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10 DIY Creative Ways to Reuse / Recycle Plastic Bottles part 1
DIY creative ideas how to reuse plastic bottles PART 1 For more inspiration see: PART 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1J8m4Ji7c0 PART 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiZM0Pgh28g 1 Pencil case 2 Gift box 3 Turtle money box 4 How to separate yolk from the whites (life hack) 5 Apple box 6 Candlestick (only for decoration) 7 Pens and pencils holder 8 Phone holder 9 Organizer 10 Vase Recycling, crafts, tutorial
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DIY - Cute Gift Boxes
How to make paper gift boxes
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How to make Egg Carton Flower Frame
Easy DIY tutorial
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DIY - How to make Christmas wreath from Balls
How to make Christmas wreath from Balls
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10 DIY Toilet paper roll crafts - recycle - HOW TO!
You need to see 10 DIY things to do with toilet paper roll - recycle and reuse
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Do you have any old jeans that are sitting in your wardrobe for a long time and you don’t want to wear any more, because they are worn out, out of fashion or just don’t fit anymore? Whatever the reason is, you don’t have to toss them out. There are many creative ways to repurpose your old jeans into something useful and practical, such as a handbag, shorts, a bracelet, storage bags and so on. Be sure to check out all the old jeans upcycling projects.
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10 DIY Christmas Card Tutorial / How to!
1. Sticker Christmas Card 2. Hairy Tree Christmas Card 3. Snow Globe Christmas Card 4. Yarn Tree Christmas Card 5. Santa Uniform Christmas Card 6. Cocoa Mug Christmas Card 7. Swaying Snowman Christmas Card 8. Glitter Tree Christmas Card 9. Snowman Christmas Card 10. Button Snowman Christmas Card
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DIY - How to make Backpack (Knapsack) from old jeans
How to make Backpack from old jeans
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DIY beach towel mat
DIY beach towel idea :) Summer project - Bag unwraps into beach towel blanket with pillow. This video tutorial is going to show you how to sew a beach towel mat with comfy pillow into a practical bag with pockets for your sunscreen and favorite book. #summer #sun #beach #picnic
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10 DIY Creative Ways to Reuse / Recycle Plastic Bottles PART 2
For more plast bottles recycling ideas see: PART 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edXimuzIVhk&t=1s PART 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiZM0Pgh28g PART 2 provides ideas: 1 Plastic bottle flower pot decoration 2
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10 DIY Advent Calendar Idea / HOW TO!
DIY Advent Calendars to Help You Count Down to Christmas These are the cutest ways to pass the days until December 24/25. 10 DIY ideas for everyone (for children, adults and for your pets) 1. Book Advent Calendar (from matches) 2. Advent Calendar out of Clothes hanger 3. Dog Advent Calendar 4. Snowman Advent Calendar 5. Advent Calendar Box Box template: http://printables.atozteacherstuff.com/435/cube-pattern/ 6. Beer Advent Calendar 7. Clock Advent Calendar 8. Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar 9. Photo Advent Calendar 10. Muffin Advent Calendar
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10 DIY happy Christmas wrapping ideas HOW TO!
Transform the boring wrapped gifts to awesome decorations with easy ideas. 1. Twig Tree 2. Honeycomb Christmas ornament 3. Felt Tree 4. Paint Star 5. Wool Snowman 6. Paper Snowflake 7. Toilet paper roll Snowflake 8. Natural Decoration 9. Paper Christmas tree 10. Wish origami
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10 DIY creative ways to reuse / recycle your old CDs / DVDs - HOW TO!
10 Creative way how to reuse / recycle your old CD´s or DVD´s Tips: - boil cd's for 5 minutes to soften them, than is the cutting easier
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Drawing by numbers
Drawing animals with number :)
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How to make a Wallet / Purse DIY
How to sew Purse / Wallet
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How To Make A Miniature Garden In A Flower Pot
Mini fairy garden ideas in a flower pot for everyone. Find out how to make a fairy garden and get ideas for this enchanting and fascinating garden trend.
