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NaruHina- Teenage Dream
I wracked my brain forever in a day to find a song that I felt could fit these two. Ironically enough it didn't take that long to make. I'm nt toohappy with the speed I had in this video at some points; felt a little too rushed. But please to enjoy and comment please. ^^
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SasuSaku- Good girls go bad
This is my second video of this couple. The last one was rather sad. So I made this one a bit...sexier. Took me a while to get everything just right and I just got back from an anime convention yesterday so this video is well overdue for me. Obviously I own NOTHING and don't claim any of the artwork or music in this video. Hope you enjoy it and please comment, rate, maybe even subscribe?....
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Munto and Yumemi Forever
Recently became a fan of the series. Love this couple even though I wish there was more of it. I OWN NOTHING. The song belongs to Fireflight and the pics belong to their artists. Please enjoy, rate, and comment!
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RoyAi- Safe and Sound
So yeah, heard this song not long after Hunger Games comes out; and got addicted to it. But I prefer Christina Grimmie's (cover artist in this video) voice instead. So here we are; this song mixed with my love of Royai. I own nothing of course. Hope you enjoy!
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Jiraiya and Tsunade- Never alone
SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! don't watch this video if you haven't got passed the Jiraiya vs. Pein arc in the manga or Anime. Anyway, I love this couple and to me they became cannon not long after Shippuden started. (Even though I loved them from the beginning) And I really hated what Kishimoto did, especially after killing off Asuma. But those are the breaks, and I feel the way Tsunade responded before and after Jiraiya's mission proved their relationship even more. I hope you enjoy ths video and try not to cry like I did when I made it.
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Anime Girls- London Bridge
Some of the sexiest anime girls of all time. Please enjoy, and comment. I OWN NOTHING. NOT THE SONG, NOT THE ANIME GIRLS, NOT THE ART!
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Ed & Winry-Listen to your heart
I felt this song fit Edward and Winry's relationship. Winry loves Ed but with his life throughout the anime he has to leave her from time to time. This reationship is based on FMA Brotherhood, not the first anime. I love Brotherhood alot more than the first anime and tend to refer to that one since it follows the manga. I love animes that have a decent/happy ending and the last one that I watched that did that was Inuyasha. So much love to Brotherhood for giving me a great couple to do a video from. If you love them as much as I do, then please comment.
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Final Fantasy 7 theme songs
This is basically a tribute to my favorite Final Fantasy 7 characters. Its just the songs I thought that fit them. We have characters from Crises Core, Advent Children, and Dirge of Cerberus. I OWN NOTHING Aerith- My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion) Angeal- With Arms Wide Open (Creed) Cid- Riot (Three Days Grace) Cloud- Hero (Skillet) Denzel- Young (HollyWood Undead) Genesis- Psycho (Puddle Of Mudd) Marlene- Fireflies (Owl City) RedXIII- Dear Agony (Breaking Benjamin) Sephiroth- Evil Angel (Breaking Benjamin) Tifa- Taking Over Me (Evanesence) Vincent- Falling Inside The Black (Skillet) Yuffie- Holiday (Allison Iraheta) Zack- Citizen Soldiers (3 Doors Down)
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Koga and Ayame- Who is Ayame to say?
This is a Koga and Ayame video to the song, Who Am I to say by Hope. Its very sad, but I think it fits them, please rate and comment!
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Under Pressure and Michael Jackson Medley
These are two songs in one video. Under Pressure and the Michael Jackson medley composed by Kurt Schneider. I tried breaking the videos into two but it didn't wanna work. Both songs are performed by Citrus High Chamber Choir. The audio quality is amazing, the visual is not as much. That'll teach me to not zoom in as much as I should've. Still enjoy the music.
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ShikaTema- Kiss Me or Not
Ok, so I am loving this couple so much right now I had to make the video. I think the song fits them if they would come out about their feelings for each other. I OWN NOTHING!!! please enjoy and tell me what you think
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10th Concession- Run Away Lyrics
This song is from the aspiring Florida-based band 10th Concession. They have an album out but there are technically two versions: the Black album and the White album. I learned about this band at a small benefit concert in a small town and after buying their CD's they allowed me to make videos with their music for publicity. I'll be posting all lyric videos for this band, so please subscribe! Ian Koteles: Lead vocals/rhythm guitar Evan Koteles: Lead guitar/vocals Matt Brady:Bass Aaron Mederos: Drums 10th Concession is not yet assigned to a record label bu if you like there songs please help themby spreading the music! also, like 10th concession on their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/10thConcession?sk=wall
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Inuyasha theme songs
Well, first off, I own NOTHING not the songs, and not the characters! Please rate and comment and look below for the song names: Ayame- Who am I To Say by Hope Inuyasha- All These Things I Hate by Bullet For My Valentine Kagome- Wild At Heart by Gloriana Kagura- Sweet Sacrifice by Evanesence Kanna- Like You by Evanesence Koga- Head Strong by Trapt Kohaku- Monster by Skillet Miroku- Starstruck by 3oh!3 Naraku- Let You Down by 3 Days Grace Rin- I Will by Biance Ryan Sango- Friday I'll Be Over U by Allison Iraheta Shippo- So Far Away by Staind Sesshomaru- I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin Hope yah like it ^_^
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My top 15 anime couples
Well, I made this for Valentine's day. I OWN NOTHING, as usual. and if you like the couples, great! leave me a comment and tell me why. If you don't, well that's your opinion. If you want to know what anime the couples are from just ask.
