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Tanzanite 101: Expert Advice on Buying Rare Gem
Due to its similarity in appearance to sapphires, Tanzanite is getting plenty of attention from jewellers as a "rising star" among colored gems. Benjamin Hackman, president of the International Colored Gemstone Association, offers some tips for buyers interested in this natural stone about its value, features and availability. Mr Hackman, who spoke at the inaugural Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show in March 2014, also said Hong Kong is the source of half of global demand for Tanzanite. Speaker: Benjamin Hackman, President, International Colored Gemstone Association Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show: http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkdgp-en/ Hong Kong International Jewellery Show: http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkjewellery-en/ International Colored Gemstone Association: http://www.gemstone.org/
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How to Buy Jade
Hong Kong is spearheading efforts to develop new standards for testing jade, which is known in East Asia as fei cui. At the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, 5-9 March 2013, local industry experts briefed traders on the progress of the ongoing work to develop the standards, expected to be unveiled later this year. HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show: http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkjewellery-en/ 2013 Jewellery Show video - http://youtu.be/k6g4eOlWwNk Jewellery Sourcing: http://wholesale-jewelry.hktdc.com/ Timepieces Jewellery Optical Goods: http://product-industries-research.hktdc.com/business-news/article/Timepieces-Jewellery-Optical-Goods/Jewellery-Industry-in-Hong-Kong/hkip/en/1/1X3W6AOI/1X001DFI.htm The Gemmological Association of Hong Kong Ltd.: http://www.gahk.org
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香港書展榮獲中國當代意識流小說大師劉以鬯出任2010年度文學作家。劉以鬯以細膩的觀察和創新寫作手法見著,《對倒》及《酒徒》更啟發香港著名導演王家衛,拍攝名作《花樣年華》和《二o四六》。在貿發局專訪中,劉以鬯暢談創作與人生。 香港書展: http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/tc/ 香港書展研討會精彩內容回顧: http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/tc/News_FairNewsPage.aspx?id=2014
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Belt and Road Smart Design: Philippines’ City of Pearl
The New Manila Bay City of Pearl is Hong Kong architectural firm hpa’s most scaleable mixed-use project, says Deputy Managing Director Nicholas Ho. This “smart city” is an example of the Belt and Road Initiative’s backbone development and the reason why the Philippines chose Hong Kong professionals with an international outreach. hpa is going on to spread its expertise across Asia and the Middle East. Speaker: Nicholas Ho, Deputy Managing Director, hpa Related Links: Hong Kong Trade Development Council http://www.hktdc.com HKTDC Belt and Road Portal http://beltandroad.hktdc.com/en/
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How To Start a Business in Hong Kong
Interested in starting a business in Hong Kong? In less than three minutes, learn how easy it is to get your business dreams off the ground in Hong Kong - Asia's World City and home to the region's premier business services. Speakers: Colin Grant Chief Executive Officer The Pure Group Simon Galpin Director-General of Investment Promotion Invest HK Learn more from HKTDC: http://www.hktdc.com Invest HK: http://www.investhk.gov.hk The Pure Group: http://www.pure-yoga.com/en/hongkong/ Find more videos in the series: http://howtodobizinhk.hktdc.com/ Produced with Lime Creative Hong Kong: http://limecreative.hk/
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The Craft of Collectables: Hong Kong "Rules" for King & Country
A tiny shop in Hong Kong selling miniature historical figures is at the centre of some big global business for King & Country. The company founded by British entrepreneurs more than 25 years ago -- has used the city's unique advantages to become one of the world's largest manufacturers of metal "toy soldiers." Relevant websites: King & Country -- http://www.kingandcountry.com Hong Kong Trader story - (return soon to find the URL) Think Asia, Think Hong Kong - http:.//www.thinkasiathinkhk.com HKTDC Toys & Games Fair - http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hktoyfair-en/
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AFF 2015: Philippine Growth to Surge On
Philippine GDP growth should continue at between 6% and 7% over the next three years, says Teresita Sy-Coson, Vice Chairwoman with SM Investments. Speaking at the side of the Asian Financial Forum, Ms Sy-Coson says greater FDI investment would be welcome from Hong Kong, particularly in the services, manufacturing, IT and power sectors. Speaker: Teresita Sy-Coson, Vice Chairwoman, SM Investments Asian Financial Forum: http://www.asianfinancialforum.com
