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Introducing Flutter
Get started at https://flutter.io today. Flutter is Google’s mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source. This video is also subtitled in Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Subscribe to the Google Developers Channel: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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Hello World - Machine Learning Recipes #1
Six lines of Python is all it takes to write your first machine learning program! In this episode, we'll briefly introduce what machine learning is and why it's important. Then, we'll follow a recipe for supervised learning (a technique to create a classifier from examples) and code it up. Follow https://twitter.com/random_forests for updates on new episodes! Subscribe to the Google Developers: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L - Subscribe to the brand new Firebase Channel: https://goo.gl/9giPHG And here's our playlist: https://goo.gl/KewA03
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A.I. Experiments: Visualizing High-Dimensional Space
Check out https://g.co/aiexperiments to learn more. This experiment helps visualize what’s happening in machine learning. It allows coders to see and explore their high-dimensional data. The goal is to eventually make this an open-source tool within TensorFlow, so that any coder can use these visualization techniques to explore their data. http://g.co/aiexperiments Built by Daniel Smilkov, Fernanda Viégas, Martin Wattenberg, and the Big Picture team at Google. More resources: http://www.tensorflow.org
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TensorFlow: Machine Learning for Everyone
The TensorFlow community is thriving. We're thrilled to see the adoption and the pace of machine learning development by people all around the world. TensorFlow is an open-source project for everyone and we're looking forward to building it into something more useful in collaboration with the worldwide community! TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018 info: https://www.tensorflow.org/dev-summit/ Visit https://www.tensorflow.org Subscribe to the Google Developers channel at http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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The Story of An Idea - Google I/O 2017
This is a story for anyone who has ever had an idea, big or small. What will your idea become? Subscribe to the Google Developers Channel! http://goo.gl/mQyv5
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Flutter Release Preview 2
With the Flutter Release Preview 2 (RP2), developers get lots of new widgets, support for background execution of Dart code, smoother running apps, and improvements to final app sizes! The Flutter team has focused on making sure that devs using Flutter can create beautiful iOS apps that are easy to use. Run a Flutter upgrade to get the latest features, and stay tuned for Flutter 1.0! Get started with Flutter → https://flutter.io Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/googledevs
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Machine Learning over Coffee with Josh Gordon - Coffee with a Googler
Machine Learning is one of the hottest new technologies impacting everything. Laurence Moroney meets with Joshua Gordon over coffee to talk about Machine Learning and his new show to help developers get started! P.S., in the video we used the word 'class' - really, it's a tutorial series, very informal. Check out the first episode here: https://goo.gl/RpvlJl Watch more episodes of Coffee with a Googler here: https://goo.gl/5l123N Subscribe to the Google Developers channel at http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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DevArt - Zach Lieberman
DevArt is art made with code, by developers that push the possibilities of creativity and technology. https://g.co/devart Calling all creative coders. Technology is your canvas. What will you create? Be awarded a commission by Google and the Barbican London, alongside some of the world's finest interactive artists at the Barbican, London. Entries close 28 March 2014. Enter now. https://devart.withgoogle.com/#/enter-now
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Visualizing a Decision Tree - Machine Learning Recipes #2
Last episode, we treated our Decision Tree as a blackbox. In this episode, we'll build one on a real dataset, add code to visualize it, and practice reading it - so you can see how it works under the hood. And hey -- I may have gone a little fast through some parts. Just let me know, I'll slow down. Also: we'll do a Q&A episode down the road, so if anything is unclear, just ask! Follow https://twitter.com/random_forests for updates on new episodes! Subscribe to the Google Developers: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L - Subscribe to the brand new Firebase Channel: https://goo.gl/9giPHG And here's our playlist: https://goo.gl/KewA03
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Google I/O 2013: Re-Imagining the Map
