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How to make a portfolio for University (foundation art and product design)
check out my TUMBLR: http://betulsalman.tumblr.com/ to see more artwork! And My TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SuperFunArt --------------------------------------------------------- hey, so i decided to show you my portfolio to help whom need help. I know that some of you might be applying for university and been asked for a portfolio. tbh, I am also applying for university as well. I did get some offers and i am still taking interviews. I had applied for both foundation art and Product design If you have any question about portfolios or interviews or wanting me to ask me any question please feel free do to do I really love to help and love to read your comments. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­------------ The intro was made by the amazing and only RedOpTicZero go an subscribe to him https://www.youtube.com/user/RedOpTicZero/videos?view=0
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MVP: Quickly Validate your Start-Up
Whether you're creating a mobile app or a cat food delivery business, it's often helpful to start with a Minimum Viable Product. With an MVP, you'll spend more time building the things that matter, and be able to quickly test your assumptions--and the market. But how do you decide what stays and what goes? Will Dayble, director of web development company Squareweave, takes us through the process of creating an MVP.
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Startup Design Framework: Product Overview
1. Manual (Documentation) 0:14 2. UI Kits 3:30 3. 25 Samples 4:09 4. Designer folder 11:38 5. Images 13:39 Instructions How to Use 10% Coupon Code on Designmodo - http://ewebdesign.com/designmodo-coupons/ Full Preview. Buy this Framework here - http://designmodo.com/startup/?u=664
Marketing Plan Sample - 5 Simple Steps to Market Any Business
Marketing Plan Sample https://successwithtyson.com/3-steps-attraction-webinar?utm_content=yt-marketing-plan-sample Mоѕt Pорulаr Marketing Plan Sample: Imроrtаnt Cоmроnеntѕ In оrdеr fоr уоur buѕіnеѕѕ tо ѕuссееd, уоu nееd tо mаrkеt your product іn the mоѕt еffесtіvе wау роѕѕіblе. But before thіѕ саn bе done, you will nееd a vеrу іmроrtаnt mаrkеtіng tооl іn thе fоrm of thе mоѕt popular mаrkеtіng рlаn ѕаmрlе. While mаnу business еxреrtѕ саn еаѕіlу рrоvіdе уоu wіth thіѕ, іt is ѕtіll уоur responsibility to know thе соmроnеntѕ оf thе most рорulаr mаrkеtіng рlаn sample. Sо, here thеу are: Thіѕ іѕ probably one оf thе mоѕt іmроrtаnt components оf a mаrkеtіng sample рlаn as it dictates hоw уоu wіll start wіth уоur рlаn. Mаkе sure that thе most рорulаr mаrkеtіng ѕаmрlе рlаn thаt уоu have chosen contains уоur tаrgеt market and іt ѕhоuld be аѕ dеtаіlеd as роѕѕіblе. If you have a rеѕtаurаnt business, іt іѕ a must that the mаrkеtіng sample plan states thе сuѕtоmеrѕ you аrе аіmіng fоr. Yоu саn tаrgеt fаmіlіеѕ wіth kіdѕ, couples, оr tееnаgеrѕ. Thе Fосuѕ оf Yоur Prоduсt in your Marketing Plan Sample Onсе you hаvе already ѕеt thе fосuѕ оf your market, іt іѕ nоw time tо dеtеrmіnе the focus оf уоur рrоduсt. For еxаmрlе, you wаnt tо fосuѕ оn fаmіlіеѕ with kids, thеn, it іѕ a must that уоu mаkе your menu affordable and you need to serve thеm ԛuісklу. So the first two steps of your marketing plan sample involve Identifying your product Benefits and Identifying your target audience. Marketing Plan Sample Dеtаіlѕ аnd Stаtіѕtісѕ After you hаvе successfully determined thе focus of уоur mаrkеt аnd thе focus of your рrоduсt, you саn nоw bасk