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VoltLog #6 - Gophert CPS-3205C Calibration
In this video I am calibrating the Gophert CPS-3205C power supply using my Keithley 175 4.5 digit multimeter and my adjustable dummy load. If you haven't watched the review click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t49P2nh9_t0 Purchase CPS-3205C: Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/ydbz8 Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/qfiwh Amazon: http://voltlog.com/y/r4zhk Aliexpress: http://voltlog.com/y/p2hv9 The calibration procedure is: 1. Set the V/A selector switch to A position, 2. Push the adjust knob then power on the power supply,the meter will display PUSH OFF, 3. Press the ON/OFF button one time then press the LOCK button two times, the unit will go into voltage calibration (please note calibrate the voltage with no load), the voltmeter displays 01.00 and amp meter displays 001. 4. please adjust the adjust knob to set the output voltage to 1.005V,( you can push the adjust knob to select the range of adjusting) then press the ON/OFF button to calibrate the output voltage to 10.00V and 30.00V, after 30V voltage has been calibrated, please press the ON/OFF button to go into current calibration, connect your electronic load to the output terminal of the power supply, the unit must operate in C.C mode,the amp meter displays 1.00 and the voltmeter displays 0001, please adjust the adjust knob to set the output constant current to 1.000A, then press the ON/OFF button to calibrate the output constant current 5.000A,after 5.0A has been calibrated then press the ON/OFF button to finish the calibration.
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Voltlog #62 - Rigol DS1054Z Fan Replacement
In this video I am replacing the original Sunon MagLev ME50151V3-000C-A99 fan inside my Rigol DS1054Z with a more quieter Gelid Silent 5 Fan. I was surprised by the new fan, the upgrade is well worth it because the unit runs quieter now. Gelid Silent 5 Cooling Fan Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/thzxb Amazon: http://voltlog.com/y/ifnbt JST XH 2.5mm 2-pin Connector http://voltlog.com/y/da9zi Blog http://www.voltlog.com
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Voltlog #146 - Is My NEO M8N GPS Module Fake?
Welcome to a new voltlog, today we are taking a closer look at the NEO M8N GPS Module that I showed getting in a recent video. A few people mentioned in the comments that there are a lot of fakes being sold on ebay so I should check mine to see if I got a fake or not. NEO M8N GPS Module (probably fake) Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/zb10h Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/q71p9 Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/o82jt Blog post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-146-is-my-neo-m8n-gps-module-fake
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Voltlog #102 - S-993A Desoldering Gun Teardown
This is a teardown of the S-993A desoldering gun. Here is where you can get the tool: S-993A Desoldering Gun 110V https://goo.gl/EX71Gx S-993A Desoldering Gun 220V https://goo.gl/Sbdpyv
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Voltlog #139 - Aneng AN8009 Multimeter Review
So in the end I would say this new AN8009 model is just as good as the AN8008 and they are both great beginner multimeters but they can also be good for the more advanced user who better understands their limitations. Get the Aneng AN8009 from: Amazon http://voltlog.com/y/mweto Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/gf3om Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/71rzk Blog Post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-139-aneng-an8009-multimeter-review
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Voltlog #53 - DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Power Supply With LCD
In this video I power up the dc-dc adjustable step down power supply with LCD I got from banggood. Links bellow. Buy the module from Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/sk8lt Buy the module from Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/f2rjy Dummy load used in this video: http://voltlog.com/y/ctopb Voltlog Blog http://www.voltlog.com
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Voltlog #38 - 60W Electronic DC Load Review ZPB30A1
Description In this video I am doing a review of the recently purchased 60W Electronic Dummy Load. I go through the different operating modes, a short thermal stress test and in the end I am presenting a conclusion whether or not this is a good buy. Purchase 60W Electronic Dummy Load Battery Tester: Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/9lbrq Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/293qw Amazon: http://voltlog.com/y/5a6be 60W Dummy Load Range Mod 20mA to 999mA https://youtu.be/K-7kgfbH-eI 60W Dummy Load Reverse Engineering Video https://youtu.be/KYncNH8_m70 Follow me on Twitter: http://www.voltlog.com/twitter
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Voltlog #54 - BQ24650 MPPT Charging Module
In this video I am taking a look at this compact BQ24650 Charging MPPT Module made by YZX Studio in China. You can use this module to improve the efficiency of your solar system while charging your battery. Get the BQ24650 module on ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/8yapf BQ24650 English User Manual PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1jlW3s_UNY5bjdHcmNWQ09vS28/view BQ24650 Texas Instruments: http://www.ti.com/product/BQ24650 MPPT explained on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximum_power_point_tracking Voltlog Blog http://www.voltlog.com
