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No Koolaid, please, we're [beep]ish.
Enlightenment not included in standard package. https://www.meetup.com/brighton-electronic/events/253881892/ https://www.facebook.com/events/317744855440046/
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If we are to succeed, we must cease to be individuals and become a collective being
Burn your money. Argh. Thief! If you don't want to die, give your money.
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Armadillo Run - Level 29, Over and Under
My solution for "Over and Under" utilising a cloth capture net which is tightened by metal under gravity. $42 of budget remaining.
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Armadillo Run - Extra 4, Underneath
My solution to Armadillo Run's Extra level 4, Underneath. Yet another finely balanced cantilever construction, with a dual drop cloth bag to get the 'dillo into the finish zone. I could probably have finagled the bounce to reduce the material complexity of the cantilever but (once again) enjoyed the finessing of what I started with. $104 of budget remaining.
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The CineBytes 2014 Award for Sound Design
Listen up, goons, for the Something Awful Cinema Discusso 2014 CineBytes, this is The Michael Bay Award for Best Noises or Lack Thereof (Sound Design) Award! Nominees: - Leslie Shatz, 12 Years a Slave - Niv Adiri and Glenn Freemantle, Gravity - Ren Klyce, Her - Scott Hecker and Eric A. Norris, Man of Steel - Aaron Glascock, Spring Breakers http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3597310
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Armadillo Run - Level 18, Void 6
I am King of the Cantilevers. Also, Master of Machine Murder.
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Tengu vs. Groove Criminals DX7 Mk2d sounds.
The best way of designing good sounds is to collaborate with a small robot with a large mouth! Tengu reacts well to Oli "Groove Criminal" Bell's Yamaha DX7 Mk2d samples. His samples can be found at http://soundcloud.com/groovecriminals/dx7-mk2d-sounds
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Korg Sofa Studio Fiddle in Tribute to Tsutomu Katoh
Improvised exploration of an ad-hoc Korg sofa studio setup in tribute to Tsutomu Katoh, founder of Korg, who sadly passed away on March 15th, 2011. Primary sound source is a Korg Poly-61 analogue synth whose arpeggiator is being triggered by a Korg DDM-220 Super Percussion's tambourine sequence. The Poly-61s keyboard is dodgy (only the D, F & C keys in the second-topmost octave function) hence the extreme reliance upon the arpeggiator (2 octave up&down generally on the D) and the pitch & modulation joystick. The Super Percussion also gets programmed to provide some form of rhythmic backbeat with it's sounds processed by a Korg Kaoss Pad 3 effects unit (set to pitch delay). It's wood block and high agogo buttons on the DDM-220 are currently non-functional (probably just need cleaning) so I was unable to indulge my love of wood block back beat grooves. The Yamaha CS-01 felt lonely on the desk and so gate-crashed the Korg love-in for some poorly played bass improvisation. Non-linear reverb was supplied by an Alesis Wedge effects unit (off-camera), whilst a Hameg oscilloscope judged everything harshly from the back. http://lowbroweye.com
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Armadillo Run - Level 20, Scoop Subversion
A subversive alternate way of getting to the finish sphere in Armadillo Run's level 20, Scoop. Destroying some of the predefined equipment along the way is a happy bonus. Of course, the layout is $690 over budget and thus doesn't count as a valid completion but I still enjoyed myself wildly in its creation.
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Aleph Null - Wonky Tenori-onky
Late night live jam with my Yamaha Tenori-on, recorded ~1AM, 5th July, 2011. Not recommended for those allergic to synthetic cowbells. Well, yeah, I've had the TR-808, TR-606 and mouth samples loaded into my TNR-W for years so it's about time I did something with them. And it's also good to force oneself to escape the seductive low-tempo ambient Tenori-on habit where most of it's sounds sit most comfortably, idly noodling along at 70 bpm. This is what resulted. I don't know why the video glitches occasionally - I recorded the laptop's webcam with PhotoBooth - but I like it. Audio was taken directly from the Tenori-on into the MacBook Pro's audio input where Ableton Live was waiting to gobble it up. No post-processing was applied other than tweaking the level and a touch of soft compression & limiting. Monitoring was done through my Grado SR80i headphones, again plugged straight into the MacBook Pro's built-in audio output. That's about as minimal a gear load-out as I can get without twitching. Oh wait, I guess a Yamaha BC1 breath controller should also be included as I used it to prop the laptop up at an effective angle for it's iSIght to catch all the high-octane point-and-poke "action."
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Arboria Auralist - Janus Embraces the Unfamiliar and Enjoys the Peaceful Chaos Found Within
Abstract visualisation and music generated for January 2014's monthly acid pattern* from a small set of custom ChucK sequencing scripts triggering a bespoke (and buggy) prototype AudioUnit plug-in (that really shouldn't be making any noise itself), and a simple graphical renderer inspired by some of John Whitney's work. More sonic sustenance and pseudo-scientific somnambulism: http://soundcloud.com/ynohtna The monthly acid pattern group: http://soundcloud.com/groups/the-acid-question
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Insane in the Me-Brain
Is it supposed to look like that?
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Prototype for something bigger - ignore this.
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The Cinebytes 2016 Award for Sound Design
Look your ears lively, goons, and see here now the Something Awful Cineman Discoshow 2016 CineBytes Michael Bay Award for Best Noisies (or lack thereof).
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"Make me a tea, please"
Well, machine, how about you make me one first?.
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"Make me a tea, please"
Well, how about you make me one first?
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"get a life"
Get a life.
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all are [beep]
bring your own dance moves
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two hot girls sunbathing
Stunt performers: Pickle & Hendini
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An Inefficient Means of Storing a TR-707 Pattern
But it is a useful fallback when you just know the batteries for the internal RAM are dead again. Photos don't capture the blinking alternate voicings, y'see.
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