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COSHH Safety Training Video UK- Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Safetycare preview DVD
COSHH, which stands for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, is the set of regulations that aims specifically to address the health issues of using hazardous substances in the workplace with its primary aim being to prevent ill health. COSHH covers the vast majority of substances and mixtures of substances, used or produced in the workplace that are potentially hazardous to health. The program covers the following areas: * How Hazardous Substances can hurt us * Classification and Symbols as per the Chemicals Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply Regulations (CHIP) * Substances covered by COSHH * What COSHH does not cover * The Requirements of COSHH Identification and assessment Precautions Monitoring exposure Health surveillance Information, Training and Supervision Arrangements on how to deal with accidents, incidents and emergencies that may occur COSHH supplies us with access to knowledge about hazardous substances that we use. Combining this knowledge with established safe work procedures is the best way we can avoid accidents, injuries and illnesses associated with the use of hazardous substances. RUNNING TIME: 17 Minutes For COSHH Safety DVDs and other British Safety Training Videos, please visit us at: http://www.safetycare.co.uk/
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Product Safety Engineers
Develop and conduct tests to evaluate product safety levels and recommend measures to reduce or eliminate hazards.
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Safety Videos - 10 Commandments of Workplace Safety
Safety videos and free safety videos. Why buy this package at https://www.safetyvideoshop.com.au/shop/b-instant-downloads/safety-induction-video/? This safety video is called "The 10 Commandments of Workplace Safety" - it features many current WorkSafe/WorkCover themes (e.g. keep talking the safety talk, it doesn't hurt to speak up, the most important reason for workplace safety isn't at work at all). This is one of the world's most simple, complete and popular safety training and induction training tools (thousands sold and used every day). All packaged with a heap of training PDFs and supplementary videos. Download it at the above payment page immediately and have a thorough and easy to use training plan in 5 minutes' time if you need it. Safety videos don't need to be long and boring! For full length preview & free safety video downloads, visit us at the Safety Video Shop website above. But if you are here looking for free safety videos, check out a new website called www.safetyvideostore.com - there you will discover a plethora of free workplace safety training for free download. Did you read all the way down to here? Looking to buy? After you have purchased this package, send me a direct personal reply email, and I will send you a Manual Handling video package worth $385 Australian Dollars for free.
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Human Factors and Safety Assessment in Aeronautics MSc at Cranfield University
A student's view of the Human Factors and Safety Assessment in Aeronautics MSc offered by the School of Engineering at Cranfield University.
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Product 1000: The Entire Quality Management System: Safety Section Explained
www.ISO15189MedLabManuals.com Provides a detailed look at the Safety Section of Product 1000: The Entire Quality Management System. Safety Section: Universal precautions, biohazardous waste disposal, whmis, chemical safety are some components of the Safety Section.
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Ergonomic Office Workstation Assessment By Ergoworks
Ergonomic Office Workstation Assessment Presented by Marnie Douglas from Ergoworks http://www.ergonomics-ohs.com.au Marnie appears on Sky News discussing the importance of Ergonomics in your office. Employers who dont take the need for ergonomic workstations now place themselves at risk of workers compensation claims for Repetitive Strain Injury and more. For employee satisfaction and a reduction in injuries resulting from long hours sitting at a computer, an ergonomic workstation assessment is crucial for your office. Until you have a professional assessment, there are a number of steps you can take to minimise risk of injury for your employees. The following steps are recommended as a minimum: 1) Ergonomic Mouse There are a number of options on the market at the moment. There are a huge array of products all offering different positives and negatives. Its important to try a number of options to see which suits you best. Some people find that using 2 mice on a computer can be very beneficial in reducing the strain on one arm. While others find that a roller ball mouse is helpful as it means less movement is required by the extended arm. 2) Ergonomic Keyboard Again - there are a wide variety of products available on the market. There are many keyboards that now have a variety of features that place less strain on the arms and wrists during long term use. Also ensuring that your keyboard is placed the appropriate distance from the body will assist in reducing strain. 3) Ergonomic Chair The chair is perhaps one of the most important investments you can make in the happiness of your staff! Some of us spend more time in our office chairs than we do anywhere else so it makes sense to ensure the chair is comfortable. The chair must be the correct height for the table to ensure you are using a keyboard and mouse in the correct way. So generally the chair should be height adjustable. Many now feature lumbar support, mesh covering to allow increased air flow to the skin and some even have complicated suspension systems to ensure your body is being correctly supported. The changes listed above are just a small number that can have a dramatic impact on the health of your employees. If you are in any doubt about ergonomic workstations, please call Marnie from Ergoworks to discuss a workplace ergonomic assessment for your office. Marnie Douglas Ergoworks Physiotherapy and Consulting A: Suite 2, 9 - 13 Young Street, Sydney Australia 2000 P 1300 374 696 W: http://www.ergonomics-ohs.com.au
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Funny Workplace Safety Training Video
Small taste of the most unusual workplace safety training video ever produced.. A Reaper's Guide to OHS. This 4 min safety scene can be shown as an icebreaker for any workplace safety training session. Complete version: https://www.channel1.com.au/product/a-reapers-guide-to-ohs/ whilst entertaining and engaging, provides a general overview of occupational health and safety.
