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I got pet mice!|Vlog
Hello everyone I got pet mice. There names are Sugar and Pizza! There sooo adorable soooo tiny and I can’t wait to do more videos with them! Also we did attach a water bottle and we have ordered a wheel. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please like this video (I mean if u want), subscribe for more of these cuties and please ples comment any feedback or suggestions!
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Little Gunnas Vlog!|Read description!
Short Vlog of Jumping Nova at Little gunnas We also did a bit of dressage, theory and vault but I wasn’t able to get any videos. In my last Little gunnas Vlog I talked about changing to a horse named Apache but I decided to stick with Nova, challenge myself and I actually think we’re improving much more than last year. My sister is now riding Apache though she may change onto a OTTB called Lil. I haven’t been posting as I’ve been very busy with renting out our house, starting school, moving the guinea pigs and are internet has been going up and down. I had also lost some footage for a video I had filmed as well.
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Little gunnas Vlog|Changing horses
Hey guys, I’ve swapped to Apache as I wasn’t improving on Nova but I can in Apache. I, going to miss Nova I love her I really do but I’m glad to ride Apache I love him he’ll give me a challenge and I’ll have to teach him arena work as all he’s used to doing is following horses for trail but also so that we can get better.
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The truth on Pitbulls|Read desc
I do not own any of these information or pictures
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Riding lesson voice over
Hey guys so I just did a voice over of a jumping lesson I had. It was pretty terrifying for me because I’m still learning to jump but also really fun. I know sometimes I pull on her mouth to much, make mistakes and my eq is crappy but I’m still learning I’d love to hear and tips you guys have on how I can improve. I also have Little Gunnas this weekend so I’m hoping to get some videos of that. ☺️ I plan on making a new intro soon, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Go subscribe to my sisters channel Nina Katrina
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Super CHEAP and easy diy guinea pig cage
Hi guys here is a diy cheap and easy cage. I’m using it for my guinea pigs at the moment and it works really well.
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Setting up a guinea pigs cage| The ultimate guinea pig care guide
Here’s how I set up my girls cage and I’m sure you can to! I hope this video was helpful please leave a like comment and subscribe Second channel: That Vegan Kid Main Instagram: @allveganism Second: @dailylifeofaveragepets Third: mias_random_life
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Pony club comp
Hey guys so my riding program/pony club like thing set up a little jump competition! We were split into two groups of three based on experience and difficulty of horse. Equation: 1st SOMEHOW??? My eq is so sloppy Top score: 2nd Championship and Jump off: don’t know but probably last bc Nova was being weird and didn’t want to move forward only back Overall: 2nd Hope you enjoyed and it wasn’t to long! If you enjoyed like and subscribe for more of these kinds of videos and make sure to give feedback and video suggestions down below! Go subscribe to my sisters channel: Nina Katrina
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Vlog | Cage Change
Hey guys p, hope you enjoyed today’s Vlog! Sorry it was kinda boring but I needed to upload 😂 Today I... Changed the cage from 2x4 to 3x3, filmed another video and ye not much! Go Subscribe to my sisters channel Nina Katrina Follow my Instagrams @allveganism @dailylifeofaveragepets
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50 sub special FULL VIDEO! Edit, Q&A, Shoutouts
Hi guys I posed a video the other day that was meant to be his but I wasn’t the ful bid. Thanks SOOO MUCH you guys for 0 subs you’ve been awesome
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Vlog|Little gunnas
Sorry for lack of posts! Hope you enjoy this was when I went to my pony club, there were no videos of the first half sorry. I also taught her to give me a hug but there was no storage.
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Tips for elderly guinea pigs!
Hey guys! Today’s video was on some tips and tricks to caring for your elderly piggies. This past year Liquorice and Cici (now 8) have been sleeping a lot more and less reactive so I figured I’d do a video on caring for elderly pigs. Very sorry this is late had some issues with IMovie and also storage but got that mostly fixed now so I’ll definitely be trying to post videos every Sunday! I’m also getting mice tomorrow so stay tuned for that bc there will be a Vlog! Hoe you enjoyed and thanks for watching if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe for similar videos, also make sure to leave any feedback or suggestions down below bc I’d love to hear it. Subscribe to my sisters channel: Nina Katrina
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Vlog #2|Slime and Pancakes
Hello! Sorry no posts, I try to post every week but my Internet is terrible and takes along time so I have a habit of putting off uploading which I really need to get rid of.
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2017 jumping progress
Hey guys, here is my jumping progress! Sorry there aren’t to many videos! I haven’t done to much jumping this year but I’ve been loving it. This year was my first time learning I have lots of room for improvement so tips are welcomed!
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New pets?! Haul! Bigger cage?! Exiting updates
Hey guys, today we have some exiting updates such as some new pets, bigger cage. We also have some bad news about the piggies health and a haul.
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Pet haul
Hello everyone today I bought some stuff for mostly the guinea pigs but also one thing for Buddy! Sorry my videos have been late recently I’m trying to stay in top of it and get back into making videos. I hope you enjoy this video 😊 my next one will be of a Autumn cage tour and it has changed a bit since my last video. It’s not permanent but they will be housed there for Autumn and Spring. Please leave videos you would like to see and any suggestions to make this channel better. Instagrams: @allveganism @dailylifeofaveragepets @mias_random_life
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39 Day guinea pig challenge | Day #3
Hi, Sorry I looked so bad in this video omg I’m so tired I got home and just slept my head was throbbing. I fell off nothing bad or anything just sore when I got home I’ll do a video about pony club. So today the piggienpugs got some homemade toys
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Guinea pig needs
Hey guys hope you enjoy pls comment feedback or any questions you have
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30 Day guinea pig challenge | Day #6
Ok I hope I got the day right or is it day #7
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Autumn cage tour!