it up wіth dеtаіlѕ аnd statistics. Mаnу mаrkеtіng ѕаmрlе рlаnѕ will deceive you wіth thеіr flоwеrу wоrdѕ, but іt іѕ іmроrtаnt thаt you gо bу thе mоѕt рорulаr mаrkеtіng plan ѕаmрlе ѕо thаt уоu can be assured оf gооd rеѕultѕ. It muѕt contain сеrtаіn рrоgrаmѕ, tасtісѕ аnd dеtаіlѕ, including ѕоmе ѕtаtіѕtісѕ оn hоw уоur рrоduсtѕ аrе fаrіng іn thе mаrkеt. Yоur marketing ѕаmрlе plan muѕt соntаіn rеturn vіѕіtѕ, сuѕtоmеr reviews, dіnnеrѕ ѕеrvеd аnd mаrkеtіng mеѕѕаgе, аmоng оthеrѕ. Revisions to your Marketing Plan Sample Starting a buѕіnеѕѕ is nоt a ѕіmрlе сhоrе аѕ it rеԛuіrеѕ соmрlеtе dеdісаtіоn аnd оf соurѕе, саріtаl whісh is your hаrd-еаrnеd mоnеу. And ѕо, іt іѕ a muѕt that you rigorously gо thrоugh your mаrkеtіng рlаn ѕаmрlе before finally implementing іt. You need tо rеvіеw and rеvіѕе your marketing plan sample. You nееd tо mеаѕurе results and track реrfоrmаnсе. In thіѕ wау, уоu саn еnѕurе the еffесtіvеnеѕѕ оf thе mоѕt рорulаr marketing рlаn ѕаmрlе that уоu hаvе uѕеd. When уоu believe that еvеrуthіng іѕ nоw good tо go, уоu can аlrеаdу рrераrе fоr the opening of your business. Be sure to continue your research on an effective marketing plan sample http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjrguLMxIf0
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Industrial3D Promotional Trailer - Prototypes, Concept Designs, Product Development, Modeling
Industrial animator, Beau Brown, creates animations for CNN, cable stations, network news stations, four-star generals, and more. Beau was the lead correspondent for CNN during the BP Gulf Oil spill. Watch this promotional trailer to view some of Industrial3D's animation work. All sorts of companies use the services which Industrial3D offers: Tool companies, drilling companies, industrial companies, Halliburton, Arabian Drilling Services, Mako Rentals, Discover, National Geographic and lots more. Industrial 3D specializes in developing industrial animations and visual marketing tools for a variety of fields such as oil and gas, automotive, manufacturing, trucking and logistics, HVAC, patent engineering, and architectural design. These technical graphics, logos, illustrations, 3D models, and presentations allow you to better explain and demonstrate your products or services to potential clients and better train your employees. We can effectively illustrate prototypes and concept designs for inventors and engineers. We can aid in product development and modeling. Visit our website for more information: www.industrial3d.com
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SERRV's Product Development & Design
SERRV has 4 staff members dedicated to product design, development and merchandising. They work around the clock to develop samples, set purchase orders and work with our artisan partners to design new products. Here is a behind the scenes look at what goes into the process from one of SERRV's senior designers, Kerry Evans, during her visit to Tara Projects in India.
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Inside Random House: "The Art of Cover Design"
One of the most exciting aspects of any book's publication is the design of its cover. Though many voices participate in this creative process, it's the designer's expertise that is most critical in making a compelling, eye-catching, and meaningful visual representation of the author's work to entice readers. In this video, we interviewed a few Random House designers to find out how they approach new projects; the many places where they find inspiration; and hear some fascinating stories behind a few memorable covers...Tune in!