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10 DIY Spring and Easter craft HOW TO!
DIY Spring and Easter decoration tips. Are you decorating for spring? See tutorial and decorate your house with these simple and beautiful ideas. 1. Spring tulip wreath 2. Spring pillow 3. Spring canvas art from crayons 4. Spring candle holder 5. Spring clock 6. Spring phone case 7. Easter bunny wreath 8. Easter decoration from cup 9. Moss bunny canvas art 10. Easter pillow
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6 DIY Christmas decoration / HOW TO! Recycled recoration
10 DIY ideas for Christmas decorations and ornaments 1. Christmas Wine Glass Candle Holder (Grinch, Snowman, Reiner and Santa Claus) 2. DIY Jingle Bell Ornament 3. Photo Frame decoration (from Christmas Balls) 4. Christmas LED Lighted Canvas Art, Santa Claus 5. Wood popsicle sticks Snowman and wooden Sled 6. Christmas Teacup craft (North Pole)
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DIY - How to decorate advent wreath
Have you no idea how to decorate your advent wreath? See our tutorial for inspiration. You will need: advent candle holder, Christmas decoration, hot glue gun and some twigs.
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10 DIY Christmas recycled decoration HOW TO!
10 DIY recycling ideas for home Christmas decorations and ornaments 1. Decoration from glass bottle and fleece – Santa Claus and Rudolph 2. Christmas ornament ball from newspaper 3. Rudolph flowerpot 4. Light bulb decoration – Snowman, Xmas tree and Rudolph 5. Santa´s gift box from toilet paper roll 6. Newspaper Christmas tree decoration 7. Advent calendar from toilet paper rolls 8. Rudolph from Cork Wine 9. Ping pong ball snowman 10. Snowman and Snowflake Christmas tree lights from ping pong balls Thank you for watching! Like and subscribe us :)
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DIY - Easy Christmas Wine Cork Wreath
How to make easy Christmas Wreath from Wine Cork
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5 DIY ways HOW TO overcome boredom  |  awesome home games
Are you bored? Make some really cool ideas to eliminate the boredom. Follow our tutorial and have much fun. :) Table football Balloon darts Golf Basketball Bottle ring
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DIY - Awesome and Easy Wall Decorating Idea - HOW TO!
3D Wall Art Idea tutorial
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10 DIY Valentine´s Day Crafts HOW TO! 2017
Express your love with handmade Valentine's crafts and decorations. 1. Heart shaped Gift Box – template link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t420upz6i380892/heart%20gift%20box.png?dl=0 2. Heart Pillow 3. Clay Heart Bowl 4. Heart Tea Bag 5. Candy Tree 6. Valentine´s Breakfast 7. Heart Setting 8. Gift Bag 9. Light string 10. Shopping Bag
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10 DIY Valentine's Day Crafts HOW TO! 2018
Express your love with handmade Valentine's crafts (decorations and gift) 1. Cupid's arrow Valentine's day Favor (00:28) 2. Chocolate Flower Bouquet (01:47) 3. Valentine Pom Pom monster (03:43) 4. Scratch of Card (05:02) 5. Mason Jar Valentine Sweetheart vase (06:10) 6. Clothespin message (07:16) 7. Valentine's day garland (08:58) 8. Valentine's day wreath (10:19) 9. Valentine's day pillow (12:22) 10. Valentine's day gift box (14:41)
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11 DIY Christmas recycled crafts tutorial / HOW TO!
