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BELLEZZA© 9 Ft Outdoor Table Aluminum Patio Umbrella w/ Auto Tilt and Crank
I absolutely LOVE this umbrella. We bought a house 3 years ago and there is no shade in the backyard. We planted trees but they are still only about 4 ft tall and very thin. I have bought a few beach style umbrellas but they never seem to give us the coverage that we need. This umbrella is absolutely awesome. It has to be 10 degrees cooler under it. It blocks the sun beautifully but still leaves enough light you can feel the warmth. Pros: * Thick sturdy material * Easy to assemble * Easy to use * Beautiful design and color Cons: * No instructions In conclusion, I think this umbrella is going to make an excellent addition to my household. Its beautiful and functional. I am beyond thrilled. Summer is hot and now I can enjoy the outside without having to roast in the hot hot sun. I am purchasing a table to put this in but for now we have it in the ground. My chair is set up under it, and my table next to me. Summer time here I come!!! "http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01C98C080/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01C98C080&linkCode=as2&tag=justcareesrev-20&linkId=MZWFLFDSU5WEGYJI
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Sargent Art Pencil Review
Link to product: http://amzn.to/1SL61sD This is my review about Sargent Art pencils.
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36 Macro Oil Based Pencils
Link: http://amzn.to/1rkwBTn I am an avid adult colorist. My pencil collections would make any art student drool. I have every kind from cheap dollar box store brand to the most expensive on the market. Each brand of colored pencil offers its own positives and negatives. These are in my top 3 of favorites. That is huge. These are Oil based pencils very similar to the very popular Macro Raffines. I label them "knock offs" because Raffine is the well known brand but in ALL honesty I have both and in many ways these color better. Pros: * Oil based so butter smooth * Blend magnificently with or without a blender or blending agent. * Lays color with very little pressure. * Additional layers blend well and deepen the color or if using a different color create a new color. * Easy to hold * Strong body. * Does not need constant re-sharpening. Cons: * only 36 colors. In conclusion, these are fabulous pencils. They color just like the top selling Macro Raffine Brands. If I had to categorize these in either low quality, mid quality, or high quality I would put them in the mid quality range. Great for daily use. Adult coloring or art projects.
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QacQoc M9X MXQ Pro TV Box Android
Link: http://amzn.to/1UBMzlw We love our netflix and youtube in this house! We love to stream media! We use various gadgets around our house in different rooms. The bedroom TV though I had to hook up my laptop and it was a pain. This box was easy to hook up. Plug in the HDMI, The power, and a mouse. (yes a mouse is required). Go to the settings and set up the network connection. I disabled all the software I was not interested in and downloaded the software I wanted. That is all there is to it. I had a few issues at first. It took so maneuvering to get used to how it works and what I need to set up correctly as there is no instructions. Once I figured it out though, I can watch with ease. The picture is crisp and there is no buffering. If you have a wireless mouse than this can be installed across the room and put in your entertainment center or shelf. Witha wired mouse it has to be closer so that you can maneuver it with the mouse. The remote control does very little and honestly mine just sits unused as the mouse is how I control everything. I use a laptop mini mouse. Works perfectly. The interface is very similar to windows 10. (see video)
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Artist Choice 72 Watercolors
I love watercolors. My boys call them magic and they kind of are. First you have a pencil. It colors, blends, and looks just like any other pencil but when you add water magic happens. The colors take on a paint like effect. They blend differently, merge in a gorgeous medley. As an adult colorist I use water colors whenever I am after a soft sweet look. Artist’s Choice 72 pack of water colors did not disappoint. While they are not the smoothest watercolors I own, for their price range they are fantastic. Pros * As a pencil they color well and without much pressure * They are softer than some other budget friendly brands. * 72 colors is a huge variety. Add in the blending and your possibilities are limitless. * The case is reusable, keeps them organized, and storage friendly. * Comes with a paint brush so all you need it water! Cons * Thus far I honestly have not found any. In conclusion for the price, you can not beat this set. Like I said above sure there are more high quality water colors out there but their price tag is way more than this one. They really do have a soft lead, lay color without much pressure, mix well with water, and create beautiful colors. My kids want their own magic pencils and they will be better these for their birthdays. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CPPLWI6/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01CPPLWI6&linkCode=as2&tag=justcareesrev-20&linkId=PZUMEYEZX2UPSVS4
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Artist Choice 120 Colored Pencils
Link: http://amzn.to/242qpvf Wow! So much color! I am an avid adult colorist who really enjoys pencils as my preferred coloring utensil. I have a large variety ranging from the top of the line to cheap dollar brands. I find that each brand offers their unique set of pro's and con's. This set offers a large variety of color for a decent price. The pencils lay color really easily which was a big surprise to me. I did not have to apply a ton of pressure to get a great layer of color. If I needed a darker color I just add another layer. Which is typical with wax based pencils. With this many color choices it is really nice to be able to shade color on color to create great fade style effects. Mixing two colors together also works easily. You do not need to use a blender to achieve a blend but of course as with any pencils if you choose to use a blending agent it does achieve a smoother blend. The pencil tips seem to be sturdy, I have not had to sharpen them very often unless I was in a tiny area and needed a sharper tip. The wood seems sturdy and solid. I used 3 very common blending agents with the pencils and each achieved great results. I used a Prismacolor blender, a Caran blender, and Vaseline. These will be a great addition to any artist or colorists collection. For the price, you can not beat the variety and the quality. I could not be happier with these and will be using them often!