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Health & Safety for Cleaners DVD
Whether you work in small or large business or a school or college, your janitorial and cleaning staff face daily risks to their health and safety. There were 3500 reported work related accidents to cleaners in 2005/06. (Source HSE) This NEW DVD follows a cleaner through her working day, and shows the possible hazards she could face. The DVD looks at: # Appropriate work wear and personal protective equipment # On going dynamic risk assessments # How to avoid repetitive strain injuries # How to lift correctly # Safe use of chemical substances # Push rather than pull # Tripping hazards # Hand arm vibration This DVD will provide your cleaners with general tips and advice that can be applied to their tasks in order to avoid injury. The pack comes complete with 50 Risk Assessment Forms and 10 H&S for Cleaners Training Booklets.
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Ergonomic Essentials for the Office - Safety Training Video (SAFETY-TV PREVIEW)
This ergonomic safety training video is available in Australian, US, Canadian and UK versions. This safety video is also available as a multimedia e-learning course. Visit http://www.vocam.com for more information on Vocam's safety videos & e-learning courses. Safety-TV delivers online Occupational Health and Safety training products including online safety training videos and e-learning courses with full reporting and training history (LMS) functionality. Safety-TV covers all of your online OHS and HR workplace training needs. For more information visit http://www.safety-tv.com. Vocam's safety and HR training videos are also available in DVD and downloadable formats, visit http://www.vocam.com to buy online, download, or to browse our complete range of workforce training solutions.
Industrial Safety Induction Video - Understanding Safety at Work (SAFETY-TV PREVIEW)
This industrial safety induction video is available in Canadian, Australian, UK and US versions. This safety video is also available as a multimedia e-learning course. Visit http://www.vocam.com for more information on Vocam's safety videos & e-learning courses. Safety-TV delivers online Occupational Health and Safety training products including online safety training videos and e-learning courses with full reporting and training history (LMS) functionality. Safety-TV covers all of your online OHS and HR workplace training needs. For more information visit http://www.safety-tv.com. Vocam's safety and HR training videos are also available in DVD and downloadable formats, visit http://www.vocam.com to buy online, download, or to browse our complete range of workforce training solutions.
Hazardous Chemicals Safety Video - Hazardous Substances Safety Essentials (SAFETY-TV PREVIEW)
This hazardous chemicals safety video is available in Canadian, Australian & UK versions. This safety video is also available as an e-learning course. Visit http://www.vocam.com for more information on Vocam's safety videos & e-learning courses. Safety-TV delivers online Occupational Health and Safety training products including online safety training videos and e-learning courses with full reporting and training history (LMS) functionality. Safety-TV covers all of your online OHS and HR workplace training needs. For more information visit http://www.safety-tv.com. Vocam's safety and HR training videos are also available in DVD and downloadable formats, visit http://www.vocam.com to buy online, download, or to browse our complete range of workforce training solutions.
