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Setting Up & Using a Cole 12MX Multiflex Planter
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Woodward Crossings presents "Setting Up & Using a Cole 12MX Multiflex Planter". The Cole 12 MX Multiflex Planters have been the "Go To" planter for decades for planting larger seeds such as Corn, Beans, Pumpkins, Sunflowers, Peanuts, Sorghum, Peas & much more. This video shows you how to set up the planter and how to install the seed plates.
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Build Your Own 3 Pt. Hitch Attachments, Disc Hillers, Cultivators, Furrowers and More!
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Build Your Own 3 Pt. Hitch Attachments, Disc Hillers, Cultivators, Furrowers and More! One Hitch ~ Many Implements! Use the Woodward Crossings Country Basics 3 Pt. Hitch, add a 2 x 2 toolbar and pic and choose the options and attachments you desire. Call it what you want: A row hipper or disc hiller, a furrower or middlebuster, an S-tine or Danish tine—what really matters is that you can build your own implement in just minutes. Think about all the garage space that you will save when you have one hitch -- that will work with many attachments. And better yet, think of all the money you will save! One Hitch -- So Many Options! Visit the Woodward Crossings Country Basics.com website for many more options and detailed info on available selections
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JPH Jang 3 Pt. Hitch Seeders ~ Precision Garden Planters
The 3 Pt. Hitch JPH Series Jang Seeders singulates and spaces small seeds accurately, saving you seeds and time. No more thinning! The sprockets allow you to adjust the seed spacing. This planter is a must for the serious gardener! For precise seeding, the Jang Seeders allows you to change the seed spacings, also! More info Online at Woodward Crossings Country Basics.
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Equipment for Small Farms for Vegetable Producers, Self Reliance or Sustainable Agriculture
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Welcome to Woodward Crossings Farm and Forestry—the landowners online resource for Homesteading Equipment! Simple, rural living requires hard work, principles, ingenuity and sometimes the right equipment! Here at Woodward Crossings Farm and Forestry we pride ourselves in our product offerings for those who love the land. Whether you are on a small or large scale, self-reliant living or marketing to the masses you will find our carefully and thoughtfully selected products to be quality built and yet cost effective. Our goal is to offer equipment with Simplicity in operation, minimal maintenance and yielding better and more products with less effort. We ship just about any piece of equipment that you will need. A number of cultivators, middle busters, subsoilers, a variety of plows, garden harrows, field harrows, screw crank harrows, and pasture renovators. We also carry several spreaders for mulch and manure. Our broad selection of rototillers from Delmorino are sure to please. Choose from our Light Rotary Tiller, Universal Offset Rotary Tiller, Fixed Universal Rotary Tiller, Universal Rotary Tiller or the Rotary Tiller and Stone Burier. You are sure to find the one that will perform to your specifications. A must have for row crops are The Covington Planters. They are designed to fertilize and plant all row crops in one easy operation. The Covington planters provide accurate depth control on uneven land and trouble free planting without clogging from trash or debris. Our lineup of Holland Transplanters and Mulch equipment will be one of the key players in your field. For planting greenhouse tray plug plants, our rotary planting unit is number one in its league. That's why we call it the Rotary One. With only one operator, this efficient machine will plant more than 60 plants per minute. The Conventional Transplanters are Quality designed for time proven results. Their workmanship and materials have made our conventional bare root transplanters the proven leaders for over 65 years. These three models can plant over 50 plants per minute, depending on plant spacings. A variety of optional plant holders are available for different type of seedlings. We also carry Multiple Row Main Frames. They are ideal for mounting two rotary or conventional planter units as a tractor drawn two row transplanter. Our 4" x 4" or 4" x 7" Tool Bars are available in lengths up to 24' and are the suggested choice for growers who prefer a tractor mounted setup. When equipped with our bolt-on CAT II three point hitch, these toolbars make a strong yet versatile setup. They give ample support for carrying the planting units plus fertilizer attachments. The Mulch Planter is designed to plant through the layed plastic mulch without leaving the plastic torn or full of holes. Available with or without fertilizer attachment, The Mulch Layer can lay 48" plastic without tearing, on flat ground or beds. The Mulch Digger eliminates the back breaking job of digging the edges of the plastic out of the field at the end of the season. And heres the Most Valuable Player-- In one pass, (with the optional irrigation attachment), the Model 1245 is the One Pass Shaper / Layer which will: 1.Shape the bed 2.Lay the irrigation tape 3.Lay the mulch Holland also provides many optional accessories to maximize your yields. So you see, with our heart for the farmer and our love for the country we have been able to provide, service and sell helpful tools to handle the specific requirements of each individual grower. Please email us with your questions or needs and we will strive to find best solution and pricing for the Homesteader in you!