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10 Packs Space Saver Bags, Roll-Up Compression Zipper Bags
Link: http://amzn.to/26YNinv So, I thought I never travel why do I want these? Then I remembered that I have 2 beautiful boys for which every time I leave the house I have to pack a dry set of clothes because accidents happen. When the accidents happen I am always left with stinky smelly clothes for the ride home. This is the perfect solution. I can pack the clean clothes in the bag along with a shopping bag. Squish the air out. Roll it up and it will take up a ton less space in the diaper bag. The clean clothes remain protected. Then if an accident occurs I open up the bag and I have fresh clean clothes. I can then insert the soiled clothes in grocery bag. Put them in the space saver and boom the smell is sealed and does not spread on everything else in the diaper bag. GENIUS!!! They really do work well as you will see in the video, takes no gadgets, no tools, just the bag and your hands. They are reusable so you can use them over and over. You get 10 in a box! That is a lot of space saving. In conclusion, even if I do not travel often I foresee these getting a lot of use. Any mom knows that things that save time, hassle, and messes are the most useful things to have around. This saves all 3. So it is a win! win! win!
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ANART® LCD Writing Tablet 8.5-Inch E-Writer Handwriting Pads Portable Tablet Board (Office Product)
This writing tablet is perfect for my needs. Ill start by addressing the technical stuff. It only writes in black/white. There is no special "tools" or custom designs. It is simple, easy, and straightforward. If you are looking for one that changes color etc then this is not for you. But, the price point is way more pocket friendly then those that do that "other" stuff. This is perfect for note taking like I use it during work. Instead of jotting down everything on paper and having piles of trash I have to shred at the end of every shift I use this. Works perfect. I can clear it after every single call. I do not have to worry about important information getting into the wrong hands. It also saves a ton of trees. It is so simple to use that my 2 and 3 year old have completely figured it out (in like 3 minutes). You literally write and then press a button to erase. That is it. It is FANTASTIC. The screen is 8.5 inches long which is a great height and it weighs next to nothing. They say 4 oz. My scale weighed it a 3.7 ounces. If you need a simple, straight forward way of jotting down notes, doodling to keep your mind awake, or perhaps a way to leave messages for a loved one then this is perfect for you. http://amzn.to/1N1j6l1
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Creative Haven Entangled Dragonflies Coloring Book (Adult Coloring)
Artist: Dr. Angela Porter Publisher: Creative Haven Link: http://amzn.to/1TnrJ8Q I am a huge Creative Haven fan because the books are affordable, the images above par, the paper is perforated, the images are single sided. Dr. Angela Porter hit this one out of the park! 31 single sided images with a variety of backgrounds and scenes to open up yourself to creativity. The perforated pages allow you to remove from book and use a clip board etc and also allow for easy framing. Standard 8 x 11 size is perfect for framing.
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Creative Haven Woodcut Designs Coloring Book: Diverse Designs on a Dramatic Black Background
Artist: Tim Foley Publisher: Creative Haven Link: http://amzn.to/1MNDne5 I am going to keep this review simple. 31 single sided images on perforated paper 8 x 11 A HUGE variety of subject matter. A great family book. Unique style kind of like line art meets grey scale Perfect for highlighting details with pens or markers and coloring with pencils. I have to say I am a huge Creative Haven fan as they are always affordable, good quality, and dependable. This book is no exception!
