. Описание: * Материал: корпус из легированной стали, 54 закаленных стальных штифта. * Хвостовик: DIN 3120 форма C 10. * Применение: заменяет торцевые головки от 7 мм до 19 мм. Для дюймовых и метрических размеров. 54 стальных штифта обхватывают внешний профиль любой гайки или любого винта. Для винтов высотой до 8 мм * Особенности: Gripper подходит также для экзотических винтов, например, крюкообразных винтов, рым-болтов. Позволяет передавать крутящий момент до 80 Нм. 🛠 ИНСТРУМЕНТ (Tools) - Все видео по теме: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOoCzJk19TeTp02FXLUpuCfATf_lZPwVm #Gripper #WIHA #МВГрупп #ТорцевойКлюч #ТорцеваяГоловка #MaximSakulevich #Сакулевич #Sakulevich ----------------------------------------------- Официальный партнер AliExpress - возвращай процент от потраченной суммы http://bit.ly/AliExpress_Official_Partner Возвращайте до 18% с покупок в любимых интернет магазинах http://bit.ly/Cashback18pr Партнерская программа YouTube: https://goo.gl/ENq3OO Сотрудничество, Реклама на Канале: http://goo.gl/5VwTPI Связь со мной и я в социальных сетях: https://www.youtube.com/user/MaximSakulevich/about ----------------------------------------------- [$] Если вы хотите сделать пожертвование на помощь и/или развитие канала - http://www.donationalerts.ru/r/maxim_sakulevich Или WebMoney: B810586276045 R151605847860 Z118719630655 Или свяжитесь со мной ----------------------------------------------- МУЗЫКА Композиция "Back To The Wood" принадлежит исполнителю Audionautix. Лицензия: Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). Исполнитель: http://audionautix.com/ Back To The Wood by Audionautix (http://audionautix.com) is part of the YouTube Audio Library (https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music) and it's licensed under a Creative Commons license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US).
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Wiha MagicRing® PocketStar Folding Hex Key Set
The Multitool that fits in your pocket. The MagicRing® Ball End PocketStar Fold Out offers optimum handling and a wide variety of practical applications. The intelligent opening mechanism facilitates simple selection of key size from the fiberglass-reinforced casing. Wiha offers a solution for users by eliminating inefficient access to key selection. Ball End Sizes: 2.0, 2.5mm, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64" MagicRing® Ball End Metric Sizes 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0mm, MagicRing® Ball End Inch Sizes: 1/8, 9/645/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4" Find the #66997 at https://www.wihatools.com/magicringr-ball-end-pocketstar-fold-out-inch-metric-2-pack
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Складной метр Wiha long life.
мой канал все видео тут: http://www.youtube.com/user/drusrem Тел для связи 8(8202) 545-902. Обзор двух складных метров, от компании Wiha.
Wiha Telescopic
Wiha Telescopic
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Tutorial: Wiha Installation pliers TriCut Professional electric
Our Wiha TriCut installation pliers electric do the work of three tools. These flawlessly manufactured installation pliers are the optimum helper for working with cables as they combine the three most important tools in one: diagonal cutters, skinning pliers and stripping pliers. The specially angled plier head ensures that cables are stripped and skinned lengthwise along the cable and pliers, using an ergonomic approach which saves users from applying excessive force. The TriCut thus offers a decisive advantage over other pliers, especially in confined spaces such as junction and distribution boxes. The TriCut diagonal cutters are able to cut not just cables but also hard wires or even chains. The extra wide back of the handle with integrated soft and hard zones and curved handle ends prevent fingers from slipping. Individually tested to international IEC standard 60900, these pliers guarantee uncompromising safety, enabling users to work safely on live parts up to 1,000 V AC.
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Wiha - L-Key Magic Ring Family
Wiha - L-Key Magic Ring Family
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Wiha BitBuddy MaxxTor torsion bit set [no audio]
Wiha Werkzeug Gmbh, Germany. http://www.wiha.com http://www.wihatools.com
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Wiha Multibit Driver
Wiha Multibit Driver : http://www.etechparts.com/Multibit-Driver-p/130-7301.htm Introducing the new Wiha Multibit Driver, our newest premium precision tool set! Featuring an ESD-safe handle to prevent damage from static discharge and every screwdriver bit required to repair the latest Apple devices. This is the perfect tool for mobile repair technicians or anyone on-the-go. Signup for a wholesale account : http://www.etechparts.com/Wholesale-Parts-s/371.htm YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/etechparts Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/etechparts Twitter : https://twitter.com/etechparts Instagram : http://instagram.com/etech_parts/# Tumblr : http://etechparts.tumblr.com/
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Tutorial: Wiha Stiftschluessel mit Quergriff ComfortGrip
Unser Stiftschlüssel mit Quergriff ComfortGrip ermöglicht es hohe Drehmomente komfortabel zuübertragen und Schrauben aus Bohrungen herauszuheben oder hineinzuführen. Er ist speziell für das Loslösen besonders fest sitzender Schrauben und für das extra feste Anziehen von Schrauben geeinget. Die Klinge besteht aus Chrom-Vanadium Stahl, ist durchgehend gehärtet und mattverchromt. Der komfortable Mehrkomponenten Quergriff mit Weichzonen macht das Arbeiten zum Vergnügen. Der MagicRing® aus Federstahl (ab Größe 3 mm) hält alle Sechskant Normschrauben unabhängig vom Schraubenmaterial in jeder Lage fest. Der Seitenabtrieb mit durchgehender Klinge hält höchsten Belastungen stand.