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Voltlog #185 - First Q&A Video
Welcome to a new Voltlog, something new today, this is the first Q&A video I’ve done and I hope you will enjoy it. It should be a great way of finding out new stuff about me. The blog http://www.voltlog.com Donations http://www.voltlog.com/donations
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Voltlog #67 - Precision Current Reference Using REF200
I don’t have any precision current source in my lab, and these are useful for testing multimeters for example. I was looking on ebay for a current reference but I wasn’t able to find an affordable one so I’ve decided to build one using the REF200 integrated circuit from Texas Instruments. Scullcom Hobby Electronics #40 - Design & Build a Low Current Reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrnVMnwlQXk Schematic/Wiring Diagram http://voltlog.com/pub/ref200-schematic.pdf REF200 Datasheet http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/ref200.pdf Plastic Enclosure http://voltlog.com/y/jp146 4mm Banana Jack http://voltlog.com/y/e71g0 Lithium Battery Charging Protection Module http://voltlog.com/y/oy7b1 3P4T Rotary Selection Switch http://voltlog.com/y/a3wzk 18650 Lithium Battery Cell on Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/0rbhv 18650 Lithium Battery Cell With Tabs on Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/dpa3k SO-8 Adapter PCB http://voltlog.com/y/6m4xh
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Voltlog #119 - 150W Dummy Load Review
Today we are taking a look at yet another electronic load. I found this one on Aliexpress, I think it’s a rather new model so let’s see what it can do. New 150W Electronic Load http://voltlog.com/y/1fogj New 180W Electronic Load http://voltlog.com/y/ajdkz
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Voltlog #29 - Through Hole Drag Soldering Technique
This one is a very short video showing you how to use the drag soldering technique. I am using this method every time I need to solder in line pins, I get good solder joints in half the time it would take me to solder each individual pin. This can add up to a lot of saved time when you’re working on boards with more than 400 solder joints. Links Set of 10pcs hakko clones soldering iron tips http://voltlog.com/y/jsvq2 High Quality Clone HAKKO FX-951 Soldering Station - EU http://voltlog.com/y/itay8 Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoltLog
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Voltlog #108 - 150W Electronic Load Review - It's a fake!
I never expected this electronic dummy load to be so bad because I kinda liked the way it’s built and how it looks. Unfortunately it’s way out of spec on the measurements and also has some firmware bugs. 150W Electronic Load Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/7rn6d Aliexpress: http://voltlog.com/y/i7cm6 60W Electronic Load Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/9lbrq Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/293qw Aliexpress: http://voltlog.com/y/omtfq User Manual 150W PDF http://voltlog.com/y/jxg7e
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Voltlog #42 - DIY 4 x 18650 Lithium Battery Charger TP4056
In this video I am making a DIY 4 x 18650 lithium battery charger with adjustable charging current. Mini 1A Lithium Battery Charging Module http://voltlog.com/y/vondo 4 x 18650 ABS Battery Holder http://voltlog.com/y/12dld Review of TP4056 charger http://voltlog.com/y/eb4l8 TP4056 Datasheet http://voltlog.com/y/kyld6 Follow me on Twitter: http://www.voltlog.com/twitter
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Voltlog #41 - 60W Dummy Load Mod 20mA to 999mA
This video is about the 60W dummy load discussed in episode number #38 and #39 and if you haven’t watched those two videos I recommend you do, there will be links below. In this video I am doing a mod to change the range of the dummy load from 0.2A-9.99A to a new range of 20mA to 999mA. Purchase The 60W Electronic Dummy Load Battery Tester: From Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/9lbrq From Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/293qw From Amazon: http://voltlog.com/y/5a6be 60W Electronic Dummy Load Review Video https://youtu.be/snROh2acybs 60W Electronic Dummy Load Reverse Engineering Video https://youtu.be/KYncNH8_m70 It is best to go with a 1% or better 0.1R shunt resistor because we have no way of calibrating in software so here is a selection of cheap resistors from ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/bowfk Or better, you can go through your local distributor (Digikey, Mouser, Element14) and search for a proper quality shunt resistor, 0.1R, at least 0.5W, 1% or better: Digikey serach: http://voltlog.com/y/9146c Follow me on Twitter: http://www.voltlog.com/twitter
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Voltlog #161 - How To Solder SMD Parts
In this video I am presenting a few methods for soldering smd parts. $2 for 10pcs Prototype PCBs & 48 hours quick turn on https://jlcpcb.com/ Here are links to the items I used in this video: Solder Paste http://voltlog.com/y/941ik Solder Wire Leaded http://voltlog.com/y/xfa1o Flux Pen http://voltlog.com/y/3szb2 T12 Soldering Station http://voltlog.com/y/n02da Reflow Oven http://voltlog.com/y/41xsq Blog post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-161-how-to-assemble-smd-parts
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Voltlog #166 - LRC Reference Box (Hao QI Xin)