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Jang Seed Roller Selection and Seed Spacings
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Woodward Crossings presents a short and sweet overview of the Jang seed roller selection and seed spacings. Its not complicated—really! It just takes a little thought and it makes sense rather quickly. Although, I admit, I struggled a bit! The Jang Seeder comes with one roller of your choice. You then may add additional rollers to suit your planting needs. All we need to know is what seeds that you will be planting and how many inches apart. We then match you with the appropriate roller for each seed. The seed rollers have slots to cradle each seed planted. This is what makes the Jang Seeder stand out above the rest. This gives it the ability to singulate the seeds, which saves the grower time and money. The roller may have 4, 6, 8, 12, or 24 slots depending on your spacing needs and the seed being planted. Each roller has specific hole sizes to match your seeds. For instance, Arugula would require the YX roller to match the 2.5 mm seed size. And Basil would require the YYJ roller to accommodate the 3 mm seed size. The only other information that we would need to know is how far apart you want to plant the seeds. The Jang Seeder comes with 6 sprockets. The two sprockets on the unit are 11 tooth sprockets. In addition, you will receive a 9, 10, 13, and 14 tooth sprocket. The sprockets can be interchanged to regulate the spacings between the seeds. Should you wish your arugula seeds to be 6 apart, you would select the YX-6 Roller and use the two 11 tooth sprockets. Or perhaps you would want your arugula seeds to be 8 apart, you would chose the YX-Roller and use the 13 tooth sprocket on the rear the 10 tooth sprocket on the front. It would be the same with Basil if you wanted the seeds to be 8 but with using the YYJ-Roller. You would select the YYJ-6 roller and use the 13 tooth sprocket in the rear and the 10 tooth sprocket in the front. But lets say you want your basil seeds to be 10 apart, you would select the YYJ-6 Roller and use the 14 tooth sprocket on the rear the 9 tooth sprocket on the front. As you use the Jang Seeder, you will marvel at the flexibility and selections. Many of the rollers can be used for a variety of seeds. And the interchangeability of the sprockets expands your options even more!
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How to Make an Amish Clothesline Pulley System using 12" and 16" Pulleys, Coated Cable, & Spacers
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ The Amish Clothesline Pulley system makes hanging clothes a breeze! The Woodward Crossings Country Basics Amish Clothes Line Pulley System is a fine and durable set up.Using 12" and 16" pulleys, coated cable, clamps and links, and spacers you will have a clothes line that will last for many years. The Inline spacer starts at the beginning where you put your clothes on at the smaller pulley of your clothesline. You then keep pushing it away from you as you hang up your clothes. This keeps the lines together and secures the lines so that the wind doesn't wrap the clothes and lines around each other. Hanging clothes has never been easier. You may find the diagram on the Woodward Crossings Country Basics website.
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Getting Started with Your New JP-1 Jang Hand Seeder
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Woodward Crossings presents a Getting Started Guide for your new Jang Hand Seeder. You'll see how the seeds are easily singulated with this new technology. Items covered are: 1) Removing the hopper, lid, and sprockets. 2) Exploring the brush adjustment and felt guide. 3) Inserting your first roller 4) Using a 13 mm wrench you may adjust the furrower, 5) Selecting rollers and matching them with the seeds, and 6) Viewing the seeds being cradled in the appropriate roller. You'll quickly see why all the rave reviews on the Jang Seeder! It's amazing how much time in thinning and planting and how much money in wasted seeds that you will save! We know you will enjoy your Jang Hand Seeder as much as we love ours! www.WoodwardCrossingsCountryBasics.com
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Cole 12MX Multiflex Planter, Designed to Plant Large Seeds Like Corn, Beans, Peas, Pumpkins & More!