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Design Patents & Utility Patents - Learn the Differences Between Design and Utility Patents
For more information about design and utility patents, check out my blog post: http://www.inventorslc.com/design-patents-vs-utility-patents/
product & fashion studio photo session example - see me in action
product & fashion studio photo session example - see me in action. this is one sample photo session for one regular client which renews the entire clothing collection twice a year. It can be classified as product photography due to the large number of items but also fashion as we have models cat walking in the studio. Nothing special in terms of studio settings, all 4 lights are being used, 3 on full power and the fill in secondary light is 75% just to give it a bit of depth, as we are focusing on the clothes and not on the models faces. Camera is in manual mode, ISO 100, Shutter speed 1/125, Aperture 16 and we are sign a wireless trigger for the studio lights http://www.FunkiBeat.com http://www.PrimitiveStore.com.au 
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History & the Arts – Postmodernism: Design in a Nutshell (6/6)
Less is more? Less is a bore! More than just an artistic style, Postmodernism was a mindset, a way of rejecting how we understand our world. Because the Postmodernists refused to see things as one thing or another, this blurring of boundaries had the power to bring about great social change. (Part 6 of 6) Playlist link - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhQpDGfX5e7CJ87BDeuTdXTpxl0YM2Tdb Transcript link - http://podcast.open.ac.uk/feeds/3993_opinionpieces/20181113T113438_6_History__the_Arts_-_Postmodernism_Transcription.pdf Discover your design alter ego https://www.open.edu/openlearn/science-maths-technology/engineering-and-technology/design-and-innovation/design/design-nutshell Explore our History & Arts free courses https://www.open.edu/openlearn/history-the-arts/free-courses Study Q61 BA/BSc (Honours) Design and Innovation http://www.open.ac.uk/courses/qualifications/q61 The Open University is the world’s leading provider of flexible, high-quality online degrees and distance learning, serving students across the globe with highly respected degree qualifications, and the triple-accredited MBA. The OU teaches through its own unique method of distance learning, called ‘supported open learning’ and you do not need any formal qualifications to study with us, just commitment and a desire to find out what you are capable of. Free learning from The Open University http://www.open.edu/openlearn/ For more like this subscribe to the Open University channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXsH4hSV_kEdAOsupMMm4Qw Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ouopenlearn/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OUFreeLearning #OpenUniversity #postmodernism
Design Thinking: A Hands-on Workshop (Full Session)
Join Design for Change founder Kiran Bir Sethi in a hands-on workshop where you yourself become a designer, and learn how to put your ideas for a better world into action! Engage in the type of creative challenge that has inspired and empowered over 25 million children across the globe -- in 34 countries and over 300,000 schools -- to design innovative pathways to change.
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OneCNC Solid Design samples
For more information please visit our website: http://www.onecnc.net OneCNC Solid Design CAD example parts
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How To Write A Project Specification
In this video, Dave describes a basic brainstorming approach that anyone can use to write requirement and specification documents. http://www.SourceSeek.com - Connect WIth Top Offshore Software Teams SourceSeek (www.sourceseek.com) matches your software projects for free with trusted dev teams in the U.S. and around the world. Whether you're a startup founder, small-business owner, or Fortune 100 manager, you need to get it right the first time. But too often, software projects fail, resulting in wasted time and money. SourceSeek is here to help you keep your project on-time and on-budget, and your development partners highly motivated. Our founder, Dave Hecker, is one of the foremost experts on outsourcing software, web, and mobile development projects. We're passionate about teaching both clients and vendors what they can do to ensure the success of their projects. Here's what we do, in as little as two weeks: - Quickly and efficiently assess a client's needs - Intelligently match you to a dev team for your product or project needs - Co-pilot to help you optimize distributed teams and see instant results SourceSeek is free for clients; we find you the best teams and the perfect match. It's that simple. Watch all our videos, send us feedback, and tell us about your project at http://www.sourceseek.com/get-started-now/. SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR MORE OUTSOURCING VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sourceseek LET'S CONNECT! Google+ ► http://google.com/+Sourceseek Facebook ► http://facebook.com/SourceSeek Twitter ► http://twitter.com/SourceSeek Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/sourceseek Pinterest ► http://www.pinterest.com/SourceSeek SourceSeek ► http://www.sourceseek.com
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Industrial Design concept example by Greg A. Olsen
A short example of animating a 3D rendering of a flashlight concept.
