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The Evolution Advanced Cutting and Embossing Machine
This demonstration of the Evolution Advance Cutting and Embossing Machine shows how easy it is to use. Just turn the control dial on the side to the type of work you want to do and you are ready to go. They are available from our website here http://goo.gl/hAobQ4 You can also read more about it on our blog here http://goo.gl/Nlg9PL
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Magic Shrink Wraps from Hearty Crafts
These shrink wraps are useful for decorating things like candles, glass jars, glasses, vases, bottles, ceramics etc now it's very easy to add a decorative personalised touch. See the designs we have and sizes available on our web site here https://goo.gl/kfbX2G
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KNK Force - First Cut
This is our first try at cutting with the new KNK Force cutting machine. It's WiFi connection makes it easy to use with a web browser from any device, even a tablet or phone. It will cut just about any .SVG file so, if you already use Make The Cut or any other design software you just need to do an export of your design into a .SVG file. Once you have that you can upload it to the machine with your web browser and the computer built into the KNK Force will do the rest. It's 2 heads means it can cut as well as emboss or more by adding a second too. Shortly there will be a rotary tool that fits into the machine for even deeper and thicker cut. Te Force has a true Z cutting axis and up to 4KG of cutting pressure. More details and availability here https://goo.gl/IxmcAx You can also download the early instruction manual here KNK Force with C3 User Manual
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How to Make Photo Cards
Learn how to make photo cards and align the photograph on the card in the correct position every time.
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Changing a Xyron 510 Cartridge
Instructions on how to put a new cartridge into a Xyron 510 creative station. You don't have to use up a whole cartridge before putting in a new one so, it allows you to have a perminant and repositionable cartridge on the go and swap whenever you like.
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KNK Zing Air
Take a quick look at the basic operation of the KNK Zing Air. This isn't a tutorial of how to use one. The Video is here to give anyone interested an overall view at what a KNK Zing Air can do and how it cuts any shape you like. Note: The KNK Zing has now been discontinued and replace with the KNK Zing Orbit. A 15 and 24 inch versions is now available. See them here http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/tools-and-machines/klic-n-kut/knk-zing-orbit/
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Mod Podge Melts
See how to use the Mod Podge Melts in their silicone moulds using a household hot glue gun. With a little decoration you can make your own embellishments in just a few minutes. With some of the mould designs you would even make buttons with them.
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Xyron Model 900
The Xyron model 900 allows you to cold laminate or create stickers up to a width of 10 inches. Needs no batteries or power to operate
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Making your old cutting mat sticky again
If you need to make the cutting mat of your machine sticky again then you can use Aleene's Tack-It Over and Over glue to do it. We show you how easy it is to do. You can find it on our website here. http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/shop/aleenes-tack-it-over-over-118ml-4-fl-oz.html It's idea for any machine that uses a sticky cutting mat.
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Viva Glitter Paste and How to Use it
Viva Glitter Paste is used with stencils. It adds a bright glittery textured finish to your craft projects. It's quick drying and easy to use. See all the available colours on our website here. https://goo.gl/GR2M24
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Hearty Craft 3D Paper Tole Packs
See how easy it is to use the Hearty Craft 3D packs. Each pack has 10 different designs. each design has 3 layers that are printed on card and not flimsy paper. View them here http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/shop/easy-3d-hearty-craft-packs/
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See how quick and easily you can use stencil paint through a stencil on card. Get great results within a few minutes work. We have a large range of stencils that you can see here on our site http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/stencils-templates/ Our stencil paint works on paper, card, wood and even fabric. Decorate plain t-shirts with your own custom style. On fabric you should let it dry for 24 hours then cover with a cloth and go over it with a hot iron. This heat sets the paint and will be washable. See our range of stencil paint here http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/stencils-templates/stencil-paints/
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Making an Angel decoration with Paper Twist
Make a paper angel from paper twist. This makes a great decoration and perfect for gifts or even Christmas tree decoration.
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Graceful Hearts Card Creator Punch
This demonstraion shows how easy it is to use an EK Success Graceful Hearts Card Creator. This is a paper craft pucnh with a difference.