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Woodward Crossings Country Basics presents the Cole 12MX Multiflex Planter -- the Real Deal! USA Made. Nothing fancy. Just a great Old-Fashioned Planter that is durable and efficient. The Cole Planter is designed to plant large seeds like Corn, Beans, Pumpkins, Peanuts, Squash, Peas, Limas and many more. Seed spacing can be adjusted using the Seed Plates and Distance Gears to create varying spacings between plants. The Cole 12MX Multiflex Planter is low profile and comes standard with a Fertilizer Hopper, 4 Distance Gears and 4 Seed Plates. Seed Plates that you will receive are: Medium Flat POX-367, Soybeans P30-433, Sorghum & Coated Sugar Beets P30-434, Peas and Beans, P30-435. Additional Plates may be ordered.
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Case VAC, Restored
Restoration of a Case VAC restoration by Marlin Fultz of Woodward Crossings Farm & Forestry, Aaronsburg, PA.
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Bean Sprouter ~Easy + Delicious! Sprouts in Just 4 Days!
www.WoodwardCrossingsCountryBasics.com presents the Victorio Seed Sprouter. Easy, Delicious ~ Fresh and Crispy, the Kitchen Seed Sprouter is the easy way to produce fresh, high-quality sprouts in your own kitchen. In just 4 days enjoy healthful sprouts in soups, salads and sandwiches. The 3 trays make it possible to grow up to three different flavors at once. The Kitchen Seed Sprouter makes sprouting fast, easy, and fun. Comes with 1oz of Organic Alfalfa Seeds. Includes three 6" diameter sprouting trays, water reservoir, cover, and water collection basin. Overall height is 8.25 inches. Sprouter is top-rack dishwasher safe. Woodward Crossings Country Basics has added this to their lineup of products for Simple Living.
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Jang Clean Hand Seeders for Precision Garden Seeding
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Woodward Crossings in Central PA proudly presents the Jang Automation Clean Seeder for all of your seeding needs. With many options from which to chose, youll find the Jang Clean Seeder to be the seeder designed to give you -- More Productivity and Cost Savings and wed like to show you how! Most seeders on the market use technology that is 100 years old. The Jang Clean Seeder stands out from the rest because it uses new technology that singulates the seeds, thus eliminating wasted seeds and time consuming thinning. With the high cost of seeds, youll be sure to find this a welcome feature! With the Jang Seeder, you may plant as little or as much as you want. No longer will you need a large amount of seeds in the hopper for the unit to function. A small amount of seeds will work just as efficiently as large amounts of seeds in the hopper. Another notable characteristic of the Jang Clean Seeder is that you can see through the hopper. Also, the clean out is quick and easy as the Quick Release Hopper makes it easy to empty and change rollers. A handy feature is that the Seed sizing chart is provided on the inside of the hopper lid for easier roller selection. The Jang Clean Seeder uses quick change seed rollers that are constructed with special anti abrasion plastic rollers to prevent static electricity. These seed rollers are designed to plant very small seeds up to larger coated seeds. We say it like it is: The Jang Seeder is the Bees Knees! With the innovative engineering, yet simple design and ease of application, change and clean-up translates to the Height of Excellence in quality and technology. Add Affordable to the mix and you have the best seeder for the price on the market! Lets quickly examine the different models. The JP-1 is the versatile walk behind or beside seeder. The handle is adjustable giving you the option to walk behind or beside. Although is only weighs just 22 lbs., it packs a powerful punch! The JP-1 model is Priced to Sell and ship quickly and reasonably. A few options are the Double disc opener, spreading shoes, hopper extension and double shoes. Also available from Jang Seeders are the Multi Row Seeders. The Multi Row Seeders are individually spring loaded row units with a minimum row width of 7. Youll find many options with these models as well. Jang carries Multi-Row Seeders for 3 rows or 6 rows. Also available are Pull type hitches so as to create a Pull-type models for 3 row and 6 row plantings. Also available is the option of using a toolbar to create a planter for 2, 3, or 4 beds to be seeded at one time. For larger seeds you may opt for the TD series for pumpkins, limas, beans and corn. And the TDR Series are for larger seeds with the options of adding fertilizer hoppers, additional units, double disc openers and a spring loaded scissors-hitch. You will also find the Deluxe 15 row Bed Seeder in the lineup of Jang Seeders. This seeder is ideal for seeding solid beds of greens and other thick crops. The roll type tractor mounted 15 row seeder can be divided to plant a total of 30 rows at 2 apart. With choices and selections like these, you will be pleased to know that the Jang Seeders will meet all of your seeding needs. Priced to sell, technology for todays competitive edge, flexibility for diverse uses and quality built to last, youll be delighted with the full line up of Jang Seeders at WoodwardCrossings.com
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Jang TD-1 Planter ~ Precision Planting for Larger Seeds Like Corn, Peas, Beans & Pumpkins
TD-1 ~ Precision Planting for Larger Seeds Jang TD-1 for Precision Planting of Larger Seeds presented by Woodward Crossings Country Basics. The TD-1 is excellent for planting Corn, Beans, Peas, Pumpkins and More! The seed plates come in 4MM, 5MM, and 6MM thicknesses. Plain or blank plates can be ordered to customize your own. To find the right plate, measure your seed in two ways -- Height and Width. The Height will determine the width of your plate. The Width of the seed will determine the whole size on the plate. Spacing the seeds is determined by using different sprockets. The chart on the chain guard is your "cheat sheet" to what sprockets to use for your desired spacings. For instance, using a plate with 8 holes and using a 10 tooth and 11 tooth sprocket, you'll have 7 ½" spacing. The Jang TD-1 Comes Standard with a Double Disc Opener! And the Adjustable Handle is also a great feature! Planting Corn is a Breeze with the Jang TD-1! Check Our Online Info at Woodward Crossings Country Basics!