11 DIY Easy Recycled Christmas crafts/decoration tutorial 1. Paint Brush Santa (00:06) You will need: paint brush, felt fabric, acrylic paint, red pom pom, plastic eyeball with self-adhesive sticker, beads, glue gun. 2. Flower Pot Ornament (Snowman) (1:45) You will need: Flower pot, felt fabric, ribbon, pom poms, glue gun, sponge, acrylic paint, paint brush. 3.Light Bulb Decoration (5:22) You will need: light bulb, acrylic paint, red fabric, paint brush, Christmas twine, sponge, glue gun, brown paper. 4. Wine Cork Reindeer (7:30) You will need: Wine cork, glue gun, ribbon, plastic eyeball, beads 5. Ping Pong Christmas craft (8:50) You will need: ping pong ball, glue gun, red yarn, felt fabric, fabric paint, ribbon, twine, sponge, acrylic paint, paint brush. 6. Pine Cone Santa (11:46) You will need: pine cone, santa cap, glue gun, twine, pom pom. 7. Snowman (12:42) You will need: Unimasa Storage / Fish bowl, glue gun, white deco snow, Christmas decoration, felt fabric, ribbon 8. Rudolph Reindeer Lollipop (15:50) You will need: Lollipop, hard paper, color pens, double-sided tape, ribbon, plastic eyeball. 9. Christmas Candle (18:08) You will need: Pyramid template, green paper, double-sided tape, puncher, led candle, glue, glitter. 10. Christmas Handkerchief Wreath (20:10) You will need: Christmas handkerchief, cardboard, stapler, glue gun, gift bag, twine. 11. Mason Jar Christmas Light (22:43) You will need: Mason Jar, ornament paper, double-sided tape, Christmas decoration, twine, candle, glue gun.
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8 DIY Disney Crafts HOW TO! 2017
Grab your scissors, grab your glue! Make some Disney inspired crafts :) Have a nice fun!! 1. Flower Pot 2. Disney Mugs 3. Bookmarks – template: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7haldlj0h1e75dx/bookmarks.jpg?dl=0 4. Dream Catcher 5. Mickey Ears 6. Glass Gift Ball 7. Necklace 8. Mug Coaster
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15 Simple Useful Life Hacks HOW TO!
15 simple and clever life hack. Useful Tips And Tricks For Making Everyday Life Easier. Enjoy!
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DIY - How to make an Acorn Christmas ball
How to make an Acorn Christmas ball
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10 DIY Winter crafts HOW TO!
1 Winter pillow from flannel shirt and felt polar bear 2 Winter frame with glue gun snowflake 3 Winter globe 4 Winter nail art idea 5 White Winter decoration from twig 6 Hand warmer with rice 7 Sock gloves 8 Fluffy Phone Case 9 Deer Notebook 10 Ear Muff
Views: 41832 DIY Nikol & Alexandra
DIY How to make Jewelry Box
How to make Jewelry Box
Views: 4621 DIY Nikol & Alexandra
DIY - How to make MINION bag
MINION Bag tutorial. Make it for your children :) #minion #bag #movie
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3D Trick Art DIY - HOW TO!
Bullet Hole in Hand
Views: 5429 DIY Nikol & Alexandra
DIY - How to rip jeans
Restore your old jeans
Views: 8465 DIY Nikol & Alexandra
15 Best Simple Useful Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier
15 simple and clever life hack HOW TO Useful Tips And Tricks For Making Everyday Life Easier. Enjoy!
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10 FUNNY DIY ways to decorate EASTER EGGS
Here you'll find easy, fun, and inexpensive DIY projects that will add a touch of Easter cheer to your home. 1. Shaving cream easter eggs 2. Glue gun decorating 3. Mini burgers 4. Doughnuts 5. Carrots 6. Glossy eggs 7. Ninjas 8. Tattoo sticker eggs 9. Crayon decorated eggs 10. Emojis
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DIY -  Tinkerbell Halloweeen pumpkin
How to make Halloween carved pumpkin
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DIY SCHOOL NOTEBOOKS - Starbucks and tablet notebook HOW TO!
Check our video how to make diy school notebooks. Starbucks and tablet notebook tutorial.