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Creative Haven Magical Mehndi Designs Coloring Book
Artist: Lindsay Boylan Publisher: Creative Haven Link: http://amzn.to/1XNeJdR
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Manual Coffee Grinder, Oria® Conical Ceramic Burr Coffee Bean Grinder
I love coffee. The smell, the taste, the pick me up buzz. Coffee makes the world go round. And there is no better coffee then coffee made with fresh ground beans. The first thing I noticed about this grinder was the size. It is compact which is perfect for camping, traveling, and storing. Being able to grind it fresh in a variety of thicknesses is important for whatever way you plan to brew. A drip machine needs a fine grind whereas a french press needs it more coarse. This system offers that for you. Ceramic means no blades to dull or sharpen. Pros: * No electricity needed. * Grinds from very fine to coarse with a twist of the dial. * Compact easy to store. * Ceramic and stainless are built to last. * It is simple to figure out. Not complicated at all. Cons: * You will get a work out on your arm if you are choosing very fine (in video) * It is time consuming I do not think my no coffee brain could handle it. In conclusion, I think this grinder has some great potential. Its perfect for camping and traveling. Also good if in a situation where there is no power OR to grind coarse for use in a french press. My electrical grinder will remain my go to in the mornings but this will be great for the above mentioned times. https://www.amazon.com/Manual-Coffee-Grinder-Conical-Ceramic/dp/B01AXDYM1G/ref=cm_aya_orig_subj
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Swear Word Coloring Book: Stress Relief Coloring Book
Infinity coloring books has released their version of the adult sweary book. I can say that I gave this a 4 instead of a 5 because some of the text seems not to mesh well with the designs. In general several were really cute. The lines are clean. It just did not have that completely finished look that I go for when looking Word designs. As you will see in the video some look fantastic like Bull*** but some seem to be just added as an after thought like d******d. I think this could be fun but it would not be my first choice from this publisher. I like his others better. http://amzn.to/1UXBzlq
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HyperChiller - Iced Coffee Maker
Link: http://amzn.to/1ZazXmz This thing is totally awesome. It is so easy to use. So simple to clean. We love iced tea, iced coffee, super cold lemonade. This really works. There is a little canister, a mid sized canister, and the big black canister. The little canister and the black canister are filled with water and you freeze it. It recommends that you freeze it for 12 hours before use. Once it is frozen you fill with your choosen drink through the top. Swirl and count. 60 seconds is all it takes. For extra hot drinks I recommend 90 seconds. Then pour and serve. You do not have to pour over ice. It is already cold. As you can see in the video it is super easy to do. After you make the iced coffee you simply take off the bottom portion, rinse and refreeze. If you need to it is machine washable. Couple of tips: * You have to store it upright * Do not attempt to use with carbonated drinks * The more liquid or the hotter the liquid the longer it takes. * If using more than once in a row it takes a little longer for the second cup. In my experience it was about twice as long (2.5 min) The only negative I have to say is that it only holds about 12 ounces so if you are trying to use this for gathering you will need more than one. For a single person or a couple though this will work out well.
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Hair Straightener Brush
Link to Purchase: http://amzn.to/1TgVQwL This is my second attempt at finding an electric straightening brush. My first attempt failed because my hair is thin though I have lot of it and the brush tips would not catch my hair and no matter how hard I tried I could not get it to work. This one was a totally different experience. This one worked great! The key to getting it to work is to brush slowly and make sure that you slowly turn the brush in the direction you want your ends. A couple of things I love about this brush. * The look is glamorous and sleek. * The cord rotates as you twist and turn so it does not get twisted in knots. * Heats quickly. Took less than 2 minutes to reach my desired temp. * Easy to turn on/off and adjust temperature. * Works extremely easily. The only con I can state about this brush is that it is in Celsius and does not have instructions. Thankfully the web provided recommended temps for me. The brush handle does not get hot and the bristles so not scald you. This is wonderful for klutzes like me! I gave this 5 stars because of the simplicity in which it was to use it, the design is gorgeous, and it has all the bells and whistles that one needs to achieve great hair! I am not one to step hours doing my hair and with this I can go from drab to fab in less than 10 minutes!
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CaC Gemstones
Artist: Amanda Rose Rambo Amazon Link to purchase: http://amzn.to/25r88xK Etsy: PDF Copy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/295312681/pdf-cac-gemstone-book?ref=shop_home_active_1 Gemstones are really popular in the adult coloring world right now. This book offers 20 images to perfect for gemstone coloring experience. The backgrounds are fun and each are different offering you a chance to incorporate your own style into each image. They are single sided. 20 pages. So you can use any medium. Though most color gemstones with pencils if you choose to use markers make sure to put a bleed sheet between your working page and the next to protect it. This book is hand drawn so it is 100% unique there is nothing else like it on the market. Supporting individual artists is vital. And Amanda makes it easy!