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Grizzly Rototiller~ Gear Driven w/ Heavy Duty Cast Iron Gear Box & Slip Clutch Tillovator
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Prepare your soils for planting with this amazing gear driven Grizzly rototiller, also known as a tillovator. An Incredibly efficient way to augment your ground! With the Grizzly rototiller, your garden will be ready in no time! On sale now at Woodward Crossings! Priced to Sell, too!
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Woodward Crossings Presents the Delmorino DM100 Side Discharge Potato Digger
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Woodward Crossings presents the DM100 Delmorino Side Discharge Potato Digger - Three-point hitch, category 1. - Drive shaft with flywheel, 540 rpm. – Steel flywheel. - Three interchangeable furrows. - Oscillating sieves separate potatoes from soil. - Adjustable steel discs for depth control. – Universal PTO shaft Category 4° Made in Italy this Cat I 3 Pt. Hitch Potato Harvester is Priced to Sell and Built to Last! For more info visit: http://shop.woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/Delmorino-DM100-Side-Discharge-Potato-Digger-Harvester-DM100.htm Model DM100 Delmorino Potato Digger Working Width - 24” Required HP - 30-50 Max Depth - 6-14 RPM - 540 Weight - 648
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Wunderbar Potato Planter ~  3-in-1 ~  Furrows Plants and Hills - At the Same Time!
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Woodward Crossings' presents their Wunderbar Potato Planter. The 3-in-1 Process of synchronized Furrowing, Planting and Hilling is a time saver that you can't beat! Efficient and Economical, this Potato Planter makes quick work out of a laborious task. For more info visit: http://shop.woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/Wunderbar-Potato-Planter-Furrows-Plants-Hills-WPP.htm
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Making Grape Juice using a Steam Juicer
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Making Grape Juice using a Victorio Steam Juicer is presented by WoodwardCrossingsCountryBasics.com in our Woodward Crossings Kitchen. I am using the Victorio Model VKP1140 to make my Grape Juice. The VKP1140 is an incredibly useful model. It has 4 functions. The base services as a stock pot. With a lid it becomes a stainless steel roaster. With the wondrously large colander it serves as a steamer. And all together is becomes a juicer. Although you may have another model steam juicer, the principles and process are quite similar. This was my first time using a Steam Juicer. I was so amazed at the ease of processing grape juice and also pleased at how little waste was left. When your juicing process is completed, the juice is ready to be consumed. You may want to store it in the fridge or process it into syrups, jellies or canned juice. I purchased 4 baskets of grapes. The juicing process yielded 16 ½ quarts of juice. I used the remaining ½ quart to make grape jelly. The grape jelly again was quite easy to make. I used a heavy bottom stainless steal sauce pan, added cane sugar and pectin. You just can't beat the flavor of home processed juice and jelly.
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Woodward Crossings Wunderbar Module, Build Your Own Disc Hiller, Cultivator, Furrower & More!
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ The Woodward Crossings Wunderbar Module was designed with the needs of our Produce Farmers in mind. With literally hundreds of differing vegetables, the varying contours of the fields, and the styles of garden beds, you realize that the Produce Farmers must make the best out of their equipment to accommodate their vast agricultural challenges. The Wunderbar Module is intended to utilize common parts attached to one 3 pt. hitch system to build a myriad of tools useful in produce farming, such as disc hillers, cultivators, furrowers, undercutter and more by using only one 3 pt. hitch. No doubt about it, by using this system, you will save time, save space and save money.