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J. Goro. S. INC - Samples of DVD Cover Designs
DVD Cover Samples with Flat Standard Size: 10.75x7.25 inches with Glossy & UV Coating (High Glossy). Check our web company: www.jgorosinc.com © 2013 J Goro S INC logos, Trademarks, Video Editing & Graphic Design Products, Printing DVD Covers & Labels, other utilities related to J Goro S INC are All Rights Reserved.
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[Wrightsoft] Example Duct Design (Step 6a)  Duct Drawing Basics: Trunk and Branch
In Step 6a, we will show you how to lay out the trunk and branches of your duct design in Right-Suite Universal. Go through a step-by-step video series of how to design a duct system using Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal products : Right-D and Right-Draw.
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Trick Amazing Web Design review-"web design samples"
To Download Tricks Amazing Web design"web design samples" Click The Link Below: http://bit.ly/12sbHUS The pursuit for the product that promises the same final consequences as Tricks Amazing Web design are all around inside quantity. Nonetheless, Tricks Amazing Web design Review is distinguishable by reviewing the competitors have real profit give you a best blend of basic design and style as well as the variety of colors. And also, perfecting Tricks Amazing Web design is just the a few a couple of minutes gone with patience before your pc.webdesignsamples Mathematical product Identify : Tricks Amazing Web design"web design samples" Publisher Title : Tricks Amazing Web design"web design samples" Authorised Site : Click Here"web design samples" Discounted Price : Sure (A very special deal) Money-back Assure : Yes Refund Coverage : Sixty Days Delivery Interval : Quick Delivery"web design samples" Bonus Offer : Yes Production Analyze Standing : Examined along with Approved Tricks wonderful Webdesign Review, is Tricks wonderful Webdesign scam ? the hunt for a renewal product that works comes with a mix of joyfulness together with stress further. Also, you perchance imputed an excellent assortment concerning Tricks wonderful Webdesign.web design samples Alternatively, World wide net are often a pool space concerning unattended data with no well-thought-of resource to form certain that the data anyone gather via Tricks Amazing Webdesign Review. If this describes the particular state of affairs that made you to the present wonderful web site, you're able to feel assured, you may have found a long-lasting together with trustworthy remedy to your problems.web design samples It is a web site which is able to get up-to-date with impartial analysis of the products being undraped on the market a day. the subsequent is every of our analysis involving Tricks Amazing Webdesign Review that has currently become a excitement aspect on the market with its excessiveness of helpful capacities Keyword Tricks Amazing Web design web design samples
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Lean UX for Startups and Enterprise: Ten Secrets to Success
FROM THE 2013 MoDevUX Conference www.modevux.com We have consulted with startups and large enterprises seeking to produce the right product (e.g., mobile app, web application) faster. We will reveal the remarkable similarities between startups and large organizations seeking to be as nimble as startups. In a majority of cases the challenges were the same: - they were not sure how to speed development - they had difficulty balancing user and business needs - they typically had strong development teams with established methodologies that had blended agile and waterfall methodologies - they typically had little user experience expertise or input in the existing designs - designs / development builds were underway but the results of the designs were unsatisfying to users We have done LeanUX design projects with a number of clients continuously testing and honed our process by testing various techniques: - rapid iterative design and improvement (design thinking) - brain storming sessions (design thinking) - design studios (traditional art school critiquing process) - rapid prototyping, usability testing and revision We also want to share the pitfalls as you start to get involved in lean startup including having: - The "genius designer" mentality within the UX team - The "stay in the building until the product is ready" mentality - Different internal groups (design, development) that work against each other - Executives that swoop down and influence (aka hijack) the process - Too little contact between the designers and other team members - Too many chefs leading to poor focus - The anti-cheerleader who always says "No!" Through a series of case studies we will describe the processes and flow that worked best for both large enterprises small startups: - Conducting a strategy workshop to align the team on business and user needs - Rapidly developing personas and scenarios as a team with all stakeholders - Conducting a design studio with all stakeholders to agree on the design directions to explore - Rapidly iterated prototype and guerilla testing - Creating non-technical, but partially functional prototypes through available tools (e.g., Axure, Proto IO, iRise) Nearly every group we worked asked: - Does this work for a company like mine (Startup, Enterprise, Healthcare, Government, etc.)