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BRATZ - Fashion Pixiez || Full Movie in English
DISCLAIMER all copy rights go to Mucci Fassett, Sean McNamara, Bassline Digital and Lionsgate Home Entertainment
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Bratz Fashion Pixiez Lina and Dee Doll Review
I hope you enjoy it
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Bratz: Fashion Pixiez - Trailer
When Cloe and Yasmin follow Cymbeline in order to discover an explanation for her strange behavior, they bring to light a secret more amazing than they ever imagined. Using magical glasses, they are introduced to the incredible world of Pixies existing alongside, but completely invisibly to, our own everyday world. The Bratz must enter the stylish and spellbinding nightlife of fairies, where unicorns and gnomes come to life, and the battle between good and evil is even more important than good fashion sense.
Bratz Fashion Pixiez - Just Let Go Now
Bratz Fashion Pixiez - Just Let go now all music credits to Matthew Gerrard
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Banana’s Christmas Gifts! 2007 Bratz Fashion Pixiez Jade Doll – Unboxing & Review
Banana is super excited to open this special Christmas gift, her new Bratz Fashion Pixiez Jade doll! She currently has Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, Dee and Breeana in her Pixiez collection… and Jade is only the second one she’s ever gotten new in box. Let us know in the comments below if you have any of the Pixiez dolls in your collection… and tell us what dolls you got for Christmas this year, too! :D Happy Holidays!!
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Bratz Fashion Pixiez Sasha
This is my new Fashion Pixiez Sasha doll! She took forever to get here but she was definitely worth the wait!
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Bratz: Fashion Pixiez. (Latino)
Holaa! Pues nada, hoy traigo la pelicula de las Bratz, por me encantan y asi uwu Tal vez este subiendo mas peliculas de estas reinas:p Si quieren otra pelicula u otro contenido solo comentenmelo uwu 💕
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Bratz - Just Let Go (Pixiez Circle Mix)
Here's "Just Let Go" from the movie "Fashion Pixiez" All Rights Belong to MGA Entertainment All Material Shown in this Video is not owned by Me Or This Channel! ALL RIGHTS & CREDIT BELONG TO THE OWNERS
Bratz Sims - ✽ Fashion Pixiez ✽ - Final Part
Bratz Fashion Pixiez Sims 2 Movie!! Final full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4ryhOp96hWlKTXt20WXnUaN1-91Fwazz I do not own the audio! The BRATZ outfits in the game were created by me~~~ The Bratz discover fashionable pixies make the coolest friends in this fantasy adventure movie! Want more Bratz episodes in sims (sims 2 (NO SIMS 4 YET, BUT SOON)) just message me or comment to request your fave bratz episode - OR any other Bratz stuff :)
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Bratz Fashion Pixiez Doll Collection
This is my Bratz fashion Pixiez collection. The yasmin doll and the DVD I've had since I was a kid. I got Breeana and Jade 2 years ago on Ebay. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!!👍
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Bratz Fashion Pixiex Lina (Example)
video uploaded from my mobile phone
Bratz Fashion Pixiez - Doll Review - Beauty Inside A Box
Love the Bratz Fashion Pixiez dolls. Please like and subscribe! Instagram: @BeautyInsideABox Twitter: @InsideADollBox
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Bratz Fashion Pixiez:  Just Let Go (Chipettes Version)
Bratz Fashion Pixiez: Just Let Go (Chipettes Version) Proyect video: Estrella (Mi) Song by: Bratz Fashion Pixiez Movie Chipettes Version: Estrella (My)
Bratz: Fashion Pixiez (2007) full movie
discover the pixie's lair. They try to http://bit.ly/1oOnBnB perform a counter spell on Cloe and Yasmin, but it fails. Lina then tries to bring Breeana to their...
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My favorite parts from bratz Fashion Pixiez :)
Plz like comment or subscribe enjoy
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Bratz pixiez jade worst buy ever
She totally smells of mould I almost threw up
Bratz fashion pixiez Breanna and Cloe custom dolls
Enjoy,subscribed and commented.
Bratz - Fashion Pixiez™ Commercial
TM & © MGA Entertainment, Inc. BRATZ and all related logos, characters, names and distinctive likenesses are the exclusive property of MGA Entertainment, Inc.
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My New Lovely BratzDoll =D
YEAH i got Fashion Pixiez Lina. i love her so much she have such a beautyful face & hair her name will be Analeigh
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Bratz: Fashion Pixiez (Yasmin) - Look Closer
Yasmin's song from the Bratz Fashion Pixiez album.
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Bratz Fashion Pixiez Fandub Auditions(READ DESCRIPTION)!