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DIY - How to make easy Bird Feeder
DIY - Bird Feeder
Views: 55965 DIY Nikol & Alexandra
10 DIY New Year Party Crafts. HOW TO!
Looking for some New Year's Eve crafts? Chek out our selection. 1. New Year Tree decoration 2. Happy New Year Candle 3. Garland - Happy New Year 4. Candle holder 2017 5. New Year Party nails 2017 6. 2017 Gold wreath 7. New Year setting - napkins 8. Party Glass Props 9. Party Hats 10. 2017 Party Champagne Gold
Views: 88976 DIY Nikol & Alexandra
DIY Yarn Christmas tree HOW TO!
DIY - Yarn Christmas tree
Views: 4129 DIY Nikol & Alexandra
10 DIY COCA COLA Craft HOW TO! Recycling
10 DIY COKE craft inspiration: 1. Coke liquid soap container 2. Coca Cola pencils 3. Coca Cola notebook 4. Coke power bank 5. Coca Cola phone case 6. Coca Cola key chain 7. Coca Cola lip balm 8. Coke pencil holder 9. Coca Cola earring 10. Coca Cola candle holder For more video subscribe us :)
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8 DIY Solar Garden Light Craft / HOW TO!
Solar Garden Lights. Fast and Fabulous Ideas to Decorate Your Garden. 1. Solar Lighthouse 0:45 2. Gel Beads Solar Lamp 3:01 3. Cherry Blossom Solar Light 4:19 4. Stone House Solar Light 5:42 5. Tin Solar Lamp 7:40 6. Salt Lamp Solar Light 9:51 7. Flower Solar Light 11:02 8. Mason Jar Solar Light 12:28
Views: 22114 DIY Nikol & Alexandra
DIY Sock Emoticons | Facebook chat emojis out of socks HOW TO!
Can´t find that matching sock? Make some really cool facebook / messenger emojis out of them. Pusheen, Plum, Banana, Moohan and emojis. Needed equipments: socks hand sewing tools felt scissors
Views: 9187 DIY Nikol & Alexandra
10 DIY Plastic Bottle Craft  HOW TO! DIY Creative ways reuse / recycle PET bottles part 3
Music: https://fremont-pdx.bandcamp.com/album/trees-to-stone FREMONT - Trees to Stone AdRev for Rights Holder For more inspiration see: PART 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edXimuzIVhk&t=1s PART 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edXimuzIVhk&t=1s PART 3 provides ideas: 1 Cotton pad holder 2 Pencil holder 3 Mini purse 4 Lamp (We recoment to cut a hole at the bottom for safety and use bulb which is not overheating.) 5 Popcorn holder 6 Heart box 7 Earrings 8 Piggy bank 9 Comb holder 10 Make up brushes holder
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5 DIY Ribbon projects / HOW TO! PART 1 crafts
5 DIY Ribbon craft Ribbon is one of the easiest ways to make projects and crafts stand out. Check out our favorite projects that feature DIY projects, crafts for kids, home décor and more. The posibilites are endless with ribbon! 1. Ribbon bracelet (ribbon + pearls) 00:07 2. Ribbon necklase (ribbon + washer) 01:20 3. Ribbon bookmark (ribbon + button + rubber band) 03:18 4. Ribbon pillow (ribbon + pillow) 04:43 5. Lip balm holder 06:16 See part 2 next week: Ribbon Flip Flop Ribbon Pen Ribbon Wreath Ribbon T-shirt Ribbon Bouquet
Views: 4749 DIY Nikol & Alexandra
5 DIY Phone Case ideas - HOW TO!
DIY pokeball case tutorial, 3D doughnut case, emoji phone case, galaxy and mirror mosaic case
Views: 29974 DIY Nikol & Alexandra
How to restore your old T-Shirt
Make Your Favourite Old T-Shirt New Again
Views: 17762 DIY Nikol & Alexandra

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