Thank you to the one million developers that've re-imagined the map using the Google Maps API! Checkout some of the Maps mashups featured in the video: SwissTrains http://www.swisstrains.ch/ Brasov Trains http://brasov.webgis.ro/ Japan Trains http://www.demap.info/tetsudonow/ Instant Street View http://www.instantstreetview.com/ Converse http://www.footlocker.eu/conversestreetready/#play-the-game Mapping Wikipedia http://wikiproject.oii.ox.ac.uk/mapping_wikipedia/ Extended Manhattan http://extendny.com Planefinder Route Map http://planefinder.net/route/ Free and Open Web http://www.freeandopenweb.com/ Haiti Aid Map http://haiti.ngoaidmap.org/ Charity Water http://www.charitywater.org/projects/map/ Silk Road http://seidenstrasse.srf.ch/de/home.html London Typographica http://www.londontypographica.com/ Build with Chrome http://www.buildwithchrome.com/ Trulia http://www.trulia.com/ Nike+ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nike.plusgps&hl=en My Taxi http://www.mytaxi.com/en/home.html History Pin http://www.historypin.com/map/ Strava http://www.strava.com/ Fieldtrip https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nianticproject.scout&hl=en My Tracks http://www.google.com/mobile/mytracks/ PFO Security http://www.pfoapp.com/ Zomato http://www.zomato.com/ Banjo http://ban.jo/ Ingress https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nianticproject.ingress Music Credits Artist: Young Empires Track: White Doves
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A.I. Experiments: A.I. Duet
Check out https://g.co/aiexperiments to learn more. This experiment lets you make music through machine learning. A neural network was trained on many examples and it learns about musical concepts, building a map of notes and timings. You just play a few notes, and see how the neural net responds. http://g.co/aiexperiments Built by Yotam Mann with friends on the Magenta and Creative Lab teams at Google. It uses Tone.js and open-source tools from the Magenta project. More resources: https://github.com/tensorflow/magenta https://github.com/Tonejs/Tone.js
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Guerilla Testing with Usability Cafe
Surprisingly, up to 85% of core usability problems can be found by observing just 5 people using your application. Conducting quick usability tests at a cafe is very effective, cheap, and doesn't require any special tools. Customize the questionnaire for your app at http://goo.gl/zdD4jq and learn why testing with 5 users is enough at http://www.nngroup.com/articles/why-you-only-need-to-test-with-5-users/ Subscribe to the Google Developers channel at: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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Intro to Feature Engineering with TensorFlow - Machine Learning Recipes #9
Hey everyone! Here’s an intro to techniques you can use to represent your features - including Bucketing, Crossing, Hashing, and Embedding - and utilities TensorFlow provides to help. Also included is a walkthrough of using TensorFlow Estimators to classify structured data. Links from the video: Code - https://goo.gl/K9dVqv Facets: https://goo.gl/Dfpb7W TensorFlow Embedding Projector: https://goo.gl/2SxrYK You can find Josh on Twitter: https://twitter.com/random_forests See Josh as a guest speaker in Week 2 of the openSAP course: https://goo.gl/UGGcX7 Thanks, and have fun! Check out more Machine Learning Recipes here: https://goo.gl/KewA03 Subscribe to the Google Developers channel: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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Introducing Dart
The Dart project includes a modern scalable language, libraries, and tools to help developers build large complex web applications. Watch this video to learn about the different parts of the Dart project and how it can help you be more productive building high performance web apps. Learn more at http://dartlang.org
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DevBytes - What is BigQuery?
If you want to analyze terabytes of data in seconds, Google BigQuery might be the simplest and fastest tool to do so. If you are wondering "What is BigQuery?" and "Why should I care?", this video has the answers.
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Google Design Minutes — Design sprints at scale
175 designers and researchers from the Ads and Commerce UX team got together for a week and participated in 23 parallel design sprints. In this video, team leads discuss how design sprints can help you rapidly iterate on ideas, at scale. #GoogleDesignMinutes
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Demo day pitch: make your 5 minutes memorable
Corporate storyteller Donna Griffit coaches you on presenting information and getting the results you want from your demo day pitch. Build your investor one-pager with a special promo code from Donna at http://invisu.me/FTF. Join a Startup Battle event at http://www.globalstartupbattle.co/, or a Startup Weekend event at http://startupweekend.org/. View all Startup Launch resources at g.co/launch.