I still don't have a new computer so we can't start yet but I will upload an update video when I get a new one(I don't know how long it'll be till I get a new one). You all can still send in your auditions though. You can either upload them in a video to your YouTube channel or send them to my email. Just tell me in the comments who you wanna audition for. I'm voicing Yasmin. Cloe audition lines(open): "So... Why are Yas and I wearing these wings? I have a strange feeling we missed a lot."(pretend 'a lot' is in italics) "Oh, our party starts at 9. Ain't it a crime?"(she's under a spell so try to make her sound a little mean) "LBB, huh? Dylan, you haven't gone out with ANY of the girls in this book." "How could she know her? She's new!" Jade audition lines(open): "Yas, you really need to stop reading those pixie stories you're so into." "Something must've come up! That's not like her!" "It's no excuse! Friends are supposed to stick together. No matter what disagreements come up between us! It's not like them to pull a no-show." "But you're supposed to be at the Magnolia Ball at 9, remember!?!" Sasha audition lines(open): "Why don't you give it up, Cloe? April Fool's was two weeks ago. You're late." "Hold up. Cloe, I found out you failed your chemistry class."(she's trying to see if Cloe and Yasmin are back to normal) "That new girl did something to them." "Ow! Who put that creepy lawn gnome there?" Breeana audition lines(open): "Our worlds can choose if and when to reveal itself. But with these, you can choose. Put these on. But you can't tell anyone. My dad will banish me!"(pretend 'anyone' is in italics and try to make her sound a little nervous) "Okay... But you've gotta promise to keep this a secret! My dad has this thing about us not mixing too much with people from... the outside." "People... not like us." "Don't worry, it only hurts dark pixies. My mom gave it to me a long time ago. This will give you the same sight as those glasses. They might be able to trick you if you can't see the pixie world like I can." Cymbeline audition lines(open): "Dad, I already told you what I wanted!"(say this as annoyed as you can) "'I'll appreciate the importance of those rules'. Fine! Whatever! You're the boss."(she's still annoyed) "See, Cloe? What were you so uptight about? We finished." "Come on, Breeana! You'll be able to fly!" Lina audition lines(open; Lina is evil so try to sound as evil as possible): "Stop the music! I have an announcement." "Friends! Soon I'll finish the job I started 10 long years ago. Pixies have served the earth long enough. Now, thanks to me, the earth is gonna serve us!"(pretend 'us' is in italics) "Alright. I want you out of the way and the pixie kingdom MINE!" "Don't be boring. You can't stand in my way any more than your wife could." Dee audition lines(Breeana and Cymbeline's mother): "Lina!" "Why are you doing this!?!" "Well done, my daughters!" "Melvino!" Mel audition lines(open. King of the pixies; Breeana and Cymbeline's father): "Doesn't matter? Listen, Cymbeline. This family lives by rules. As you get older-" "Come on, princess, what's your biggest birthday wish?" "A reasonable wish."(pretend 'reasonable' is in italics) "Lina!?! I banished you eternally!"
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Bratz Fashion Pixies
Straight from their latest DVD, the Bratz™ have made friends in the Pixie world! They're takin' some fashion cues from their new pixie friends, with removable, glow-in-the-dark wings and glow-in-the-dark fashions! You can join in on the fun with a magic wand for you that sprinkles real glitter! Features: * As Seen in the Bratz Fashion Pixiez™ DVD * Glow-in-the-Dark Fashions & Wings * Removable Wings * Bonus Magic Wand with Real Glitter for You * Collectible - New Elongated Bratz Fashion Pixiez™ Body
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Hey guys back today with another Bratz review! and today ill be reviewing Bratz Fashion Pixiez Breeana! which was requested by Super_fate_dollz on Instagram!! thank you for the request! hope you guys enjoy stay tuned for more Bratz. also let me know who's your favourite from the Fashion Pixiez collection! My Instagram : BunnyBoo94Bratz4Life
Bratz Fashion Pixiez *ORIGINAL* commercial song/video!!!
This would be the song used and the video without the clips from the DVD, the man singing is most likely the writer, who works for Pastilla Studios ;)
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My bratz collection - my 2 new bratz
Roxxi princess Lina fashion pixiez
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Bratz Sims - ✽ Fashion Pixiez ✽ - Part 4
Bratz Fashion Pixiez Sims 2 Movie!! Part 4 full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4ryhOp96hWlKTXt20WXnUaN1-91Fwazz I do not own the audio! The BRATZ outfits in the game were created by me~~~ The Bratz discover fashionable pixies make the coolest friends in this fantasy adventure movie! Want more Bratz episodes in sims (sims 2 (NO SIMS 4 YET, BUT SOON)) just message me or comment to request your fave bratz episode - OR any other Bratz stuff :)
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Bratz Fashion Pixiez Just Let Go Now [Instrumental]
The audio was taken from the original movie of Bratz Fashion Pixiez.... I had more than 40 minutes to edit the audio so if you use please give me credits. ----------------------------------------­--------------------------------- STAY TUNED!! ----------------------------------------­--------------------------------- ► OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://philipmarigold.wixsite.com/realm-of-marigold ► INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/philip_marigold/ ► GAMEJOLT: https://gamejolt.com/@PhilipMarigold
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Yuvi's Adventures of Bratz Fashion Pixiez Scene-Prolouge
In this video, cymbeline sneaks out to signal lina to be a pixie
Views: 21 Karoline Barbosa
Bratz Fashion Pixiez
Here you can see the Bratz Fashion Pixiez DVD Movie Commercial. Hier kannst du den Bratz Fashion Pixiez DVD Movie TV-Spot sehen.
