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Octopus Fight
boy vs octopus. Who will win?
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Girl has to hold her breath forever
This girl has to hold her breath forever in a gameshow. They collect pearls, which are worth money. They are allowed to breathe once every minute, well ONE of them. The boy takes up all air and even blocks the door at the end.
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Cave Diving
a boy is swimming in a cave underwater. he cannot find the exit.
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Trapped in pool drain
18 yo lifeguard's arm trapped in drain
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Trapped Underwater
A boy finds an underwater cage while breathhold-diving. Luckily he's too scared to enter without his airtank.
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stuck in pool drain
girl gets her hand stuck in a pooldrain
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My breathholding limit (2 minutes)
pooldrain entrapment, breathholding limit test
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trapped under cover
girl trapped underwater
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Trapped Underwater
young girl trapped underwater
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boy vs. divers
Who will win? Will they catch him or will he escape stealing the pearl?
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my breathholding limit (2 minutes)
could I survive a pooldrain entrapment? what do you think, comment down below...
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stuck in pool drain
How long can you hold your breath?
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Killer Clam
a young boy dives in a lake and gets caught underwater. thats why these shells are called killer clams. the boy has no chance and has to suffocate in agony!
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2 minutes underwater
pooldrain entrapment survival training
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trapped underwater
a boy wants to remove some older boys animal traps. so he dives down to a cave. but it's a trap. a drowning trap!
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trapped under cover
2 boys trapped underwater
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Underwater Box Escape
a young girl does an underwater box escape. But it goes wrong. The timer counts from 1:10 to 0 because that's how long she can hold her breath. Usually she opens the box after 30 seconds, but not this time. Someone preparated something wrong!
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stuck in pool drain
How long can you hold your breath?
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underwater house
Boy finds an underwater house!
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