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Wallenstein BX Woodchipper ~ Easy Access to Rotor + Blades
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Woodward Crossings presents a short video on the Easy Access to Wallenstein BX Series Woodchipper's Rotor and Blades. Loosen one single bolt and you are able to open the rotor and blade housing easily and quickly. Built in North America, the Wallenstein Wood chippers are priced to sell and built to last! Visit us at www.WoodwardCrossings.com for specs, more info and pics!
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Amish Crafted Manual Hand Beaters - Vintage Style!
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Vintage Style Amish Crafted Old Fashioned Manual Hand Beaters - Less mess & fuss than electric beaters! Available at Woodward Crossings Country Basics. Great for gift giving, too!
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Country Cottage at Woodward Crossings
https://www.woodwardcottage.com/ Looking for a peaceful retreat? You just found it! Here at our Central PA Farm Stay, you will find the ambiance of the Woodward Crossings Hay Farm to be a restful and relaxing retreat on 30 Scenic Acres in the heart of Pennsylvania! Rekindle the romance or enjoy a soiree of friends! Options, Options, Options!: All Season Long - Every Season - you'll find something to do! On grounds you may fish in the Pine Creek, stroll to the gazebo with 360 degree views of the charming landscape, go stargazing, biking, picnicking, kiting, bird watching, have a campfire, or play outdoor games. Our Woodward Crossings Hay Farm sits in the shadow of the Bald Eagle State Forest, 200,000 acres of shear nature. Hiking trails, cross-county skiing, swimming, mountain bike riding, hunting, fishing, fly fishing, birding, picnicking, and snowmobiling are some ideas to pique your interest. With over 300 miles of roads starting within 1/2 mile of the Woodward Crossings Hay Farm, the Bald Eagle State Forest will acquaint you once again with both the wild and the wonderful side of nature. The Cottage: Our simple yet tastefully decorated Cottage located near Woodward, PA in Centre County affords you the option of having a small gathering or a romantic getaway, or a solo retreat, a fly fishing excursion or private escape. The Cottage boasts three bedrooms all with queen-sized beds, living room, bath, and fully equipped kitchen and a wondrously large front porch. Amenities: With all the conveniences of home, our vacation rental provides totally encased pillows, mattresses and box springs, hypoallergenic covers and linens, towels, dishes, cookware, paper and plastic products, full sized microwave, coffee maker and toaster. Also included is an iron, hair dryer, satellite TV, camp fire ring and picnic area. And guest controlled AC, too! Nearby Interests 1 to 40 Miles East of Aaronsburg Farm Stay at Woodward Crossings: Woodward Cave, Woodward Mifflinburg Buggy Museum, Mifflinburg Antiques, Antiques, Antiques Unique Shopping, Antiques, Flea Markets and Outlets (We offer a wonderful 2-day Itinerary) Penns Creek Kayak Aaronsburg Pottery, Aaronsburg Penns Creek Pottery, Penns Creek Colonial Candlecrafters, Lewisburg Covered Bridges, Susquehanna Valley There are 17 covered bridges in Northumberland, Snyder, and Union counties. Slifer House Museum, Lewisburg Bucknell University, Lewsiburg T & D’s Cats of the World, Penns Creek Canoe Susquehanna Nearby Interests 1 to 40 Miles West of Aaronsburg Farm Stay at Woodward Crossings: Woodward Sports Camp, Woodward Gliderport, Julian Centre Furnace Mansion, State College Penns Cave, Spring Mills Penn State University, State College Amish Shops, Amish Farms Boal Mansion Museum, Boalsburg Bellefonte Historical Railroad, Bellefonte Unique Shopping, Antiques Flea Markets and Outlets, State College and Big Valley Areas Mount Nittany Conservancy, State College Trolley Cars, Bellefonte The Arboretum at Penn State, State College Center for the Performing Arts, State College Bryce Jordan Center, State College --The Place for Concerts, Sports, Shows, and More Pennsylvania Centre Chamber Orchestra, State College Nittany Valley Symphony, State College Palmer Museum of Art, State College HUB Art Galleries, State College Earth Mineral and Sciences Museum, State College Tussey Mountain Ski and Fun Center—Open Year Round Location, Location, Location!: Aaronsburg is the geographical center of PA. Close enough to everything, but far enough to feel like you are in a haven of quietude and beauty. Tucked between two Appalachian mountain ranges lies picturesque Penns Valley with patchworked countryside and pristine trout streams. As well as being central to nature’s blessings. Just miles away is Penns Creek at Coburn and Weikert which is internationally known for its trophy trout fishing. There are 50 miles of Class A Trout Fishing in Penns Creek, Spring Creek, Fisherman’s Paradise and other creeks just a few miles away. Our Aaronsburg Farm Stay at Woodward Crossings is halfway between: State College and Lewisburg, PA just 1 mile off Rt. 45 Buffalo, NY and Washington, D.C. New Your City and Cleveland, OH Pittsburgh, PA and Binghamton, NY Within 35 miles is Lock Haven University, Penn State University, Bucknell University and Susquehanna University, Central to 2 sects of Amish, Woodward Crossings Hay Farm offers a 52 Minute CD Audio Tour of our local Amish country. Relax, Rejuvenate and Renew at our Farm Stay at Woodward Crossings! The Campfire is waiting!
