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Checking Laptop Battery Problem for Gateway (7800mAh 9-cell)
This was a private video for the seller cheap-laptop-batteries.com. Since they do not care to watch and respond to me, I am making this public. I hope my experience with this company helps others. I am also showing how to check the battery status and ID using command line in Windows. This battery is listed on their web site as ORIGINAL. The product image showed an original Gateway battery with logo. What they sent was a cheap imitation. The laptop does not recognize the battery, and it refuses to charge it. This is not a performance issue, it simply does not work. The company keeps insisting the battery works fine, and that it is an original battery covered by black label to avoid some bureaucracy (there is no black label as you can see) The website operates under different domains: http://cheap-laptop-batteries.com http://www.laptop-batteries.com.au http://www.battery-store.org http://www.battery-shop.org http://www.tanchbattery.com If you are lucky to receive a good working battery from this company, good for you. If not, try disputing through PayPal assuming you purchased through them. That is how I got my money back. Feel free to share your experiences. The company's listed contact address is 1318-20 Hollywood Plaza 610 Nathan Road Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong This was in the return address, not sure if their legal name: Shengke eCommerce LTD There are few businesses listed on their contact address, I do not know which one is involved in this web store: TANCH INTERNATIONAL LTD H&H Industry Limited SIENOC HONGKONG LIMITED BetterPower (HK) Holding Limited. WillPower Electronics Co., Ltd
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The Last Ninja Cuneyt
The Last Ninja muzigi esliginde Cuneyt Arkin'in muhtesem dovus sahneleri. Cuneyt Arkin kicks some ass with the music piece Death of Ninja by Orpheus.
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Deniz & Delphine Canyoning in Minakami Japan
It's like whitewater rafting except there is no raft.
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Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam Mix 1
Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam filminin ilk yarisinin ozeti dans muzigi esliginde. Cuneyt abiye saygilarimla. The music video that I made using the footage from famous Turkish film The Man Who Saves The World This is the first half. My respects to Cuneyt Arkin - check his other films if you can.
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Y560 dancing ants experiment
Do you see anything weird?
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Delphine & Deniz 2012 Wedding Slideshow 3
During the reception, this was the 3rd slideshow it was presented. It shows Deniz and Delphine growing up, dating, and finally deciding on marriage (proposal)
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My First Fruit Cake
"Are you serious? You have never had a Fruit Cake for Christmas???" she said. "No" I replied, "but I am willing to try it" Now I know the horror of the legendary Fruit Cake. I know why they have Fruit Cake jokes. Where is the rest of my fruit cake? In the fridge. You are welcome to eat it.
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Family and Friends
Our family and friends who are attending to our wedding. This will be played during our reception.
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Deniz & Delphine's Favorite Photos
Our favorite photos that we have taken around the world. Cameras used: Sony Alpha A200, Nikon D40, Nikon D90, Olympus XZ-1. (No Music)
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