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Introducing Gradle (Ep 2, Android Studio)
Android Studio comes with an entirely new and flexible Gradle-based build system. Using just gradle configuration files you will be able to create multiple build variants for a single project, manage library dependencies and always be sure that your application builds correctly across different environments, regardless if it’s an IDE, the command line or a continuous integration server. Watch the complete Android Studio playlist at: http://goo.gl/k0KJgt
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A.I. Experiments: Teachable Machine
Teachable Machine is an experiment that makes it easier for anyone to start exploring how machine learning works. It lets you teach a machine using your camera – live in the browser, no coding required. It’s built with a library called deeplearn.js, which makes it easier for any web developer to get into machine learning, by training and running neural nets right in the browser. This experiment was a collaborative effort by friends from Støj (http://www.stoj.io), Use All Five (https://useallfive.com) and Creative Lab and PAIR teams at Google. Check out the demo: https://teachablemachine.withgoogle.com/ Get the code: https://goo.gl/HWuSg8 Check out more A.I. Experiments: https://goo.gl/XMjRgP Learn more about deeplearn.js: https://goo.gl/sug2y6 Fig Leaf Rag - distressed by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://goo.gl/hNRHCd) Source: https://goo.gl/zFoVgi Subscribe to the Google Developers Channel: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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Introduction to the Google Assistant SDK
Wayne Piekarski introduces the Google Assistant SDK. Developers can now have the Google Assistant built-in to any project they are working on, from toys and games, to everyday devices. Learn more about the Google Assistant SDK at https://goo.gl/HWnwDK and join our community at https://g.co/assistantsdkdev Subscribe to the Google Developers Channel: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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DevBytes - Google Compute Engine Core Concepts
Learn the fundamentals of Google Compute Engine in less than five minutes. Brian will explain the key services and how they work together to run your applications on Google's infrastructure. Automation and APIs are next, wrapping up with pointers to further details.
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Pre-scaling Bitmaps (100 Days of Google Dev)
For media rich applications, BITMAPS are everywhere. But these high-resolution images can cause a horde of performance problems if the size of the image in memory is larger than the size you’re displaying it on screen. As such one of the most important things you can do to alleviate memory pressure in your app, is resizing your bitmaps. Rather than writing all your own image resizing code, Android has a set of APIs which can do all this work for you. But the trick is, knowing which one to use? For example, inSampleSize is the fastest way to down-scale your image; But you can only make it smaller by some factor of your image. createScaledBitmap is a great API, but requires an extra memory allocation to get it done. Thankfully, Colt McAnlis covers all these topics (and more) in this video, helping you reduce your memory footprint, and get some smaller images. Watch more Android Performance Patterns here: http://goo.gl/4ZJkY1 Join the G+ Community here : http://goo.gl/g7mxmI 100 Days of Google Dev / 100 developer videos over 100 days / #GoogleDev100 Subscribe to the Google Developers channel here: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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DevBytes: Introduction to Google Cloud Endpoints
Do you need a server for your mobile or web clients? Learn how you can use Google Cloud Endpoints to create a server API and auto-generate client libraries for Android, iOS, and web. The communication between client and server is handled for you on secure Google infrastructure. In addition, your service scales easily and robustly to meet your users' needs, without you needing to worry about server maintenance tasks.