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Bratz Fashion Pixiez Trailor
Bratz pixiez
Views: 5145 BratzVideoMaker101
Bratz Painting: Sasha Fashion Pixiez *Step-By-Step*
I've always been a fan of the Bratz, and I decided to do something different and challenging. I really love the Fashion Pixiez line and I wanted to do a painting based off of one of the pictures. Hope you like it! Song: Clothes Make The Girl (From the "Bratz the Video: Starrin' & Stylin' " Movie Ending Song: Moonlight Densetsu [Instrumental Version] (From the Sailor Moon anime)
Views: 1732 NeptunePrincess04
Yuvi's Adventures of Bratz Fashion Pixiez OST-Yuvi's Lament
Yuvi is Sad About Breeana's Sister Cymbeline, Her Friends Chloe, Yasmin, and Her New Friends Irma, and Even Aurora Are Possesed By An Evil Pixie Named Lina.
Views: 18 Karoline Barbosa
Bratz Fashion Pixiez : The Secret Necklace V Flash Games
Join the Bratz Cloe, Jade and friends in a magical pixie world with flying little girls and self therapy.
Views: 3901 Strange Little Games
Bratz Fashion Pixiez Sasha Doll
Views: 5006 jpopluvr1000
Hey hey guys back today with another Bratz review and today I'll be reviewing Bratz Fashion Pixiez Sasha and Yasmin!! Which I got as an early birthday gift Yay! Super excited to have these amazing dolls again in box 🦄🦋 hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for my class dolls😱❤️ xoxo 🦄 thanks guys! Good news guys I now have instagram!! Follow me at BunnyBoo94Bratz4Life👍🏻❤️
Fashion pixiez showing
Put in comments of which doll you want to see in every video
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Bratz Fashion Pixiez Breeana doll, eBay  unbox
She's finally here! And in really good condition!!! Song:To all of you Disclaimer: I don't own the song.
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Hey guys just another video request for my Bratz Fashion Pixiez dolls which was requested by Bratze 💜 hope you guys enjoy stay tuned for more Bratz xo 💐🌸 Good news guys I now have instagram!! Follow me at BunnyBoo94Bratz4Life
bratz fashion pixies commercial
sorry at the beggining because its kinda blurry
Views: 1133 peacegirl98nadia
Bratz Fashion Pixiez 'The Dark Pixiez' MakeUp Tutorial!
Hi guys! Look mysterious and dark with this Dark Pixiez look, enjoy! I hope you like it please comment, rate and share! Thanks so much for every bit of support you give me you are all amazing!!!! Love Rosie xoxox Twitter: twitter.com/RosieTheAussie 'Like' me on Facebook :D Heres all the products I used Australis Stick Concealer in Medium & Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder in Natural - australiscosmetics.com.au/ Face Of Australia Stick Foundation in Outback Ivory & Eye definer in Black - faceofaustralia.com.au/ Coles Cornstarch Baby Powder - coles.com.au/ Bourjois Eyeshadow in 14 Gris Delicat - http://www.bourjois.com.au/ NYX Eyeshadow Trio in TS6 - http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/ Inglot Eyeshadow in DS 496 and Bronzer in 22 - inglotcosmetics.com/ Prestige Liquid Eyeliner in Black - prestigecosmetics.com.au/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pencil Me In Cosmetics Vegan MakeUp Review!!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym4ZOfXCJkU -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Views: 11346 RosiesBeautyFiles
Bratz Fashion Pixiez Make-Up Tutorial!
Thank you all for your support it means the world to me Please subscribe if you haven't already! Love Rosie xoxox Socialise with me! Vlog channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RBFVlogs Beauty channel: youtube.com/RJAD07 facebook.com/RosiesBeautyFiles Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/rbfyoutube Instagram: @RBFBeauty All music in this video is copyright free some was purchased on iTunes and some I made by myself using Garage Band Note: This video is not sponsored all products I use have been purchased by myself Heres the products I used Living Nature Foundation in Pure Buff - http://www.livingnature.com Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer in Soft Honey - rimmellondon.com/ Prestige Skin Lovings Minerals Loose Powder in Sheer Light, Mineral Eyeshadow in Earth & Palette in Gemma Chi Chi Sparkle Dust in Simply Irresistible - http://chichicosmetics.com.au/ Playboy eyeshadow Duo in All Dolled Up - http://www.playboybeauty.com/ Australis Stayput Eyeliner in Midnight & Moisture Max Lip Colour in Paisley - http://www.australiscosmetics.com.au/home The Face Shop Freshian Eyeshadow in Lemon Yellow and Blush in Pink Beam - http://www.thefaceshopen.com/ Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara in Ultra Black Organics Lucas paw Paw Ointment - Available at most health food stores Natio Mineral Pressed Bronzer in Sunswept - natio.com.au -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pencil Me In Cosmetics Vegan MakeUp Review!!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym4ZOfXCJkU -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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