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Embossing Card with Stencils
See how easy it is to emboss card and paper using ordinary stencils. This is a very quick and easy technique that creates a perfect embossed finish. See our range of stencils available on our website here https://goo.gl/CvaM4d
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Mini Rhinestone Kits
See a quick demonstration on using our Mini Rhinestone Kit including the pick tool to make using them so easy and quick. See them on our website here: https://goo.gl/mcGUsg Quickie Glue Pen used in the video: https://goo.gl/hdZuHT This pack contains over 5000 x 2mm coloured flat back gems in a variety of colours - without adhesive, you will need to glue these rhinestones onto your project. They are easily stuck onto card and paper using Sakura glue pens, Zig glue pens or any other type of pen used for paper crafts. For fabric, we recommend a gem glue like Helmar or Aleenes.
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Card Making Kit with Rub-Ons from Jenni B
See how easy it is to use Rub-On wording in card making projects with these Jenni B single card kits. We currently have 5 different kits that come with just about all you need as well as a rub-on sheet that has many sentiments for you to use in any other card making or other paper craft projects. Find them on our website here https://goo.gl/hK7MHc
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Australian Made White Card Blanks
See how Blue Edge Crafts have been making cards in Australia for 16 years. White cards are the most popular but we also make coloured ones too. We use the best quality card and envelopes that are either made in Australia or sourced from Australian business. See the cards on our site here: https://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/shop/card-blanks-envelopes/ If you would like to buy our envelopes on their own you can find them here: https://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/shop/envelopes/ If you require our bags you can find them all listed here: https://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/shop/cellophane-bags/ We are able to make custom size cards if you require a good number of them. Please use our contact us form for your enquiry: https://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/shop/help.php?section=contactus&mode=update Details of the music used in this video: Electro Cabello by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400048 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Craft ROBO Demo
This is a basic demonstraion of what can be made with a Craft ROBO This Product is no longer available.
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Sticker Alignment Help
See an easy technique abut how to remove stickers from a sheet and place it all in the correct position without stretching it. This is good for all stickers and particularly for wording / phrases. See more of our stickers here: http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/stickers/ Also see our sister site Sticker Store for a huge range of 3D Pell Off Stickers: https://www.stickerstore.com.au/
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Viva Pearl Pens
See how easy it is to use the Viva Pearl Pens on your craft work. They add a new dimension to your crafting and makes it stand out. No need to use those ready made half pearls on sticky back. Just apply the pearl pen and create the size and shape you want every time. See them on our website here: http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/pens-markers-pencils/viva-pearl-pens/
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Sticker Transfer Sheet
See how to use our sticker transfer sheet to use much of the sticker sheet that is left behind. It's also really handy for aligning wording stickers and stop the problem of stretching or breaking them as you peel them off. This product is available from our web shop here http://goo.gl/JjUCp
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Craft Foil Techniques on Card
This video shows a couple of easy ways to use craft foil without buying expensive machines or equipment. We use Zig Pens when we need to use a glue to attach the foil as we find they go very tacky when they dry. To see all the colours we have available in the foils please visit this link https://goo.gl/t9LmrZ You can find the double sided sticker sheet that can be used for die cutes etc here: https://goo.gl/wgRf58 The double sided tape we use in the video that will stick just about anything can be found on our site here https://goo.gl/yjfmDv Most double sided tapes will work too. Music by bensound.com
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Paper Tole Books by LeSuh
We take a look at our stocks of LeSuh 3D Paper Tole Books and how they are great value for money. They each have about 12 designs and each book has a theme. The design sizes are the same that you would expect on an A4 size sheet. The books in many cases have more layers / elements than many normal sheets. See them on or website here https://goo.gl/oChCrS
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Making Paper Flowers with Paper Twist
See how to make paper flowers using paper twist. Using templates and die cutting machines.
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DCWV Paper Stacks
See the DCWV Paper Stacks. These are available on our website www.blueedgecrafts.com.au These papers from Die Cut With a View are all top quality papers. They are all heavy weight and give a luxurious finish.
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Making Bows using Ribbon
Our video shows how to use ribbon to easily tie bows with it. We use a simple template that you can make from card to tie with and get the same sized bows each time.
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Crop A Dile Big Bite
The Crop-A-Dile Big Bite is a two size punch and an eyelet setter. It's big, strong and metal construction means it will do the job well for many years. There is little effort in using the punch and is suited to anyone that needs a tool to do a great job over and over. Ideal for carmakers, scrapbookers or even small printing businesses.