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The Abundant Kitchen 8 cup Professional French Press and Tea Infuser
The Abundant Kitchen Professional Infuser French press is a thing of beauty. It is gorgeous. Glass and Chrome. Works pretty good too. You have not have true delicious coffee til you have had coffee made hot and strong in a French press. This is a good size press 8 cup. We have those BIG mugs, you know the kind that a 12 cup drop machine filles 1.5 times haha and the this press fills it to the brim just once. Perfect. No waste. Pros * Gorgeous design * Simple to use * Washes easily with hot water and soap. * Looks impressive on a tea cart. * The filter keeps most if not all the grounds out. :) Cons * The only “con” I can see is that lid has a hard time staying in place. It is nota horrid thing just be careful when pouring the first time. In conclusion, this is a beautiful piece of coffee making magic. It is so simple to use and easy to clean that I find myself enjoying it more often then my previous press. I love to use it with high end beans for a delicious cup of liquid gold after dinner. I feel fancy using it, even in my horrible kitchen. For all the reason above I give it 4 stars. If the lid stayed in place better it would be a 5. http://amzn.to/1SqHUit
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Marjorie Sarnat's Fanciful Fashions
Artist Marjorie Sarnat Link: http://amzn.to/1T1FKct 49 total images.. 15 new and 34 of the original Single sided preforated pages
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Stainless Steel Wide BBQ Kabob Sticks by Cave Tool
Link: http://amzn.to/20y2xzr My husband loves to grill and smoke dinner. It is his joy. I love kabobs. The medley of meats and veggies on a stick is fabtabulous. We have several sets of skewers but we get frusterated because the meats and veggies are constantly falling off and serving the dogs dinner.. not us. These skewers have a pokey thing on the end that keeps the food on. The shape of the skewer also helps keep things in place. It also has a wonderful little disk that you slide down the skewer and it pushes the tid bits on to our place so tat you dont have to burn your fingers and get them sticky. Pros: * Design helps keep meat on * Design also keeps it from sticking to grill * Neat little disk to slide meat off * Sturdy, they don’t bend. * 10 skewers is a lot Cons: * I honestly can not think of any cons for this product. We have used them happily and plan to use them a lot more. In conclusion, These are a wonderfully made sturdy product that is great for any household. The grill daddy loves them and is happy to use them more often. Think of the possibilities... shrimp and pineapple. Pork and apples, Peppers and beef. mmm Is your mouth watering yet?
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72 Pcs Inserting Pencil Bag Multifunctional Pencil Art Supplies Bag
Link http://amzn.to/214OilT This is a great case! Holds 72 pencils plus sharpener eraser, blender, etc. It zips shut on all sides so the pencils are protected and safe from falling out etc. They slide in and out of the slots easily but do not just "fall out" When zipped it carries like a purse. It is about 5 maybe 6 inches wide and 8 maybe 9 inches long. I love this case. I actually bought one used prior to buying this one and now I have two! I have Prismacolors in one and Raffines in another. The material washes off with a damp cloth. There is 4 layers. The slots are made from an elastic type material. Sewn to create slots. The zipper is plastic coated. The seams are very sturdy. This is a fantastically crafted case. The emoji pulls are cute an make opening and closing convenient.
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Leisure Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float
Link to Purchase: http://amzn.to/290OJf3 When I first saw this unicorn I honestly thought it was a huge waste of space in a family pool. I did not think it was something that would be used and a huge waste of money. However, once I saw the joy on the faces of my boys, my opinions completely changed. First let's talk size. It holds me and my 2 kids and as you will see in the video I am not a small woman. It is about 5 feet wide and about 3 feet high. It has easy plugs that if you have the proper pump really come in handy because they are larger holes and greatly reduces blow up time. The black insert stops the air from escaping. There is 3 plugs, body, head, and mane. The handles are a nice touch. Allows the younger ones to hold on when they choose to. Also allows you to "ride" the pony, rocking it back and forth. The body is a great platform. My kids have ever managed to turn into a splash pool by filling it with water. They also sit backwards and "flip" off. They have tried to stand but their tiny legs can not handle the unstable base. This would be great to take out into the river. You can tie the handles to shore if you are afraid of it escaping. It would be great at the beach, so much fun to ride in the waves. A lake also would be a perfect place. It works decently in a family pool there is just limited space. My kids have named her Aqua Rainbow Pony after the my little pony show. She is a favorite now, She has replaced all the pool toys. I did receive this unicorn at a deep discount to evaluate and offer my unbiased review.
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Magic Mill Crock Pot
Link to Purchase: http://amzn.to/2d6d6rD I LOVE This slow cooker/crock pot. Let me start by telling you a little about my experience. I have been a crock pot cooker for nearly 12 years. I have several brands, styles, and sizes. This is my new favorite for a few reasons that Ill outline below. The locking lid. Its not the standard clip and lock, which seems to come lose after a few months. This is a nice and sturdy lid lock that is not going to get knocked off or come loose in a few days. Because of how it locks the lid creates a TIGHT and SOLID seal which means the moisture stays in the crock pot. Keeps everything yummy. And you can use less liquids. The lid. Its heavier than most of my crock pot lids which to me means thicker glass. I have shattered a few over my life time. The programmable feature is so simple that even a caveman can do it hehe. What I mean is that my hubs who never uses this type of machine can set it for me if I need him too I love the auto warm feature, so if I don't time it right it warms it instead of it going cold.. It cleans easily! Especially if you spray non stick before you cook. Its gorgeous! I mean its a really attractive crock pot. I received this crock pot at a deep discount to evaluate and offer my honest review.
