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Cliparts Management - PDP Online Products Designer Pro
Cliparts Management - PDP Online Products Designer Pro
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Frontend Review - PDP Online Product Designer Software for printing shop
PDP - An online products designer tools for Magento 1, Magento 2, Woocommerce and other custom shopping cart platform. ---------------------------------------- Magento Product Designer Tools is a module advanced created by Magebay.com, that allows you to design, creativity own products, and buy print items on the web store. Works with any kind of personalized products like T-shirts, jerseys, mugs, pillow , bag, mobile cases, signs, business cards, and others. Online Product Designer Tools readily works with Magento, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop and Woocommerce. Online Product Designer Tools easy install , quick . Automated installation process that allows you to download, setup and get started. How to build a website like Custom Ink? https://productsdesignerpro.com/blog/build-website-like-customink/ Homepage: https://productsdesignerpro.com/ Demo: http://demo.productsdesignerpro.com/magento2/lab/
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Create mockup and guidelines image - Product Designer Pro
How to export mockup layer or guidelines print template for best fit with product design preview and printing size on frontend? 1. Don't export same dimension as print size. For example this design size is 41"x21" inches. So when you export to pixel in 300 dpi It is very very large size. 2. Export what size fit in your screen size now. See example Look good. Now export to PNG to use for Guidelines template or Mockup Layer That all you can do it easy. For the output of customized design, we will know how to get the final print size in 300 dpi. More details can find on https://goo.gl/3jieC6
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How to get domain license key and download Products Designer Pro
After order status is completed, you can login to get domain license key and download all module source code and instruction in Account dashboard.
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Example Mockup Layer - Product Designer Pro
For example with a mockup of All Over-crop-top shirt. That how you can make another mockup or design overlay images. See video for Guidelines template here https://youtu.be/w6qSiJY3dvY
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PDP - Intro Preview
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PDP - Products Designer Software - Demo Magento 2 Products Designer Tools
Short video for t-shirt designer for Magento 2 with PDP - you can download module connector for Magento T-shirt Designer from Github here https://goo.gl/zxpHbJ
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Example Background Layer - Product Designer Pro
A very simple mockup uses for product design preview. See also Mockup layer https://youtu.be/t_YcI0Kfd4g Guidelines template https://youtu.be/w6qSiJY3dvY
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Example Guidelines template - Product Designer Pro
The same way like Mockup layer. This is guidelines for exactly how customized design will be before print with All Over-crop-top shirt. It depends on what kind of product design you want to use Guidelines or Mockup Layer. See video for Mockup layer here https://youtu.be/t_YcI0Kfd4g
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