$2 for 10pcs boards, 48 Hours Quick Turn: https://jlcpcb.com/ In this video we are taking a closer look at the Hao QI Xin LRC Reference Box which contains a couple of polystyrene capacitors, a vishay precision resistor and an un-marked inductor. I also talk about getting the AD584 voltage reference box, however it is hard to find the LH version. LRC Reference Box Aliexpress: http://voltlog.com/y/xg5o9 Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/f0cmh AD584 Voltage Reference Box http://voltlog.com/y/ws2fd AD584 Datasheet http://voltlog.com/y/2ixvz Taobao store http://voltlog.com/y/ljypu Blog Post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-166-lrc-reference-box-hao-qi-xin
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Voltlog - Weekend Update
Hello and welcome to this weekend update. This will be just a short video where I’m going to show you the stuff I’m working on lately. Vishay VHP100 Foil Resistors http://voltlog.com/y/mnqsv Here are some links to some of the tools you will see on my bench →BLtouch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/9u4ef Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/psqob →Xiaomi Wiha Screwdriver Set Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/cv2do Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/4vbpi →TS100 Portable Soldering Iron Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/s8ni9 Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/do6ws Blog post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-weekend-update
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Voltlog #99 - Samsung TV Power Supply Board Repair MK32P5T BN44-00213A
In this video I am repairing a power supply board from a Samsung TV. The part number for the power supply board is MK32P5T (BN44-00213A). The TV was showing the stand-by led but refused to turn on. It turns out this was a common problem with a simple fix. Here are links to some of the tools used in this video: Soldering Station Kit: http://voltlog.com/y/2b9za T12 Soldering Iron Tip Various Types http://voltlog.com/y/b0y84 Soldering tip refresher http://voltlog.com/y/gintj Solder Wire http://voltlog.com/y/6bane Flux http://voltlog.com/y/sb9rl
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Voltlog #126 - How fast can you update an e-paper display?
Welcome to a new voltlog, today we are going to answer the question how fast can you update an e-paper display? Link e-paper display black/white Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/epyti Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/t59g3 Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/9u1am Link epaper black/red/white http://voltlog.com/y/el2pz Wikipedia on e-paper display technology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_paper Wiki on these display modules http://www.waveshare.com/wiki/1.54inch_e-Paper_Module Blog post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-126-how-fast-can-you-update-an-e-paper-display
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Voltlog #66 - Cheap NiMH Rechargeable Battery Testing
If you were following my inthemail videos you probably seen these green rechargeable batteries that I got from ebay quite cheap, I think they were like 50 cents a piece. I got 4 pcs in AA size and 4 pieces in AAA size and little did I know about how crappy these could be. Varta NiMH AA Rechargeable Battery http://voltlog.com/y/jbfy0 Varta NiMH AAA Rechargeable Battery http://voltlog.com/y/hxt20 eLoad USB Data Logging Dummy Load http://voltlog.com/y/l8dka Neodymium Magnets With Countersunk Hole http://voltlog.com/y/946cm
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Voltlog #34 - Fluke 77 Teardown & Repair, Varistor Replacement
In this video I’m opening the Fluke 77 I scored at a recent auction to show and repair a small issue it has. One of the spark gaps used in the input protection circuit had suffered damage probably while protecting the rest of the circuit when a HV signal was applied to it’s input. For the repair the sparkgap was very hard to find so I replaced it with an MOV. For reference, future Fluke 70 series did switch to MOV protection instead of the sparkgaps so it should be fine and continue to function as intended. The original spark gap part number is Fluke 655134 1500V surge protector. The replacement MOV part number is Panasonic ERZV10D911 specs 910V 1mA Fluke 77 Manual: http://voltlog.com/y/9tyye Follow me on Twitter: http://www.voltlog.com/twitter
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Voltlog #78 - Building a 2x25W Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Amplifier TDA7492P
In this episode we are going to build a bluetooth speaker amplifier based on the TDA7492P class D audio amplifier coupled with a Bluetooth 4 module. Bluetooth Audio Amplifier With Enclosure TDA7492P http://voltlog.com/y/w3cgv Bluetooth Audio Amplifier PCB Module TDA7492P Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/56gwl Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/g4ied Switching Power Supply Brick 24V 3A http://voltlog.com/y/hkeq5 Aluminium Enclosure 110x66x24 http://voltlog.com/y/hxgwe DC Power Jack Panel Mount http://voltlog.com/y/e15u2 3.5mm Stereo Jack Panel Mount http://voltlog.com/y/rbqsp 4 Way Speaker Terminal http://voltlog.com/y/2bfj3 Mini Rocker Switch On/Off 3A http://voltlog.com/y/bpe4f 100x100x0.5mm Thermal Silicone Pad http://voltlog.com/y/ko835 20x20x15 Aluminium Heatsink http://voltlog.com/y/oje3n Countersunk Screw 3x6mm http://voltlog.com/y/1hb0g Brass Standoffs Kit http://voltlog.com/y/e4rqo Self Adhesive Rubber Feet http://voltlog.com/y/c372v Drill holes for the enclosure http://voltlog.com/pub/drill-holes-78.pdf Wiring Diagram http://www.voltlog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/wiring.jpg
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Voltlog #152 - Fake Aneng AN101?