Food Hazards and Contaminants
School of Continuing Education: Certificate Programme in Food Safety (CFS): BFN-002: Hazards to Food Safety
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Product 1000: The Entire Quality Management System: Assessment Section Explained
www.ISO15189MedLabManuals.com Provides a detailed look at the Assessment section of Product 1000: The Entire Quality Management System. Assessment Section: Auditing, Quality Assurance are components of the complete Assessment section.
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Manual Tasks Safety Video - Manual Tasks for Industry (SAFETY-TV PREVIEW)
This manual tasks safety video is also available as a multimedia e-learning course. Visit http://www.vocam.com for more information on Vocam's safety videos & e-learning courses. Safety-TV delivers online Occupational Health and Safety training products including online safety training videos and e-learning courses with full reporting and training history (LMS) functionality. Safety-TV covers all of your online OHS and HR workplace training needs. For more information visit http://www.safety-tv.com. Vocam's safety and HR training videos are also available in DVD and downloadable formats, visit http://www.vocam.com to buy online, download, or to browse our complete range of workforce training solutions.
Enhancing Safety for Individuals - How to complete the assessments
Enhancing Safety workbooks provide an online training and assessment resource for those who would like to achieve a Cert III, IV or Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. They can be used by Individuals or Registered Training Organisations in striving for Australian Award Qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety. Just go to www.enhancingsafety.com and join as a member, purchase and complete the workbooks. Then email your completed workbooks to your assessor or Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for marking! The fee for tutoring, assessment, marking and award issuing will vary between RTO's.
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How Scientists Assess Food Safety Risks
To view the next video in this series click: http://www.monkeysee.com/play/13774
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mynano, nanosafety assessment for industry
Nanotechnologies intend to shape the present and future of humanity. Energy production and storage, water supply, transportation, building, telecommunication, cosmetics and medicine are already taking advantage of the radically different properties of well-known materials at the nanoscale. ISO/IEC/NIST/OECD jointly state that "nanotechnology presents opportunities to create new and better products. It also has the potential to improve assessment, management, and prevention of environmental risks. However, there are unanswered questions about the impacts of nanomaterials and nanoproducts on human health and the environment." mynano will integrate nanomedicine skills in safety assessment procedures and contribute to establishing a much needed standard in ensuring traceability & safety along the manufacturing/supply chain to consumers, from raw nanomaterials to nano-enabled products, from sunscreens to portable batteries, tires, paints and electronics.
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Risk Assessment Training Video
Using five steps to ensure all possible risks are assessed in all situations. For more information about this safety training video, request a preview copy or to place an order please contact our sales team on (+44) 01582 420 450 http://www.paragon-training.com/products/view/841/risk-assessment
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Safe T Plus
http://www.etipinc.com Educational video describing the features and benefits of the Safe T Plus Steering Control. Footage includes highlights of actual front tire blow-outs and interviews with drivers. Technical information about the Safe T Plus Steering Control product is also included.
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Food Spoilage and Its Prevention
School of Continuing Education: Certificate Programme in Food Safety (CFS): BFN-001: Introduction to Food Safety
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Respirator Safety
When you must wear a respirator to protect yourself against airborne contaminants in your workplace, it is very important to follow proper procedures for putting it on and taking it off. You have a right to a safe and healthful workplace. Whenever respiratory protection is required to be worn to protect you from hazardous airborne contaminants, your employer is responsible for implementing a comprehensive respiratory protection program and providing you with an appropriate respirator, in accordance with OSHAs respiratory protection standard, 29 CFR 1910.134. This program must include training, medical evaluation, and fit testing.
