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Safe & Sound || Bella Edward Renesmee
Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift This video is of Edward and Bella caring for Renesmee. ***OMG thank you for over 10,000 views!!! This is my most viewed video, THANK YOU SO MUCH***
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Elastic Heart | Derek Hale
Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while. I've been wanting to do this video since the end of season 4 but I just never finished it because I was upset Derek left the show. But anyways here it is. Song: Elastic Heart by Sia
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Somebody that I used to know|| Edward Bella
Cover by Boyce Avenue. Both Bella's and Edward's POVs. You can tell who's is who's.
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The Hales | Don't you worry child
Cover by Sam Tsui The Hales of Teen wolf Season 3. Last scene from 3x12 obviously. -Derek Hale -Cora Hale -Peter Hale (very little of) -Laura Hale -Talia Hale Some Paige/Derek here fyi
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Teen wolf | Good Girls Go Bad
The girls of Teen wolf :)
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Shake it Out || Twilight saga
WATCH IN 360p I love this song so much. So every vamp (kind of) in twilight. Well I tried.
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"My eyes...they're different" | Derek Hale
"Different but still beautiful... just like the rest of you." Video centered around 4x02 of young!derek or teen!derek or deaged!derek whatever we should call him. A video to Derek Hale and his eye color. Some Kate x Derek and Derek with the pack. So cold by Ben Cocks
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Applause | Johanna Mason
This is the 3rd time I've uploaded this video lol. Johanna Mason is the best tbh. Song: Applause by Lady Gaga Footage: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
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You belong with me || Clove Cato Glimmer
Love triangle between Clove Cato and Glimmer. Clato all the way! :) I own nothing!
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Calling || Bella and Emmett
WATCH IN 360p I love Emmett. I love his brother/sister relationship with Bella. This is not a BellaxEmmett video. Calling (Lose My Mind) by Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso ft. Ryan Tedder
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Hips don't lie | Erica Reyes
I had to.
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Edward Bella || Love Me Like You Do
Edward and Bella Song: Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding I have been lacking when it comes to twilight videos so here is a long over due Edward and Bells video :)
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Kiss me || Edward Bella
This song is so cute! Video mainly revolves around Bella and edward's wedding kiss.
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Dead Hearts || The Hunger Games
My 50th video!!! WHOA!!! They Were Kids That I Once Knew...
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Better Than Revenge | Stiles Derek Jennifer
I saw that there was no sterek/dennifer video for this song and that was a NO! Jennifer Derek and Stiles - Better than Revenge
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The Careers|| Patterns
Video about the Careers. Clove and Cato are my fav! But mainly Clove! :D
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Marvin's Room|| Mallory Tyler
Mallory and tyler crossover!! Not much to say but Tyler and Mallory are roommates who used to date. Enjoy! I own nothing!!!
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Haunted | Scott+Allison
My first teen wolf video! :D Scott and Allison aren't my favorite ship but this song fits them so well. Haunted by Taylor Swift
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Red | Edward Bella (reuploaded)
I have the same video with taylor's version up but it's blocked worldwide so there's the same version BUT with a red cover. *EDIT* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ToulNFgftM the video with taylor's version. No longer blocked worldwide. (also is the video response) ~Loving him was red~
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"I don't wanna forget..." | Everlark
Peeta and Katniss short video. Catching Fire footage of all the everlark ness:) Song: Hymn For The Missing By Red
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Edward & Bella || Only Girl
Well this song is so cute! Edwards point of veiw and yea thats all you need to know :D Cover artisit is Boyce Avenue I own nothing but my creative mind ;D ENJOY! *Update* Whoa my first twilight video to get over 2,000 views! Thanks everyone!
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My Immortal || Edward
Basically Edward's thoughts as Bella is "dead" in breaking dawn. :D I own nothing! Enjoy!
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Lunar Eclipse | Erica+Boyd
Did you know it was a lunar eclipse? 3x07 I'm forever crying because Erica and Boyd are both dead. They both died thinking of each other. There needs to be more Erica and Boyd videos. There is one to add to the list. The song is That Home by The Cinematic Orchestra.
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Say Something | Allison Argent
"...it doesn't hurt." Tribute to Allison Argent 3x23 Lydia and Allison Isaac and Allison Scott and Allison Chris and Allison
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Listen to your Heart|| Edward Bella Jacob
First Video of the year 2012! YAY :D There are probably so many videos of EBJ with this song. Well this is in Bella's POV . Her thinking about Jacob and Edward. This is basically their story. ***I own nothing.***
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Wrecking Ball || Edward Bella
Edward and Bella :) Wrecking Ball cover by Vanquish
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Teen Wolf | Wake Me Up Inside
"Darkness around your heart..." All clips from season 3b promos and some from 3x12 Wake me up Wake me up inside I can't wake up Wake me up inside Save me Call my name and save me from the dark Wake me up Bid my blood to run I can't wake up Before I come undone Save me Save me from the nothing I've become -Bring me to Life by Evanescence Teen Wolf soon..
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Crave You | Erica+Boyd
Erica and Boy'd telling Derek their story when they return from running away. :( Sad she isn't coming back,
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Safe and Sound|| Tyler & Caroline
I thought this story was great for Tyler and Caroline. It really fits their brother and sister relationship. The song is from Tyler's POV and talks about caroline, obviuosly. I love this video, its one of my favorite that i made. Hope you like it :D I own nothing!
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Unfaithful part 2 || Bella Edward Jacob ||
well this is kind of a part 2 of my 1st Unfaithful of Bella Edward and Jacob. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qo9sekNAcHE is the 1st one! Well in the 1st one it ended with Edward asking Bella to marry him so at the end of this one u can see her answer! Who dose she choose! Edward or Jacob. :)
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Clarity || Edward Bella
Clarity cover by Sam Tsui This song is prefect for Bella and Edward tbh.