Hello everyone here is the cage setup for Autumn. I tried it out and I plan on moving them back inside, with this setup I can’t handfeed them and tame them more I feel that I’m not giving them enough attention and there to old to be going up and down the ramp. My other YouTube: That Vegan Kid My instagrams: @allveganism @dailylifeofaveragepets @mias_random_life
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Vlog|I turn my dog into a horse
Hi guys hope you enjoy today’s Vlog
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Part 6 for Exotic Meps Move your body
Hope this is ok it's my first time👍
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Vlog|Cage problem, dog agility!
Hey guys quick Vlog. Go follow my sisters new channel Nina Katrina she will be posting a new video every week.
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Vlog|Little gunnas and clipping Buddy
This week I had Little Gunnas! I didn’t get any video of my dressage, however I got some of my jumping. I’m super proud, I feel more confident every time and I’ve been improving I wish I got to do jumping in my lessons more as we mostly just do jumping in Little Gunnas which we have once a month. Nova was being a pain during dressage, she was acting up a little bit when we first started jumping but that was mostly from me being nervous and holding her back to much, after that she was pretty good! We also clipped Buddy, I didn’t do a very good job as it’s hard with out a comb so it very easy to shave of Tom much and he has a massive bald patch on his shoulder from my attempt to do a heart 😂 oh well. I also took Bud on a quick walk. What do you think of my new into? I hope to be using it. Sorry for lack of posting I have been very busy but plan on trying to get a video up every week, I can’t make any promises though! Also was this Vlog boring at all? Please leave any riding and video tips and suggestions down below! Follow my instagrams: @allveganism @dailylifeofaveragepets @mias_random_life My other YouTube channel That Vegan Kid Thanks for watching and reading! Please like, comment and subscribe for more pet videos.
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Hey everyone I went vegan not long ago. It awesome, everything you get as a omnivore you can buy or make as a vegan I even saw VEGAN MAXIBONE RECEPIES! It so so much better for your health and planet. And most importantly it’s kind to the animals. These industries are really cruel. Also health associations and the government get paid by these industries that’s the only reason they say these food are good for you. So GO VEGAN!
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30 Day guinea pig challenge Day #2 | Treats
Hey guys so today I just gave my girlies a cranberry each as I have someone coming over o don’t have much time
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Hello so what do you think I should get? Please comment down below if you think rats or another guinea pig, maybe even 2.
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30 Day guinea pig challenge | Day #8
Hey guys so today I basically brushed down the piggies so here is a timelapse
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30 Day guinea pig challenge | Day #4
Hiii. I almost forgot! But thankfully I remember just in time. Not very long or anything I know but there supposed to be short anyway 😂
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Vlog#1| Expanding cage
Hello! Sorry it's been so long this is a bit of an old video, well 3 wks I've been sic and have had horrid internet, I will have an update video coming soon so ask any questions in the comment section below on what you want answered in the update video.
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10 Sub Special
Hi guys thanks for 10 subs it's definitely not a lot but it's a lot to me
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Mini Animal MEP|Wild things
Hi guys this is my first MEP, it's really short story of like a part of a MEP because I didn't want to bore. Hope u enjoy
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(made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
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Dog agility session
Today did a jump sequence with what I think is a rear cross. Bit of confusion at the tunnel but that was my fault for not being clear with my hand signals
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Housing guinea pigs | The ultimate care guide #3
Here is all you need in your guinea pigs cage including bedding, hides and more! Make sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe for weekly pet videos! Hope you enjoyed, I apologise for the inactivity as I have been very busy lately and my internet has been going up and down it has been difficult to keep up with YouTube.
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Basic Guinea Pig Care Guide
(made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
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Housing|Guinea pig care
Hi guys because I've been bad at remembering to upload so I posted one today and yesterday
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30 Day guinea pig challenge | Day #
Hi guys hope you enjoyed this video I just did some lap time with ttthem while feeding them dinner. Please leave suggestions on what I should do
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Vlog|Agility course
Hi guys, hope you enjoy. Love to ear feedback so please comment what you think.
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Vlog#3|Moving pis in and pellets?
Hi guys hope u enjoy. Pleas feel free to leave a like or Subscribe and please leave a comment I love the feedback.
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30 Day guinea pig challenge | Day #8
Hey guys. Lil mix up I said the last one was Day 8 but that was actually day #7 and this is Day 8
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Outro for Lagena Nasira
Hey hope this is ok if here are any problems please tell me and hopefully I can fix them
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30 Day guinea pig challenge
Hi guys, so basically I invented something called the 30 day guinea challenge. I have to do something different with them or for them other then there daily routine. This could be something I do on a weekly basis like giving there cage a full clean or giving them a health check. Something I do casually like giving them a treat or holding them. Or I do something bigger like build a maze for them or let them run around outside. And I have to post what I did every day.
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