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Power Analysis Example
This video present an example problem for finding the power of an experimental design.
Views: 6761 Matthew Novak
Power Analysis
This lecture discusses utilizing power analysis in experimental design.
Views: 4236 Matthew Novak
Post Hoc Testing
An example of a Tukey Test is presented.
Views: 12825 Matthew Novak
Repeated Measures ANOVA
This lecture covers the background of a repeated measures ANOVA and shows an example problem.
Views: 7608 Matthew Novak
Introduction to ANOVA
This lecture will cover the logic behind and equations for a One Way ANOVA.
Views: 1319 Matthew Novak
Error Propagation
Views: 753 Matthew Novak
Correlation and Regression
We discuss linear correlation between two variables, least squares linear regression and non-linear transformations.
Views: 308 Matthew Novak
Hypothesis Testing
This lecture covers the concepts behind hypothesis testing and finishes with an example to tie the ideas together.
Views: 648 Matthew Novak
Introduction to Statistics: Part 1
In this introductory lecture, we discuss idea of density functions as well as random sampling from a population.
Views: 281 Matthew Novak
ANOVA Example
After explaining the basics of an ANOVA, we will now do an example of a One Way ANOVA.
Views: 426 Matthew Novak
Introduction to Statistics: Part 3
We explain the difference between sample distributions and sampling distributions.
Views: 130 Matthew Novak
Introduction to Statistics: Part 2
We introduce the normal distribution as well as a standard normal transformation.
Views: 187 Matthew Novak
T Test
This lecture discusses the t-distribution and how to use a t-table.
Views: 617 Matthew Novak

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