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Homasy 800ml Ultrasonic Humidifier
I received this humidifier and immediately fell in love with its shape/size. Its compact in size but has a large water tank and is very cute. My last humidifier was so big I hated to have it on the dresser because it took up half the boys dresser. Secondly, the light on this humidifier is a peaceful light. Not bright and annoying. Perfect for night night time. I set it up in the living room first to test it out and make sure it was all working properly then I set it up in the boys room with a bit of eucalyptus, lavender, and thieves. I turned it on pointed the nozzle (it moves) to the direction I wanted it. In the morning (about 10 hours later) it was nearly empty but still running. Pros * Large tank but compact design. * Great dim light but bright enough to be night light * Simple esign. Unscrew, fill, screw, set on base. * Can run with or without the light. * Extremely quiet Cons * The cap is not child proof. In conclusion, I am going to give this 5 stars because I have ordered and ran numerous humidifies. We have 2 children with allergies and of course we both have them too. In the winter it gets so dry it is so hard to breath. In the spring, summer, and fall I run with oils to prevent/treat illnesses and aid in sleeping. This is a great machine.
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Stainless Steel Non Stick Silicone Coated Wire Whisk 2 Piece Set. Tornado Whisks: 8" and 12"
Link: http://amzn.to/2682tKK I could not believe how well these wire whisks whip. Wow! In the video demonstration it is just eggs and milk. As you can see the froth that it created in less than 50 seconds. It is amazing!! Stainless steel means its strong. The design really aerates the liquids. You get 2 sizes for all your whisking needs and a silicone spatula that is all one piece and and also super strong. I can see many cakes, eggs, pancakes, lemon meringue pie, butter, whipped cream, mousse, and more in my future!
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Magic Mill - DeLonghi Electric Pasta Maker with 8 Changing Blades
Link to Purchase: http://amzn.to/2dFDGbn I have always wanted to make my own pasta... but the old fashion way was just to much work for me and my crazy lifestyle. Then I get this pasta maker... It makes pasta making easy... like super easy. You put your dry mixer in the container... then slowly feed your wet mixture through the slots on the top. The machine mixes the mixture up and then reverses and starts to feed the dough thru the end. Let the pasta dry out for about an hour (this is more important than I thought) and then cook the pasta.. it does not take very long to cook. 2 to 3 mins top. The machine comes apart easily so it washes up well and easy enough. The reason I gave this a 4 instead of a 5 is because the top lid is very difficult to latch and never really feels like it is completely secure. It took several tries before I realized you really have to smash it to get it to click. If you do not latch it the front falls off while mixing. Other than that one issue this is an awesome machine that makes pasta making fun simple. I could not be happier and do not want to buy boxed pasta ever again.
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EKOSTORE Aquarium Fish Tank LED Light
Link: http://amzn.to/1U6PORX This light is so handy to have! It works wonderfully. The black/blue light is great for the early evening hours because you can still enjoy the beauty of the tank but allow the fish to relax and wind down. It is also great for plants. The white light is bright and clear. My tank looks sparkling. It is amazing how much difference a light can make. I sit this on top of my tank and cover it with the original hood, however it does have a stretch latch type feature to connect directly to the tank itself. It sits stable and since my tank is a corner tank it works best for me this way. The light does not product a lot of heat. Which is great for a cold tank like mine. The cord is a decent length so I do not have problems with running it down the tank and plugging it in. All in all I could not be happier with this light. When my fluorescent shorted I started looking for replacements but they were so expensive. I started looking at LED and this one was perfect!
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Posh Adult Coloring Book: Thomas Kinkade Designs
Artist: Thomas Kinkade Link: http://amzn.to/1Nlg1wv 63 images plus 63 color copies of the images. Thicker medium paper, glue binding, slightly textured. Safe for all mediums however markers will bleed though otherside.
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Magic Decoration MD® Non Water Soluble Colored Drawing pencil, Colored Pencils
Link: http://amzn.to/1YzIKOo A little background: I am an adult colorist. My collection ranges from the cheap store brand to the most expensive on the market. I love to try new pencils and test them out always looking for a great set. I feel that each type of pencil handles differently. They create their own texture etc. These pencils were a surprise. I was expecting something way less BOOM. Any pencil can color pretty but the cheaper kinds tend to need way more pressure or to be mixed with a solvent like Vaseline. These pencils required little to no pressure. Bright color right from the gate. They blend very nicely with our without a blending tool (like a blending pencil). You can cover in one layer or use multiple layer to create depth and shadowing. Pros: * 48 colors. No duplicates. * Didn't break even when I tried. * Sharpens nicely. Holds a sharp point. * Colors with little to no pressure * Blends with or without a blending tool. Cons: * Leaves a dust behind. Need to learn not to wipe - I use a makeup brush. In conclusion, I think this is a great set at a very affordable price. I will enjoy using these just as much as more expensive brands. They color well and I love that I do not have to use a ton of pressure to obtain vibrant color. I love that I do not need a ton of tools. Just a good sharpener and eraser. I like that I can use mixed medium with them (gel pens etc) and it is not a problem.