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Learning language with music
A Hong Kong firm is leading language learning via the smartphone. Third Ear Publishing is in venture with Apple's iPhone offering language lessons using music and rhythm -- and founder Chris Lonsdale says the application aims at the 350 million-strong Chinese mainland market. Related Links: Chris Lonsdale & Associates Ltd. http://www.chrislonsdale.com/index.php?_room=9
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Nouriel Roubini: Asia Must Brace for Difficult Start to 2010
Asian markets can expect a rough start to 2010 as low interest rates push down the value of the US dollar and drive asset bubbles, particularly in emerging markets, according to the New York-based economist, Professor Nouriel Roubini. In an interview with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) ahead of Hong Kong's Asian Financial Forum, Prof Roubini said the trend will continue for another six to 12 months. Related Press Release: http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/tdcnews/en/1X06JEYW/1/HKTDC-News---Speeches/Nouriel-Roubini--Asia-Must-Brace-for-Difficult-Start-to-2010-br--font-size--2---i-US-Economist-Interviewed-Ahead-of-Hong-Kongs-Asian-Financial-Forum--i---font-.htm Visit http://www.asianfinancialforum.com for more information about AFF 2010. 访问摘要(简体中文译本): 訪問摘要(繁體中文譯本):
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Novelist Forsyth: In Espionage, Life and Art Imitate Each Other
International espionage continues to take cues from ancient practices developed in China, according to bestselling novelist Frederick Forsyth, who will join other celebrated writers in Hong Kong for the 21st edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair, 21-27 July. Interviewed in London by entrepreneur and author Sir David Tang for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council webcast, Mr Forsyth also discusses his approach to writing and highlights of his career. Related Press Release: http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/tdcnews/en/1X06Z4QY/ HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair: http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/en/
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How to Make a Chinese Herbal Tea for Autumn
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Alan Koo shows you in five easy steps how to make a herbal tea that can help balance energy levels and fight illness as winter approaches. Using readily available ingredients, Mr Koo demonstrates how to make the refreshing and healthy drink in this HKTDC video prepared at the International Conference & Exhibition of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products (ICMCM) in Hong Kong in August 2012. Related Links: ICMCM -- http://www.hktdc.com/icmcm Alan Koo -- http://clinic.river-cam.com Ingredients for Autumn Herbal Tea (青紅太極茶) by Alan Koo: Chrysanthemum (貢菊)-- dried flowers available from specialty tea shops Green Tea (綠茶葉)-- leaves if possible rather than powder Goji Berry (枸杞子)-- Also known as wolfberries, available from health food stores & larger supermarkets Rock Sugar (冰糖)(or honey) Dried Longan (桂圓)-- available from health food stores or supermarkets American Ginseng (西洋參)-- available from health food stores or supermarkets Step One: Prepare a half pot of green tea by placing hot water and tea leaves in pot Step Two: Make chrysanthemum tea by boiling dried flowers in an electric kettle for about three minutes Step Three: Place dried American ginseng into a cup and decant both types of tea into cup in equal measures Step Four: Add golgi berries and longan to tea Step Five (optional): Add rock sugar or honey to sweeten the drink HK JEBN (ingredient supplier) - http://hk.hkjebn.com/en/home.php
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Vision of the World's Best Cargo Terminal
Cargo capacity for Hong Kong International Airport -- rated the busiest for global freight -- rose some 50% when the Cathay Pacific Air Cargo Terminal opened last year and Algernon Yau, CEO of Cathay Pacific Services, says his vision is to make the terminal the world's best in terms of technology and customer services. Cargo dwell times have fallen from eight to five hours and should reduce to three hours with features like proactive monitoring efficiencies, "real time" freight tracking and trucking control. Speaker: Algernon Yau, Chief Executive Officer, Cathay Pacific Services Ltd Related Links: HKTDC: www.hktdc.com Cathay Pacific Services Ltd:http://www.cpsl.com.hk/ Think Asia, Think Hong Kong:http://www.thinkasiathinkhk.com/  Read more about Transport & Logistics: http://service-industries-research.hktdc.com/business-news/subindex/en/Transport-Logistics/1X3MYI99/1/0.htm