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KNK Force   The first dual head plotter and Cutter with a true Z axis
This is the first showing of the NEW KNK Force cutting machine. We should have it available here in Australia by the end of November to early December 2015. This is a very exciting machine as you can use any design software you like to create an SVG file and then use any device to talk to the cutter and give it your SVG file to cut. It also has 2 heads that can hold cutting, or embossing tole as well as pen and many other tools. There is also an option rotary cutting tool that you can use to cut and route out designs. This cutter has almost 4000 grams of cutting force! Yes almost 4KG of force which will allow it to cut a great deal of materials. Keep watching our website for more details. You can reserve your machine with a deposit now to make sure you get one of the first deliveries. www.blueedgecrafts.com.au
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Advanced Paper Flowers
Here are more ideas about making paper flowers with paper twist in our second video in the subject. You can see all the colours we have on our website here http://goo.gl/NA2rg
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KNK Force Software Updates
The KNK Force has its own built in computer that will get regular updates to fix any bugs and introduce new features. This video shows you how quick and easy it is to update the Force. This video will look much better in full screen. More details about the KNK Force can be found on our website here https://goo.gl/IxmcAx
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Using Picture Craft Stickers
Using stickers isn’t always just peel off and stick down. When using picture stickers you can colour them to make them look completely different. When using them on card you can use watercolors or texters to colour them in. Another way to use them is to stick them onto acetate and then use Sakura Pens to colour them in. The Sakura Pens work so well on acetate it looks like you have flooded the colour over the surface and leaves a perfect flood of colour when they dry. Here are the links to the various categories for you to see the products themselves - Picture Stickers - https://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/sticker-store/pictures/ Sakura Pens - https://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/pens-markers-pencils/sakura-glaze-pens/ Acetate - https://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/a4-clear-acetate-200-microns
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How to make a Paper Shirt Embellishment
Follow the few easy steps to mak a paper shirt that you can use on a card, scrapbooking or craft project
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Xyron X4 Adhesive
This product is now SOLD OUT. We don't believe that we will be able to source these again. The Xyron X4 is an Adhesive applicator that can apply a 4 inch wide adhesive layer by rolling it over the area. Currently we are selling them with 1 free refill for just $10
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A quick About Us movie
In less than one minute see our "About Us" video and get a very quick look at some of the things we do. Blue Edge Crafts have been selling paper craft supplies for card making and scrapbooking for 14 years. Our Australian made white card blanks are what the business was built on. We now have a huge range of cutting and embossing dies from manufacturers like, Spellbinders, Elizabeth Crafts and Darice. With over 9000 products there is always something for everyone including those that want electronic cutting machines like the KNK Zing and their bigger Maxx models. Be sure to see our website at http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au
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Envelope Punch Board
The Envelope Punch Board is a perfect card makers tool. Make your own envelopes to match your special cards. This quick and easy process gives you perfect envelopes every time. It adds a real impact to your card making to get a special envelope before you even see the card. See them on our site here http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/shop/envelope-punch-board.html Envelope Punch Board made by We R Memory Keepers.
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Doodey Stickers
These cards were made using Doodey stickers and laser card kits. The Doodey range can be seen here http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/shop/doodey/
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Christmas Card Inspirations
Get a little inspiration fro Christmas cards. We used quite a lot of stickers from https://www.stickerstore.com.au
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Forgot your Site Password?
If you have problems logging onto our site or you have forgotten your password, this video will show you what to do. You will need the email address you used when you registered for our site.
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Christmas card inspirations for 2015
Here are a collection of Christmas cards we have made this year. We hope these inspire you for a late card this year or for the future. We used items from our website http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au
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This Weeks New Products 29 March17
Our New products added this week for the end of March. 3D Paper Tole http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/3d-paper-tole/ KNK Zing Orbit Cutting machine: http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/zing-orbit-15-inch-cutting-machine What's New on our site: https://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/whats-new/
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Reset Website Password
If you are a registered user of our http://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au website you will have to reset your password to use our new look website. Your details have been moved over to the new website system but the passwords are all encrypted in a way that we can't read them so , you will need to reset it on the new site to be able to access your details and place orders. This video quickly shows you how to do it and be up and running again. Thank you for watching and thank you for being a Blue Edge Crafts customer.
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