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Wiha - L-Key Magic Spring Family
Wiha - L-Key Magic Spring Family
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Wiha Inomic ergonomic pliers
Standard and insulated (VDE) versions are available. Wiha, Germany. http://www.wiha.com http://www.wihatools.com
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Best Of Wiha
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Wiha- L-Key ErgoStar Torx Magic Spring
Wiha- L-Key ErgoStar Torx Magic Spring
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Wiha MagicRing L
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Tutorial: Wiha ErgoStar in flourescent colours
It's a common experience. It's not easy to remove individual keys from many L-key holders or place them back in the holder. With our ErgoStar, you can now say goodbye to such problems as it eliminates the bother in an ingenious way. Turning one L-key in the holder makes all other keys turn to the side at the same angle, enabling you to remove the key you need quickly and comfortably. A clamping mechanism in the holder makes sure that the keys cannot fall out, regardless of whether the holder is open or closed. Our coloured L-keys are also quick and easy to find, even in the dark with a UV light thanks to fluorescent paint. This means you take less time to find lost L-keys and minimise the risk of leaving tools inside machines when working on equipment. Thanks to our MagicRing® holding feature with its spring steel ring, the L-keys hold all standard hex screws firmly in any position perfectly without any magnets. The hexagonal ball end enables users to fasten and unfasten effortlessly at an angle of up to 25°. The L-key set contains nine coloured hexagon L-keys in standard sizes.
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Tutorial: Wiha Bithalter CentroFix Super Slim, CentroFix Force and MagicFlip Force
Bit holder CentroFix Super Slim mechanically lockable: It's often difficult to reach screws with a bit in narrowly dimensioned blind holes. The mechanically lockable CentroFix SuperSlim bit holder guarantees optimum access, even to screws in cramped work spaces. Thanks to its outer diameter reduced by up to 30%, it effortlessly reaches low-lying screws compared to usual quick release holders. The bit holder is compatible with all bits with a 1/4" C 6.3 and E 6.3 hex drive. The bit locks into place automatically when inserted (SelfLock). The bit is released for removal (EasyOut) when unlocked on the actuating sleeve. The bit holder also impresses due to its robust stainless steel sleeve and a strong Neodym magnet. Bit holder CentroFix Force mechanically lockable: Using a potent battery-powered screwdriver often poses a problem – the bit holder presents backlash and the bit cannot be guided effectively. Changing over bits is also very time-consuming. The CentroFix Force bit holder puts an end to such problems since it does what it promises to do. Lockable mechanically, it stands out due to its extremely secure hold and play-free guidance of bits. The bit holder is compatible with all bits with a 1/4" C 6.3 and E 6.3 hex drive. The bit locks into place automatically when inserted (SelfLock). The bit is released for removal (EasyOut) when unlocked on the actuating sleeve. allowing bits to be changed quickly and easily. The bit holder also impresses due to its robust design and a strong Neodym magnet. Bit holder MagicFlip Force magnetic with ring magnet, 1/4": With strong Neodym magnet. Particularly small ring magnet inner diameter, also suitable for drywall screws. Ring magnet sleeve springs back to the last fastening phase, allowing a view of the screw head and enabling precise recessing. Ring magnet sleeve can be pushed back and thus "deactivated" if required.
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Wiha -  ErgoStar 9tlg
Wiha - ErgoStar 9tlg
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2012 Wiha - Inform seminar
Wiha - Inform seminar in Kaliningrad 2012 ООО ИНФОРМ - Виха семинар в Калининграде 2012
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Wiha Topra 2K electric VDE
Wiha Topra 2K electric VDE
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Wiha ErgoStar Hex Key Set
Nine hex keys that you will never have to fiddle to extract from the holder. Rotating a single key means all the other keys rotate to the side, making all the keys ready for removal. A simple single turn makes getting hold of the right key easy. The keys themselves are chrome-vanadium steel, through hardened and chrome plated. The ball end allows the key to operate at up to 30° from the vertical, very useful in awkward corners. The nine piece set is a delight to use and covers the size range from 1.5mm to 10mm.