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Premium Foods at the 2013 HKTDC Food Expo
Whether it's exquisite caviar, premium Wagyu beef and abalone, or unique new products such as 'frozen' beer from Japan - the HKTDC Food Expo has something for everyone. The popular event returned for its 24th edition with more than 1,100 local and international exhibitors. Join us before the fair closes on August 19. Hong Kong Food Expo: http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkfoodexpo-en/ Persia Caviar: http://www.persiacaviar.com/hk/index.php Frozen Beer: http://www.sanmiguel.com.hk/ California State Trade and Export Promotion: http://californiastep.org/ Beef Noodles: http://www.yes158.com.tw/ Related videos: Global Delight: HKTDC Food Expo 2013 - http://youtu.be/R8c4-0IcmQ8 Star Chefs to Shine at 2013 HKTDC Food Expo - http://youtu.be/wJ6JkgTcbEc International Kam Cha Competition 2013 - http://youtu.be/9fRjhKp-wvk
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Remembering Sir David Tang (1954 - 2017)
Writer, entrepreneur and arts supporter Sir David Tang is being remembered for his contributions to Hong Kong including the popular “Open Forum” he hosted at the HKTDC’s annual Hong Kong Book Fair since 2010. Sir David flew the likes of Stephen Fry, Jung Chang, Erica Jong and Frederick Forsyth to Hong Kong to join in lively exchanges, reflected in this sample. Watch full-length videos from the Open Forums and Sir David’s interviews with his literary friends at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBrAaPzPW6UpMOxx_MjacdiTFFCISyUU1 Selected Open Public Forum and highlight videos: 2015: https://youtu.be/yndbAa--wMk 2013: https://youtu.be/WdKi9O06oME 2011: https://youtu.be/-2mZIcavNok Hong Kong Means Business: http://hkmb.hktdc.com/en/fsearch?articletype=A&sortby=R&word=david%20tang&page=1
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Historian Andrew Roberts Speaks about His Writing Process, Napoleon Bio
Critically acclaimed historian Andrew Roberts, who has struck a deal to write a biography of Napoleon Bonaparte speaks with entrepreneur and author Sir David Tang about the 21-27 July HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair, and explains his approach to research and writing. The pair will also join fellow writers Frederick Forsyth and Stephen Fry at open forums in Hong Kong on 23 and 24 July. Related Press Release: http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/tdcnews/en/1X06Z945/ HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair: http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/en/ View Book Fair Seminars online: http://www.hkbookfair.com/en/News_FairNewsPage.aspx?id=2014
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Alain de Botton: Hong Kong Book Fair 2015
Renowned author and philosopher Alain de Botton is among the high-profile speakers coming to the 2015 HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair, 15-21 July. The author of 14 bestselling books, including Essays in Love, How Proust Can Change Your Life, The Art of Travel, The Consolations of Philosophy, and Religion for Atheists, will take part in the open public forums set for 17 and 18 July, moderated by Sir David Tang. Related websites: http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/en/ http://alaindebotton.com/
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International Kam Cha Competition 2013
Want to learn how to make Hong Kong-style milk tea like master brewers? Watch experts from around the world pour their hearts into the 2013 International Kam Cha championship, and find out who took top honours for brewing the beverage widely enjoyed in Chinese communities. The annual contest at the Hong Kong International Tea Fair competition is organised by the Association of Coffee and Tea of Hong Kong with support from the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. The Association of Coffee and Tea of HK: http://www.coffee-tea.hk Hong Kong International Tea Fair - http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkteafair-en/ Related videos: Premium foods at the 2013 HKTDC Food Expo - http://youtu.be/XgTy0VJhXeQ Star Chefs to Shine at 2013 HKTDC Food Expo - http://youtu.be/wJ6JkgTcbEc
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怎樣寫好英文?好的英文永遠是簡潔、易懂的。 香港書展: http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/tc/ 香港書展研討會精彩內容回顧: http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/tc/News_FairNewsPage.aspx?id=2014 相關新聞: http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/tdcnews/tc/1X06ZMWA/1/