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A.I. Experiments: Bird Sounds
Check out https://g.co/aiexperiments to learn more. Bird sounds vary widely. This experiment uses machine learning to organize thousands of bird sounds. The computer wasn’t given tags or the birds’ names – only the audio. Using a technique called t-SNE, the computer created this map, where similar sounds are placed closer together. http://g.co/aiexperiments Built by Kyle McDonald, Manny Tan, Yotam Mann, and friends at Google Creative Lab. Thanks to Cornell Lab of Ornithology for their support. The sounds are available in the Macaulay Library’s Essential Set for North America. t-SNE animation featured in video by Gene Kogan. More resources: https://github.com/lvdmaaten/bhtsne http://www.birds.cornell.edu http://macaulaylibrary.org http://ml4a.github.io
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How I: Validated my idea in 2 days (with no code)
Want to save thousands of lines of code? First, identify the fundamental value proposition. Then, hit the pub. Learn how voXup’s +PeterLewis tapped into the offline forum his app was trying to address - community residents - and simulated flows for his app’s most common use case. How I: is a video series where entrepreneurs share their tips, hacks, and lessons learned. See full playlist at http://goo.gl/42KKTj or learn about our programs at http://g.co/launch.
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Android Studio 3.2 Beta, Flutter Release Preview 1, & much more! TL;DR 117
Android Studio 3.2 Beta → http://bit.ly/2KfGShw Android Things and Google Cloud IoT Core → http://bit.ly/2lFDPQY Firestore Security Rules Simulator → http://bit.ly/2tAELus Flutter Release Preview 1 → http://bit.ly/2Iye7Xv Associate Cloud Engineer Certification → http://bit.ly/2IAcJ6I Cloud TPU → http://bit.ly/2lHPnD6 This week’s TL;DR #DevShow is led by Google Developer Advocate Jen Person. TL;DR is where you can stay up to date on all the latest developer news at Google. TL;DR Playlist → https://goo.gl/cHuQkL Subscribe to Google Developers → http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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Getting Started with App Engine
This video gives you a brief overview about what's available on App Engine, and how you can use it to build cloud scale apps easily and quickly.
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Introduction to the Physical Web (100 days of Google Dev)
Scott Jenson introduces the Physical Web. The Physical Web is an extension of the web into the physical world so you can walk up and interact with any device, from a lost dog collar to a zipCar, all without installing an application first. Every smart device links to a web page so things can offer simple information, like a phone number, or more complex interactions like unlocking a car door. With the Physical Web, your phone or tablet can find the things around you and let you interact with whatever you’re interested in. More information: http://github.com/google/physical-web Subscribe to the Google Developers channel at: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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How to ask a question: conducting research for your startup
Join Google Search User Experience researcher Tomer Sharon as he shares interview techniques to help you get better answers in your customer research. Learn more at http://www.leanresearch.co/. Join a Startup Battle event at http://www.globalstartupbattle.co/, or a Startup Weekend event at http://startupweekend.org/. View all Startup Launch resources at http://g.co/launch. For startup specific video content, subscribe to the Startup Launch YouTube channel here: http://goo.gl/vf6Ngg.
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Google I/O 2013 Highlights
Relive the magic moments of Google I/O 2013, including the keynote, sessions, Developer Sandbox, and After Hours. For all I/O 2013 sessions, go to https://developers.google.com/live
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WebVR Experiments: Virtual reality on the web for everyone
WebVR is an easy new way for developers to build and share VR experiences on the web. We’re launching WebVR Experiments to showcase the amazing experiences developers are building with WebVR. So come and start playing at https://g.co/webvrexp
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What is App Engine?
Have you ever wondered what App Engine is? In this 3 minute video you'll learn what it is, how it fits into the Google Cloud platform, and what features it gives developers to build applications that run at cloud scale. You'll come away equipped with this knowledge as well as handy links about where to get started and where to download some great sample code.