? - What was the composition of the most successful LeanUX teams? Number of team members? Types of expertise? - How did the process differ between Startups and Large Enterprises? Come to our talk and find out our secrets for Lean UX success! John Whalen (Founder and UX Lead at Brilliant Experience) John Whalen leads Brilliant Experience -- a consultancy using LeanUX, Agile and Design Thinking methodologies to provide UX insights, strategy and ideation to create brilliant experiences for startups and Fortune 500 clients. John specializes in understanding the audience perspective and finding the ideal balance between user experience, business needs and technological possibility. He has experience (and great stories to tell from) working with clients in the financial, healthcare, ecommerce and government verticals. He is studying the how mobile devices are changing our everyday behaviors. John holds a PhD in Cognitive Science from Johns Hopkins University and is the VP of UXPA-DC.
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Design Filter- 3D Animation example
Product design company, 3D animation, injection mould plastic
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Product Design Suite Test Drive -- Rules Based Design Automation (Inventor)
http://autodesk.com/suites/product-design-suite Autodesk Inventor iLogic within Product Design Suite is a powerful yet easy to use design automation utility. Built directly into the Autodesk Inventor application iLogic allows design engineers to add rules, knowledge and conditions to their part and assembly data to automate tedious tasks, reduce errors and ultimately save time and effort. In this exercise, you develop iLogic code to configure a model by modifying several features that capture a broader design concept.
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[Wrightsoft] Example Duct Design (Step 8)  Editing the Duct System
In Step 8, You will learn how to make changes to your duct design after you have placed all the truck, branches, flex, etc. Learning how to make edits is very important to know! Go through a step-by-step video series of how to design a duct system using Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal products : Right-D and Right-Draw.
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Example reports of the SW product development
We are presenting here some examples of the reports, that have been successfully supporting the SW product development. The goal is to use same reports from the management to the teams. Also the lessons learned here has been, that if we help the Teams with their visibility and tool issues then the management can get any report they want with good data quality.
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Chapter 11 New Product Example
Adding Risk or Uncertain to New Product Development Models
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H A Graphic Designs - Logo Design Example Mockups
H A Graphic Designs - Logo Design Example Mockups A video of our logo design work. Thank you for watching! At H A Graphic Designs, we provide a professional graphic design service for business specializing in high quality design for print & web such as logo / brand / corporate identity design, flyer & leaflet design, product packaging design, and business stationary design. For more examples of our work, visit our website at; www.hagraphicdesigns.com Video Made Via: http://studio.stupeflix.com/?yt=1
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LEE PENSON | About less samples in the office
Watch Lee Penson talk about having less samples in the office and residential design in the new Google Headquarters in London. Go to the JAB PRODUCT FINDER: http://www.products.jab.de
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How design thinking transformed Airbnb from failing startup to billion-dollar business
A fireside chat between Joe Gebbia of Airbnb and Phin Barnes of First Round Capital. Filmed at Design+Startup at IDEO San Francisco on March 14, 2013. http://designplusstartup.com
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Primer Design for PCR
In this lecture, I explain how to design working primers for use in PCR. If you are unfamiliar with PCR, watch the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KoLnIwoZKU. Created by:Tyler Maxfield
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How to Do a Presentation - 5 Steps to a Killer Opener
GET YOUR FREE 1 HOUR VIDEO TRAINING HERE! https://ruletheroompublicspeaking.com/recipe PS LAB MEMBERSHIP FOR JUST $1 https://ruletheroompublicspeaking.com/ps-lab-dollar-trial FREE ADVANCED PRESENTATION SKILLS TRAINING https://ruletheroompublicspeaking.com/3x-mini-class/ If you want to know how to do a presentation you've come the right place. Watch public speaking and presentation skills expert Jason Teteak give a presentation modeling exact techniques for how to do an amazing presentation.