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Zeroing in on Green-Building
A blueprint for buildings of the future has been unveiled in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Construction Industry Council has collaborated with the government to open a state-of-the art Zero Carbon Building, showcasing some cutting-edge green technology. And perhaps more importantly, the new structure serves as a test lab for implementing sustainable practices in the construction industry. Speaker: Dr Guiyi Li Director, Zero Carbon Building Construction Industry Council: http://zcb.hkcic.org
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Wild Swans Author Jung Chang: 2013 Hong Kong Book Fair Writers Series
Bestselling author Jung Chang was among the high-profile speakers at the 2013 HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair, 17-23 July. Author of the 1991 bestseller Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China and Mao: The Unknown Story, Ms Chang took part in two public forums on 19 and 20 July, moderated by Sir David Tang. She has also just released a new biography "Empress Dowager Cixi -- The Concubine Who Launched Modern China" Hear the full-length audio podcast of this interview - http://goo.gl/ByOxXN Jung Chang: http://www.jungchang.net/ Hong Kong Book Fair: http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/en/ Hong Kong Book Fair 2013 Author of the Year Chan Koonchung's interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy5JtxUGU-4 Other English Authors' interviews: Authors' highlight - http://youtu.be/WdKi9O06oME Biographer William Shawcross - http://youtu.be/wdTwVQEd1tU Author Erica Jong - http://youtu.be/6fmJHKXpGl8 Inglorious Author Joanna Kavenna - http://youtu.be/eeSZCqYnLVY Captain Corelli's Mandolin Author Louis de Bernières - http://youtu.be/dq0DaWQd9G4 "Fear of Flying" Writer Erica Jong: http://youtu.be/6fmJHKXpGl8
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Stephen Fry speaks with Sir David Tang about the HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair
Stephen Fry is among the internationally celebrated authors taking part in the 21st edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The 21-27 July fair - the world's largest Chinese-language event in terms of visitor numbers - will expand its English-language offering this year. For a preview of a seminar they will conduct during the Fair, Mr Fry and Hong Kong entrepreneur and author Sir David Tang spoke in London on 17 June 2010. Related Press Release: http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/tdcnews/en/1X06Z45J/ HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair: http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/en/ View Book Fair seminars online: http://www.hkbookfair.com/en/News_FairNewsPage.aspx?id=2014
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Green Reflections: Solar Cooker Saves Energy and Lives
The problem of toxic fumes from traditional cooking fuels used in western China has inspired two American entrepreneurs to come up with a more environmentally friendly alternative -- a solar cooker. The pair, including a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate, later set up One Earth Designs in Hong Kong to develop a product that is now even becoming a hot item in developed markets. Related Links: One Earth Designs www.oneearthdesigns.com Hong Kong Trade Development Council Hong Kong Trader article: http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/hkti/en/1X09UEP5/1/Hong-Kong-Trader-International-Edition/Cooking-Up-Clean-Energy.htm Think Asia, Think Hong Kong http://www.thinkasiathinkhk.com/usa/en/index.html
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Jewellery and Gems Glitter at Twin Shows in Hong Kong
Hong Kong was the setting for the world’s most beautiful jewels, when it hosted the International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show, and the International Jewellery Show. A record 4,480 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and regions attended the twin trade events held 28 Feb-6 March 2017. Fair Websites: HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show: http://www.hktdc.com/hkjewelleryshow HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show: http://www.hktdc.com/hkdgp Information about this event and more - HKTDC Media Room: http://mediaroom.hktdc.com
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Bamboo Power
Hong Kong's ubiquitous bamboo construction scaffolding inspired a British entrepreneur to build a green business. Julia Washbourne set up Bamboa in Hong Kong to promote the use of the environmentally sustainable product.