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Team 7- Promise Me
So, I've been watching Naruto Shipuuden ad reading the manga and the more I read, the more I feel bad for Team 7 as whole. Now this is mostly about Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. BUT It does have some pics with Sai and Yamato in them. I hope I did Team 7 proud in this video, tell me what you think.
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May I- Anime Couples
Okay, so this is for my friend whose birthday it is today. So I made a video of her top four anime couples. It was going to be five; but I couldn't find any pics of that particular couple. Also, I hope she appreciates it especially since I've made two other SasuSaku videos so it was hardto find SasuSaku pics I hadn't used yet =P okay, so I obviously own NOTHING. and never have claimed to own anything used in this video. So the usual it would be nice if I could get comments or maybe Subscribers? enjoy!
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Christmas love
WARNING: THERE ARE A FEW GAY COUPLES! DON'T LIKE DON'T WATCH. okay, so I love love love, Christmas and I love love love, anime! so I figured I'd combine the two and make a video of my favorite anime couples during the Holidays. I don't own the song or the couples!! but anyway, please comment and enjoy. Cloud and Tifa (FF7) Danny and Sam (Danny Phantom) Darrien and Serena (Sailor Moon) Ed and Winry (FullMetal Alchemist) Fang and Max (Maximum Ride) Goku and Chi-Chi (DBZ) Gohan and Videl (DBZ) Ichigo and Rukia (Bleach) Inuyasha and Kagome (Inuyasha) Kakashi and Iruka (Naruto) Aang and Katara (Avatar: the last Airbender) Kisame and Itachi (Naruto) L and Light (Deathnote) Zuko and Mai (Avatar: the last Airbender) Miroku and Sango (Inuyasha) Mello and Matt (Deathnote) Naruto and Hinata (Naruto) Neji and Ten-Ten (Naruto) Robin and Starfire (Teen Titans) Roxas and Namine (Kindom Hearts 2) Roy and Riza (Full Metal Alchemist) Sasori and Deidara (Naruto) Sasuke and Sakura (Naruto) Sebastian and Ciel (Kuroshitsuji) Sesshomaru and Rin (Inuyasha) Shikamaru and Temari (Naruto) Sora and Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) Squall and Rinoa (FF8) Tidus and Yuna (FF10) Sokka and Toph (Avatar: the last Airbender) Vegeta and Bulma (DBZ) Vincent and Yuffie (FF7) Yuuki and Kaname (Vampire Knight) Zack and Aerith (FF7)
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Twin & Nova Tribute of FDP
I really wanted to do a tribute of these two. I love this cosplay group and Twin and Nova seem so loving and fun. This also gave me a chance to do something simple and sweet for once. the pics belong to Twin and Nova's galleries, I'm just a fan like everyone else. I don't own the song either! that belongs to the artist who made it and the epic Anime.
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Inuyasha and Kagome  Savin Me
I OWN NOTHING! anyway, this is a Kagome and Inuyasha video. I find them adorable so this is their tribute!
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Miroku & Sango- Total Eclipse of the heart
Well, I thought this song was adorable. Yes I used some pictures over, but that's to be expected with a song this long. Please rate and comment remember, I OWN NOTHING!
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SasuSaku- Love The Way You Lie
I OWN NOTHING. Okay, try not to be surprised by the different beginning. Rihanna made a second version of the song that points more to the girl's point of view. Eminem's was focused more on the male's. When I heard the original version I knew it could be a SasuSaku thing but as we all know, Sasuke + emotion = usually void off. So when I heard this verson, I could see a bit of a story line from Sakura's point of view. How she hates Sasuke but loves him and wonders if she really matters to Sasuke at all. How Sasuke manages to keep her guessing. And in the end they just love each other in some sick, twisted, cursed way. Hope you Enjoy it ^^
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Cloud and Tifa- Your Call
NO COPYRIGHT FRINGMENT INTENDED! I OWN NOTHING! This is my first video. So I'm glad I did it about Cloud and Tifa. I love tihs couple. No negative comments about the couple, it will be banned. Other than that, feel free to comment! ^_^
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L and Light - Take Me Under
Well, this is my first Yaoi video. Yaoi means guy on guy so if you don't like that stuff don't watch this. If you do, then please watch and enjoy! I OWN NOTHING! The song belongs to Three Days Grace and the couple belongs to the makers of Death Note! Please rate and comment
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