Wiha OptiGrip pliers gripping demonstration [no audio]
These unique pliers have one jaw with a straight face, and one with a convex face. The design provides a better grip on some objects like round pipe. Wiha Werkzeug Gmbh, Germany. http://www.wiha.com http://www.wihatools.com
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Wiha BiCut Super Cut Diagonal Wire Cutter with POWER BUTTON
Wiha 32636 BiCut Super Cut with Power Button Cutter * Switch from wire to chain at the press of a button * More power cutting with less force required * 64 HRC induction hardened cutters * 200mm (8 inches) over all length * Wiha exclusive C70 tool steel Buy at Amazon.com 100% Increase In Cutting Force At the Push of A Button The Wiha 32636 bicut super cut increase your cutting capability with the power button. One cutter does it all, switch from wire to chain at the press of a button. More power cutting with less force required. The 32636 is made from Wiha exclusive C70 premium tool steel for long life. High performance 64 HRC induction hardened cutters and jaws have a 60/40 dynamic joint, up to 40% less force to complete cuts. The BiCut super cut is eight inches in length. These innovative diagonal cutters will become your go-to cutters from the day you get them.
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Wiha Pinza per Seeger MagicTips
Airoldi Belgeri, rivenditore Wiha, presenta l'innovativa pinza per Seeger Magic Tips. Unica nel suo genere grazie alla sua funzione brevettata di bloccaggio contro il distacco degli anelli di sicurezza. La tempra supplementare delle punte garantisce una grande resistenza all'usura e quindi una maggior durata dell'utensile.
Electrical Safety - Wiha tools
Inspect your tools regularly and make sure the insulation is in good shape.
Tutorial: Wiha ProStar
The ball end of our ProStar facilitates access to screws and allows you to work at an angle of up to 25°. Sliding function allows you the one-handed opening of the holder and the simple, quick removal. The risk of injury is reduced by increasing the hand working space. Thanks to its short side you have an improved accessibility. Our ProStar is esspecially for hard-to-reach screws and confined spaces.
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Wiha ErgoStar Hex Key Set
Nine hex keys that you will never have to fiddle to extract from the holder. Rotating a single key means all the other keys rotate to the side, making all the keys ready for removal. A simple single turn makes getting hold of the right key easy. The keys themselves are chrome-vanadium steel, through hardened and chrome plated. The ball end allows the key to operate at up to 30° from the vertical, very useful in awkward corners. The nine piece set is a delight to use and covers the size range from 1.5mm to 10mm. To purchase: http://www.axminster.co.uk/wiha-ergostar-hex-key-set
Wiha - L-Key Pocket Star Family
Wiha - L-Key Pocket Star Family
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Review of bit holders
My review of various bit holders.
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Wiha SYSTEM 6 - jeu de lames réversibles
10 tournevis en 1 grâce aux lames réversibles Maintien sûr et changement rapide des lames. Réglage de la lame de 42 à 114mm
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Wiha Tools corporate video 2015
Wiha, Germany. http://www.wiha.com Wiha USA. http://www.wihatools.com
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Wiha Magnetic Driver with 8 Bits in The Handle - Review link in description
Video showing - Wiha 38026 Standard Magnetic Driver with 8 Bits in The Handle - review at http://internationalshippingblog.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/wiha-magnetic-driver-with-8-bits-in.html
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Wiha Speed-E Set 2 E-schroevendraaier op Accu
Bestel dit artikel in onze webshop ► https://www.gereedschappelijk.nl/wiha-speed-e-set-2-e-schroevendraaier-op-accu-en-easytorque-adapter-slimbits-als-13-delig-in-l-boxx-wiha-speede-set-2.html?sqr=Wiha%20Speed-E%20Set%202%20E-schroevendraaier%20op%20Accu& •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Bekijk onze nieuwste videos hier ► https://tt.click/MTI0OA Bekijk onze populairste videos hier ► https://tt.click/MTI1MQ Word abonnee, klik hier ► https://tt.click/MTI1Mg Bezoek onze webshop ► https://www.gereedschappelijk.nl/ Klantenservice ► https://www.gereedschappelijk.nl/klantenservice Gereedschappelijk levert gereedschap van boormachine tot schuurmachine, van bouwdroger tot houtklover en van diamant zaagblad tot boren en spijkers. Wij zijn gek van gereedschap, we werken er graag mee maar volgen zeker alle nieuwste snufjes en trainingen. Vakmannen voor vaklui! Nu is Gereedschappelijk het beste adres voor de professionele timmerman, installateur, monteur. Daarnaast bieden we gespecialiseerde gereedschappen voor loodgieters, schilders en hoveniers.  Professioneel gereedschap van Arbortech, BioFAIR, Bluetec, Bosch Blauw, Bralo, Büka, Collomix, Credia, DeWALT, Diewe, Dolmar, Draco, DUSS, Eibenstock, ENAR, Fein, Ferm Powertools, Festool, Flex, GriSport, Haubold, HaVeP bedrijfskleding, Hawera, Heller, Hitachi Powertools, HolHer, Holzstar, InterDynamics, Kipor, Laserliner, Leica, Makita, MAX vlechtmachines, Merlin, Panasonic, Paslode, Perfectmate, Perfectpro, Powers, Prebena, Profitech, Protimeter, Puma Python Quick werkschoenen, Rasta, Rems, Rhodius, RIDGID, Senco, Spit, Stabila, Stahlmann, Stanley, Theis, Tjep, Trotec, Vipukirves en Wiha. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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