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How to Judge a Good Cuppa: Lessons from a Tea Master
Whether you're a seasoned tea drinker or just learning what best suits your tastes, Hong Kong tea master Ip Wing-chi is serving up some sound advice. While on the panel of the 2012 HKTDC Hong Kong International Tea Fair Tea Competition, Master Ip paused for a cup and a chat about his strategy for judging the best brews, and why Hong Kong is an important hub for the industry. Related links: HKTDC Hong Kong International Tea Fair -- http://www.hktdc.com/hkteafair 2012 Tea Competition - http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkteafair-en/s/4950-Other/Hong-Kong-International-Tea-Fair/International-Tea-Competition-2012.html Lock Cha Tea Shop -- http://www.lockcha.com
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World’s Largest Jewellery Market: Magic of the Light
A US$9 million rare sapphire from Brazil which gleams in the dark and carefully matched, rare diamond sets were among the stand-out attractions at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show 2015, running 2-6 March 2015 at Asia-World Expo in Hong Kong. The world’s largest jewellery market also included the twinned Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2015 which saw the launch of the Natural Diamonds Quality Assurance Mark Scheme. Speakers: Chang Hatta, Chairman, Hatta New World Francis Errera, Founder, Francis Errera Limited Lawrence Ma, Chairman, Diamond Federation of Hong Kong Victor Yiu, Director, Zuri Jewellery Michael Koh, Managing Director, Caratell Diamonds Pte Ella Bonaccorsi, General Manager, Ellargento Related Links: Hong Kong International Jewellery Show http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkjewellery-en/ Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkdgp-en/ Hatta New World http://www.hattanewworld.com/ Zuri Jewellery http://www.zurijewel.com
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Smart Choice: US Design School SCAD in Hong Kong
American private university Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has for nearly three years offered internationally recognized courses in Hong Kong at a campus set up in an historic courthouse. SCAD Hong Kong's Associate Vice President Grant Preisser gave the HKTDC a tour as he explained why the city was a smart choice for the institution's first Asian campus. Related links: SCAD Hong Kong website - http://www.scad.edu/hong-kong/ Think Asia, Think Hong Kong - http://www.thinkasiathinkhk.com/usa/en/index.html Cultural Economy: Hong Kong Trader - http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/hkti/en/1X07SXHS/1/Hong-Kong-Trader---International-Edition/Cultural-Economy.htm Interview with SCAD Hong Kong's first Vice President, John Paul Rowan - http://youtu.be/eZ-QrRqR3-I Speakers: Grant Preisser Associate Vice President SCAD Hong Kong Novita Permatasari SCAD Hong Kong Student Cindy Aime SCAD Hong Kong Student
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How to Manage Taxes in Hong Kong
Not only are Hong Kong taxes among the lowest in the world, but the taxation process is simple and transparent, allowing you to run your business. Speakers: John McLennan Managing Director Indigo Living Karmen Yeung Vice President The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong Simon Galpin Director-General of Investment Promotion Invest HK Learn more from HKTDC: http://www.hktdc.com The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong: http://www.tihk.org.hk/v2/ Indigo Living: http://www.indigo-living.com/ Invest HK: http://www.investhk.gov.hk Find more videos in the series: http://howtodobizinhk.hktdc.com/ Produced with Lime Creative Hong Kong: http://limecreative.hk/
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Mainland Blogger Han Han Speaks to HKTDC at Book Fair
Best-selling author and the Chinese mainland's most popular blogger Han Han praised Hong Kong's openness in this exclusive interview for the HKTDC's webcast service conducted during his visit to the HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair 21-27 July, 2010. Related Press Release: http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/tdcnews/en/1X070MOI/ HKTDC Book Fair Forums Review: http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/en/News_FairNewsPage.aspx?id=2014
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Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2014: New Product Launches and Zones
A rolling pin with multiple functions from Hong Kong's Alpha Home Group and a prototype intelligent doghouse were among the new products presented at the HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2014, Asia's largest, where some 2,300 exhibitors from around the world gathered between 20 and 23 April. The fair introduced new product zones including one devoted to the Creative Arts and Cultural Crafts, featuring unusual ceramic bowls created by a Hong Kong artist. The concurrent HKTDC Hong Kong Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair also attracted attention, as did an interior design seminar tracking trends in 2015 -- with metals and the colour grey favoured for future designs. Speakers: Whitney Alexandra Chow, Sales Executive, Alpha Home Group Spand Jiang, Director, Alpha Home Group Janet Cheang, Director, Metta