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1950's Beauty Guide - Haircare
http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ and http://glamourdaze.com/ A complete guide to Womens Beauty Care from the glamour days of the 1950's. This segment deals with Natural Haircare. original material courtesy of Prelinger Archive.
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Max Factor MakeUp Masterclass - 1935 Film
https://vintagemakeupguide.com/ The makeup master himself - Max Factor gives young actress stand-in Pluma Noisom the Claudette Colbert look. A rare #vintagemakeup film from the golden age of Hollywood. Footage: Glamour Daze Personal Collection
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1930's Fashion - Rare film of Annette Hanshaw
https://glamourdaze.com/ A rare film of Annette Hanshaw now in the Public domain.Hugely popular jazz singer during the late 1920's and early 1930's. She was one of those women who was beautiful by just being herself. A very cool lady who epitomises the age of glamour perfectly. There has been recently revived interest in Annette with the animated film Sita sings the Blues, which features performances by Hanshaw.
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1940's Fashion Film - Tutorial - How to Apply Makeup
http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ and http://glamourdaze.com/2009/08/1940s-fashion-womens-dress-code.html Part two of the classic Vintage 1940's Makeup Tutorial Film courtesy of the Prelinger Archive. Enjoy !
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Vintage 1930's Makeup & Skincare Guide
http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ and http://glamourdaze.com/ In lush 1937 cine-color , the beautiful and glamorous Constance Bennett takes us though her typically lavish [ for a Hollywood Starlet ] daily beauty routine, complete with attending house maid ! Produced for the Educational Films Corporation of America by none other than Hal Roach, who is better remembered for his work with Laurel & Hardy. This work is in the public domain.
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Vintage 1960s Makeup Tutorial Film
Visit https://vintagemakeupguide.com/ for original vintage makeup guides to download. For educational use only: A rare full makeup tutorial from 1969 narrated by Marla Craig. Published on association with AV geeks.com
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Rosie the Riveter Song
https://glamourdaze.com/ World War Two Women - Rosie the Riveter. This beautiful film not only showcases that 1940's women could do everything men do, but they also made it look good ! Lots of ideas featured here for vintage hairstlye fans aswell. Rosie the Riveter has become a real cultural icon of the United States, Norman Rockwells recruitment poster unashamedly copying from soviet posters of the same period. American women who were not in the military turned up in their millions to do their bit for the war effort. Many worked in the manufacturing plants that produced munitions and war supplies. Footage: Fedflix ( National Archives and Records Administration public archive)
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Vintage Skincare Tutorial Film - 1969
https://vintagemakeupguide.com/ Continuing our vintage 1960s beauty tutorials by Marla Craig. This film is a skincare tutorial. Enjoy! Footage: AV Geeks.com
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Vintage Make-up Tutorial (1948) - Removing Make-up
http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ and http://glamourdaze.com/ Buy Besame Cosmetics Vintage Makeup: http://www.besamecosmetics.com/home.cfm The third part of this wonderful vintage makeup tutorial film from the 1940's. Enjoy. Courtesy of the Prelinger Archive.
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Vintage 1940s Makeup Tutorial Film - 1946
https://vintagemakeupguide.com/ A rare vintage makeup and beauty tutorial film circa 1946 presented by a Ponds beauty consultant Miss Ratherly Stern. ( ok that's our name for her ) We uploaded this popular film in sections about 5 years ago. Here it is now available worldwide in all its glory . For educational use only: Published in association with AV Geeks.com
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1940's Fashion - What NOT to wear !
http://glamourdaze.com/ and http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ Another helping of Miss Ratherly Sterns vintage 1940's fashion makeover for young women. Courtesy of the Prelinger Archive.
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Avon Cosmetics - That Touch of Perfume  (1961)
https://glamourdaze.com/ Vintage Fashion Archive. Now a lovely treat for all vintage perfume fans. This is an excerpt from an Avon Cosmetics promotional film. Footage: AV Geeks.com
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1940's Fashion - Keeping Well Dressed
http://glamourdaze.com/2009/08/1940s-fashion-womens-dress-code.html and http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ Another vintage film clip of 1940's Fashion instruction from Miss Ratherly Stern How to be well dressed on a tight budget! Features some beautiful 1940s beauty looks and styles. Courtesy of prelinger Archive.