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AB Art 36 Colored Pencils
Link: http://amzn.to/1MIlbCy I am an avid adult colorist. My pencil collections would make any art student drool. I have every kind from cheap dollar box store brand to the most expensive on the market. Each brand of colored pencil offers its own positives and negatives. When these arrived the first thing I noticed was how pretty the pencil itself was. Now, I know that is not important when it comes to coloring in general but it was nice to see. The second thing I noticed was the array of colors. There was a good spread of each hue except blue. I like to make a color sheet to see how the colors compare to the casings. In this instance they were generalized but not accurate. They color smoothly. Vibrant without much pressure. They layer well. Blend nicely. Very little dust. I believe they are waxed base though I do not know for sure I can only go by feel and such. The wood is strong I do not feel like I am going to crack the pencil. If I had to categorize these in either low quality, mid quality, or high quality I would put them in the mid quality range. Great for daily use. Adult coloring or art projects.
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Ariete – DeLonghi Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker 2.1 QT
Link to Purchase: http://amzn.to/2e46fPP My family loves ice cream. We eat it ALL the time. We have found out that making your own makes ice cream even better. This machine is wonderful. So simple to use. Literally put your mix in the bowl, push the power button. Select ice cream and hit start. The machine stops spinning if it gets to "ice cream" like so that it does not turn into a huge chunk of ice. My favorite recipe is simple. 32 ounce yogurt. 1 1/4 cup sugar and 3/4 cup to 1 cup of your favorite fixings. Makes a super yummy smooth ice cream. I received this ice cream maker at a discount to evaluate.
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Color a Creation Dreamcatchers
Artist: Rose Rambo This is a whimsical collection of dream catchers that is a wonderful addition to the Color a Creation series. There is a variety of topics included from butterflies to flowers as well as trees, and animals all excellently combined in dream catchers with stunning flowers. The choice of designs leaves options for the colorist whether they choose to color simply or apply blends and techniques to further beautify the coloring. The images are hand drawn. One of a kind. You will not find a like image on the market. My personal favorite is a tie between the big bow image and the heart. http://amzn.to/1oOAsG5
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Lovely Pink Yard Flamingos Garden Stake Solar Crackle Glass Ball Lights
Link to Purchase: http://amzn.to/2cHMMmn Growing up in Florida my mom had those plastic flamingos in my front yard. It was one of the things that made her ... well her. We are now in Tennessee and when I saw this I immediately knew she had to have it. Its a modern version of those plastic flamingos. I had planned on stashing it til Christmas but when I saw it I immediately had to put it together and give it to her. I could not wait. She LOVED it and we put it together and set it up in a matter of minutes. The look is cute. Its not a "perfect" piece but most outdoor ornaments arent. That is what gives them character. The glass ball gives off a beautiful glow at night. During the day it nearly sparkles. It is sturdy in the ground and so far has been thru 2 massive storms with no issues. My favorite feature is the face. It is totally spot on and adorable. I received this flamingo at a deep discount to evaluate and offer my honest review.
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Crafts 4 All Fabric Markers
Link to Purchase: http://amzn.to/22uPdwF I love fabric markers because they allow me to personalize things for my children and spend less money rather than buying more expensive stuff. In the video, I am doing a really bad job of being creative but I wanted to give you an example of how they work. This package includes 12 basic colors. Each marker has a fine tip and a wide chisel tip. I am missing the dark blue because my 3 year old ran off with it and I have yet to find it. But it was a classic crayon blue. The markers do bleed so keep that in mind. The lines spread, and go thru the material. To stop the spreading you can draw your picture with a oil based china pencil and it will stop the spread. I have heard that alcohol based markers like sharpies will also keep the markers in the lines but I have yet to try those. I use the china pencil because you can not see it on most white surfaces. If you lighten your pressure when drawing it will spread less. As for spreading thru the material, just place a piece of card board or wax paper if you are coloring on something like a shirt. This will prevent it from going through the other side. These markers draw fluidly. They do not seem to fade when held upright. They color in larger areas nicely. They are great for crafting and having a bit of fun! I received these markers at a deep discount to evaluate and offer my review. The opinions are of my own and not influenced by Amazon or the seller.
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Cutie Patooties Vol. 1
Artist: Amanda Rose Rambo roserambo.com Link to Purchase: http://amzn.to/1XcvmDf The first in a series. This book contains 20 of the most charming cuties ever! Each hand drawn offering an array of uniqueness and whimsy. Each cutie is posed in a fitting scene. Every image is different which is what makes this book so special! This book is for beginners through advanced. A great way to hone your skills and learn new techniques.