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[Wrightsoft] Example Duct Design (Step 9)  Checking Static Pressure, Friction Rate, and Length
In step 9, you will see the last step in designing a duct system with Wrightsoft is to check the static pressure, friction rate, and length. This is the last step in the Step by step duct design series by Wrightsoft. Go through a step-by-step video series of how to design a duct system using Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal products : Right-D and Right-Draw.
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Catia V5 Tutorial|Generative Shape Design|How to create a Soccer Ball|Start to Finish|Part 6
Do you like my works? Do you think I can be a part of your organization in someway? Does your organization require training or project delivery? Feel free to contact me at [email protected] Hello friends, I am Mohammed Shakeel and welcome to howENGINEERSdoit! YouTube channel, Here you can find technical videos related to CAD, especially CATIA, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Marvelous Designer and also other cool technology videos like Android phone, laptop, desktop tips and tricks, troubleshoot videos, Google product tips and tricks etc Catia V5 is a Mechanical/Aerospace/Architectural/MEP/Electrical Design/Analysis software. There is a lot that you can do with this software. In this tutorial series, I will explain well in detail the important commands used to model different Mechanical/Aerospace/Product/Ship/Building Elements/Parts. It is used in major industries like Boeing,Airbus,Dassault Aviation, Eurofighter,BMW, Porsche, McLaren Automotive,Chrysler, Honda,United States Navy,Alstom Power,ABB Group,Michelin,Nikon,Nokia,Suzlon,Procter & Gamble. CATIA (an acronym of computer aided three-dimensional interactive application) (in English, usually pronounced multi-platform computer-aided design (CAD)/computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)/computer-aided engineering (CAE) software suite developed by the French company Dassault Systèmes. written C++ programming language. 3D Product Lifecycle Management software suite, CATIA supports multiple stages of product development (CAx),including conceptualization,design (CAD),engineering(CAE) manufacturing (CAM).CATIA facilitates collaborative engineering across disciplines around its 3DEXPERIENCE platform, including surfacing & shape design,electrical fluid & electronics systems design, mechanical engineering and systems engineering CATIA facilitates the design electronic,electrical,fluid HVAC systems,production of documentation manufacturing CATIA enables creation of 3D parts,from 3D sketches, sheetmetal,composites,molded,forged or tooling parts up to the definition of mechanical assemblies. The software provides advanced technologies mechanical surfacing & BIW It provides tools complete product definition, including functional tolerances as well as kinematics definition. CATIA provides wide range applications tooling design,for both generic tooling and mold & die CATIA offers a solution to shape design,styling surfacing workflow and visualization to create, modify, and validate complex innovative shapes from industrial design Class-A surfacing with the ICEM surfacing technologies.CATIA supports multiple stages of product design whether started from scratch or 2D sketches.CATIA v5 able read produce STEP format files for reverse engineering surface reuse. CATIA Systems Engineering solution delivers unique extensible systems engineering development platform that fully integrates the cross-discipline modeling, simulation, verification and business process support developing complex ‘cyber-physical’ products. enables organizations evaluate requests for changes or develop products system variants utilizing unified performance based systems engineering approach solution addresses the Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) users developing today’s smart products systems comprises the following elements: Requirements Engineering, Systems Architecture Modeling, Systems Behavior Modeling & Simulation, Configuration Management & Lifecycle Traceability Automotive Embedded Systems Development (AUTOSAR Builder) Industrial Automation Systems Development (ControlBuild) CATIA uses the open Modelica language both CATIA Dynamic Behavior Modeling Dymola engineering disciplines. CATIA & Dymola extended through domain specific Modelica libraries simulate wide range of complex systems automotive vehicle dynamics through to aircraft flight dynamics CATIA offers solution facilitate design manufacturing routed tubing,piping,Heating,Ventilating & Air Conditioning(HVAC).Capabilities 2D diagrams for defining hydraulic,pneumatic and HVAC systems used for the 787 series aircraft.Dassault Systèmes 3D PLM FNSS Vought Aircraft Industries Anglo/Italian Helicopter company AgustaWestland CATIA V4 V5 Safran use CATIA,Eurofighter Typhoon,main helicopters U.S Military forces,Sikorsky Aircraft Corp,P3 Voith,Bell Helicopter,Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, has used CATIA V4,V5 V6,Dassault Aviation using CATIA currently working CATIA V6,BMW,Porsche, McLaren Automotive,Chrysler,Honda,Audi,Jaguar Land Rover,Volkswagen,SEAT,Škoda,Bentley Motors Limited,Volvo,Fiat,Benteler International,PSA Peugeot Citroën,Renault,Toyota, Ford,Scania, Hyundai,Tesla Motors,Rolls Royce Motors,Valmet Automotive,Proton,Elba,Tata motors Mahindra & Mahindra Limited