Hello guys, this is just a quick update to show you something interesting. Here are links to where you can buy this meter →Aneng AN101 Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/eg7zd Amazon http://voltlog.com/y/yv0gc Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/omdsq Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/f1vbo Blog post http://www.voltlog.com/
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Voltlog #156 - Best Proximity Sensor For 3D Printer Auto Bed Leveling
I highly recommend you jump to voltlog #177 where I show you how to install a bltouch sensor which is the best option in my opinion. In this video I am testing four different proximity sensors over the glass bed of my Creality CR10 3d printer. Get the Creality CR10 3D printer from these places: Amazon http://voltlog.com/y/vh2tr Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/thop0 Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/o14dq LJ18A3-8-Z/BX 8mm NPN NO Inductive Sensor Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/fdg3p Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/olpfk LJC18A3-H-Z/BX 1-10mm NPN NO Capacitive Sensor Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/qr261 Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/swil7 SN04-N 4mm NPN NO Sensor Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/k9p83 Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/wso8j PL-05N 5mm Inductive NPN NO Sensor Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/lj5gv Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/jhtl1 Blog post http://www.voltlog.com/
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Voltlog #140 - ISDT Q6 Plus Lipo Charger Repair
If your ISDT Q6 Plus Charger is showing warning “current operation is not supported” this repair video might help you fix it. →Get the ISDT Q6 Plus here: Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/oq4ti Amazon http://voltlog.com/y/1xtqz Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/y3nue Blog Post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-140-isdt-q6-plus-lipo-charger-repair
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Voltlog #39 - 60W Electronic DC Load Reverse Engineering
In this video we’re discussing the dummy load again but this time I reverse engineered the dummy load schematic and I discuss it's basic theory of operation. Purchase 60W Electronic Dummy Load Battery Tester: Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/9lbrq Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/293qw Amazon: http://voltlog.com/y/5a6be Dummy Load Reverse Engineered Schematic http://voltlog.com/y/i2lop Andreas Spiess - Reverse engineering of the display part https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18Ew5_r17AA 60W Dummy Load Range Mod 20mA to 999mA https://youtu.be/K-7kgfbH-eI 60W Dummy Load Review Video https://youtu.be/snROh2acybs TL431 Precision Shunt Regulator Datasheet: http://voltlog.com/y/xhprk TLC272 Operational Amplifier Datasheet http://voltlog.com/y/eg6xn STM8S005K6T6C Microcontroller Datasheet http://voltlog.com/y/gyp3m STW60N10 N-Channel Mosfet Datasheet http://voltlog.com/y/6xs87 STPS3045C Dual Schottky Diode Datasheet http://voltlog.com/y/1sd83 Follow me on Twitter: http://www.voltlog.com/twitter
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Voltlog #176 - InTheMail
The best value prototype boards, $2 for 10 PCBs at https://jlcpcb.com/ Welcome to a new InTheMail the series that will touch both your passion for electronics and your bank account at the same time. Here are links to all the products shown in this video: 0:05 WS2812B Addressable RGB LED Strip →Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/96a1r →Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/fqtr9 2:06 RGB LED Control Module →Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/x5tn6 →Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/fplmy 2:40 Baofeng BF-T3 Radio →Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/vhost →Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/5tmze →Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/jrdlw 4:50 AD584 Voltage Reference →Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/lsbmu 7:50 Eachine EV100 DVR SDcard recorder →Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/kpjw5 →Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/oke4u 9:53 30X Magnifier With LED Lights →Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/nsqyv →Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/szkwy 11:44 Acetate Cloth Tape →Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/oqibk →Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/3wxzb 13:29 USB External Sound Card →Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/wucpx →Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/76ovl 14:41 SMT Active Buzzer 5V 85dB →Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/bsqfa Blog post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-176-inthemail