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Lindy's 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Jug ~ Great for a Milk Can!
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Lindy's 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Jug w/ Tight Fitting Lid. Great for storing milk, juices and more! Or for use with boiling water. Overall Size: 11" Tall x 8.25" Wide. Lid is 6.75" wide
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Round Bales & Balage for Sale at Woodward Crossings in Central PA
Round Hay Bales & Balage for Sale at Woodward Crossings in Central PA. 4 x 5 Dry Bales and 4 x 4 White Plastic Wrapped Round Bales for Balage for cattle. Carefully harvested Silage from alfalfa, mixed grasses, some timothy and clover. We call it Gourmet Hay! Gently handled Balage and promptly transported to shelter.
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Delmorino Universal Rotary  Tillers Built to Last ~ Priced to Sell!
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Woodward Crossings presents The Delmorino universal rotary tiller URT E/D is a strong, reasonable and professional machine. The possibility to move the linkage by screw shifting allows to the machine to work in proximity of cultivations ( fruit trees, vineyards etc.). Standard features: Rotary tiller with 4 hoes each flange, shifting by screw 3° point hitch of 1° e 2° cat. Single speed cast-iron gearbox, ASA 80 lubricated with oil chain transmission, adjustable slides to change the working depth. Equipped with safety protections according to CE rules and standard cardan shaft. Visit Woodward Crossings on the web for more info the models and prices.
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Woodward Crossings' Garden Planner
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Woodward Crossings' Garden Planner, A Quick & Easy Planting Resource! Amazing Quick & Easy Garden Planner! Features: Frost Dates When to Plant Inside When to Plante Outside How to Deep to Plant How Far Apart to Plant How Much Your Harvest Should Be Makes a Great Gift, Too! Pull out the instructions that are tucked inside. On the back of the instructions is a listing of the frost dates in the US - by State & City The legend at the bottom denotes a number of symbols and letters. For instance, the green check marks mean the expected harvest dates. SI represents the indoor seeding dates, FP - represents First Outdoor Planting dates and so. Also - slide the chart wide open. You'll see how many seeds per crop are needed for a 10 ft. row, seed depth and distance betweend rows and plants. For a fall garden, flip the chart over and follow your frost line. It will show you the Last Planting date so that you should have a harvest without fall frost damage.