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Best Interview Answer to "Tell me about yourself" YouTube Top Pick
Watch Don show you exactly how to answer "Tell Me About Yourself." Tell me about yourself is one of the toughest interview questions. This is an open-ended question, but really what the interviewer wants to hear is about your recent work experience and your journey that brought you to this point in your career. Why don't they just ask that question instead? Because they want to see where you will go with an open-ended question. Your answer to "tell me about yourself" tells the interviewer where your mind is. If you start telling him that you are a Cleveland Browns fan, then you are way off base with what he wants to hear and you have just made your first mistake. What do you want the interviewer to know about you when you leave, your work experience or your personal interests? I'm confident their hiring decision will be based on your work experience, save your personal interests for the water cooler after you get the job. Wrong answer to tell me about yourself: 1. "What would you like to know?" This statement completely throws the question back at the interviewer in somewhat of an insulting way and he/she is forced to reword the question. Best answer to tell me about yourself: 1. "What part of my work experience would you like me to talk about?" a. Now the interviewer can reply with a simple straightforward answer. Some interviewers want you to start from your first job and others only want to hear about your most recent job. b. If the interviewer would like you to start from your first job, assuming it has been several years since you had that job, then lightly touch on the jobs that you no longer hold, but expand on your current or most recent job experience and accomplishments. Focus on your answer and talk about your accomplishments from your current or most recent job and lightly touch on your daily duties. These are the things an interviewer really wants to hear. Because if he thinks you were successful at your past job, then you will be successful at this job. Even if you don't feel that you accomplished anything, look deep and think of something you did that helped the company. Or better yet, describe an accomplishment that you contributed to the company, just make sure it's in the same line of work. For example, don't take credit for boosting sales revenue if your job is to fix computers. • Briefly talk about your current employer. • Discuss 2-3 of your most significant accomplishments. • Talk about a few of your key strengths as they relate to the job for which you are applying and how they can benefit from your strengths. • Then discuss how you see yourself fitting into a position at their company. 1. Speak of how you completed projects on time and under budget. 2. Tell them how you increased sales revenues for two straight quarters in a row. 3. Describe of how you came up with a new procedure that saved the company money. 4. "I have been in the customer service industry for several years and most of my experience has been dealing with calls from our customers. I truly enjoy working with the people in this business as well as the challenges. In my last job, the good relationships I formed with my customers resulted in me holding the highest customer retention rate of everyone else in my department." 5. "One of my best strengths is my attention to detail. When I set out to work on a task or project, I always make sure it get's done on time." Vist http://www.JobInterviewTools.com and snag the latest copy of the Complete Interview Answer Guide. It will show you how to answer any type of interview question so you can ACE your next interview. Free Download: Top 10 Questions and Answers. http"//www.JobInterviewTools.com/Top10/
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Maritime Security Assessment
https://moxietraining.com/products/mox-isps-marsecassess4 Part of the ISPS & MTSA Maritime Security Compliance Video Training Series. This 3-part course discusses the process of performing a ship and port facility security assessment as it pertains to the process of developing and updating the port or ship security plan. The process of performing a threat assessment and on-site vulnerability assessment, or security survey, followed by a risk and consequence analysis is detailed. Risk based decision-making is presented as a tool for completing a security assessment and determining prioritized security measures for a ship or port facility. Students are encouraged to adopt systematic and consistent approaches to the evaluation of security conditions and vulnerabilities, including the use of checklists and software to perform their assessments. Students are taught methods of conducting audits, inspection, and monitoring of port and ship security. Techniques used to circumvent security measures are also covered, as well as the need to document the security assessment process.
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How to Ace a Telephone Interview & Get the Job
Watch more How to Ace Job Interviews videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/180143-How-to-Ace-a-Telephone-Interview-and-Get-the-Job Step 1: Arrange a good time Arrange a time when you can speak freely without interruptions. That means no kids, dogs, or nosy co-workers anywhere nearby. Tip Keep your resume on hand in case an employer calls unannounced. Step 2: Give good phone Take the call on a landline; cell phones are vulnerable to poor reception and dropped calls. If you have call waiting, check with your phone service about suspending it during scheduled interviews. Whatever phone number you left as your contact, make sure its outgoing message is professional. Step 3: Prepare notes Unlike an in-person interview, you can have notes in front of you. Take advantage by setting up information cheat sheets about the company and your interviewer. Organize your notes in bulleted points so you don't sound rehearsed, and prepare answers to common questions, like, "Why do you want to work for our company?" Tip If your interviewer is in another part of the country, check their local news so you'll have some timely icebreakers ready. Step 4: Know your salary needs Know your salary requirements. Because phone interviews are sometimes a way to narrow an applicant pool, many prospective employers begin the dialogue with that discussion. Step 5: Rehearse Record a mock phone interview with a friend so you can correct any verbal tics like speaking too fast or saying "you know" too often. Step 6: Make silence golden Make sure you're far away from anything that could make a distracting sound, and be sure to mute your computer, cell phone, and PDA to avoid interruptions. Step 7: Give a performance Sit or stand up straight during the interview, wear something professional, and smile when you speak. You may feel silly, but speech experts say it will make you sound more alert and self-possessed. Tip Use a headset if you can. It will allow you to move around and make the gestures you normally make when you speak, which will help you come across as more relaxed and confident. Step 8: Shut up occasionally Don't be a blabbermouth. The interviewer is likely taking notes, so give them some time to do so. Step 9: Send a thank you End a phone interview the way you would end an in-person one – by sending a written note or e-mail thanking the interviewer for their time and reiterating your interest in the position. Did You Know? A candidate who flushed the toilet during a phone interview made a top-10 list of the worst job-hunter blunders.