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Voltlog #72 - DIY AC-DC Off-Line Converter With TNY276/TNY277 - part 3
This is part 3 where I finally find out what was actually wrong in my circuit. Link to part 1 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnuHmA4HNDY Link to part 2 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oD39aMEq8g TNY277 datasheet https://www.power.com/sites/default/files/product-docs/tny274-280.pdf Schematic http://voltlog.com/pub/schematic-TNY276.pdf
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Voltlog #74 - InTheMail
It’s the second InTheMail in a row and probably there is 1 or 2 more coming your way because of the number of packages I’ve been receiving but I’m sure you guys don’t mind that. 0:15 Dual Channel Digital Thermocouple Thermometer Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/ko1h5 Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/cwmzv 3:20 Soldering Iron Handle 50W A1322 Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/gscvn Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/vo86t 4:18 Screwdriver Magnetizer / Demagnetizer Tool Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/u7wds Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/big50 5:22 Rechargeable NiMH Battery AA Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/t5gos Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/n0zwt 6:32 AA Battery Plastic Storage Box http://voltlog.com/y/keqn4 7:14 Cone Step Drill Bit HSS 4-22mm Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/zli42 Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/ckvle 8:37 Hollow Needles Desoldering Tool Kit Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/csf0o Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/n3w8h 10:29 Diamond Files Set Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/f1wtn Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/dxq0g 11:36 Brass Standoff Assortment Kit 300pcs Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/e4rqo Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/jxi4q 12:31 Silicone Lubricating Oil http://voltlog.com/y/3ch5b 13:05 Kontakt Spray Can http://voltlog.com/y/lwtou
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Voltlog #72 - DIY AC-DC Off-Line Converter With TNY276/TNY277 - part 1
This is the first AC-DC power supply that I’m designing and building. Everything seems to work up to a point where the chip gets too hot and enters thermal protection. This is where I’m asking my viewers help to jump in with suggestions on what might be wrong. Link to part 2 of this story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oD39aMEq8g TNY276 datasheet https://www.power.com/sites/default/files/product-docs/tny274-280.pdf Transformer ER2741 datasheet https://store.comet.bg/download-file.php?id=3311 PI Expert suite https://ac-dc.power.com/design-support/pi-expert/pi-expert-suite/ Schematic http://voltlog.com/pub/schematic-TNY276.pdf PCB Carbide Drill Bit Set http://voltlog.com/y/715dx
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Voltlog #14 - Frequency Meter Kit Assembly
In this video I am assembling the Crystal Oscillator Frequency Meter Kit I got from Banggood. It turns out to be a successful assembly, the kit works quite well. Crystal Oscillator Frequency Meter Kit: http://goo.gl/qiejJp PDF with schematic and instructions: https://goo.gl/00Nc8g Original project website: http://goo.gl/zLdlfU
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Voltlog #191 - First Order From China
So about 10 years ago I placed my first order in China. How about you? When did you first order something from China and when was that? I would be happy to hear your story so put it in the comments below. Andreas Spiess Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu7_D0o48KbfhpEohoP7YSQ Blog Post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-191-first-order-from-china Support the channel by sending a donation http://www.voltlog.com/donations #VoltLog #China #Alibaba
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Voltlog #169 - Weekend Update
Just a quick weekend update. Tindie shop http://voltlog.com/y/r3ivc Info on high voltage programming http://voltlog.com/y/4jye1 Blog Post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-169-weekend-update
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Voltlog #143 - NSA Style USB Cable GSM Bug/Locator Device
In this video we take a close look at what appears to be a plain simple usb data & charging cable. This is ofcourse not your typical cable but instead a full featured tracking spy device which works over the GSM network. The size, shape and purpose of the device is very similar to what the NSA has in their toolbox and calls it COTTONMOUTH. Get the GSM Data Line Locator from Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/ou1r2 Amazon http://voltlog.com/y/u9a1j Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/4xtrl Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/g2ofm Reverse engineering of the cable http://voltlog.com/y/0zyxe Blog Post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-143-nsa-style-usb-cable-gsm-bug-locator-device