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Nice website samples 2013
Please subscribe to this channel for more tutorials and webdesign and Graphic design deals www.blessyourwebsite.com
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Grant Proposal Sample Project
This PowerPoint is a sample of the type of final product you can expect. Here, I modified a presentation (design & aesthetic wise ONLY), and this was the end result
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Don Norman: The Design of Everyday Things
LAUX presents an evening with the legendary Don Norman, psychologist, product designer, and author of The Design of Everyday Things. The interview and event was taped at Cross Campus in Santa Monica, CA on November 15, 2013.
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Example Product
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Zenhiser Transformer Drummer experimental robotic drum samples
Checking out a robotic, industrial, transformer styled drum library from Zenhiser. If you like techy/experimental drum samples, this may be one to checkout. Product link: https://www.zenhiser.com/products/Transformer-Drummer-By-ZenFX.html Rate the product: http://boomandbap.com/zenhiser-transformer-drummer/ Subscribe to my drum channel to see these videos first http://youtube.com/boomandbap Follow on Twitter http://twitter.com/soundsandgear
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Free Samples and Resources about NXP's Standard Linear Portfolio
http://www.futureelectronics.com/NXPPromo Future Electronics is pleased to announce immediate availability of NXP's Standard Linear product portfolio for the DC power sub series. Customers can request free samples, download a whitepaper, view an online webinar and video tutorial to learn more about these new products. http://www.futureelectronics.com/NXP During this video, we'll tell you about NXP's Standard Linear product portfolio for the DC power sub series, as well as how you can request free samples, download a whitepaper, view an online webinar and video tutorial to learn more about these new products Many everyday electronic devices, whether portable, consumer or industrial applications, contain various electronics sub-systems. Each of these sub-systems need specific voltage level DC supplies, which in turn require multiple management circuits for the corresponding voltages. http://www.nxp.com/campaigns/standard-linear/8927 NXP's high quality DC power management products enable customer designs to be supported both accurately and with great energy efficiency, while also offering miniaturization for even the most streamlined and space constrained applications. In addition, customers can count on supply continuity, longer battery lifetime, and state-of-the-art solutions meeting the most current market requirements. The portfolio includes families of low-dropout voltage regulators, DC/DC converters and voltage references, with a full range of housings including small, thin package options. NXP's low-dropout voltage regulators are offered in many different formats and packages and are therefore suitable for a wide range of supply currents and output voltages. As an example, NXP's low-dropout voltage regulators for portable devices are ideal for digital cameras, mobile phones, tablets and laptops. These LDOs allow designers to work in small space constraints and at the same time increase performance and extend battery life. NXP DC-to-DC converters are ideal for battery-driven and portable devices due to their small size and high switching frequency. Their high efficiency of as high as 95 % enables extended battery life in all portable designs including mobile and smart phones, digital cameras, portable media players and tablet PCs. Together, Future Electronics and NXP can satisfy even the most stringent development specifications, while providing outstanding customer service along with reliable volume supply. For more information, to request free samples, and find out more about this and other NXP promotions, visit http://www.futureelectronics.com/NXPPromo
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[Wrightsoft] Example Duct Design (Step 2) The Static Pressure Page - Initial Setup
In Step 2, Learn how to set up the Static Pressure Page Go through a step-by-step video series of how to design a duct system using Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal products : Right-D and Right-Draw.