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AutoDraw: Fast Drawing for Everyone
Draw faster with a little help from artists and machine learning in this new drawing tool. Go to https://www.autodraw.com to start creating. Thanks to the Gadget Hacks team: https://youtu.be/XYzPl2Kqetc
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Alibaba used Flutter to build 50+ million user Xianyu app (Flutter Developer Story)
Alibaba, the world's biggest online commerce company, used Flutter to create a beautiful app experience for iOS and Android on their Xianyu app, which has 50M+ downloads! Get started with Flutter → https://flutter.io Alibaba app for Android → http://bit.ly/2NQJcMX Alibaba app for iOS → https://apple.co/2NjVGxf Watch more Flutter videos → http://bit.ly/2QqSP3j Subscribe to the Google Developers Channel → http://bit.ly/googledevs This video is also subtitled in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
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Sending emails from a Spreadsheet - Apps Script Tutorial
In this Video Tutorial, Kalyan Reddy demonstrates how to send emails from a spreadsheet using Google Apps Script. The full tutorial and code are available here: https://developers.google.com/apps-script/articles/sending_emails
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Writing Our First Classifier - Machine Learning Recipes #5
Welcome back! It's time to write our first classifier. This is a milestone if you’re new to machine learning. We'll start with our code from episode #4 and comment out the classifier we imported. Then, we'll code up a simple replacement - using a scrappy version of k-Nearest Neighbors. You can follow https://twitter.com/random_forests for updates on new episodes, and have fun! Subscribe to the Google Developers: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L - Subscribe to the brand new Firebase Channel: https://goo.gl/9giPHG And here's our playlist: https://goo.gl/KewA03
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Supercharging page load (100 Days of Google Dev)
Jake Archibald introduces how making simple changes to Service Worker can vastly improve the startup and load performance of your web site. In this video Jake shows how he has made his Wikipedia application not only work offline but amazingly performant too. 100 Days of Google Dev / 100 developer videos over 100 days / #GoogleDev100 Subscribe to the Google Developers channel at: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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Google I/O 2018 Keynote in 10 minutes
CEO Sundar Pichai lays out the roadmap for the company’s future and highlights some of the most important product announcements at Google I/O 2018. Android P gets a bunch of new updates and allows developers to try the beta version today. The Google Assistant sounds even more human like & now has John Legend’s voice as an option. Smart Compose is coming to Gmail to help you draft your messages even faster. Google is adding augmented reality directions to Google Maps to help you navigate more precisely. Google is taking its AI first initiative even further, by adding AI capabilities to Google News and is also giving Google Lens the ability to extract text from a photo you take. Learn about all this and more, all under 10 minutes with this recap of the I/O Keynote. This video is also subtitled in Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Watch the full Google I/O Keynote here → https://goo.gl/fmEQb9 See all the sessions from Google I/O '18 here → https://g.co/io/videos Subscribe to the Google Developers channel → http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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The ServiceWorker: The network layer is yours to own
Introducing ServiceWorker, the API that gives you full control over HTTP caching, request, and forms the basis for push messaging, alarms, geofencing and background sync.
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Google Compute Engine General Availability Announcement
Google Compute Engine is now generally available with a 99.95% monthly SLA and 24x7 support. We've eliminated maintenance windows with live migration, cut prices by 10%, added support for Red Hat, SUSE, FreeBSD, or any Linux variant you want, and introduced new 16-core instances.
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Build real-world games with Google Maps APIs
The Google Maps APIs gaming offering helps you build engaging game worlds that are based on reality. This platform for building real-world games is built on Google Maps and backed by Google infrastructure. We’ve brought the richness of Google Maps to the Unity game engine through an SDK. We turn buildings, roads, and parks into GameObjects in Unity, where developers can then apply textures and style to match the look and feel of your game. In addition, the Playable Locations API helps design interactions around real world locations at a global scale. Learn more → https://goo.gl/DKc8mh Subscribe to the Google Developers Channel → http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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Actions on Google: Conversation Design Tips
Learn more from the documentation at our developer site: https://developers.google.com/actions/design Read the overview: https://developers.google.com/actions/design/get-started Look through the walkthrough: https://developers.google.com/actions/design/walkthrough And learn more about the design principles: https://developers.google.com/actions/design/principles Google+ Actions on Google Developers Community: http://g.co/actionsdev Watch the "Conversation: The New UI" video: https://goo.gl/Twujqx Nandini Stocker from Google’s Conversation Design Team explains the challenge of designing natural voice UIs that meet our unconscious expectations of how conversations are supposed to work. For starters, we have to teach our machines to talk to humans, not the other way around. How do we build a good VUI design, you ask? Short answer, check out our video to learn our top 5 design tips that will set you up for success! Long answer, visit us at developers.google.com/actions/design, and let’s have a conversation about...conversation! Subscribe to the Google Developers Channel: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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What is Flutter?