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1950's Womens Beauty Salon
andhttp://glamourdaze.com/ http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ An archive film exploring the mysteries of a 1950's woman's beauty salon, and though still run by men - it was the 1950's after all - there is a noticable absense of the usual patronising narrator in this film compared to many of the beauty instruction films of that era. A pleasing glimpse at womens makeup,hairstyles and fashion of the late 1950's in the USA. Courtesy of the Prelinger Archive
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1940s Fashion guide - Dressing for an occasion
http://glamourdaze.com/2009/08/1940s-fashion-womens-dress-code.html and http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ Margaret and Helen in deep discussion as to what they will wear out to the big dance. This little film is another fine example of 1940's fashion styles. original footage courtesy of Prelinger archive.
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Vintage 1950s Makeup Tutorial Film
Educational Use Only - Lovely early 1950s makeup tutorial film shot in lush Kodachrome color, was distributed across America to girls schools and women's groups. Visit https://vintagemakeupguide.com/ for original vintage makeup books to download direct to your device. Soundtrack : Glamour Daze.com | Original Footage: National Film Preservation Foundation.
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The Powder Room - 1950's Makeup & Hairstyles Film
http://glamourdaze.com/ and http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ Vintage Fashion and beauty film. The sultry secretary style and makeup looks that Mad Men's Joan Holloway epitomizes is showcased in this original archive film from the 1950's . The whole film glows with that peaches and cream hue of the 1950's. These women would still turn heads today. We see women touching up their makeup, nails, hair and stockings in the powder room at the office.This could be straight out of an episode of Mad Men.Is that Peggy Olsen lighting a cigarette ?. Priceless and charming fashion film. Footage and music courtesy of Prelinger Public Domain Archive
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Elizabeth Taylor makes up her Eyes.
https://glamourdaze.com/ Elizabeth Taylor applying makeup from a scene in the public domain film The Drivers Seat. Music by Annette Hanshaw
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1940's Fashion - Dressing for a Night Out
http://glamourdaze.com/ and http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ A charming vintage fashion from the late 1940s featuring a woman in her boudoir dressing for a night out. Courtesy of The Prelinger Archive. http://www.archive.org/details/prelinger
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The Flapper Makeup Routine - Colleen Moore 1923
https://glamourdaze.com/ Colleen Moore in a mental makeup scene from the 1923 silent " Flaming Youth". Footage: Associated First National
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1940s American Fashion - Colour Film 1942
https://glamourdaze.com In full colour from 1942 - a fashion showcase film made by Butterick to promote their war era dress patterns magazine. Original footage courtesy of the Rick Prelinger archive.