Fine Arts Ltd John McLennan, CEO, Indigo Living Related websites: HKTDC http://www.hktdc.com Hong Kong Trader International Edition http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/hkti/en/1X09X8GW/1/Hong-Kong-Trader-International-Edition/HKTDC-Hong-Kong-Houseware-Fair.htm HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkhousewarefair-en/HKTDC-Hong-Kong-Houseware-Fair.html Creative Arts & Cultural Craft, HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkhousewarefair-en/s/7378-Other/HKTDC-Hong-Kong-Houseware-Fair/Creativeartsandculturalcraft.html HKTDC Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair 2014 http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkhometextilesfair-en/HKTDC-Hong-Kong-International-Home-Textiles-Fair.html International Housewares Association https://www.housewares.org/members/global_benefits/fairs.aspx Textile Council of Hong Kong http://www.textilecouncil.com/member_hkctm.html Federation of Hong Kong Industries https://www.industryhk.org Tesla Technology (Hong Kong) www.t-pai.com Indigo Living http://www.indigo-living.com/?gclid=CMbpkJW09b0CFYVZpQodtAYAhQ Read more about the industry: http://hong-kong-economy-research.hktdc.com/business-news/article/Hong-Kong-Industry-Profiles/Houseware-Industry-in-Hong-Kong/hkip/en/1/1X000000/1X0040GK.htm
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Glittering Business: Hong Kong Jewellery Show 2011
Demand from the Chinese mainland and the allure of quality design has helped the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show attract a record 2,800 exhibitors from 46 countries and regions. The five-day fair opening 4 March at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre even offers jewellery "fit for royalty." HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show - http://www.hktdc.com/hkjewelleryshow Lorenzo Jewelry Limited - http://www.enzo-jewelry.com Aaron Shum Jewellery - http://www.aaronshum.com Dimexon (Hong Kong) Ltd - http://www.dimexon.com
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Nordic Fashion: Sustainable by Design
Asia is poised to become a key market for Nordic designers who are increasingly looking to Hong Kong to launch brands in the region's promising markets. Underscoring that trend were the minimalistic and sustainable creations from up-and-coming Nordic fashion designers making their debut at the HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week 2014. Speakers: Maxjenny Forslund CEO, maxjenny! Lotta Ahlvar CEO, Swedish Fashion Council Anna Ekre Founder, Anna Ekre Johanna Lelek Brand Ambassador, Stutterheim Josefine Olsson Founder, Greta Tone Tobiasson Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical Websites: www.annaekre.com www.maxjenny.com www.gretaonline.com http://stutterheim.com moderadet.se
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Hong Kong Welcomes World's Largest Gifts Fair
The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair welcomed over 4,100 exhibitors from 35 countries and regions, making this the world's largest show of its kind. Along with the debut of three new products zones, the fair provides an even-larger product range for sourcing and enhances business opportunities. Related Links: HKTDC: http://www.hktdc.com HK Gifts & Premium Fair: http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkgiftspremiumfair-en/s/7230-For_Press/HKTDC-Hong-Kong-Gifts-and-Premium-Fair/Press-Release-10-February-2014.html Read more about the gifts & premium industry: http://economists-pick-research.hktdc.com/business-news/article/Research-Articles/Developing-China-s-gift-and-premium-market-the-B-Duck-experience/rp/en/1/1X000000/1X09VNNG.htm
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Historian Starkey on UK Royals' "Clever" Democratic Move
The British monarchy's steady "democratic" shift has been "a clever selling line," according to prominent historian and author David Starkey. In an interview prior to his participation in the 20-26 July HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair, Dr Starkey offers his views about the recent royal wedding and more. At the fair, Sir David Tang will host Starkey and three other authors for the 22 July forum "How and What and Why do Writers Write?" Press Release: http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/tdcnews/en/1X07H1IF/ Websites: Hong Kong Book Fair - http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/en/ Dr Starkey's e-book application "Kings & Queens" - http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/kings-queens-by-david-starkey/id424612459?mt=8#
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Africa's hub in Hong Kong
Some 20% of the mobile phones in sub-Saharan Africa are traded through Chungking Mansions in Hong Kong, wrote Gordon Mathews in his book "Ghetto at the Centre of the World: Chungking Mansions". Professor Mathews says Chungking Mansions is a centre for low-end globalisation, while Consultant Ali Mohamed Ali says the Mansions reflect the importance Africans attach to Hong Kong trade. Speakers: Gordon Mathews, Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ali Mohamed Ali, CEO, Wan Di Fei Business Consultancy Related video: African "Lions" in the Making: A Continent of Opportunity: http://youtu.be/j1QAXulf5F0
