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Good Girls Go Bad: Hermione/Draco
Pretty Self explainatory Song: Good Girls Go Bad Clips: Harry Potter One and Two I do not own the clips or audio. I make no money off this clip.
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Poison Love: Hermione And Voldemort
This song is "Poison Love" by Phoebe Sharp. Brilliant Song and I hope to see it on the New Moon Soundtrack. The Clips are from Harry Potter and Ballet Shoes. I own nothing... Program used Sony Vegas 9.0 (Still trying to get used to it) Plot: Hermione and Voldemort love story. Colour is present. Black and White is past... Hermione is in love with the old Tom Riddle and she can't believe what he has turned into becoming the dark lord. She is battling her feelings towards the most evil wizard ever as she denies her feelings to even her friends and those who care about her. Comment Please It took forever to make. My computer was being dumb and I tried to put enough time into it.
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Effy: Perfect Lie
Another Effy Video. Comment Please. No real plot line just basically the basics of Effy and her boys. Program: Sony Vegas Clips: Skins Series 3 Music: Perfect Lie
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Hermione: The Animal I've Become
This is only my second video made with Sony Vegas and it took me a long time and a lot of work so I hope you like it. Plot: Hermione is sorted into Slytherin. She feels like she has a loyalty to the Deatheaters and darker side. Yet as she goes through Hogwarts she realizes how much her friendship with Harry and Ron mean to her. Throughout this whole time, she is now debating with herself wondering which side she should chose. (I know not a grand plot but hey I tried) Clips: All Harry Potters Except Chamber of Secrets Ballet Shoes Music: The Animal I've Become I make no money off of this video it was made to cure my boredom and to give entertainment to others.
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Too Late: Hermione's Death
Hey Everyone! I know I haven't come out with a video in awhile but now that I'm on winter break here's one. Hope you like it! Comments and Subscriptions are love =D Summary: Harry thinks back over all the times both good and bad that he has with Hermione. It isn't until he is provoked by Dudley that he recalls the actual day that Hermione dies (after being killed by death eaters). No Copyright Intended. Nothing Belongs to me.
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Hermione Malfoy and Harry Potter
This actually has a plot unlike most of my videos =) It's a little hard to follow and goes a bit fast but hey i didn't want to make it too long. If people want a longer one with more detail or even a second one following and telling what happens then comment and let me know. Okay here is the plot: Hermione's parents are killed by a death eater raid. For some reason Lucius decides to take her in and raise her as his own. She becomes Herminone Malfoy sister of Draco Malfoy. When they both reach Hogwarts ten years later both get sorted into Slytherin. Yet this Slytherin princess falls in love with the one boy she shouldn't, Harry Potter the boy who lived. Harry and Hermione create a relationship but what will happen when Draco and Lucius find out?
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The Dark Lords' Orders: Hermione/Draco
Plot: Draco is told by the Dark Lord to kill Hermione. First off he tries to be himself calling her hurtful names. Though once Hermione breaks down and cries, Draco is there to console her and make everything better. After that moment both Hermione and Draco wonder if there is something more between them. Forming a relationship. Hermione even stands up for Draco saying that's he's changed in front of all her own friends. Finally in the end, even if Draco does love Hermione, he feels his loyalty to the Dark Lord is more powerful, killing her with a simple curse. I tried really hard on this one so please comment =) Program: Sony Vegas Clips: Harry Potter, Ballet Shoes Song: Was 21 Guns but the audio was changed to Fire Burning Then once again it was muted so I changed it once more. Hopefully this one will stay...
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Effy: Haunted
Basically just a video about Effy from Skins and a few of my favorite scenes. The song is Haunted. Effy is so beautiful I absolutely love her to death. Best character in series three in my opinion. =) Comment Please.
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Juno Temple
This is a short video staring Juno Temple Clips from Wild One, Juno Temple by Tyler Shields, and Plushgun's music video *inspiration Kayliegh White. A rp character held by a friend who used Juno as a pb* Song: Diary Of Jane, Breaking Ben
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Everything You Want: Hermione
Harry, Ron, and Draco all are in love with Hermione. Though she isn't sure who she wants to choose. In a way she loves them all, yet at the same time none of them really complete her as much as she always dreamed of. Thoughout her thought pattern she remembers her experiences with all the boys.
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Kayleigh Meghan White
Movie I made as a request for a roleplaying website. This is for a character named Kayleigh White. The Celebrity is Juno Temple and the clips are from So Impolite by Plushgun. The starting clips are by Tyler Shields. The song is All We Wanna Be
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Andrew+ Caina
Again made on Sony Vegas. Nothing special. I tried to add a few effects but I don't know how it turned out.... The plot is basically about two characters on the board I'm on. One is held by my roomie and the other is Andrew who I don't know the real name of =0 So yeah. Both Caina and Andrew like each other but they are best friends. Neither knows which the other likes them so yeah. :D Clips From: Days of Our Lives, Prince Caspian, Bring It On: In It To Win It I do not make money off this video I have made it only for my own amusement.
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Toni Addison
This is a movie that I made for a request. It is based on a character named Toni Addison on a roleplaying site called HNZ. The Song is Everybody's Fool Clips and Pictures are from all three High School Musicals and Suite Life of Zack And Cody.
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This is my first video using Sony Vegas so it's not the best. This is for my character Charlie Clips are all from Taylor Swift's Music Video: Love Story, You Belong With Me, Our Song Music: The In Crowd
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Makenna Morgan
Movie created about my character on HNZ Makenna May Morgan. Clips from the Uk Tv show Skins Song: Desperate *The song is supposed to skip around.*
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Almost Lover: Hermione/Harry
I know this has been done before. Truthfully I didn't realize it until after I started. I'm not a huge fan of Harry and Hermione. I much prefer Draco and Hermione but oh well. Story is simple: Hermione loves harry but no matter what she does Harry will never quite love her back Program: Sony Vegas Clips: Harry Potter, Ballet Shoes Song: Almost Lover
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The Young And Magical: Bleeding Love?
This is one video of a Harry Potter series that I'm trying to create.This video is shorter than I wanted but my Sony Vegas was acting up. Anyway.... Plot: Draco abuses Hermione both verbally and physcally. Harry and Ron see this but don't know what to do at first. Though after awhile Harry and Ron decide to stand up for Hermione. Hermione is grateful for this yet Draco is not quite through with this situation yet.... Part one of Bleeding Love? Song: Face Down Clips: Harry Potter One Harry Potter Two
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The Last Night: Hermione and Ron
So I love this song so much. It's the last night by skillet. The video is a little difficult to follow. Basically listen to the lyrics. But there is a small plot as well. Confused yet? Good Well.... Hermione is a cutter since she was young (the younger clips of her), Finally she tells Ron about it and he doesn't know what to think about first. Throughout the video he lets her know that he will be by herself no matter what. But as she continues to cut he gets mad and they have a fight. The last scene is him realizing that he loves her and is wrong to just leave Hermione when she is going through all this. So he goes to find her and helps her put down the blade =) Can be Triggering!?! EDIT: The audio was blocked and I refuse to change the song. So if you want to watch it. Which I hope you do =) Please find the song Skillet the Last Night and play it while watching the video .Hopefully you won't be disappointed =)
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