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Fan Misting Kit For a Cool Patio Breeze
Link to Purchase: http://amzn.to/2e4cGm0 have two toddler boys that are constantly wanting to be outside. I do not well in the heat. It is a bad combination. I have umbrellas but they only offer shade. The stifling heat is still a factor. So I ran an extension cord and plugged in the fan. Hooked up this misting kit and turned on the hose. WOW... Let me say this... the difference was immediate. It took a little maneuvering to find the right spot/distance from the fan so that you do not get soaked but get cool. The boys thought it was so neat. Thru the mist going ahhhhhh so cool. Haha they crack me up. I need a few more of these to place around the yard so that we can all stay cool next summer. I received this misting kit at a deep discount to evaluate and offer my honest opinion
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Sinywon Mini USB LED Light
Link to product: http://amzn.to/1RRdI44 These are simple lights. Just a light, silicone stick, and USB plug. So so simple but that i exactly what I love about them. I have several fancy clip on USB lights. They are bright and work well for things like coloring or crafting. But sometimes I just want to work on the laptop without having a huge bright light shining in my eyes. Or I do not want to wake my husband. I keep my screen brightness low so that it lessons my chance of getting a headache but this light is perfect for illuminating my keyboard without blinding everyone around me. Pros: * You get three. So you can be greedy or share. * Lightweight, easy to use, no complications. * Nothing to charge just plug and light. * Perfect amount of light for illuminating keyboard. Cons: * Can not really use this as a book light unless you attach it to a battery pack * The silicone “pole” could be a little longer In conclusion, I am ecstatic to have these lights because I hate waking the sleeping husband on the nights I can not sleep yet I also hate not being able to see the keys. Yes, I can type without looking at the keys it is just easier when there is light. You get 3 so you have backups or you can be a sweetie and share them with a loved one.
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Adult Coloring books: A Coloring book for adults featuring Bird Designs, Mandalas, Flower Patterns
This book has a wonderful variety of bird pages in a beautiful combination of settings. The designs are detailed and offer a great variety to destress with. The pages are single sided. Since the book is published thru createspace the pages are a bit thin but as that is the standard with them I do not hold this against the artist. If you are using markers you need to make sure to put something behind the image to color it properly. I love the mandalas. I think they are a beautiful addition to the book.. though I think my favorite is the flamingo. It is so cute and I can not wait to get him colored. The images are unique not the open stock images you find plastered all over the adult coloring market so that is a HUGE plus in my book. I would state that this book is best suited for a adult colorist as the details may be a bit intimidating for a younger person. http://www.amazon.com/Adult-coloring-books-Coloring-featuring/dp/1530075270?ie=UTF8&redirect=true&ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0
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Doodledala IV
A collection of hand draw doodlestyle mandala like images for you to color while you relax or as entertainment. For more information visit https://carrieosburndesigns.com PDF version: https://carrieosburndesigns.com/shop/doodledala-iv 4.09 on sale Amazon Paperback http://amzn.to/2sDymMs 5.99
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Disco Party Light-LED Rotating Strobe Light
What a fun light! Of course the kids saw it and immediately wanted a dance party. It was bedtime, but this mommy said Sure! Why not. Knowing that 10 minutes of bouncing will lead to a quick sleep. Boy was I right LOL. Only took them 5 minutes to pass out after this. The light uses three colors. Red, Blue, and Green. It runs on a normal light bulb base. The LEDs are covered by a spinning plastic prism creating dome. Yes, that is the technical term ;) Just kidding. It is durable because of course the boys grabbed it and wanted to twist it off. I forsee many dance parties with this light. Reminds me of the 1990‘s skating rink days. Disco music, 4 wheel skates, crazy lights. Good times. It would be perfect for weddings, birthday parties, rainy day dance sessions, or just because you need to chase the blues away. Pros * Works on a standard base. No extra tools needed. * It is movable so today the party is in the living room. Tomorrow the bedroom. * It is one piece. Just screw it in and turn it on. * Seems durable. Though its plastic it seems well made. Cons * My kids are going to be sad when it finally burns out (they say 8000 hours though so maybe not) I am giving this 5 stars because this is one of the most fun little things I have bought in a while. Got my kids off the couch, away from the TV, and shaking their bodies. Exercise!! Yes! Sleep!! Bigger Yes!!! http://amzn.to/1Rm7OXd
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Puriya Breathe-Ease Balm
My household is a full of people with allergies. During the seasons we each struggle with breathing due to stuffy noses, congested chests, and clogged heads. We use a lot of Vicks but my kids and I hate it because it "burns" our sensitive skin. When this arrived the first thing I noticed was the smell. It is a pleasant, soft, soothing smell. It does not burn the eyes or the nose. I applied a small amount to my chest (after testing on the inside of my arm for allergies) and could tell a difference in my breathing within 5 minutes. When my husband came home that evening, he asked what I had on that smelled so good. LOL! When I told him what it was he laughed and said it was so much better than the medicine smell of Vicks. That evening, I applied some to boy my boys on the balls of their feet and very lightly on their chest. I noticed they slept through the night with less snoring and wheezing then before. I am no stranger to oil. I use them constantly, and know the value of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, and Tea trees. They are a powerful combination. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017C00RQC/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B017C00RQC&linkCode=as2&tag=justcaree-20&linkId=VW6INTM53BHUUWRT
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Doodledala by Carrie Osburn
50 hand drawn mandalas Single sided pages unique *doodle* style http://amzn.to/2rYkEDW
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VicTec Underwater Submersible Air Bubble 12V Safety 18" RGB LED Lights Strip For Fish Tank Aquarium
Link: http://amzn.to/1Tnhm4T This is an 18 inch bar light that slowly changes color It has an air stone included for you to attach your air pump to that greats a wall of beautiful bubbles. I have a 36 gallon triangular tank so placed mine nearly dead center of the tank. I did this so that the light would flow from side to side and the bubbles would fill the thank in the center. It looks beautiful. Pros: * Soft light that slowly changes color adds a lot of WOW factor. * The bubblier stone offers a lot of bubbles which offers a lot of aeration. * Low profile, with suction cups Cons: * There is no off switch on the light. It really is a pain to plug and unplug so mine runs constantly. This might be the reason I end up removing it from the tank :( In conclusion, this really add a lot of wow to the tank. If it had an off switch it would be top notch. It is fun. The bubbles keeps the tank full of air. The fish love to swim in and out of the bubbles.