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Voltlog #177 - Installing BLTouch Auto Bed Leveling On The Creality CR-10 3D Printer
$2 for 10pcs PCBs & $7 for a SMT Stencil at https://jlcpcb.com/ →Bltouch sensor mount thingiverse http://voltlog.com/y/a8jib →Bltouch 3D Touch Clone Sensor Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/9u4ef Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/y1fas Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/nozle Amazon http://voltlog.com/y/g3kab →Bltouch CR-10 Pin 27 Breakout Board http://voltlog.com/y/k65ow →Servo Wire 26AWG Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/6yktv Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/uogk0 →TH3D Unified Firmware http://voltlog.com/y/5g6s0 →CR10 bootloader flashing guide http://voltlog.com/y/u035d →If you need a good portable soldering iron checkout the TS100 Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/s8ni9 Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/do6ws →If you need a nice screwdriver set checkout this Wiha set Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/cv2do Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/4vbpi Blog post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-177-installing-bltouch-auto-bed-leveling-on-the-creality-cr-10-3d-printer
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Voltlog #118 - InTheMail ✉
Don’t forget to hit the like button if you enjoyed this video! 0:5 P5003 Mini Grabber SMD Test Hooks http://voltlog.com/y/oatr7 1:21 HB05N24 AC-DC 220V To 5V 2.4A Isolated Switching Power Module http://voltlog.com/y/rjkwh 6:04 Camera Tripod Clamp Mount http://voltlog.com/y/h36bw 7:02 9LED Round Aluminium PCB http://voltlog.com/y/fmhut 8:34 10W Plant Growing LED Red 640nm~660nm Blue 440nm~460nm http://voltlog.com/y/kgufw 10:28 10W Aluminium Round Heatsink http://voltlog.com/y/ns1l2 11:19 100x41x8mm Aluminum Heat Sink http://voltlog.com/y/e21fu 11:56 ISDT Q6 Screen Protection Film http://voltlog.com/y/npqyr 12:58 LM1875 20W Amplifier Kit http://voltlog.com/y/kgteq 14:25 FTDI serial to usb adapter http://voltlog.com/y/1grna 14:55 Silabs serial to usb adapter http://voltlog.com/y/uwnlr 15:59 Cloth Tape For Cable Harness http://voltlog.com/y/fmnu4 17:12 801S Highly Sensitive Vibration Sensor http://voltlog.com/y/w3jd8 18:46 Grub Screw Assortment Kit 200pcs http://voltlog.com/y/afc4n
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Voltlog #111 - InTheMail
Links for all the items shown in this video are here: 0:10 3mm 5mm Led Assortment Kit http://voltlog.com/y/8yx6n 0:32 Nylon Standoff Kit http://voltlog.com/y/so78d 1:36 SMD Buzzer 2-4V 100mA 85dB http://voltlog.com/y/2ogfv 1:36 SMD Buzzer 3V 80mA 92dB http://voltlog.com/y/0p8qv 1:36 23mm Buzzer 3-24V 10mA http://voltlog.com/y/7eac8 1:36 29mm Buzzer 3-24V 95dB http://voltlog.com/y/pxa0z 2:26 10pcs USB 3 LED Lamp Module http://voltlog.com/y/apz0y 3:49 120MM 39 LED Ring http://voltlog.com/y/leqw2 4:52 Wemos ESP8266 + OLED http://voltlog.com/y/8tak0 6:16 USR-C215B Wifi UART Bridge http://voltlog.com/y/fxk4t 7:43 AD8232 ECG Kit http://voltlog.com/y/nl9p1 7:53 Disposable ECG Electrodes http://voltlog.com/y/2poka 9:05 UV Curable Solder Mask http://voltlog.com/y/biy9n 9:46 Silver Conductive Glue http://voltlog.com/y/zxsny 10:15 Foam Swabs http://voltlog.com/y/sbkcw 11:00 ProKit PD398 14pcs Knife http://voltlog.com/y/6m3eq 12:16 Ceramic Screwdriver http://voltlog.com/y/bmgqk
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VoltLog #8 - Kit Assembly 0-30V 0-3A Adjustable Linear Bench Power Supply
In this video I am assembling a 0-30V 0-3A Adjustable Linear Power Supply kit. Will it work at first power on? Or will Murphy get me this time? Watch the video and see how I got myself into trouble. I also reverse engineered and got a schematic of this kit which I am showing towards the end of the video. Link to purchase the power supply kit: Amazon: http://voltlog.com/y/q86ye Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/2qcoh Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/g9xy3 Aliexpress: http://voltlog.com/y/pry8i Link to original schematic and circuit description: http://voltlog.com/y/n58bn
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Voltlog #87 - Assembling The T12 Soldering Station Kit
Today I am building this T12 Hakko compatible soldering iron kit. All the parts we’re sent to me by banggood.com for free. T12 Soldering Station Kit http://voltlog.com/y/94g3v Soldering Station Aluminium Enclosure http://voltlog.com/y/cjagn Soldering Iron Stand http://voltlog.com/y/1jxdk Soldering Station 24V 4A Power Supply http://voltlog.com/y/65n14 T12 Soldering Iron Tip Various Types http://voltlog.com/y/9ma1e Drill and wiring diagram http://voltlog.com/pub/voltlog87-drill-wiring.pdf Blog post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-87-assembling-the-t12-soldering-station-kit/
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Voltlog #50 - InTheMail