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Double the Sparkle: HKTDC Launches "2 Shows, 2 Venues" Arrangement
The HKTDC International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show made a successful debut in March 2014 at the city's AsiaWorld-Expo. Putting a spotlight on loose stones and raw materials, the new event complements the already established Hong Kong International Jewellery Show held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Combined the fairs attracted over 3800 exhibitors from 53 countries and regions. Related sites: HKTDC: http://www.hktdc.com/ Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show: http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkdgp-en/ Hong Kong International Jewellery Show: http://www.hktdc.com/fair/hkjewellery-en/ HKTDC Industry research: http://hong-kong-economy-research.hktdc.com/business-news/article/Hong-Kong-Industry-Profiles/Jewellery-Industry-in-Hong-Kong/hkip/en/1/1X000000/1X001DFI.htm Waskoll Paris: http://www.waskoll.com Italian Trade Agency: http://www.ice.gov.it ISE Jewellery: http://isejewellery.com MasterCard: http://www.mastercard.com/hk/consumer/index.html
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From Fear to Fearless
Zombie Boy, also known as Rick Genest, has been making his mark on pop culture, perhaps most famously in a music video where he shared the stage with Lady Gaga mimicking his full-body tattoos. The Canadian is also making a name for himself as a model, turning heads at events like the 2013 Hong Kong World Boutique where he launched his first Zombie Boy x ISKIN collection with exhibitor Capital Boys. In this HKTDC interview, he shares this thoughts on fear, what he thinks about how people react to his body art and offers up some "zombie humour." Watch other language versions of this video here: Cantonese (TC) subtitled - http://youtu.be/nOGkBZ8blOo Putonghua (SC) subtitled - http://youtu.be/uljgs76ikI8 Websites: Fashion Week: http://hktdc.com/hkfashionweekfw/ World Boutique: http://hktdc.com/worldboutiquehk/ Hong Kong in Fashion: http://www.hktdc.com/hkinfashion More HKTDC Fashion videos: http://www.hktdc.com/info/webcast/c/e... http://rickgenest.com/ @ricothezombie @iSkin
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內地著名青年作家韓寒接受香港貿易發展局獨家專訪時表示,香港乃自由、開放的地方,使他訪港期間更能暢所欲言。由韓寒主編的雙月刊《獨唱團》新近面世,韓寒堅信,文藝能使民族更興盛。 相關新聞: http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/tdcnews/en/1X070MOI/ 香港書展研討會精彩內容回顧: http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/tc/News_FairNewsPage.aspx?id=2014 香港貿發局香港書展: http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/tc/
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榮獲第60屆柏林影展「新世代」最佳影片水晶熊奬《歲月神偷》羅啓銳錶示,開拍《歲月神偷》之初純粹希望把一段難忘的童年往事紀錄下來。他深信電影是文化遺產,也是一個地方的大使,向外展現當地人民生活最真實的一麵。《歲月神偷》監製張婉婷說,家庭人倫的描寫、少年人的初戀,一切關乎真摯的情感、人性的命題,可超越地域和時間的限制。 香港國際影視展: http://www.hkfilmart.com/filmart/chi/ 香港影視娛樂博覽: http://www.eexpohk.com/
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The "Imperfect Success" of Hong Kong's Holga Camera
Though envisioned as a "toy" camera, with parts including the lens made from plastic, the Holga has become a global phenomenon thanks to the uniquely flawed analogue images it makes. Now as the Holga camera celebrates 30 years on the market, its Hong Kong creators are focused on capturing a new generation of photographers in a digital age. Related links: Holga Inspire -- http://www.holgainspire.com Read the Hong Kong Trader story - http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/hkti/en/1X07WR6L/1/Hong-Kong-Trader-International-Edition/Vintage-View.htm# HKTDC Audio/Visual Equipment Industry profile: http://www.hktdc.com/info/mi/a/hkip/en/1X004000/1/Hong-Kong-Industry-Profiles/Audio-visual-Equipment-Industry-In-Hong-Kong.htm
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Baidu's Robin Li: What drives China's richest man?
Robin Li was named the richest man on the Chinese mainland by the Bloomberg Billionaire Index in December 2013. Mr Li's net worth has climbed by US$4.8 billion, or 65 per cent, to US$12.231 billion. Mr Li took part in a Q&A session with Ronnie Chan of Hang Lung Group, at the 2014 Asian Financial Forum, which took place in Hong Kong last week. Speaker: Robin Li, Co-founder and CEO, Baidu Asian Financial Forum: www.asianfinancialforum.com Baidu: www.baidu.com Watch other episodes in this series: Baidu's Robin Li on Google's "mistakes" in China - http://youtu.be/OTQ8S7dNYZc Baidu's Robin Li on US Tech vs China Tech - http://youtu.be/Aqnws1j_U8Y Baidu's Robin Li: Why younger is better in business management? - http://youtu.be/BNijocKiTx8 Baidu's Robin Li on acquisitions - http://youtu.be/wcLaS2PdLAQ
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Jing Ulrich: Hong Kong and Shanghai to create synergy in financial sector
Infrastructure projects represent a pressing need for China and will not fuel asset bubbles, according to Jing Ulrich, Managing Director and Chairman of China Equities and Commodities with JP Morgan. In an interview with the HKTDC during the Asian Financial Forum 2010, Ms Ulrich also said stronger financial cooperation between Hong Kong and Shanghai could build a "larger-pie" for the growth of the two Asian financial centres if the cities work together on projects such RMB-based products and dual-listings. Visit http://www.asianfinancialforum.com for more information about AFF 2010.
