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Voltron: Legendary Defender - Warriors AMV
Season three was awesome! Everyone is awesome! #awesome! I don't own anything, All rights to Dreamworks
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Sousuke x Haru - SouHaru On My Own
Sousuke helps Haru understand he doesn't have to do it alone. It takes him awhile but Haru gets there.
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Sousuke x Haru - SouHaru Right Here
They're there for each other!
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Mako & Bolin - Boys Are Back
Best brothers out! I love these two! Season after season they continue to be my favourite! Haven't done an Avatar video in ages! it was so much fun to do! Thanks for the over 200 subscribers who love me!
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Sousuke x Haru - Souharu My Demons
I just can't get enough of these guys. It's hard not to obsess.
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Avatar- We Are Family
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Voltron: Legendary Defender: It Has Begun AMV
Season five was A mazing! To finding Pidge and Matt's dad to Zarkon DYING! Lotor becoming the new Emperor! Sah cool! The new age has BEGUN!!!!
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Sousuke x Haru - SouHaru Somebody That I Used To Know
The music for this got on my nerves! I gave up and this is the end results. The things I do for SouHaru, surprises even me. This is pretty much a breakup song really isn't it? It's still SouHaru though! Enjoy guys!
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Voltron: Legendary Defender - Shattered amv
Season four was a rollercoaster for my emotions. This video is for Keith, Pidge and Lotor, all who which had their lives turned upside down!
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Sousuke X Haru - Souharu Wherever I Go
I love these guys too much! SouHaru FOREVER!
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Avatar - I've Got A Dream
They all have a dream!
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Free! Eternal Summer - Gotta Be Somebody
Pretty much all Free! ships! Hope you enjoy!
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Free! Nagisa - Bombshell Blond
Rei x Nagisa, Nitori x Nagisa, Makoto x Nagisa and Haru x Nagisa
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Toph - Roar
I don't own Avatar The Last Airbender
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Momo x Haru - I Really Like You
I officially love Momo after doing this. He is by far the best. The drastic difference between Momo and Haru is crazy. Trying to find Haruka show any emotion is a job, gotta love him though.
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Haruka Nanase - Panic Attack AMV
Hey, hey guys! I just want to thank you for all the support, I just hit over 300 subscribers and I'm a little shocked. This video is for Haruka, my favourite character in Free! The audio is used is from Cheval D'or - Free Audio. it's like a panic attack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXLnAaQQRfA&t=5s&list=WL&index=36
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Voltron: Legendary Defender - Keith AMV
Because I started my Voltron AMV's from season 3 I thought I'd go back to season 2 So this one is for Keithy babes, featuring Shiro, Hunk and Thace! Song - Get Ready For It by Take That
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Free!  Haru - Hot Mess
Sorry, ignore the subtitles :P Free! anime. Hot Mess by Cobra Starship. Haru and other ships. Hope you enjoy. My first video so good luck xD
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Voltron: Legendary Defender - Empty AMV
Finally got around to creating the season 6 video. I just couldn't find the right song, hopefully, this one works for everyone else xD
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Sousuke x Haru - Souharu Bad Romance
SouHaru!!! The Ship that is underminded!
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Sousuke x Haru - SouHaru Happen Eventually
Trying out a new video editor. It's pretty good compared to the one I used before. So what better way to christen the video editor than with SouHaru!!
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Sousuke x Haru- Souharu Bad For Me
Souharu all the way!
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Rei x Haru - Clarity
A bit of ReiHaru for the fans out there!
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Voltron: Legendary Defender - Hunk AMV
Thought I'd try out the text options you can use. I've never been brave enough to use them and I always fail when I attempt it. This is for Hunk! Such a fun character!
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Azula - Hard Out Here
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Zuko x Katara - All Of You
I don't own Avatar The Last Airbender or the characters
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Rin x Haru RinHaru - King
Haru has always been under Rin's control
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Free! Eternal Summer - This Summer
This Summer Gonna Hurt Like A Mother F***er
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Free!  - Animals
Animals -Maroon 5 Haru and others.
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Voltron MEP Part 7 - Unstoppable
Thank you SarahChanWolfed_ for choosing me to help with this AMV, it was an awesome first-time experience! Can't wait to see it all together, gonna be epic!
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Zuko - Predictable
Mai, Ozai and Azula are predictable.
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Zuko - Your Savior
Zuko is Katara, Sokka and Aang's savior
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