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Woodward Crossings Wunderbar Module Bundles & Sets to Build Your Own Cultivators & Disc Hillers
Woodward Crossings presents the Wunderbar Bundles and Sets: https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/product-category/wunderbar-module/ We have designed a New Generation of Durable and Rugged Garden Tools known as the Wunderbar Module -Saving you time, space and money. The Wunderbar Module is presented with Wunderbar Bundles, and Wunderbar Sets A Wunderbar “Bundle” consists of a one-piece Robust 3 Pt. Hitch, a 2 x 2 Toolbar with a ¼” wall, then added are individual components to build either a Disc Hiller, a One Row Cultivator, a Two Cultivator, or a Potato Plow. Once you have a “Bundle” with the 3 Pt. Hitch and a Toolbar, all you have to do is add “Sets” to your Bundle. You may pick and choose from our pre-designed sets: We offer a Disc Hiller Set, One Row Cultivator Set, a Two Row Cultivator, or a Potato Plow Set. You’re the one in charge with the Wunderbar Module! Should you wish, you may select your own Individual Components from our Online Store Selection to build your very own unique Implement. Design your own equipment that suits your gardening needs by using the 3 Pt. Hitch and Toolbar Then affix various clamps to secure your selected components. You will find an amazing selection such as our Weeder Fingers, S-Tines, a selection of Sweeps, Disc Hillers also known as Row Hippers. Or By using a Flat Shank with a Footpiece, you can affix Furrowers also referred to as Middlebusters, a Corn Shovel, or Chisel Points. And By using two Spacer Bars, you can create a two-row set up. You may want to Install a Beet Knife Shank, and then add Crescent Sweeps, or Beet Hoes. And for more performance may want to add Disc Coulters, Tire Track Erasers, or IH Shanks. For depth control you have the option to add Gauge Wheels Adding the Cole McNifty Fertilizer Spreader will definitely up your game. Also the Jang JPH Garden Seeder for small seeds fits beautifully on our 2 x 2 toolbar or the Jang TDR Seeder for large seeds. Creating your own equipment with the Wunderbar offerings and / or combining some of your own pieces to make your garden productive for a reasonable investment has never been easier. You will be so pleased with the many options available and versatility. It’s easy to see how the Wunderbar Module will save you time, space and money. Buying a Bundle and then adding a Set is great place to start. And as time passes, you’ll be greatly pleased to be able to add on to your Bundle year after year. Visit us online at WoodwardCrossings.com and start your Lineup of Garden Tools today.
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New & Improved! Amish Clothesline Pulley System from Woodward Crossings
The New & Improved Amish Clothesline Pulley System Makes Hanging Clothes a Breeze! Woodward Crossings’ Amish Made Clothesline Pulley System with Wheels, Spacers, and Hardware. Our Amish Made Clothesline Pulley System comes standard with (2) 12″ Poly Pulleys that withstand harsh hot and cold climates. The Amish Made Clothesline Pulley System is the finest Deluxe Clothesline Pulley System you will find! For more info and directions visit: https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/product/amish-made-clothesline-pulley-system/ The Clothesline Pulley System is to be used with: 1/8″ x 3/16″ Coated Clothesline Cable #250 Clothesline Pulley System Kit Consists of: 1 – WLWS – Set of Wheels (12″ Pulleys) w/ Rubber Brake 3- RSP – Regular Spacers 1- CBTN – Cable Tightener w/ Retainer 2 – 107182 – Cable Clamps 2 – 028878 – Threaded Links This Amish Clothesline Pulley System is quality built and made to last! New and Improved! Brake System with Knob Replaces the Hand Brake How does it work? The Cable Tightener and Spacer at the beginning where you put your clothes on your clothesline. You then keep pushing it away from you as you hang up your clothes. The Spacer will keep you (or the wind) from rolling the clothes into the pulley at the other end of the cable. The Spacers are removable. Then spacers are inserted as you pin your clothes on the line. When you think that you have a number of heavier items on the line – like maybe 10 ft – 15 ft. – (just guessing here– it depends on the weight) – then put in another Spacer. Keep going– and when you get another long stretch of clothes – put in another Spacer. The Spacers keep the lines together and secures the lines so that the wind doesn’t wrap the clothes and lines around each other. This Amish Clothesline Pulley System is a easy as it is wonderful! Now on Sale at Woodward Crossings!
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Horse Hay for Sale in PA
Quality Horse Hay for Sale in Centre County, PA. Mixed Grasses, Alfalfa, some Timothy and Clover. Clean, No Rain. Carefully Managed and Lovingly Harvested. Small Square Bales. Central PA, near between Lewisburg and State College.
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1 Gallon Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Jug with Tight Fitting Lid, A Sanitary Container!
https://woodwardcrossingscountrybasics.com/ Woodward Crossings presents the 1 Gallon Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Jug with Tight Fitting Lid! Size: 8 1/2" high x 6.5" diameter. Lindy's stainless steel gallon jug makes a great milk or water jug for carrying and cooling. The tight fitting lid on the pail prevents disastrous spills or splashes, and keeps bugs and debris out if being used outdoors. looks like a milk can, but this pail is small enough to fit nicely in your fridge or cooler. The Amish community use these jugs for bringing milk into their home after milking their cow. Features: Seamless pail construction Pail is polished finish inside and out Spot-welded ears for strong handle support Easy to wash and sanitize This Stainless Steel Can (or jug ) is great for pouring boiling hot water into for safe drinking water when you water source is not sanitary.
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