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Marty Noble's Sugar Skulls: New York Times Bestselling Artists’ Adult Coloring Books
Artist: Marty Noble Link: http://amzn.to/1SWhRjA This book contains 48 very intricate sugar skull images. They range of skulls of humans to animals. The detail is amazing. The lines are crisp. There is also 1 picture game for you to play if you want a little amusement. The pages are single sided. There is also a large variety of backgrounds from simple things like lines and animals to more complex layouts. There is a definite Mexican flare to the book. This is obviously because Sugar skulls are a celebration of the Day of the Dead. The images are beautiful in their own way. It is a wonderful collection. I think it is the best collection of Sugar skulls that I have come across in my adult coloring hobby.
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Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Horse Designs
This book slap full of beautiful images. If you are a horse fan, love detailed but not overly detailed images, love to color, then this is the book for you. I love the floral designs are a beautiful style. The moons and stars are attractive. The lines are clear and concise.. Pros: * Single sided so any medium can be used, just put a buffer if using markers. * 8.5 x 11 is a basic size suitable for framing. * Clean lines - no stray pixels or fuzziness * Even though its all horses the variety is in the details * Suitable for beginner and advanced colorist of any age. Cons: * The only one I can see is that its all horses so if you are not a fan... well In conclusion I find that this is beautifully illustrated and I can not wait to get my pencils on the details. I am not a horse fanatic but the details make this book very interesting to me. http://amzn.to/1oDtl3l
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The Big 90
A video preview of the 90 plus page packet I have available on carrieosburndesigns.com and my etsy https://goo.gl/UtxoEP
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Doodledala Dark
40 hand drawn mandalas on a dark background for you to color as you please
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Color a Creation Hummingbird
Published on Mar 29, 2016 I love this book. I was lucky enough to be a tester for the book and got to try out a few of the images pre-release and was given a copy as a gift after release. The book contains a beautiful array of hummingbird in a variety of settings. The variety found in the flowers, swirls, trees, and patterns makes for many coloring options. You can color these little critters straight of blend and mold them into works of beautiful. My favorites are the ones I featured below that were colored by me. The images are hand drawn. One of a kind. You will not find replicas out there like so many books currently on the market. http://amzn.to/1TL3DXJ
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Doodledala Book 3
Doodledala Book 3- a Variety of doodle style mandalas and tile images. Levels from easy to hard. Details from tiny to very little. Something for everyone!
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Set of 2 Wind Chimes, Solar Powered Antique Like Lanterns with LED Lights
Link to Purchase: http://amzn.to/1sv2BUR I love wind chimes. I am a sucker for the dreamy ring they provide when the wind blows. I have several around my house. It probably drives my neighbors nuts. These have quickly become my favorite. First, they are way larger than I expected. I know I was given the measurements, but seriously, it did not register in my head. This is a good thing though because they are large, and make a great statement. Second, the over all construction of the chimes is outstanding. Everything seems to be really well put together. No lose screws, frayed string, etc. Third, they look like very expensive chime. They are gorgeous! And the light is a nice soft light. Very beautiful. Lastly, and to me the most important, is the sound. The hollow aluminum tubes have such a wonderful ring to them. You can hear it in my video. It is beautiful. I have them placed right outside our front window and it is so nice to hear them chime when the wind is blowing. In conclusion, I could not be happier with my wind chimes. They add so much to my front porch. It is amazing how something so common can add so much charm and such a whimsical feel to my porch.
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Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Ocean Animal Designs
This is my favorite of the 3 Infinity Coloring books. I love the sea life images and the clever way the intricate details were intertwined into them. The seahorse and the crab are OUTSTANDING. In my opinion. Pros: * One sided so safe for all mediums, just make sure to use a buffer when using markers. * Crisp Clean lines. * Intricate without needing a magnifying glass * Even though its a themed book you get variety within each image. * Great for all ages and from intermediate to advanced. Cons: * As far as I can tell I do not see any cons with this book. In conclusion, I think infinity hit it out of the park with this book. Great selection of fun images to color and enjoy! I know I can not wait to get my pencils out! http://amzn.to/1S9pDMB
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