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1930 Fashion Revue - Color Film
https://glamourdaze.com/category/1930s-fashion A beautiful rare archive fashion footage in two strip color from 1930 featuring the latest Paris and Chanel inspired designs in women's clothing. Originally broadcast in movie theaters by the Fashion Features Studio in a series of newsreel commercials through the late 1920s and on into the 1930's. Priceless. Footage: Glamourdaze personal Collection
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Vintage Japanese Hair and Makeup - 1935 Film
https://glamourdaze.com/ This archive film shows the creation of a Geisha hairstyle, ( or not apparently) and the dressing and arranging of her kimono robes. The apprentice geisha are called Maiko, and the film, an excerpt from James Fitzpatricks famous 1930s travelogues, purports to show a geisha being attended to by her okasans or sisters. ( In fact they are actors and the look is not apparently accurate at all) But it is still a gem.The heavy makeup was only applied to Maikos incidently, and when she became a mature geisha, she was not expected to wear as much, as she was now considered beautiful in her maturity. Footage: Glamourdaze Collection
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Avon Cosmetics: That Touch of Perfume  (1961) - Part Two
https://glamourdaze.com/ Vintage Fashion Archive. Now a lovely treat for all vintage perfume fans. This is an excerpt from an Avon Cosmetics promotional film. Source: AV Geeks.com
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1940's womens fashion - A night out
https://glamourdaze.com/ Young 1940's woman gets ready for a night out. Features 1940's hairstyles and vintage fashion, and a little stardust. Original archive footage and live radio music broadcast courtesy Prelinger Public Domain Archive
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Vintage 1940's Makeup Tutorial
http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ and http://glamourdaze.com/2009/08/1940s-fashion-womens-dress-code.html Vintage Fashion Film archive.A 1940's Makeup Film - Face contouring / Lipstick and Hairlines Archive Tutorial Film presented by Miss Ratherly Stern. The ideal facial contour is supposed to be the oval. But some of us have round faces,square faces or long faces. What can we do to make our faces appear more oval ? 1.Round Faces: Don't wear too high a neck line. It shortens the neck and increases the effect of roundness! Hair well off the forehead and flat against the temple ! Thin lipsticks, correctly applied to follow the natural mouthline ! A V neck completes the picture and gives the impression of a little more neck length to give the impression of an oval face! 2.Square Faces: Keep away from haircuts that hang in vertical lines near the side of the face and jawline in.This over empasisies the squareness of the jaw.Avoid straight horizontal lines near the face - like thin lips / round or high horizontal necks. Fill out the lower lip with your lipstick. Hair should fall in curves around the jawline. Wear a V neck line to pull the attention down from jaw. Pure logic when you think about it. 3.The Long / Narrow Face. Don't wear V necks - This adds to the impression of length. Avoid Piled up high hair on top of head as this also adds to the length of the face. Hair should be off the top if the head and fluffed out at the sides to give the thin face added width.Finally a high neck line or choke distracts from the long neck ! Voila ! copyright-April2010 Glamourdaze A wonderful vintage makeup tutorial from the 1940's. Enjoy ! Courtesy of the Prelinger Archive!
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1940's fashion - A Vintage Guide to Glamour
http://glamourdaze.com/2009/08/1940s-fashion-womens-dress-code.html and http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ A womans 1940's fashion guide to being glamourous by Miss Ratherly Stern. Learn first hand from a womens etiquette expert, how to possess the glamour, poise and charm of a fashionable girl from the 1940's. This film was assembled courtesy of the Prelinger Archive. Quote's A little touch of seasoning that makes a dish just right.
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Vintage Make-up Tutorial (1960)
https://vintagemakeupguide.com/ and http://www.baimfilms.com/ Vintage Fashion Film archive.A rare 1960's Make-up Tutorial courtesy of Richard Jeffs of The Harold Baim Collection. A clip from the 1960s Beauty film Girls Girls Girls - directed by none other than Michael winner. See also http://glamourdaze.com/
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1950's Fashion - The Designers
https://glamourdaze.com Rare archive fashion and beauty film of the top five designers of the 1950's.Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga, Pierre Balmain and Jaques Fath. Enjoy the opulent style of this most glamorous of decades. Music - Spring Fashion - Alan Braden Footage: Prelinger Archive
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Vintage 1940's Fashion - Evening Dresses
http://glamourdaze.com/2009/08/1940s-fashion-womens-dress-code.html and http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ This film displays some lovely evening dress examples and beauty looks of the 1940's. We see a waltz time skirt with black lace inserts. " Look at the spunky shoulders ! " " Jane has a new dress too, her skirt is made of layers and layers of pink and grey net ! The waistline is longer for evening too. All very pretty and gay.No skimping on fabrics this season. Gloria wears a stunning Carmen Miranda number, with bare midrif and bright sashes." Also featured are a dress of red and white Candy stripes, another with a long flowing cape." Martha wears a gaudy print dresses, topped by a yellow jacket, doesnt it fit like a dream, and just look at the hood ! You're all prepared for a romantic stroll down the beach.This is certainly a gala evening !" Courtesy Prelinger Archive
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A 1940s Vintage Guide to Posture
https://glamourdaze.com/ A vintage guide to good posture from 1948. The lesson is presented by a Ponds beauty consultant Miss Ratherly Stern. Part of our collection of 1940s beauty tutorials presented here in association with AV Geeks.