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Tempting Asia: Jean-Paul Hévin
Jean-Paul Hévin is recognised as one of the world's top chocolatiers with award-winning sweets. . Having successfully established himself in France and Japan, Hévin set up in Hong Kong in 2008, to tap the Chinese mainland market. Related Links: Jean-Paul Hévin http://www.jeanpaulhevin.com.hk/ HKTDC: www.hktdc.com TATHK: http://www.thinkasiathinkhk.com/eu/en/index.html
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Belt and Road: Hong Kong Leads in Arbitration
Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre is the world’s number one hearing centre for 2015 and leading arbitral institution outside Europe, says the Centre’s chairperson Teresa Cheng. With extensive expertise in trade, shipping and construction disputes Hong Kong professionals can complement the diverse jurisdictions on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, she says. Speaker: Teresa Cheng, Chairperson, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre Related Links HKTDC Belt and Road Portal http://beltandroad.hktdc.com/en/index.aspx Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre http://www.hkiac.org/en/
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Doing Business in Indonesia: HKTDC Jakarta Consultant Henky Rusli
A wide range of industries including creative areas such as marketing and PR are prime opportunities for companies exploring the booming markets of Indonesia, according to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Jakarta Consultant Henky Rusli. Mr Rusli says that as more Indonesians become aware of the importance of brands, the creative sector will expand along with rapidly growing consumer demand. Watch more videos from the series "Network Hong Kong": http://goo.gl/D0AOw
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Starting from Scratch
American Stephen Greer rose from economics graduate to multimillionaire inside 20 years, using Hong Kong as a stepping stone for building his global-reaching scrap metal business. Along the way he wrote his autobiography, "Starting from Scrap" that details his corporate journey.
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Hong Kong makes things happen
In the first of the video series, "Living and Working in Hong Kong" we meet Bart and Sytske Kimman, who arrived in the territory from Holland 25 years ago.They combine busy office and commercial lives with living aboard a boat in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong.
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SIMONGAO: Fashion Avant-garde
One of the hottest young designers from the Chinese mainland, Simon Gao will present his latest collection at the inaugural CENTRESTAGE Elites, to be held 7 September 2016 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Discover the other CENTRESTAGE ELITES designers here: http://bit.ly/2bot4yB Website: http://www.simon-gao.com http://www.centrestage.com.hk/
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Accidental Author: Holly Webb on First Hong Kong Visit for 2012 Book Fair
Children's author Holly Webb says she got into writing "by accident" before emerging as a best-selling writer of books filled with young heroes, talking animals and magic. Ms Webb recently spoke to the HKTDC about her upcoming first visit to Asia for the 23rd Hong Kong Book Fair (18-24 July, 2012). (Interview conducted in Reading, UK, 14 June 2012.) Watch more Book Fair author videos: Historical novelist Justin Hill - http://youtu.be/yePW0a3_pUU Indian banker turned writer Chetan Bhagat - http://youtu.be/w0moBYTIBKc Mainland author/blogger Murong Xuecun - http://youtu.be/xRYCgGmi6MY Cancer Survivor Anita Moorjani - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3LGP5adBs4 RELATED LINKS: HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair - http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/en/ Holly Webb -- http://www.holly-webb.com/ (These videos at HKTDC.com - http://goo.gl/Iqx9N )
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AFF 2019: Lim Guan Eng on Hong Kong’s Financial Role
Hong Kong is a key financial market for investment in Malaysia, says Lim Guan Eng, Malaysia’s Minister of Finance. Speaking beside the Asian Financial Forum 2019, Mr Lim says he sees complementary, synergistic roles for Malaysia and Hong Kong and the AFF is an important venue to engage with the world’s financial capital markets. Speaker: Lim Guan Eng, Minister of Finance, Malaysia Related Links: Hong Kong Trade Development Council http://www.hktdc.com Asian Financial Forum 2019 http://www.hktdc.com/ncs/aff2019/en/main/index.html
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