A new InTheMail video because mail items have been constantly coming in. I hope you’ll find it interesting and if that’s the case, hit that like button so I know you like this kind of video. 00:29 DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Module with LCD http://voltlog.com/y/sk8lt 02:42 OLED Panel Meter 0-33V 0-3A http://voltlog.com/y/04l9z 05:38 PWM DC Motor Speed Control http://voltlog.com/y/u30xy 07:05 BQ24650 MPPT Solar Panel Lithium Lead Acid Battery Charge Controller 5A http://voltlog.com/y/8yapf BQ24650 Datasheet: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/bq24650.pdf 08:46 Battery BMS Protection Board For 3S 18650 Lithium Battery http://voltlog.com/y/wz49g 09:13 Battery BMS Protection Board For 3-4S 18650 Lithium Battery http://voltlog.com/y/2zna7 09:54 Mini DC-DC converter Module http://voltlog.com/y/c60q5 10:29 RS232 Bluetooth Serial Adapter http://voltlog.com/y/2suy3 12:40 HC-05 Bluetooth Module http://voltlog.com/y/jlpcn 13:34 MP3 Format U Disk TF Card decoder board module amplifier player http://voltlog.com/y/98i6c 14:50 Digispark Attiny85 Micro USB Development Board http://voltlog.com/y/dba4n 16:15 RFID T5577 125KHz EM4100 ID Card Copier Duplicator http://voltlog.com/y/40wzs 17:45 HC-SR505 Mini Infrared PIR Motion Sensor http://voltlog.com/y/bjxt3 18:46 NCP1203D60 PWM Controller IC http://voltlog.com/y/3e0nm NCP1203 Datasheet http://www.onsemi.com/pub_link/Collateral/NCP1203-D.PDF 20:04 Energy Meter Electricity Monitor http://voltlog.com/y/3fxu1 Blog http://www.voltlog.com
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VoltLog #25 - How to Salvage Electronic Components For Reuse
In this video I am showing various techniques I use for desoldering and recovering electronic components like: inductors, tantalum capacitors, connectors, ceramic capacitors, op-amps, comparators, switches, battery connectors, dc jacks, fuses, mosfets and ferrite beads from old motherboards. I am also taking a look at some laptop optical drivers and lcd panels to see if there is anything useful we can save before taking them to the recycling bin. Here are links to some tools you can use for desoldering jobs: Electric Desoldering Vacuum Gun http://voltlog.com/y/ck5hl Hakko 936 Copy/Fake Soldering Station EU model http://voltlog.com/y/dqj6z Hakko 936 Copy/Fake Soldering Station US model http://voltlog.com/y/l4kbd 15pcs 900M-T Soldering Iron Tip Set for Hakko 936 http://voltlog.com/y/wx7re
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Voltlog #189 - InTheMail
$2 for 10 PCBs & $6 for a SMT Stencil: https://jlcpcb.com Hello everyone and welcome to a new InTheMail the series that will touch both your passion for electronics and your bank account at the same time. 0:05 →Spot Welder Controller Board Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/4lfyv Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/i126l 4:45 →24 pin 0.5mm pitch LCD connectors Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/8ez3x Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/7vync 4:42 →JST-PH 2pin smd connectors Cable http://voltlog.com/y/gt7r9 SMD connector http://voltlog.com/y/dnlz6 5:39 →RG316 5m cable Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/ncoye Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/6783t 5:54 →RP-SMA connector Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/83lef Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/odacl 5:54 →SMA connector Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/li5ov Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/0qxw2 5:54 →SMA to BNC adapter Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/b8wn6 Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/zjx7n 6:29 →Hobby knife blades Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/9a3wn Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/b8zh3 7:09 →Black Anodized Aluminium Enclosure 150x105x55mm Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/wnts7 Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/alcwj 8:31 →Vention USB3.0 Card Reader Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/apqf1 11:23 →Reflective adhesive tape Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/y68wq 12:07 →Nema17 Motor Dampers Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/yzl8c Amazon http://voltlog.com/y/faoxk 13:14 →608ZZ Bearings Amazon http://voltlog.com/y/60sai Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/0itvm 14:00 →6x3mm Neodymium Magnets Amazon http://voltlog.com/y/6iot9 Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/l8bqd 15:15 →LC Filter Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/awem1 Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/pubc3 16:23 →4S Battery Balancing Module Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/l4in8 Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/qkoix 17:30 →MAX30102 Oximeter Heart Rate Sensor Amazon http://voltlog.com/y/xotm1 Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/0rdaw Blog Post http://www.voltlog.com/ Support the channel by sending a donation http://www.voltlog.com/donations #VoltLog #InTheMail #Mailbag