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1940s Fashion - Womens Hairstyles during the War
https://glamourdaze.com/2009/08/1940s-fashion-womens-dress-code.html and http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ Vintage Women's Hairstyle newsreel from the Internet Archive featuring Veronica Lake doing her national duty by tying up her famous locks for the war effort. Good filmed examples of typical 1940's hairstyles. Source: United States. Office of War Information Public Archive
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1940's Fashion - Vintage Glasses for Women
https://glamourdaze.com/ This vintage fashion film from the 1940s explores the ' scientific research ' conducted to improve the look of bespectacled women. Oddly informative and a lovely example of 1940s beauty and makeup looks. Published in association with Prelinger Archive
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British WW2 Women Fashion Show in Color - 1941
https://glamourdaze.com/category/1940s-fashion An extraordinary film, made during the blitz by cinematographer Jack Cardiff ( director of photography on Powell & Pressburger films The Red Shoes, A Matter of Life and Death and more). The list of designers who contributed to the outfits seen in the film includes Edward Molyneux, Norman Hartnell (then Dressmaker to the Queen), Victor Stiebel, Charles Creed, Digby-Morton, Worth, and Peter Russell and Paquin. Many thanks to the British Council for making these features available for Creative Commons use.
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1930's Swimwear Fashion - Technicolor Archive Film
https://glamourdaze.com/ Vintage Fashion Film archive. A visual treat for vintage swimwear enthusiasts. Hailing from the glamour days of the early 1930s, this rare color film is a beautiful visual archive of vintage women's swimsuits . Footage : Personal Collection. Music by Annette Hanshaw
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1950's Fashion -  Vintage Paris Catwalk Show
https://glamourdaze.com/ This is a real gem from the vaults The Universal newsreel public domain archive . Up until the 1950's Haute Couture or High Fashion traditionally catered for the upper class and wealthy. Now they began to seek a wider market, and within a year of a gown appearing on the catwalk in Paris or London, most women could access patterns in Vogue magazine for a fraction of the cost.
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1960's Fashion - A Woman's Wardrobe Plan (1960 film)
https://glamourdaze.com Vintage Fashion Archive. An interesting archive film exploring the dressing of 1960's mannequins in a Sears store. It makes for a pleasant insight into the typical fashionable wardrobe of an early 1960's woman. Footage: Glamour Daze Personal Collection
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The 1960's Makeup Look (1965) - Maybelline Ad
https://vintagemakeupguide.com/ Vintage fashion and make-up. Charming eye make-up ad from the 1960s from the inventors of mascara - Maybelline. Footage: Glamour Daze Personal Collection
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Evolution of 1920s Hat Styles - 1920 to 1930
https://glamourdaze.com/ Vintage Fashion Archive. A film history of the evolution of that iconic 1920's Fashion accessory - the Cloche Hat.The recent revival of 1920s hat fashions proves the importance of those 1920s fashion designers.The Cloche Hat became a defining image for women of that era. No self respecting Flapper was seen without one. To this day, it is an inspiring look that celebrates a unique age in vintage hat fashion.This film also showcases the accompanying 1920's women's hairstyles like bobbed hair. 1920's outfits and the flapper look was recently made popular by Angelina Jolie and the costumes seen in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. Footage: Glamour Daze Personal Collection | Murray Glass Archive
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1959 Hairstyle Masterclass ASMR  - Julius Caruso
https://vintagemakeupguide.com/1940s-hairstyle-tutorials/ A lesson on how to do a home permanent. Yup - this was 1959 chic when it came to hairstyles. All very bouffant and relaxing to watch. Footage: Courtesy AV Geeks.com
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1950's Beauty Guide - Removing Make-up
http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ A complete guide to Women's Beauty Care from the glamor days of the 1950's.make-up removal and cleansing. original material courtesy of Prelinger Archive.