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Forklift safety
For more video clips goto www.kacesafety.com
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e-learning national safety passport
The National Safety Passport e-learning program is delivered on a USB flash drive (memory stick). The candidate plugs the drive into an available USB socket on any windows computer. The program will start automatically. The user, after going through a brief tutorial, will register the product to them by filling in the on screen form. The program will guide them through this. After the candidate has registered the product it cannot be changed. It is now their product. The candidate is guided through the modules of the course which include short multi choice exams at the end of each module. The candidates data is collected on the drive (memory stick) as they go through the program allowing them to leave the program and return as often as they like. This can be on any compatible computer and does not involve the installation of any software to these computers. Upon completion of the course the program will launch a web form. The candidate will enter some contact details to this form and we will register them on the EMSS scheme and post their EMSS Safety Passport Card out to them. Once the candidate has received their EMSS Safety Passport card they can return their National Safety Passport e-learning USB flash drive (memory stick) in the FREEPOST envelope provided for recycling. The process is very simple. The program will guide the candidate through each stage of the process and they are issued with comprehensive instructions with the product.
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The Pinnacle - Safety@Work TSAP Safety Advisors
Trainee Safety Advisor Program (TSAP™) scores a differentiated approach in HSE training and sets the benchmark for greater knowledge and professionalism. If you have any inquiries please do contact us at +65 6264 1990 or e-mail us at [email protected]k.com.sg If you want more information about these please visit our website at http://safetyatwork.com.sg/ Our Future Workshop : http://safetyatwork.com.sg/all-upcoming-events/ Our Products and Services: http://safetyatwork.com.sg/products/
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Lesson 2: Occupational Health and Safety
lastingAID TRAINING Online First Aid Course Video Lesson 2: Occupational Health and Safety Occupational Health and Safety in South Africa, Record keeping for first aiders in the workplace
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The Safety Store
The Safety Store downtown Marquette, MI
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risk assessment
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Suicide Assessment and Prevention
This clip from Alexander Street's Counseling and Therapy in Video (http://alexanderstreet.com/products/ctiv.htm) features Dr. John S. Westefield counseling a patient who is having suicidal thoughts. Connect with us on Facebook for exlucisve videos! https://www.facebook.com/alexanderstreetpress
Safe Chemicals
People are often not aware of the presence of hazardous chemicals in consumer products. The restrictions on the use of toxic substances in consumer products only apply to a relative small number of chemical substances. As a result consumers are continuously exposed to toxic chemicals without being aware of this. WECF strives to raise awareness among consumers as well as influencing policy-makers at the national and international level. To reach this, WECF works together with partners and other environmental organizations. WECF's goal: Safe chemicals for all
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Transportation Safety: A Guide to Offshore Personnel Transfers
https://moxietraining.com/products/mox-off-transsafety Vehicle Safety: More than 1/3 of all on-the-job fatalities result from motor vehicle accidents. This section of the program promotes safety precautions and practices that can be used to lessen the chance of motor vehicle accidents. These include vehicle maintenance, the physical and mental condition of the driver, basic driving skills, and driving at night or in bad weather. Crewboat Safety: This section encourages safe transfer practices such as wearing required personal safety equipment, knowing the location of PFD's, lifeboats, life floats and other safety devices, avoiding back injuries while loading, and acting responsibly during emergency situations. Personnel Basket Safety: Personnel can be transferred by a platform's crane to and from the boat below by use of a personnel basket. The viewer will learn how to keep the knees bent, limits to the number of riders, loading of lightweight gear and how to step off upon landing. Swing Rope Safety: A swing rope allows personnel to transfer at water level from the boat to the platform. The viewer learns the methods of transfer for heavy and lightweight cargoes. The programs shows the proper method of using the swing rope and how to assist other crewmembers after landing. Helicopter Safety: Statistically, flying in a helicopter is a safer than driving in a car. However, a helicopter can be very intimidating for inexperienced crewmembers. This section discusses passenger guidelines, such as providing the correct total weight of himself and his gear to the dispatcher, approaching the helicopter from the front, avoiding the tail rotor, and listening to the pilot's pre-flight briefing. Also shown are the importance of wearing life vests and seat belts, auto-rotation, and emergency evacuation techniques.
