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Naruto Girls - Good Girls Go Bad - AMV
Purely fan made video, I own nothing and do NOT get profits for this in any way For those who don't read credits! Song: Good girls go bad - Cobra Starship Anime: Naruto © Kishimoto
Views: 722055 Kisame Tenma
Pein Amv
As you can tell (Those who read the credits at the end) this videos audio has been changed.. I'm kind of pleased that this went with Drowning Pool that well. Some parts may be off so my apologies... Any how..
Views: 195 Kisame Tenma
Tori ;D
My bird Tori Song I was listening to in the bg was Waves Dj Satomi ;D hope you like her purty chirpin lols
Views: 100 Kisame Tenma
Inuyasha Amv
UGH NOT AGAIN -.- OMFG oh well this time the real song was, DON'T STAY by Linkin Park -.-"""
Views: 237 Kisame Tenma

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