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Beautiful Flappers - 1920's Color Fashion Film
http://glamourdaze.com/ Stunning colour fashion feature from 1928 - discovered by film archivist Murray Glass and published with kind permission. The image of the flapper had given way to much more sophisticated styles in women's dresses and hats, including the famous cloche hat, made popular in recent years by Angelina Jolie. Features lovely examples if women's beauty looks from the 1920s. Women featured are Corliss Palmer,Rachel Torres,Laura la Plante and Ruth Elder. Music by Annette Hanshaw
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140 Years of Paris Cafe Style  - 1877 to 2015
https://glamourdaze.com A carousel trip through time in Paris from the Belle Epoch era to 2015. A tribute to the lives lost on November 15th 2015. Film assembled by Stevie McGlinchey. Music by Kai Engel. http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kai_Engel/ At Rest by Kevin McLeod http://incompetech.com/
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The Vintage Sartorialist 1938
http://glamourdaze.com/ A rare film showing the vintage fashions and hairstyles of ordinary women in the 1930's from a unique film by an early sartorialist by the name of Ivan Besse - shot in the small South Dakota town of Britton in 1938 . Women of any generation are stylish, but this period epitomizes that age of glamor beautifully. Courtesy of Prelinger Archive
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Edwardian College Girls Sleigh Ride 1906
https://glamourdaze.com/ A group of Edwardian college girls go for a sleigh ride in 1906. in the deep deep snows of Gloversville New York . a real gem this ! Footage: Glamour Daze personal collection
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1950s Makeup - Vintage Tutorial by Ern Westmore 1951
https://glamourdaze.com Educational Use Only - A Vintage 1950's Makeup Tutorial by Hollywood Makeup Guru Ern Westmore demonstrating the secrets of 1950's makeup for the face shapes of Miss Oval, Miss Round, Miss Square, Miss Oblong and Miss Triangle Footage: Personal Collection Glamour Daze
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1920's Fashion Movie in Color
http://glamourdaze.com/2010/05/1920s-fashion-womens-dress-and-style.html DVDs from -http://www.lobsterfilms.com/ and http://www.flickeralley.biz/ Rare Color Fashion Show filmed in 1925. If you're planning a 1920's party, fancy dress or just looking for a good resource for fashion from the 1920's, this beautiful archive film is an education. Womens Styles were elegant and even contemporary. As more and more women bobbed their hair,hats were tighter to the head and the most popular style was the cloche hat. Accessories included beads and necklaces. Source - Public Domain Film Archives
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The 1930s Beauty Salon
http://glamourdaze.com/ and http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ 1930's Hairstyles - Vintage Hair Salon 1934. This little gem of a film shows a group of ordinary women visiting a local hair salon and receiving the latest styles in waves.The manicure while you wait was a pleasant addition. Footage: The Prelinger Archive
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Silent Beauty - The Hollywood Divas of the 1920s
https://glamourdaze.com/ The Artist - A tribute to the real silent screen divas. A film tribute to the original Hollywood actresses who spellbound the world with their beauty and talent. We no doubt have left some names out - but for what it's worth, this is our list. Included in this film. Joan Crawford, Clara Bow, Louise Brooks,Greta Garbo, Gloria Swanson,Colleen Moore,Marion Davies, Anita Page,Olive Thomas,Pola Negri,Norma Shearer, Mary Pickford,Norma Talmadge, Betty Compson,Myrna Loy, Dorothy Sebastian, Anna May Wong. Music By by Alesandra Celletti. Album - Esoterik Satie http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/esoterik-satie/id47626779
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Vintage Fall Fashion Collection - 1955
https://glamourdaze.com/ Vintage Fashion show from the 1950s - Ed O Herlihy peeks at the work of designer Charles Gillette for the fall of 1955 Footage: Universal Newsreels Public Domain archive
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