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Clock Tower [Snes] / All Endings
All the Endings [S to H] of the bloody game we all love
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Clock Tower [Snes] / Hiding Places
Included All The "Hiding Places" of the Game If you think i missed something post it
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How to make a SuperShot / Football Champ - Goal '92
Instructions inside This game rocks..
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Clock Tower: The First Fear /  Secrets
These are little secrets that not every player knows..
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Clock Tower [SNES] / Dead Ends
Compilation of ALL the Dead Ends I think i included them all if you think that i missed some1 post it in the comment and i'll add it ^_^
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Morgan - Flying High
Artist: Morgan (a.k.a. Morgan Nicholls / MURDOC from GORILLAZ) Song: Flying High Laber: Source Year: 2000 Morgan = Murdoc from Gorillaz
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What's The Hardest "Fighting Game" Boss Ever?
Post as a video response what is the Hardest "Beat em Up" or "Fighting" game boss in the history of Videogames (in your opinion) //// Mine is "Akuma" From "Street Fighter Turbo II" (Arcade)
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Clock Tower: The First Fear / Playstation Version Extras
The extra scenes included in the Playstation version of this game.
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Garou: Mark of the Wolves / All Supers
All the supers (Except the final bosses) from this beautiful game (Neo Geo)
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Clock Tower Chase [SNES]
I love this game btw Im so PWNED =D
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Clock Tower II / Helen Scenario 2A (Library) Walkthrough 1/2
Part 1 of Helen Scenaria 2A (The Library)
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Clock Tower [Ending S Time Trial] [Part 3 of 3]
Last Part of My Time Trial of Clock Tower
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Strongest "Beat 'em Up" Boss Ever??
From Violent Storm. The Bosses from this game are pretty invincible.. (especially the last one) Battle against Sledge, he counterattack almost every move you make :/ + he has high block points and you can't almost grab him :O
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Violent Storm / Kyle Vs..Blanka??
No It's not Blanka..it's Red Fredy :D Killed in 1 Energy Bar
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Clock Tower [Ending S Time Trial] [Part 1 of 3]
Perfect Ending S Walkthrough.. Try to beat my time record =D In this game i saved Laura and let Ann die..why? Ann's death is faster :) In this game i had to find the Devil Idol..sometimes you have to find the Scepter..It's in The Music Room behind the curtains; In this game the West Wing Key is in the Living Room,but sometimes it's in the bird's nest.Where's the bird nest? in the Closet's coridor (the room i used to escape Bobby) There are many things that i didn't collect..why? because they aren't stricly necessary to have the quickest possible Ending S (more)
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Clock Tower /  The Really Really Evil Scissorman (WTF?!!)
LMAO =D Scissorman is so damn evil
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The Crystal Of Kings / All Endings
Good/Normal/Bad Ending Of This Great Game. (The boring credit rool is speeded up) (omg Lustro Furia is identical to Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII :0 )
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Violent Storm - Doyle / 1 Lifebar
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Violent Storm - Sledge 1 LIFEBAR!!
Finally i got this buddy down with only 1 fifebar...it's HARD
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Star Ocean 2 - Dragon Tyrant / Iselia Queen / Wisesorcer
Me VS Evil Song's Bosses 8-9-10
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Clock Tower II / Jennifer Scenario 3 Walkthrough [Part 1of4]
Part 1 of 4 of my Walkthrough to Jennifer Scenario 3: "The Barrows Mansion" I edited the soundtrack and..the results are pretty awesome :)
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Prince Of Persia [Snes] - Level 18 (Time Trial) + Final Boss
This game is HARD Nice time on level 18.. 04.48(WITHOUT running away from enemies) (05.53 is not the real time, because before this attemp i died after 1 minute) Btw it's possible to do a lot better (post it as a video response)
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Captain Tsubasa Snes Game - BEST TEAM EVER
Formation: 3-5-2 This is the strongest team and formation (except for the keeper which is the fastest but overall is just mediocre)that you can use in Captain Tsubasa 5. Defense: Matsuyama/Klins nr2 Kusta nr4 Misugi nr3 Midfield: Tsubasa nr6 Signori/Nitta nr5 Batty nr10 (Or Hyuga) Santana nr8 Alexion nr7 Attack: Shneider nr11 Hyuga nr9 (Or Nitta) P.s. I know that Tsubasa normally is nr.10 but if he plays as nr.6 in this formation he is more useful.
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Clock Tower II / Jennifer Scenario 3 Walkthrough [Part 3of4]
Part 3 of 4 of my Scenario 3 Walkthrough [Jennifer]
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Clock Tower WTFs! [SNES]
last movie on CT
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Morgan - Flying High (Jadell Remix)
Awesome song To support this highly underrated song and artist buy this CD/single as i did. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/59164-03.htm
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Mame Rom / Mille Miglia - Last Track Record
Here's my Record at 1000 Miglia [Last Track] Can you beat my record? Current is 48.49 Post it as a video response
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Clock Tower II / Jennifer Scenario 3 Walkthrough [Part 2of4]
Part 2 of 4 of my Scenario 3 Walkthrough [Jennifer]
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Clock Tower II / Jennifer Scenario 3 Walkthrough [Part 4of4]
Last Part! I hope you liked it ^_^
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Chrono Trigger - Pervert Version # 2
Epic CT version called "Another Spoof"
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Megaman  [Nes] - How to beat Elecman with 1 HP / BUSTER-ONLY
How to beat Elecman with 1 HP (without getting touched) only using the Buster
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Secret Of Mana 2 - "God-Like" Characters 2
These characters are simply awesome. Omg..The Ending is..pretty weird.. Spoilers: Why did the last enemy pwned the s**t outta me? Here's TlaG note about Shadow Zeros :"Blackened goopy midgets with teal 'eyes' whom can imitate a character to a tee. Fighting one of these is usually a practice in suicide.-"
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Chrono Trigger - Pervert Version LOL
LOL the guy who made this patch is a genius
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Hardest "Mega Man" Boss Ever - GEMINI MAN x 2 (from Mega Man III)
This is surely the hardest boss ever from MegaMan. It's from Mega Man III (Double Team HACK) Used just 1 energy bar. I haven't slowed down the video..it's the rom/emulator due to the 4 Gemini Men on screen :/
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Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Dramatic Battle
Everybody loves recalculate damage :)
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Clock Tower [Ending S Time Trial] [Part 2 of 3]
Here's Part2 of my Clock Tower Time Trial [Never fool around in the storage room..when you are inside just hurry]
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Secret Of Mana - Prophecy
Secret Of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 2 p.s Haxxor =D
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