What is Flutter? In this episode of Coffee with a Googler, Laurence Moroney (@lmoroney) meets with Eric Seidel (@_eseidel) to learn all about it! Hear about how Eric tore the basics of the web to pieces to learn what works and what doesn't, and how this brought about Flutter -- Google’s mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source. Learn about it at https://flutter.io. Watch more Coffee with a Googler → https://goo.gl/5l123N Subscribe to the Google Developers Channel: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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Root Access: Ownership structure of your startup
What is the right ownership structure for a startup? How much should founders, investors and employees own? Should anyone have a controlling stake? What types of shares are there? Fortunately Don Dodge, Googler and veteran startup advocate, is here to answer these questions. For more Root Access, see our playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOU2XLYxmsILjw2c4ImxWXvi4vPrLCjYv
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What is the Google Assistant Developer Community Program?
Learn more about the Developer Community Program for the Google Assistant here: https://goo.gl/UfWBLK Join Ido Green (@greenido) to learn about the new Developer Community Program for the Google Assistant. We’ve created a new Developer Community Program to support your efforts in building great apps for the Google Assistant and to celebrate your accomplishments! Become part of the Community Program today to enjoy great perks and more as the program grows. Have questions? Check out FAQs here: https://goo.gl/myZafC Ready to get started, but don’t know what to build yet? Build with a template! Watch the “Build an App for the Google Assistant with Templates and No Code” video: https://goo.gl/pYu9M1 And read the documentation: https://goo.gl/s65Rac Or start building with the Actions on Google Console: https://goo.gl/QXJ7Qg Watch more videos on how to build apps for the Google Assistant: https://goo.gl/SWJfNC Subscribe to the channel to never miss an episode: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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Building your first Flutter Widget
Watch Martin Aguinis from the Flutter team build and customize a widget for a shopping app from scratch. Flutter is Google’s mobile SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source. Get started with Flutter → https://flutter.io Try a Flutter codelab → https://goo.gl/d3fHPo Join the conversation → https://goo.gl/68oUnb Subscribe to the Google Developers channel → http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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Snappy travels with the Roads API
Mobile apps need accurate visualization of actual roads travelled. The Google Maps Roads API lets you send a bunch of GPS coordinates collected from your mobile phone to Google’s servers and get returned coordinates that snap to roads - letting you create a more accurate visualization of journeys your device has been traveling. By detecting noisy GPS coordinates and discarding them, as well as providing interpolated intermediate points, the returned coordinates can more accurately represent the actual path you’ve been traversing. Mobile apps need to conserve battery power, and reducing GPS sample rates is a good way to reduce power consumption, but if the number of samples gets too low to trace an accurate path, the Roads API lets a mobile app reproduce the actual path travelled without the penalty of power consumption from too much polling. To find out more, head over to the documentation at: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/roads/ and explore the samples at: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/roads/snap #googlemaps
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Scaling with Go: YouTube's Vitess
Vitess is a set of servers and tools primarily developed in Go. It's meant to facilitate scaling of MySQL databases for the web. It's currently used as a fundamental component of YouTube's MySQL infrastructure. The talk will cover how Vitess solved YouTube's scalability problems, and tips and techniques used to scale using Go.
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StreamBuilder (Flutter Widget of the Week)
Apps today are highly asynchronous, and Dart streams are a great way to manage async data. How do you build widgets that can keep up with a stream's continuous flow of data? Try a StreamBuilder! Just give it a stream and a builder, and it'll rebuild its children any time a new data event is emitted by the stream. Learn more about StreamBuilder → http://bit.ly/2F7XN3u Dart Streams → http://bit.ly/2JMnGo0 Get more tips! → http://bit.ly/2B8M3vG Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/googledevs This video is also subtitled in Chinese, Indonesian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.
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