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The Design Process
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Video Example: Product demonstration & features
Example video demonstrating product features to educate potential customers. SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS... https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=photographyproject1 VIEW OUR PORTFOLIO AND WORK... http://www.photographyproject.com.au LET'S CONNECT... Google +: https://plus.google.com/+PhotographyprojectAu Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photogproject Instagram: https://instagram.com/photographyproject.com.au LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/photography-project Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/photogproject/ Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/photographyproject
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Scalar Triple Product | Formula | Proof | Example
Check out us at:http://math.tutorvista.com/calculus/vector-triple-product.html Scalar Triple Product The scalar triple product is defined as a scalar quantity which is the dot product of the cross product of the two vectors with another vector. In other words, the scalar triple product of three vectors a, b and c is given by a . (b*c) and is denoted by [a b c] . It is also called as mixed product. Please like our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/tutorvista Follow us at: https://plus.google.com/+tutorvista/
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[Wrightsoft] Example Duct Design (Step 5)  Supply and Return Assignment
In Step 5, learn how to place supply and return registers throughout your buildings rooms in Right-Draw before you begin to draw out the ducts. Go through a step-by-step video series of how to design a duct system using Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal products : Right-D and Right-Draw.
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Free Samples and Hair Product Couponing
www.freeflys.com www.daxhaircare.com www.allfreesamples.com www.cremeofnature.com/nature/argan_oil_gloss_and_shine_polisher_sample_promotion.html Shopping Discount Alert :) No More Rack - Use this link to receive $10 off your first purchase http://sparq.in/t0RJ7 Just starting a healthy hair journey? Click here before you begin. - http://relaxedhairskincare.blogspot.com/2014/09/starting-healthy-hair-journey-seven.html Business Inquiries Welcome.. [email protected] P.O. Box 128787 Cincinnati, Ohio 45212 Shop with me... 10 Dollar Mall - http://www.10dollarmall.com/rc/146499/ No More Rack - http://vnlink.co/SLVdYPu My Hair Stats! Hair Texture? Texlaxed (Relaxed) Relaxer Brand - Design Essentials Natural Hair Type? 4b/4c Salon or Box Relaxer? Salon The start of my healthy hair journey? November 22nd, 2012 Hair length at the start of my hair journey? Shoulder Length My current hair length? Grazing APL (arm pit length) Goal Length? Full APL Follow My Hair Journey at http://www.relaxedhairskincare.blogspot.com Visit my Christian Singles Blog: http://www.loveandgracemedia.com My Running Blog www.2ndwindrunning.blogspot.com Thank you for watching and God bless!
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Creativity and Innovation
What is Creativity? What is Innovation? This is a short video made from Powtoons! Enjoy!
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Power Analysis Example
This video present an example problem for finding the power of an experimental design.
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NX Global Deformation Example - ( German Text )
In NX, you can use the Global Deformation command to modify an existing product design to accommodate changes from downstream design or production process constraints, such as CAE analysis or physical tryout. Inputs for global deformation can include: * The formed shape of the sheet body. * A set of points representing the non-deformed shape. * Another set of points corresponding one-to-one to the previous set of points, and representing the deformed shape. This video is also available with English Text.
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