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Christmas Travel Fashion
http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com/christmas-travel-fashion.html Stylish teens Lisa, Amanda and Vivian are going to celebrate Christmas separately in different cities this year. Lisa is going to Paris, Amanda in Hawaii and Vivian in New York. Please fly with them to the three fashion centers and work as their stylist. Your job is to dress them up and take gorgeous pictures for them. Now let's start our exciting journey! Have fun!
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Bratz Concert - looooooving um!
omy it's Bratz! i loooooooove them sooooooo much! I played this dress up game here: http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com/bratz-fashion-show.html Looks like they are having a concert. ummmm, they should look energetic and hot! see how i dress them up!
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Stylish Teens Party
Play this fun link link game http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com/stylish-teens-party.html It's party time! The three girls and good friends are going to the party together. Here comes a little competition because none of them wants to be thrown into the shade. Help dress up each of them and make them look fabulous and super edgy. Let's see who will be the party queen tonight!
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Funny Turkey Show
http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com/funny-thanksgiving-turkeys.html The turkeys are hosting a funny show for your Thanksgiving entertainment . Click the Start button and the pointer begins to move. Hit this button again and the selected turkey head, body, wings and feet are pieced together randomly. You have three chances to patch up your turkeys. Sounds interesting? Give it a try! Let's see how your turkey looks like.
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Santa's Reindeer.wmv
http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com/christmas-reindeer.html Santa is ready to set off for Christmas gift distribution all around the world. But wait, why don't we give him a merry Christmas surprise first by decorating his reindeer? Santa must be very delighted when he sees this special gift. Let's go home and wait for Santa's coming!
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Exclusive Designed Handbag
http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com/creative-handbag-design.html Handbags are one of the most important items for fashion girls like you. Want to have a handbag that could truly reflect your special taste and personality? Come and design an exclusive handbag with your favorite pattern and decorations. Don't forget to enter your name as a designer!
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Perfect Bride
http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com/perfect-bride.html Every girl dreams of a grand and romantic wedding ceremony. On that special day, she will walk down the aisle as the most stunning and unbelievably gorgeous princess with her Mr. Right. Today this girl's dream is coming true. Please help her with the makeup and then choose the most beautiful wedding gown and accessaries for her.
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Bestman and Bridesmaid
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Lady Gaga I Just Luv Her!!!
Would u pls give me a thousand years to list the reasons why i loooooooooooooooooove Lady Gaga?
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Fall Season Love Kiss
Play this fun dress up game:http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com/fall-season-love-kiss.html Fall is such a sentimental season. You can even breathe romance and love in the air. This afternoon, Ann is preparing for the date with her lifelong lover Peter in the park. Please help her dress up. As sunshine spreading widely on the earth, applying everything into gold, let's wish this perfect couple a nice time together!
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Adorable Twins
http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com/adorable-twins.html Ruby and Andy are twins and they always love to play together. Today they plan to visit a good friend, who lives near the park. Before they get going, help them to dress nice and sharp by choosing hair style, tops and buttoms, shoes and other accessories for them. With your help, they will look absolutely cute and adorable. Have fun!
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Role Play Style
http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com/role-play-style.html As an actress, kara is striving for a part in a new TV serial. There are so many professional career uniforms such as doctor, nurse, policeman, office lady ect in the wardrobe, please help her dress up and choose the uniform that suits her the best. When she is done with the dressup, it's show time! You can also click the car on the background to select an appropriate vehicle for her. Let's wish her the best luck!
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Bling Bling Nails
I'm a super super fan of nail art!Take a look at the works i've done. any inspiration? comment and tell me! lol
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Perfect Dating Looks for U!
http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com. Enjoy!
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wedding day dress up.avi
http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com/play-wedding-day-dress-up.html The happy couple is preparing for their wedding ceremony tonight and they want to look perfect for the special occasion. Please work as their stylist and dress them up.
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Wacky Funny Mr. Bean
http://www.allforgirls.net/super-funny-mr-bean.html Have fun with Mr. Bean! We know Mr Bean is always acting weird and likes playing tricks. We won't feel strange anyway. But can you imagine Mr Bean dressing like these very familiar characters like superman, batman, the Incredibles, transformers and Super Mario? Can you even imagine how will it be if Mr Bean has a Batman's head, yet dressing like super Mario? Let's play this super funny game and find out the answer! Try not to laugh too hard!
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naughty kitty hot.avi
http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com/play-naughty-kitty.html This naughty kitty is bored at home. He wants to play some tricks and mess around the room when his master is distracted by other things. But watch out! He might be caught at any time! Use your mouse to play this fun naughty kitty game!
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My Models - Ain't they hot?
I played these dress up games and can't help making this video. Ain't they hot? Check http://www.hotgamesforgirls.com for more!
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