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Eilat promotion video clip אילת סרטון קידום תיירות 2011
Eilat is going through a new branding and offers a wide variety of experiences for tourists who are interested in vacationing in the Red Sea, in modern and familiar atmosphere. מיתוג חדש לעיר אילת
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Eilat Hebrew Ulpan 2009
Short video about the Ulpan (Hebrew school) at Eilat city. profile 2009.
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Flow here and there - זרם פה זרם שם
Mori Chen took his Nikon to document floods after the big rain in Eilat and the Arava on 18/1/2010 מורי חן וניקון יצאו לתעד את "הסופה הגדולה" שהובטחה לאילת
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The A Team -  Lirose  (Ed Sheeran cover)
Lirose Balas Recorded & Mixed @ BananoMusic Recordings Studios Video Production - Doron Berti
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Juanita with friends
International Jazz Singer Juanita, performing a collection of some of the great jazz classics in her wonderful and unique style. (Beit Rubin January 2011).
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Butterfly Effect 2009 Eilat
The Butterfly Effect brings women together for noncompetitive ocean sport gatherings in coastal cities all over the world. This clip from the Eilat gathering on October 2009.
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Eilat city - Desert to Sea
Mori Chen, a local photographer, took photos that reflect the beauty of Eilat and the nature surrounding. Eilat-today.com put it all together to a video clip. enjoy !
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"Whats Up"  stars Observatory Eilat - מצפה כוכבים אילת
Things to do in eilat city. Stargazing, Dark Sky Safari in Eilat and the Negev. מה עושים באילת - בילוי לילי של תצפית כוכבים עם המדריך איתן שוורץ
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Pedro Bistro Eilat - פדרו ביסטרו אילת
Pedro's is one of the best and most highly recommended restaurants in Eilat
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Thailand day in Eilat
See graceful traditional Thai dancing to the background of exotic Thai music as, garbed in traditional costume, a cultural delegation sent by the Thai Embassy in Tel Aviv give Eilatis a taste of Thailand. The Thai ambassador compares Eilat to Thai tourist cities of Pataya and Phucket regarding the warmth of both the people and the weather.
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Corona Party Eilat
Fun and Fiesta Fun and sun aboard a yacht, even featuring a Jacuzzi, as revellers enjoy a cruise, food, and lots of good beer at a boat party sponsored by a bar and a beer company. When the sun gets too hot or the beer too much, they jump or swing overboard into the cool waters of the Red Sea.
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Yotvata Hot Air Balloon Festival 2008
Yotvata's second Hot Air Balloon Festival, took place at Timna park 16-17/10/2008
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Russian travel agents explor Eilat
Russian travel agents explor Eilat as a potential new winter tourism spot
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חגיגת תוצאת הבחירות אילת 2008
סיעת כיוון חדש, בראשות מאיר יצחק הלוי זכתה להוביל את את העיר אילת לעוד חמש שנים. לקט צילומים מליל הזכייה, התרגשות התושבים התומכים.
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Eilat today - News and Tourism Information
Updated News and Tourism Information on Eilat City and the Redsea.
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Judith love eilat
An interview with Judith, a tourist from Holland, who made a decision to live in Eilat.
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Eilat winter season 2009 - interview Shabtai Shay
Interview with Shabtai Shay about Eilat winter season tourism 2009
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Party at the Epson redsea 2009 photography competition
Party at the Epson redsea 2009 photography competition
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CSIT Eilat swimming competitions
CSIT Masters Swimming Championships in Eilat. More than 300 athletes from 8 countries were presented. Short video clip about the atmosphere of the sport event and Eilat.
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One day in May
One day in May 2013. The weather is hot and humid with occasional raindrops. Unconventional day with happy people having fun on the beach. Eilat snapshot.
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StoryTelling Eilat 2011
On Friday last 4th November, Eilat4all,hosted the first story-telling evening
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Eilat Ethnic Experience דרך אשה חזרות למופע
מתוך החזרות של מרכז החוויה האתנית אילת. ההכנות למופע "דרך אשה" בעיצומן
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Best 5 images Readsea 2009 Arturo Telle Spain.wmv
Arturo Telle from Spain is the winner of the 2009 "best 5 images" Epson competition of the Eilat underwater reef.
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Jazz 2005 Eilat History
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pride parade 2006
Festive and colourful, the 5th Gay Pride in Eilat attracted over 1000 participants from all over the country. This year it was also part of the first Homo-Lesbian Tourist Convention to encourage future gay tourism in Eilat
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Eilat Gulf Rangers September 2009
Gulf Rangers with the help of volunteer divers clean the Red Sea on a monthly basis. In the middle of September an extra intensive cleaning was done to mark the beginning of the Rangers` activity after a long summer vacation here in Eilat. At least 20 big bags of garbage (mostly plastic items) were collected. There was a big turnout of divers to help with this project. Its nice to see people do care about the environment. Eilat is gifted with beautiful beaches and clear water, so lets all contribute to keeping it this way. Bravo to the Gulf Rangers and the volunteers.
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Shangrila 2006
Opening cocktail party for the Shangrila Wing of the Thai style Orchid Hotel overlooking the Red Sea. Outdoor gala event with Thai dancers, food, dignitaries in attendance, guests meeting and greeting, as night falls over the mountains in which the hotel nestles.
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Eilat art gallery special holyday sale
Special Sale. Many items, original and made by our local artists are available for that Unique Holiday Gift. A selection of Greeting Cards and small items are available to suit all.
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