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NCAP, child car seat side-impact test
This footage, provided by Dorel, shows a side-impact test with a child car seat. (NCAP - New Car Assessment Program). For review of Safety 1st Complete Air Convertible car seat with Air Protect(TM) technology, visit http://www.everythingmom.com/mom-reviews/mom-product-reviews.html
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Health & Safety in the Office - Toolbox Talk
This DVD provides an overview of the various activities in the office which can cause harm to your office workers. The DVD looks at: * Computer safety - how to sit correctly and how to position the workstation. * Fire Safety - how the new Regulatory Reform affects your office and your employees. * Slips, Trips and Falls - With slips causing the highest number of injuries in the office, how slips can occur and the most common causes are covered. Running time approx 11 minutes
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Hazard Communication For The Workboat Industries (HAZCOM)
https://moxietraining.com/products/hazard-communication-for-the-workboat-industries-hazcom This informative program educates maritime crews aboard “workboats” on the importance of properly recognizing and safely working with chemicals and hazardous materials commonly encountered aboard vessels. Maritime employers have the responsibility to provide vessel crews information regarding the safe use, handling and storage of chemicals and products used in daily operations. Cleaners, solvents, paints, fuels and lubricants are all chemicals that crews handle regularly when performing maintenance and housekeeping duties. This program is intended to heighten crew awareness about the potential hazards of working with chemicals. It will also inform them where to find product hazard information, and more importantly, how to utilize this information. Topics Include: Your Right to Know Material Hazards Warning Labels and Containers MSDS and Safe Handling Chemicals in Confined Spaces
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Operation, Maintenance, and Safety of Hydraulic Box Boom Marine Cranes
https://moxietraining.com/products/mox-off-ophydboxoff4 The hydraulic box boom marine crane was designed to safely lift a full range of offshore loads easily. This course will guide workers through the care and use of these cranes. Topics Include: Components, operation and controls Lines, ropes and lifting requirements Load capacity Languages Available: English Portuguese
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Lift Truck Log - Complete Checklist System
The most complete Lift Truck recording system on the market. Assembles all in one box that easily attaches to any lift truck. Kit includes: Log, poly plastic case, lock-out tag and pull-strap. Find out more information or order online at: http://www.liftow.com/products/safety/prodDetails.asp?pl=SAFE&prodID=LOG
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Excavation Safety, Contractors License
http://www.contractorsexcavating.com/ http://www.contractorsexcavating.com/dirt-contractors/ http://www.contractorsexcavating.com/excavation-contractors/ Ipod video, free download video of Excavation, excavating, trenching, civil engineering contractors online guide. Free video, video sharing, watch video of excavation contractors, excavating contractors, shoring, general contractors, excavation, excavating, trenching, civil engineering contractors Video, News video of Excavation Contractors, Excavating Contractors, Shoring, General Contractors Web Directory http://www.ContractorsExcavating.com Comprehensive web resource of . Online internet guide of , Video how to, how to youtube video of excavation contractors, excavating contractors, excavation, excavating, earthmoving contractors, construction excavation, excavate, excavation safety, shoring, general contractors, trenching, general contractor, civil engineering contractors, earthmoving, demolition, contractors license http://www.toursightseeing.com http://www.brokersbonds.com http://www.supplypools.com http://www.treatmentwindows.com http://www.piercingtattooing.com http://www.managementweight.com http://www.centersyouth.com http://www.fairsfestival.com http://www.LawyersEmploymentLabor.com http://www.LawyersMalpracticeLaw.com http://www.LawyersRealEstate.info http://www.LawyersInsuranceLaw.com
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Immersive Technologies' Training Simulator for Cat Trucks
Learn more about Immersive Technologies' training simulator for Cat trucks (785C, 789C, 793C, 785D, 789D, 793D, 797 VIMS): https://www.immersivetechnologies.com/products/Training-Simulator-Modules/Caterpillar-785C-789C-793C-785D-789D-793D-797-Haul-Truck.htm Immersive Technologies' Advanced Equipment Simulator for the Caterpillar 797 haul truck. This equipment training simulator also supports the Caterpillar 785C,789C,793C,793D haul truck models. This training simulator utilizes real Caterpillar controls and instrumentation and was developed with proprietary technical information from Caterpillar.