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Voltlog #128 - LM338 Constant Current Regulator Circuit
Welcome to a new voltlog, today we are building a very simple constant current regulator based on the LM338 linear regulator. Joe Smith testing fake SIBA fuses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWu8wMspROQ Welectron german distributor of test equipment and genuine fuses with good prices http://voltlog.com/y/r0493 Blog Post http://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-128-lm338-constant-current-regulator-circuit/
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Voltlog #132 - 4 Digit LED Panel Meter Review
Do I recommend getting this module? Yes, the accuracy is good, the resolution is nice 10mV 1mA and you also have the option for adjusting it manually for both voltage and current. Get this panel meter from Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/teiuw Blog post https://www.voltlog.com/voltlog-132-4-digit-led-panel-meter-review
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Voltlog #114 - Aneng AN8008 Probably The Best $25 Multimeter
Today we are taking a look at the ANENG AN8008 multimeter. This product was sent to me by banggood.com free of charge for the purpose of this review. They also sent me an ESD mat, because I have two benches in here in only one of them had an ESD mat so I needed a second one. →Buy The Aneng AN8008 Multimeter from these sources: Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/8i2yu Amazon: http://voltlog.com/y/xz5qa Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/wn4ah Aliexpress: http://voltlog.com/y/ik0pe →ESD Mat https://goo.gl/VLYQNB Dave’s review of this meter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdGQEVdxmQQ
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VoltLog #5 - HP Agilent E3611A Power Supply Teardown and Calibration
I got this HP Agilent E3611A Power Supply from Ebay. It was marked as not working and I was planing a repair video on it. Unfortunately the unit turned out to be fully functional so I only did a teardown and calibration. E361xA Service Manual PDF: http://www.physics.fsu.edu/users/Wahl/labmanuals/instruments/ps/AgilentE361xAManual.pdf
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Voltlog #190 - Bad Product Design
$2 for 10 PCBs & $6 for a SMT Stencil: https://jlcpcb.com Hello everyone and welcome to a new Voltlog, Today I’m discussing the blitzwolf night light which is a good example of bad product design because of it’s high standby current. Blitzwolf Night Light BW-LT9 http://voltlog.com/y/le2uv Baofeng BF-T3 Radio →Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/vhost →Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/5tmze →Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/jrdlw Holtek BS84B06A-3 Datasheet http://voltlog.com/y/1gdny BL4054 Datasheet http://voltlog.com/y/hpioj Blog Post http://www.voltlog.com/ Support the channel by sending a donation http://www.voltlog.com/donations #VoltLog #Teardown
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Voltlog #184 - InTheMail
$2 for 10pcs PCBs & $7 for a SMT Stencil at https://jlcpcb.com/ Hello everyone and welcome to a new InTheMail the series that will touch both your passion for electronics and your bank account at the same time. 0:05 →26650 INR26650-50A Lithium Battery http://voltlog.com/y/nask9 0:10 →18650 Samsung INR18650-30Q Lithium Battery http://voltlog.com/y/b94ik 3:39 →TS100 Soldering Iron Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/t3g5b Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/6qsrw Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/do6ws 5:43 →Blitzwolf Night Light BW-LT9 http://voltlog.com/y/le2uv 9:02 →Iphone 8 Plus or X Dual Lens http://voltlog.com/y/aunbp 11:44 →Swiss D Clips http://voltlog.com/y/9sx87 13:27 →50mm Ear Foam Pads Replacement Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/0ux3p Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/frmp4 15:20 →4 position switch http://voltlog.com/y/gcbtr Blog Post http://www.voltlog.com/ Support the channel by sending a donation http://www.voltlog.com/donations
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Voltlog #69 - LM317 Kit Assembly Fail
Sometimes, when I have some spare time I like assembling these cheap kits coming from China. Today I am assembling an LM317 adjustable power supply kit complete with voltmeter. Unfortunately they sent me a wrong resistor value so the kit didn’t work as expected but I was able to fix it in the end. LM317 Adjustable Voltage Regulator Kit Banggood: http://voltlog.com/y/uhkol Ebay: http://voltlog.com/y/fi9ty Kester 186 Soldering Flux http://voltlog.com/y/sb9rl Solder Wire http://voltlog.com/y/kt93y Selection of soldering stations http://voltlog.com/y/y4qa2 Fume Extractor http://voltlog.com/y/w5fkg Side Cutter http://voltlog.com/y/4flnz
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