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So Cold || Rue's Story
Song, So Cold by Ben Cocks Rue's story of the Hunger Games. Her reaping, goodbyes, and moments in the arena. Thresh included.
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Everything you want || Gale Katniss Peeta (ft. Cato)
This was only going to be a G/K/P video but there isn't enough video of Gale. So Cato has his moments :D Everything you want, cover by Boyce Avenue
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Safe and Sound|| Rue and Prim
My first real hunger games video :D The other times it was only with trailer footage. Anyways I loved the movie and this song goes with both Rue and Prim. Hope you like it! :) *UPDATE* over 1,000 views! WOW! :D Thanks guys! I OWN NOTHING!!!!
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Set the Fire to the Third Bar || Peeta Katniss
My first Peeta and Katniss video! Enjoy :)
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Under the sheets || Edward Bella
Under the sheets (Baby Monster Remix) by Ellie Goulding.
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Just A Game | Aiden + Lydia + Boyd
Lydia's goodbye to Aiden and Boyd 3x7 Currents 3x24 Divine Move Teen Wolf Just A Game by Birdy
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September || Jacob Bella
One of my many few videos of Jacob and Bella. Friendship :)
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Shattered || Edward Bella Jacob
Basically their whole story in the saga, the love part anyways.
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Need You Now ||Edward Bella||
Team Edward :) Song: Need You Now (Glee Cast Version) Black and White is the past and normal color is the present.
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Think Twice ||Jacob Bella Edward||
Well the Song is from Edwards POV. Think twice by Eve 6 Edward Bella Jacob (Team Edward=]) In This storyline Bella Cant decide between Jacob and Edward. Edward just wants her to be happy so he leaves her (in the woods) But bella tells him not to that she loves him. With that said Edward asks her to marry him. Then before she can answer Jacob comes and ruins the moment. Then other stuff happens... So Edward meets Bella in the meadow to leave bur Bella tells him she wants to marry him. So after she has the ring on her finger they go to tell Jacob. Jacob is so upset he leaves. Bella follows him to say goodbye then she goes back to Edward.
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I never told you || Bella Edward ||
Bella's POV (of course) Not much of a storyline. Basically the storyline is the lyrics :D Bella thoughts about her and Edward while she decides to tell Edward or not her feelings. :) Breaking Dawn clips included. Hope you like it!
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Heart of Stone || Edward Bella
Breaking Dawn part 2 is almost here! AH! Using the heart of stone preview. Only breaking dawn part 2 clips used. *update* WOW! over 4,000 views! THANKS EVERYONE!
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Love Story | Edward & Bella
I've been waiting to make a video of Edward and Bella with this song for so long.
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Marvin's Room || Edward Bella Jacob
Marvin's Room (cover) by Conor Maynard If u just want to hear the cover go to this link ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBS0vL-H_kg I love it :) TOMORROWS BREAKING DAWN! D: so excitied :D This video is made in honor of BREAKING DAWN! xD Breaking dawn clips included... Storyline:Edward's POV @2:34-2:45 Bella thinks about Edward :) @3:17 Bella say's : Bye Jacob Im not sure if you can hear it that well so yea :p (team edward:)) I own nothing but my creativity :)
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What Goes Around Comes Around ||Bella & Edward & Jacob||
~The Story line~ This is Edward's POV. In the ending at 1:12 Edward is leaving bella for good and is not going to take her back. He says goodbye and leaves her alone. Then Bella has a flashback of what had happened when Edward found out about Jacob. The flash back is in white and black. Edward sees Bella and Jacob sleeping together. Edward and Jacob argue about Bella. Edward pushes Jacob away so he leaves. Bella goes after him, Edward tries to stop her but she leaves. Bella picked Jacob. Bella flashback and relies she made a mistake.
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We Must be Killers | TW Season 3
Teen wolf season 3 is just days away! I CAN'T WAIT!
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When You're Gone | Peeta Katniss
First Everlark video with mocking jay scenes :) This song relates so much to Katniss and Peeta during Mockingjay (Part 1). So enjoy! When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne
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Glad You Came||Twilight
Short Video. I was going to do the whole song but i got lazy ^.^ Glad you came Glee Cast version
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"Who's he?" Edward/Bella AU
In honor of my 100th video upload I made a Twilight AU Edward x Bella Twilight AU in which Bella is the newest vampire to the Cullens, Edward is human and has a younger sister names Renesmee. Storyline: Edward and his sister Renesmee move to a new town. At a new school Edward catches Bella's eye. Renesmee takes notice of the Cullens as Alice and Jasper seem to notice her as well. Rosalie quickly disapproves of Edward, seeing nothing but trouble if Bella gets involved with a human. However, it's not easy for Bella to forget Edward because she remembers him from her human life a few years ago. Bella and Edward go on their first date despite Rosalie's disapproval. Date after date and they fall in love. One day, Alice has a vision of Edward as a vampire and his sister frightened. After sometime of dating, Edward finally introduces Bella to his sister. Renesmee approves of Bella instantly but for Bella, Renesmee seems to be her kryptonite. Edward, Bella, and Renesmee go out for lunch at a dinner where the town's werewolf Jacob comes in. Jacob and Renesmee hit it off. Edward is happy for his sister but Bella is worried about Renesmee being involved with a uncontrollable, bad tempered werewolf. Part 2 soon (maybe) Song: Cut by Plumb Clips: Remember me, Twilight saga, The Uninvited
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