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Compilation of the Dos Equis Beer Commercials - The Most Interesting Man in the World
He is The Most Interesting Man in The World and here is why. This is not my work, but it's the most iconic alcoholic beverage advertising propaganda I've seen in a long time. Which is all due to Dos Equis creating a spokes person who is ultra-charismatic and uniquely-personable. Stay thirsty my friends.
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David Ogilvy - Direct Marketing copy is the core of effective Advertising
Today 60's Ad man David Ogilvy's "Secret Weapon" of business success is far more relevant due to the rise of Online Marketing. He gave this speech almost forty years ago, from behind a camera in India to the advertising world.
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Traveling Around the USA
Currently planning a trip traveling around this USA. But what happens when you start traveling and dont wanna go home
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Dream Research Footage
Interview with Dream & Psychology experts - Proffecorrs Jayne Gackenbach and G. William Domhoff, however there is no background on who the 3rd and final woman is. The 3 separate interviews answer questions about the human consciousness in rem sleep dreams. Also the common dream themes of fly, falling, being chased and being naked in public. Finally they discuss the human consciousness in rem sleep / lucid dreams and the power that can come from controlling their dreams. Interview conducted by Chris Nolan
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Greek Peak Night Snowboard Jam
Shreading the mountain on a night session at Greek Peak New York
Views: 405 Owen Moore

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