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Safe Behaviors: Eight Best Practices for Success - Incident Recreation sample
Sample video clip from the DVD available at: www.oilgasprod.com Copyright 2005 Changent Systems LLC, All Rights Reserved
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Understanding Safety Signs - The Essential Guide for Employees DVD
Every employee has a responsibility to keep themselves and their colleagues safe from harm. Safety Signs around the workplace are used to warn your employees or provide information on hazards which they may face. This DVD will provide your employees with information on what safety signs are and what they can expect to see on them. The DVD looks in detail at different forms of signs including: * Prohibition Signs * Hazard Signs * Mandatory Signs * Fire Equipment Signs * Safe Condition Signs An ideal training tool to ensure that your employees are fully aware of their surroundings and the safety precautions they must take. The pack comes complete with 10 Understanding Safety Signs Booklets and 50 Workplace Risk Assessment Forms. "Overall this DVD would be a useful addition to any health and safety manager's video library" Health and Safety at Work magazine
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Retail Due Diligence Training
http://www.staylegal.net - Providing solutions across a wide range of legislation, including Fire Safety, Health & Safety, First Aid, Food Safety, Trading Standards and Liquor Licensing Training. The Retail business is the largest industry in the UK, but until now, there has not been a single industry specific video tailored to meet staff training requirements until now! Stay Legal: Retail Fire Safety is aimed specifically at delivering fire safety training to retail staff, covering a wide range of retail formats. The topics covered in this video are in 4 modules: * Fire Evacuation Procedures * Arson * Fire Prevention * Fire Extinguishers types, and their correct uses To purchase the full version DVD or see our full range of products and services, please visit http://www.staylegal.net
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Video: DART Board Considers Safety Ideas
Video: DART Board Considers Safety Ideas
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The Safety Box founder Nathaniel Peat  on Sky 1 War on Knives
Jeff Braizer follows Director of the Safety Box, Nathaniel Peat into a school to which the Safety Box has been working in. To see how The Safety Box is fighting Knife Crime.
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GeneWize ~ # 1
GeneWize is a Specialized Health, Beauty & Wellness Products Company offering Ultra High Quality Genetically Guided Products ... The Nutrition Product is Individually Customized just for you thru a patented, non-invasive, self-administered DNA~Swab Test Assessment ... The assessment results are used to help guide the manufacture of each customers formula that is created from over 177,000 combinations of ingredients ... As a customer you will also receive a detailed DNA~Assessment Summary and complete Listing of the Ingredients contained in your Personal Nutritional Formula that has been customized for you thru your own Unique Genetic Code Assessment ... GeneWize ~ http://dna-gene.net
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recall procedures 2007
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Training Activities - 8 Fun Ways To Review Learning
Get How To Be A Top Trainer FREE from http://www.transformyourtraining.com More tips to help you become an outstanding trainer.
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GAO: High-Risk List: Food Safety
Lisa R. Shames, Director, Natural Resources and Environment, discusses the need to revamp federal oversight of food safety. This is one of the issues GAO has identified as high risk or a major government challenge. Learn more: http://www.gao.gov/highrisk/index.php Disclaimer: The U.S. GAO does not promote or endorse any non-Government or commercial content appearing on this page.